List of 2012 13 Certified Judges 1 by oMhJzr4


									                    2012-2013 B.C.CA. Certified Judges

Name and Email:                 BIOGRAPHY
                            Team & Tumbling Coach with Panthers from
Taryn Kleeband              2005-present. Level 5 certified in tumbling, stunts & baskets. Cheered for McRoberts (4
                            years) & Panthers (5 years).
                            Past BCCA director – Island Rep, Ran Island
Mia Heitland                Spirit Sports 2006-2012, past high  school/university cheerleader, judging for over
                            3 years
                            High school cheer level 4, three years (Dr.
Jane Wu                     Charles Best), Collegiate level 6, 5 years (SFU)

                                High school cheer level 4, four years (PMSS),
Natalie Pullman                 Collegiate Level 6, three years (SFU)

                                Middle School cheer level 1, one year(Moody
Saholy Mevamanana               Middle)                 High school cheer level 4, two years(Heritage
                                Collegiate Level 6, three years(SFU)

                                BCCA Secretary
Keara Hooi                      Cheer Director Adrenaline All-Stars          Most recent team Legends Level 6 2010-2011
                                Past judging experience
                                Moody Middle, Heritage Woods, Vancouver All
Heather Wilson                  Stars Co-ed 4 and all girl level 3, Panthers                     Open Co-ed level 6, Legend Cheer Open Co-ed
                                Level 6, Absolute Open Level 6 All Girl and
                                Open Co-ed
                                Coaching at: Moody Middle 3 years, briefly
                                tumbling at VAS, gymnastics coach for 8 years

Timothy Lee

                                SFU International lvl 6, International 5,
Krista Gerlich-Fitzgerald       Judged in the UK for 4 years
                           Judging 3 years Terry Fox Cheerleading
Allegra Busch              Coaching CMF 2 yrs Fox 2 yrs
                           12 years cheer experience.
Nikole Davie               Athlete on: Westcoast All Stars Senior, LMF   Cheer, South Fraser RAMS Cheer, BC
                           Spartans Cheer and Westcoast Cheer Open
                           Level 6.

                           Coaching cheer since 2001 – I have coached a
                           variety of cheer teams from community cheer
                           LMF, high school cheer Brookswood Secondary
                           School and am currently the Head Coach at
                           Westcoast Cheer where I have been coaching
                           (levels 1-3 and 6) since 2005.

                            USASF level 5 certified in Stunts, Tosses and
                           Judging local cheer competitions for the past 3
Cloe Rittinger             Competed as a high school and all-star athlete    Previous judging experience
                           Coached Charles Best Cheer and various all-
                           star levels at G-Force Gym
                           Co-owner of Champion Cheerleading
Katherine Wickham
                           Co-owner of Champion cheerleading
Emily Wright

Jodi Yorston               12 years as an athlete (Level 6 teams:
                           Absolute, SFU Red, Panthers, Legend and VAS;
                           school team: Terry Fox)
                           4 years as the head coach at Port Moody
                           3 years of judging experience at BCCA events
                           Co-chair of the BCCA 2012-13

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