Treatment Pathways - Varicose Vein Center at Inland Imaging by pengxuebo


									Treatment Pathways

                              1. LEVEL 1 (No Charge): This exam is performed to establish clinically the extent of your varicose
                              veins. If you have large varicosities an ultrasound will be ordered and scheduled to establish which
                              veins are responsible for your condition. If you only have spider veins, you may still have an
                              ultrasound exam scheduled if there is suspicion of larger vein involvement. This exam takes
                              approximately 15-20 minutes.

                              2. ULTRASOUND: The ultrasound is a critical step in determining which veins are abnormal and
                              contributing to the appearance and symptoms you are having. The exam can be performed on one
                              or both legs depending on your symptoms. The exam varies from 1 hour to 1.5 hours in length.
Call: (509) 363.7554
                              3. LEVEL 2: This appointment is where “the treatment plan” is begun. The results of your ultrasound
Fax: (509) 232.6154
                              will be explained to you. The treatment options and risks are gone over thoroughly. At this time a
LOCATION                      short physical exam is performed to make sure no unforeseen problems may arise.

Varicose Vein Clinic          4. FINANCIAL CONSULTATION: A member of our staff will review the process of insurance
                              authorization with you. Authorization from insurance companies for your treatment can take 3 days
Inland Imaging South Center
                              to 6 weeks depending on your insurance company. You will need to sign an Advanced Beneficiary
525 South Cowley              Notice and an Informed Patient Consent form before beginning your treatment.
Spokane, WA 99202             5. TREATMENT: Prior to arriving for your exam, you will have applied the EMLA crème and taken
                              your prescribed Xanax (alprazolam).
                                a. Upon arrival you will be taken to an exam room where you will change into a gown.
                                   The performing physician will review the process and answer any questions.
                                b. You will then be taken into the procedure room. A quick ultrasound will be performed to identify
                                   where the doctor will “access” the vein in your leg.
                                c. A member of the team will wash your leg with a sterilizing solution. Sterile drapes will be placed
                                   to reveal only the areas of the leg that will be treated.
                                d. The vein will be accessed and a series of wires and sheaths will be exchanged resulting
                                   in proper positioning of the laser fiber in the vein to be treated.
                                e. Anesthesia is placed around the vein to be treated. This creates a thermal fluid barrier so
                                   the heat from the laser will treat only the abnormal vein.
                                f. The laser is activated and withdrawn from the vein. This step takes approximately 2-3 minutes.
                                g. Pressure is held at the access site for a brief time to stop any bleeding.
                                h. Your compression hose which you brought with you is then put on your leg and you
                                   are finished.

                              6. FOLLOW-UP ULTRASOUND: An ultrasound exam is performed 36-72 hours after the
                              procedure to make sure no blood clots formed. This exam takes approximately ½ hour.

                              7. FOLLOW-UP VISITS: These are to be scheduled at 6 weeks post-procedure to review your
                              progress and establish if any further treatment is needed.

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