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					HIGH SCHOOL SHARED READING RECOMMENDATIONS BOOKS TO SUPPORT WRITERS’ WORKSHOP Title Author Bronx Masquerade Grimes Touching Spirit Bear Mikelson Tears of a Tiger Draper Seedfolks Fleishman Party Girl Ewing Swallowing Stones McDonald Body of Christopher Creed Plum-Ucci Last Book in the Universe Philbrick Monster Myers Danger Zone Klass Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. D Haddix It Happened to Nancy Sparks Speak Anderson Whirligig Fleischman Only Alien on the Planet Randle Hidden Talents Lubar If You Come Softly Woodson Tangerine Bloor Warriors Don’t Cry Beals Make Lemonade Wolf Freak the Mighty Philbrick Holes Sachar Forged by Fire Draper Out of the Dust Hesse Among the Hidden Haddix Lottery Rose Hunt The Watson’s Go to Birmingham Curtis Skin I’m In Flake Joey Pigza Swallowed a Key Gantos Joey Pigza Loses Control Gantos Witness Hesse When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Holt Scorpions Myers Any Small Goodness: A Novel of the Johnston No More Dead Dogs Korman Wringer Spinelli Nightjohn Paulsen Sarny Paulsen Blackwater Bunting Weasel DeFelice Because of Winn Dixie DiCamillo

Drive-By Death from Child Abuse…And No Child Called It Lost Boy Man Named Dave Tust & Betrayal: Real Life Stories Get Over It: How to Survive Breakups True Stories behind Hatchet & the Malcolm X Warriors Don’t Cry Through my Eyes Oh Freedom: Kids Talk about the Death Is Hard to Live With Hard Time: A Real Life Look at Juv Killing of Tupac Shakur Shaquille O’Neal: Man of Steel Oh, Yuck! Encyclopedia of Everything It Happened to Nancy Annie’s Baby” The Diary of an Treacherous Love: The Diary of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Chicken Soup II Chicken Soup III Teen Love Stories on Relationships Got Issues Much? Celebrities Share The Most Important Thing I Know Meet the Stars of Professional Wrest Terrell Davis It’s Never Too Late There’s Room for Me Here Into Focus: Understanding and Words, Words, Words Literature Circles: Voice and Choice Craft Lessons Nonfiction Craft Lessons Strategies That Work I Read It, But I Don’t Get It: Compre Yellow Brick Roads: Shared & Are They Really Reading? What Really Matters for Struggling Teaching Reading in Middle School When Kids Can’t Read

Ewing Krupinski & Weikel Pelzer Pelzer Pelzer Bode Mayall Paulsen Adoff Beals Bridges King & Osborne Bode Bode Scott Bradshaw Masoff Anon/Sparks Anon/Sparks Anon/Sparks Canfield Canfield Canfield Kirberger Reisfeld Adrian Patrick Peterson Allen Allen & Gonzalez Beers Allen Daniels Fletcher & Portalupi Portalupi & Fletcher Harvey & Goudvis Tovani Allen Marshall Allington Robb Beers


26 Fairmount Avenue 33 Things Every Girl Should Know Archy and Editable Backwater Best American Essays Best American Nonrequired Reading Big City Cool: Short Stories About Bronx Masquerade Coming of Age in America Crews: Gang Members Talk to Maria Dear Mem Fox, I Have Read All Your Books Diary of Latoya Hunter Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty Freak the Mighty Freedom Writers Diary Frenchtown Summer Girl Coming in for a Landing Growing Pains of Adrian Mole Hard Love Hole in My Life House on Mango Street How Angel Peterson Got His Name I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings It Figures! Fun Figures of Speech Jack’s Black Book Jazmin’s Notebook King of the Mild Frontier Locomotion Looking Back: A Book of Memories Love That Dog My Life in Dog Years Nothing but the Truth On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Paint Me Like I am: Teen Poems from Writer Corps Places I Never Meant to Be Poems from Homeroom: Writer’s Place to Start Seek Shakespeare Bats Cleanup She Said Yes Speaking of Journals Starting with I: Personal Essays by

DePaola Bolden, ed Marquis Bauer Gould Eggers Weiss & Weiss Grimes Frosch Hinojosa Fox Hunter Massoff Philbrick Freedom Writers with Erin Grunwell Comier Wayland Townsend Wittlinger Gantos Cisneros Paulsen Angelou Terban Gantos Grimes Crutcher Woodson Lowry Creech Paulsen Avi King Writerscorps (foreword Giovanni) Blume Applet Fleischman Koertge Bemall Graham Estepa & Kay, eds.


Steering the Craft: Exercises and Discussions Things I Have to Tell You Utterly Yours, Booker Jones Van Gogh Café, The Way Out of No Way: Wrigings about Wham! It’s A Poetry Jam What Kind of Love? Winter Room, The Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Writing from the Inner Self: Exercises You Are Here, This Is Now: Best You Hear Me? Poems and Writing CLASSIC CONNECTIONS Title Adventures of Tom Sawyer Around the World in Eighty Days Briar Rose Call of the Wild, The Charles Dickens: The Man Who Had Ella Enchanted Five Minute Iliad and Other Instant Frankenstein Heidi If You Come Softly Jungle Book, The Just Ella Literary Trivia: Fun and Games for Little Women Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Re Scribbler of Dreams Son of the Mob Straw into Gold Zel

Le Guin Franco, ed Duffey Rylant Woodson Holbrook Cole Paulsen Angelou Hughes Levithan, ed Franco, ed

Author Twaine/Lapointe Veme/Prunier Yolen London/Munch Stanley & Vennema Nagan Shelley/Munch Spyri/Rozier-Gaudriau Woodson Kipling/Broutin Haddix Lederer Alcott/Prunier Block Pearson Koman Schmidt Napoli

CRITICAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING Title Author Baker Street Puzzles Bullimore Baloney Scieszka Big Book of Barin Games: 1000 Moscovich Classic Barinteasers Gardner Even More Five-Minute Mysteries Weber Five-Minute Mysteries Weber From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E.


Frankweiler Great Book of Whodunit Puzzles Lateral Logic Puzzles Lateral Thinking Puzzles My Best Mathematical & Logic Puzzles Mysterious Disappearance of Leon Perplexing Lateral Thinking Puzzles Perplexing Puzzles & Tantalizing Teasers Westing Game, The Zoom FACULTY MEETING READ ALOUDS Title Anaconda: The Trouble with Teachers Big Box, The Breaking Rank Day the Teachers Wet Bananas Dear Mem Fox, I Have Read All Your I’m in Charge of Celebrations Miss Malarkey Won’t Be in Today Mrs. Goodstory Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden Place to Bloom, A Testing Miss Malarkey Thank You, Mr. Falker Wolf! GRAMMAR STUDY Title Behind the Mask: Book about Prepositions Cache of Jewels and Other Collective Caught’Ya:! Grammar with a Giggle Chorting Bard: Caught’Ya Gram HS Compic-Strip Grammar (Grade 4-8) Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What is an Adverb Deluxe Transitive Vampire: Ultimate Handbook of Grammar Fantastic! Wow! And Unreal!: A Book Grammar Works (Grade 4-8) Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What is an Adjective Merry-Go-Round: Book about Nouns New Well-Tempered Sentence: Punctuation

Travis Brecher Sloane Gardner Raskin Sloane & MacHale Gardner Raskin Banyai

Author Calamari Morrison Randle Howe Fox Baylor & Pamall O’Malley Cowley Pattou Siomades Finchler & O’Malley Polacco Bloom

Author Heller Heller Kiester Kiester Greenberg Cleary Gordon Heller Halverson & Halverson Cleary Heller Gordon


Punctuation Takes a Vacation “Under, Over, by the Clover: What is a Preposition” Woe Is I: The Grammaphobe’s Guide “Your Foot’s on My Feet and Other Tricky Nouns”

Pulver Cleary O’Conner Terbban

HIGH SCHOOL – INDEPENDENT READING Title Author All American Girl Cabot America Frank Among the Betrayed Haddix Among the Hidden Haddix Among the Imposters Haddix Ancient Child, The Momaday Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging Rennison Baby Help Reynolds Bad Dreams Stine Battle of Jericho, The Draper Blackwater Bunting Body of Christopher Creed, The Plum-Ucci Born in Sin Coleman Breaking Point Flinn Breaking Rank Randle Breathing Underwater Flinn Briar Rose Yolen Bronx Masquerade Grimes Buffalo Tree, The Rapp Burger Wuss Anderson Buried Onions Soto Catalyst Anderson Children of the River Crew Chinese Handcuffs Crutcher Chocolate War, The Comier Copper Elephant Rapp Cut McCormick Damage Jenkins Danger Zone Klass Dare Stine Darkness before Dawn Draper David v. Godd Pearson Deathwatch White Define Nomal Peters Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. D Haddix Doom Stone Zindel


Double Date Double Dutch Downsiders Dreamland Face on the Milk Carton Fade Feeling Sorry for Celia Fighting Ruben Wolfe Flight 116 Is Down Forged by Fire Friction Getting the Girl Give a Boy a Gun Goddess of the Night Gold Dust Golden Compass, The Gospel According to Larry Handbook for Boys Heaven Eyes Holes Hope Was Here House on Mango Street Hush I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings If You Come Softly Ironman Jack’s Black Book Jesse Killing Mr. Griffin Kissing Doorknobs Last Book in the Universe Letter from the Mountain Letters from the Inside Life Is Funny Like Sisters on the Homefront Little Boy Blue Lottery Rose Love among the Walnuts Mahalia Make Lemonade Max the Mighty Monster My Ishmael: A Sequel New Boy Night 7

Stine Draper Shusterman Dessen Duncan Comier Moriarty Zusak Cooney Draper Frank Zusak Strasser Ewing Lynch Pullman Taeshjian Myers Almond Sachar Bauer Cisneros Woodson Angelou Woodson Crutcher Gantos Soto Duncan Hesser Philbrick Garland Marsden Frank Williams Dunker Hunt Ferris Homiman Wolff Philbrick Myers Quinn Stine Wiesel

No Turning Back Nobody’s Girl Nothing but the Truth Nowhere Fast On the Bright Side, I’m Now the Girl Out of the Dust Outsiders, The Pacific Crossing Parrot in the Oven Party Girl Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Pigman, The Playing without the Ball Push Rat Remembering Mog Right of Passage Rules of the Road Rumble Fish Scorpions Scribbler of Dreams Second Summer of the Sisterhood Seedfolks Seek Shattering Glass Silent Boy, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Skin I’m In Slam! Slave Day Smack So Much to Tell You Speak Spinners Spite Fences Stargirl Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes Stuck in Neutral Summerland Swallowing Stones Training the Star Runner Tangerine Tears of a Tiger That Was Then, This Is Now Thirty Three Snowfish 8

Naidoo Nelson Avi Waltman Rennison Hesse Hinton Soto Martinez Ewing Chbosky Zindel Wallace Sapphire Cheripko Rodowsky Wright Bauer Hinton Myers Pearson Brashares Fleischman Fleischman Giles Lowry Brahares Flake Myers Thomas Burgess Marsden Anderson Napoli, Tchen Krisher Spinelli Crutcher Trueman Chabon McDonald Hinton Bloor Draper Hinton Rapp

Tomorrow, Maybe True Believer True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Twins (Fearless #19) Voice on the Radio We all Fall Down What Happened to Janie What My Mother Doesn’t Know Whirlgig Witness Women of Brewster Place

James Wolff Avi Pascal Duncan Commier Duncan Sones Fleischman Hesse Naylor

HIGH SCHOOL SHARED READING - NOVELS Title Author Always Running Rodriguez Among the Hidden Haddix Body of Christopher Creed Plum-Ucci Bronx Masquerade Grimes Danger Zone Glass Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey Haddix Forged by Fire Draper Holes Sachar If You Come Softly Woodson It Happened to Nancy Sparks Last Book in the Universe Philbrick Make Lemonade Wolf Monster Myers Party Girl Ewing Seedfolks Fleishman Speak Anderson Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes Crutcher Stuck in Neutral Trueman Swallowing Stones McDonald Tangerine Bloor Tears of a Tiger Draper Touching Spirit Bear Mikelson Warriors Don’t Cry Beals We’re Not Monsters: Teens Speak Weill Whirlgig Fleicchman INDEPENDENT READING – MIDDLE SCHOOL Title Author 2095 Scieszka AF: Arctic Incident, Book 2 Colfer AF: Eternity Code, Book 3 Colfer 9

Amalia (California Diaries) Among the Hidden Among the Imposters Any Small Goodness Amageddon Summer Artemis Fowl: Book 1 Bad Dreams Because of Winn-Dixie Blackwater (HC) Box of Unfortunate Events (1-3) Box of Unfortunate Events (4-6) Brian’s Return Brian’s Winter Bud, Not Buddy Case of the Goblin Pearls Charlotte’s Choice Crazy Lady Dancing in the Cadillac Light Dare Deathwatch Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. D Doom Store Double Date Drawing Lessons Drive-By Drive-By Everest: Book One: The Contest Everest: Book Three: The Summit Everest: Book Two: The Climb Everything on a Waffle Face on the Milk Carton Following My own Footsteps Forged by Fire From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Frozen Stiff Golden Compass, The Handbook for Boys Harris and Me Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Hero, The Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge Holes Homeless Bird Homeless: Sunita, Vet Volunteer

Martin Haddix Haddix Johnston Yolen & Coville Colfer Stine DiCamillo Bunting Snickett Snickett Paulsen Paulsen Curtis Yep Twoney Conly Holt Stine White Haddix Zindel Stine Mack Ewing Ewing Koman Koman Koman Horvath Duncan Hahn Draper Konigsburg Shahan Pullman Myers Paulsen Rowling Woods Scieszka Sachar Whelan Anderson


Hoot Hostile Hospital, Book the Eighth Hostile Hospital, The It’s All Greek to Me Jake’s Orphan Joey Pigza Loses Control Joey Pigza Swallowed a Key Kat’s Surrender Knights of the Kitchen Table Last Book in the Universe Loch Loser Lottery Rose Love That Dog Matilda Bone Max the Mighty Mick Harte Was Here Misfits, The My Name is Brian New Boy Nightjohn No More Dead Dogs No Promises in the Wind Number Devil, The On the Field with Derek Jeter Out of the Dust P.S. Longer Letter Later Patrick’s Pals: Got Game? Pinballs, The Regarding the Fountain River River Thunder Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Sam Samurai Same Stuff as Stars, The Samy Scorpions See You Later, Gladiator Serpent’s Children, The Silent Boy, The Skin I’m In (SC) Someone Is Hiding on Alcatraz Island Sounder Stargirl Stone Fox

Hiassen Snicket Snicket Scieszka Brooke Gantos Gantos Golding Scieszka Philbrick Zindel Spinelli Hunt Creech Cushman Philbrick Park Howe Betancourt Stine Paulsen Koman Hunt Enzensberger Christopher Hesse Danziger Armstrong Byars Klise Paulsen Hobbs Taylor Scieszka Paterson Paulsen Myers Scieszka Yep Lowry Flake Bunting Armstrong Spinelli Gardner 11

Survival Earthquake Survival: Titanic Surviving the Applewhites Swallowing Stones Tiger Rising, The Touching Spirit Bear Trino’s Choice True Colors of Catlynne Jackson True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Tut, Tut! Under the Blood-Red Sun Under the Same Sky View from Saturday, The Vile Village, Book the Seventh Voice on the Radio Walk Two Moons Watson’s Go Birmingham, The Weasel What Happened to Janie What Janie Saw What Janie Found What Would Joey Do? When Jeff Comes Home When The Tripods Came When Zachary Beaver Came to Town While No One Was Watching Whirligig While Bread Competition White Mountains Wild Kid, The Witness Wringer Your Mother Was a Neanderthal

Duey & Bale Duey & Bale Tolan McDonald Decamillo Mikelson Bertrant Williams Avi Scieszka Salisbury DeFelice Konigsburg Snicket Duncan Creech Curtis DeFelice Duncan Coman Duncan Gantos Atkins Christopher Holt Conly Fleischman Hernandez Christopher Mazer Hesse Spinelli Scieszka


Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Annie’s Baby: The Diary of Beautiful Child Chicken Soup II Chicken Soup III Child Called It Evolution of Useful Things, The

Rodriguez Sparks Hayden Canfield Canfield Pelzer Petroski 12

Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things Panati Generation Fix Get Over It: How to Survive Ghost Girl: True Story of a Child in Hear These Voices: Youth at the Edge How Did They Do That? “How Do They Do That: Wonders of the Modern World Explained” How Rude! Teenagers’ Guide to Good Manners In My hands: Memories of a Holocaust It Happened to Nancy It’s a Girl Thing: How to Stay Healthy Just Another Kid Kids Still Having Kids: Talking about Lives of the Athletes: Thrills, Spills Lost Boy Makes Me Wann Holler “Monster: Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member” More How Do They Do That? Murphy’s Boy New Kids in Town: Oral Histories of Oh, Yuck: Encyclopedia of Everything On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft One Child Real Teens: Diary of a Junior Year Somebody Else’s Kids Teen Love Stories: On Relationships They Cage the Animals at Night Tiger’s Child, The Treacherous Love Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers Plunges History “Uncommon Champions: Fifteen Athletes Who Battled Back” Uprising: Grips and Bloods Wanted, Dumb or Alive Warriors Don’t Cry We Are Not Monsters What Makes Flamingos Pink Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise

Rusch Mayall Hayden Allison Sutton Sutton Packer Opdyke Sparks Jukes Hayden Bode Krull Pelzer McCall Shakur Sutton, Markey Hayden Bode Masoff King Hayden Teen Hayden Kirberger Burch Hayden Sparks/Anon Bathroom Readers Institute Kaminsky Jah and Shah’Keyah Butler & Ray Beals Weill McLain Feldman



Title 2095 Absolutely Normal Chaos Because of Winn Dixie BFG Black Beauty Blister Bo & Muzz Madd Boming Room, The Brian’s Return Brian’s Winter Bridge to Terabithia Bud, Not Buddy Calico Bush Cay, The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Chocolate Fever Cholocate Touch Chronicles of Namia (box set) Crash Crazy Lady Dangerous Skies Day My Butt Went Psycho Dive Book Three: The Danger Dive Book Two: The Deep Dive Book One: The Discovery Drive-By Encyclopedia Brown: Case of Disgust Esperanza Rising Even More Short and Shivery Everest: The Summit(3) Family Tree Fantastic Mr. Fox Fig Pudding Fight for Life: Maggie Vet Volunteer Five Smooth Stones: My America Flunking of Joshua T. Bates Fourth Grade Rats Fourth Grade Weirdo Freak the Mighty Frindle Girl Reporter Snags Crush! Girls to the Rescue Book #1 Graduation of Jake Moon, The

Author Scieszka Creech DiCamillo Dahl Sewell Shreve Fleishman Paulsen Paulsen Paterson Curtis Field Taylor Dahl Dahl Smith Catling Spinelli Conly Staples Griffiths Koman Koman Koman Ewing Sobol Ryan San Souci Koman Ayers Dahl Anderson Gregory Spinelli Freeman Clements Ellerbee Lansky Park 14

Hatchet Hey Kid, Want to buy a Bridge Holes Hoot I Got a D- in Salami Island Book One: Shipwreck Island Book Three: Escape Island Book Two: Survival It’s all Greek to Me J.T. Jack Adrift Jake Drake, Know-It-All #2 Janitor’s Boy, The Joey Pigza Loses Control Joey Pigza Loses Control Joey Pigza Swallow the Key Jonah The Whale Joshua T. Bates in Trouble Again Joshua T. Bates Takes Charge Julie of the Wolves Junebug and the Revreend Just Juice Knights of the Kitchen Table Landry News, The Library Card, The Lottery Rose, The Love That Dog Maniac Magee Matilda Max the Mighty Maxx Comedy: Funnies kid in Amer Mick Harte Was Here Missing May More Short and Shivery More Stories to Solve Most Beautiful Place in the World My Name is Brian My Side of the Mountain Navajo Summer New Captain Underpants Collection Niagara Falls or Does It Nightjohn Notes from a Liar and Her Dog On My Honor

Scieszka Hiaasen Winkler/Oliver Koman Koman Koman Scieska Wagner Gantos Clements Clements Gantos Gantos Gantos Shreve Shreve Shreve George Mead Hesse Scieszka Clements Spinelli Hunt Creech Dahl Philbrick Koman Park San Souci Shannon Cameron Betancourt George Dewey Pilkey Winkler/Oliver Paulsen Bauer


Pinballs, The PS Longer Letter Later Ragweed Rasco and the Rats of Nimh Riding Freedom River, The Runaways, The S.O.R. Losers Sahara Special Samy: A Life Remembered School Story, The Short and Shivery: 30 Chilling Tales Sideways Stories from Wayside School Sign of the Beaver Snail Mail No More Stone Fox Stone Fox Summer of the Monkeys Summer Reading Is Killing Me Swamp: Survival! Tale of Despereaux, The Talking Earth, The There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom Tiger Rising, The Time for Angels, A Tuck Everlasting Two-Minute Mysteries Van Gogh Café, The Waiting for Dolphins Wayside School Boxed Set Weasel What Would Joey Do Where the Red Fem Grows While No On was Watching Who Put That Hair in My Toothbrush? Witches, The Wringer Year of Miss Agnes, The Young Marian’s Adventures in Sher

Byars Danziger Avi Conly Ryan Paulsen Snyder Avi Codell Paulsen Clements Sachar Speare Danziger Gardiner Rawls Spinelli Duey & Bale DiCamillo George Sachar DiCamillo Hesse Babbitt Sobol Rylant Crowe Sachar DeFelice Gantos Rawls Conly Spinelli Dahl Spinelli Hill Mooser

INTERMEDIATE GRAMMAR & USAGE Title Author Behind the Mask: Book about Prep Cache of Jewels Caught’Ya Again: More Grammar 16

Caught’Ya:Grammar with a Giggle Comic-Strip Grammar Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What Is Grammar Works (Grades 4-8) Harry, Scary, Ordinary: What Is Adj Kites Sail High Many Luscious Lollipops: Adjectives Many Luscious Lollipops: Adjective Merry-Go-Round: A Book about Noun Mine, All Mine: A Book about Pron Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is Under, Over, by the Clover: What Is Up, Up and Away: Book Adverbs Up, Up and Away: Book Adverbs Your Foot’s on My Feet INTERMEDIATE NON-FICTION Title Celebrity Bios: Elijah Wood Celebrity Bios: Liv Tyler Celebrity Bios: Reese Witherspoon Celebrity Bios: Shakira Celebrity Bios: Tobey Maguire Danger Is My Business: Firefighter Danger: Bodyguard Danger: Bomb Squad Specialist Danger: Bounty Hunter Danger: Stunt Double Generation Fix: Young Ideas for History Undercover: Top Secret History’s Mysteries: Bizarre Beings Oh, Yuck: The Encyclopedia of On the Trail of the Komodo Dragon Real Scorpion King: History Channel Ripleys: Amazing Escapes Ripley’s: Blasts from the Past Ripley’s: Creepy Stuff Ripley’s: Odd-inary People Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: Kids When Do Fish Sleep? Xtreme Sports: Cutting Edge JULIUS CAESAR Title




Author 17

Animal Farm Augustus (Roman Imperial Biographie) Bard of Avon: Story of William Battle of Jericho Hear, Hear Mr. Shakespeare Killing Mr. Griffin Lord of the Flies Mammoth Book of Eyewitness Brittain: Shakespare Made Easy Shakespeare Stories II Shakespeare: A Life Shakespeare: Eyewitness Books Shakespeare: His Work & His World Shattering Glass Soul Fire Stories from Shakespeare Stories Top 10 Shakespeare Stories Twelve Caesars, The William Shakespeare & The Globe LATINA/LATINO VOICES Title Breaking Through Buried Onions Effects of Knut Hamsun on Fresno Famous All Over Town (novel) Finding Our Way How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent In the Name of Salome It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way Jesse Lessons of the Game Lupita Manana Macho My Name Is Maria Isabel Pacific Crossing Parrot in the Oven Pillars of Gold and Silver Secret of Two Brothers, The Sweet Fifteen Thirteen Senses: :A Memoir Trino’s Choice Under the Royal Palms

Orwell Southern Stanley Draper Koscielniak Duncan Golding Lewis, J.E., ed. Durband, ed Garfield, audio Honan Chrisp Rosen, Ingpen Giles Hewitt Chute Deary Suetonius, Graves Aliki

Author Jimenez Soto Soto Satiago Saldana Alvarez Alvarez Rodriguez Soto Bertrand Beatty Vilasenor Ada Soto Martinez de la Garza Betrand Villasenor Bertrand Ada 18

When I Was Puerto Rican White Bread Competion Woman That I Am LAUNCHING READING WORKSHOP Title Book Book That Jack Wrote Crazy Lady Flunking of Joshua T. Bates, The Freak the Mighty Holes Ink Drinker Landry News, The Last Book in the Universe Library, The Lottery Rose, The Love That Dog Muggie Maggie My Great Aunt Arizona Nightjohn No More Dead Dogs Old People Frogs, and Albert Read for Me, Mama Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud Summer Reading is Killing Me Thank You, Mr. Falker The Bookstore Mouse Thomas and the Library Lady Trino’s Choice Wolf LETTER WRITING TEXT SET Title Diary of Latoya Hunter: My First Year Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teach Idiot Letters Letters from a Nut Letters from Camp Letters from Inside Make Gentle the Life of this World Northern Light, A Nothing but the Truth Regarding the Foundation Trail by Journal

Santiago Hernandez Madison

Author Lyon Scieszka Conly Shreve Philbrick Sachar Sanvoisin Clements Philbrick Stewart Hunt Creech Cleary Houston Paulsen Koman Wilson Rahaman Fox Scieszka Polacco Christan Mora Bertrand Bloom

Author Hunter Gruwell Rosa Nancy Klise Marsden Kennedy Donnelly Avi Klise Klise 19

MATH & LITERACY TRADE BOOKS Title Adventures of Penrose the Math Cat Alice is Pastaland Anno’s Magic Seeds Anno’s Mysterious Multiplying Jar Fractals, Googols and other Math Gebra Named Al, A King’s Chessboard Librarian Who Measured the Earth “Magic of Mathematics: Discovering the Spell of Mathematics” Marvelous Math: Book of Poems Math Curse Math for Kids & Other People Tool Math Wizardry for Kids Mathemagic Million Fish More or Less More Joy of Mathematics: Exploring More Sideways Arithmetic from Way My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles Numbers: The Universal Language Pasta Math Real-Life Math Problem Solving Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside Sir Cumference and the Dragon Spaghetti and Meatballs for All Sports Math Grades 4-8 Write about Math MIDDLE SCHOOL SHARED READING Title Among the Hidden Because of Winn Dixie Blackwater (HC) Bud, Not Buddy Crazy Lady Drive-By Forged by Fire Freak, The Mighty Holes Joey Pigza Loses Control Joey Pigza Swallowed a Key Lottery Rose, The

Author Pappas Wright Anno Anno Pappas Isdell Birch Lasky Pappas Hopkins Scieszka, Smith Pappas Kenda & Williams Blum McKissack Pappas Sachar Gardner Guedj Chandler Illingworth Sachar Neuschwander Burns Kieman Piccirilli

Author Haddix Decamillo Bunting Curtis Conly Ewing Draper Philbrick Sachar Gantos Gantos Hunt


Nightjohn No More Dead Dogs Out of the Dust Samy Scorpions Skin I’m In Stargirl Watson’s Go to Bimingham – 1963 Weasel What Would Joey Do When Jachary Beaver Came to Town Witness

Paulsen Koman Hesse Paulsen Myers Flake Spinelli Curtis DeFelice Gantos Holt Hesse

MIDDLE SCHOOL INDEPENDENT READING - NONFICTION Title Author AHH: Awesome Ancient Ancestors Levy AHH: Who Are You Calling a Wolly Levy Annie’s Baby Sparks/Anon Chicken Soup II Canfield Chicken Soup III Canfield Do Fish Drink Water? McLain Famous Dead People: Al Capone & MacDonald Famous Dead People: Henry VIII MacDonald It Happened to Nancy Sparks/Anon Oh, Yuck: Encylopedia of Everything Masoff Treacherous Love Sparks/Anon Voices from the Fields: Children of Mi Atkins Wanted: Dumb or Alive Butler & Ray What Happened to the Mammoths Myers What My Mother Doesn’t Know Sones When Do Fish Sleep? Feldman Who Put the Butter in Butterfly? Feldman Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? Feldman READING SUPPORT FOR SAT’s Title Hot Words for the SATI Ring of McAllister Tooth and Nail: A Novel Approach to SCIENCE & LITERACY Title California Blue Do Fish Drink Water? Gebra Named Al, A

Author Camevale Marantz Elster & Elliott

Author Klass McLain Isdell 21

Hoot It Happened to Nancy Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo Oh, Yuck: The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty Simple Nature Experiments with Everyday Materials Tarantula in My Purse There’s an Owl in My Shower What Happened to the Mammoths? When Do Fish Sleep? Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?

Hiaasen Spark/Anon George Masoff Fredericks George George Myers Feldman Feldman

SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS FOR MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL Title Author An Island Like You: Stories of the Barrio Cofer Athletic Shorts Crutcher Baseball in April Soto Big City Cool: Urban Youth Weiss & Weiss Canine Connection, The Hearne Color of Absence, The: 12 Stories of Loss Howe and Hope Coming of Age in America Frosch, ed. Destination Unexpected Gallo Dirty Laundry: Stories about Family Fraustino Finding Our Way Saldana Jack’s New Power Gantos Join In: Multiethnic Short Stories Gallo Local News Soto Lord of the Fries Wynne-Jones Lost and Found: Award-Winning Weiss & Weiss Love & Sex: Ten Stories of Truth Cart On the Fringe Gallo One Hot Second: Stories about Desire Young Out of Bounds: Seven Stories of Conflict Naidoo and Hope Period Pieces: Stories for Girls Deak & Litchman Places I Never Meant to Be Blume Sixteen Gallo Some of the Kinder Planets Wynne-Jones Sports Stories Durant Stay True: Short Stories for Strong Singer Trapped! Cages of Mind and Body Duncan Twelve Impossible Things before Yolen Ultimate Sports Gallo


Visions What’s in a Name When I Was Your Age II You Are Here, This Is Now

Gallo Wittlinger Ehrlich Push Anthology

TEACHING ROMEO & JULIET: COMP TO CLASSICS Title Author Bard of Avon: The Story of William Stanley Chortling Bard, The: Caught’Ya Kiester Eyewitness: Shakespeare Chrisp If You Come Softly Woodson Irresistible Shakespeare Miller Lives of the Writers: Comedies, Trag Krull Playmaker, The Cheaney Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare Can Be) Burdett Romeo and Juliet Coville Romeo and Juliet – Together (and Alive) Avi Romiette & Julio Draper Scribber of Dreams Pearson Shakespeare Stealer, the Blackwood Shakespeare: His Work and His Wor Rosen Shakespear’s Guide Blackwood Shakespeare’s Insults: Educate Your Ottchen Shakespeare’s Spy Blackwood Son of the Mob Koman Top 10 Shakespeare Stories Deary True Prince, The Cheaney William Shakespeare & The Globe Aliki THE ARTS: PERFORMING & VISUAL Title Bard of Avon: Story of William Shake Camille and the Sunflowere Da Vinci Dave at Night Drawing Lessons Famous Artists: Michaelangelo Heart to Heart: Inspired by Twentieth I Will Call It Georgie’s Blues Katie and the Mona Lisa Lives of the Artists Lives of the Musicians Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail Second Mrs. Giaconda Single Shard, A

Author Stanely & Vennema Anholt Venezia Levine Mack Green Greenberg Newton Mayhew Krull Krull Anholt Konigsburg Park


Surviving the Applewhites Talking with Artists Volume 1 Tchaikovsky Discovers America Van Gogh Yolanda’s Genius TOLERANCE TEXT SET Title Among the Hidden Breaking Rank Buried Onions Children of the River Danger Zone Homeless Bird I Never Saw Another Butterfly If you Come Softly Lupita Manana New Kids in Town Out of Bounds: Stories of Conflict Seedfolks Skin I’m In, The Stargirl We Are Not Monsters Witness WHO AM I? Title And the Winner Is? Angst: Teen Verses from the Edge Any Advice? Baseball in April & other Stories Book of Rock Stars: 24 Musical Bronx Masquerade King of the Mold Frontier Like Sisters on the Homefront Lives of the Musicians No Easy Answers Paint Me Like I Am: Teen Poems Rose That Grew from Concrete Rules of the Road Seedfolks Skin I’m In Stargirl Starting with “I” Personal Essays Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young

Tolan Cummings Kalman Venezia Fenner

Author Haddix Randle Soto Crew Klass Whelan Volavkova Woodson Beatty Bode Naidoo Fleishman Flake Spinelli Weill Hesse

Author LL Cool J Tom, ed. Gibb, Shaw, Schwartz Soto Krull Grimes Crutcher Garcia Krull Gallo Aguado Shakur Bauer Fleishman Flake Spinelli Kay, ed. Carroll 24

Things I have to Tell You: Poems What Have You Lost? You Hear Me: Poems and Writing WORD STUDY Title Alphathoughts: Alphabet Poems Baloney Bride of Anguished English By Definition: Poems of Feelings Chocolate Moose for Dinner Dove Dove: Funny Homograph Eat Your Words: Fascinating Look at Eight Ate: A Feast of Homonym Riddles Freak the Mighty Horizons: Poems as Far as the Eye Horsefeathers & Other Curious Words King Who Rained Miss Alaineaus: A Vocabulary Disaster Puniddles Ring of McAllister: A Score-Raising Tooth and Nair: A Novel Approach to Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader For Veni, Vidi, Vici: Conquer Your Enemies War between the Vowels & the Consonants What’s in a Word: Facinating Stories Who Put the Butter in Butterfly? Word Wizard Word Detective: Solving the Mysteries WORD STUDY (3-6) Title Donovan’s Word Jar Frindle In a Pickle and Other Funny Idioms It Figures!: Fun Figures of Speech Landry News Phantom Tollbooth Weighty Word Book Word Wizard

Franco, ed Nye Franco, ed

Author Hopkins Scieszka Lederer Holbrook Gwynne Terban Jones Terban Philbrick Yolen Funk & Funk Gwynne Frasier McMillan & McMillan Marantz Elster & Elliott Bathroom Readers’ Institute Ehrlich Turner Garrison Feldman Falwell Morris

Author DeGross Clements Terban Terban Murdocca Juster Levitt, Burger, Guralnick Falwell


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