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									                                   FIFE COUNCIL

                                               City of Dunfermline Area Committee
                                                                    31 March 2008
                                                                Agenda Item No: 5


1.0   Introduction
1.1   The purpose of this report is to inform Members about Young People’s
      Services in Fife, to outline the services that are available, and to illustrate how
      the service is working to deliver high quality programmes for children and
      young people. The report will be accompanied by a visual presentation to

2.0   Background
2.1   The internal restructuring of Community Services created a new section
      within Community Learning & Development (CLD) called Young People’s
      Services. This new section is responsible for three major areas of work with
      children and young people:
         Childcare
         Youth Work
         Integrated Children’s Services
      It should be noted that this report is concerned with these service elements
      only. It is acknowledged that within other services and within other sections
      of Community Services there are many valuable programmes and activities
      that support children and young people.
2.2   As part of the restructuring, Community Services established a new post,
      Service Manager for Young People’s Services in August 2006. This has
      assisted the service to link more clearly the functions of youth work, childcare
      and integrated children’s services, and will ensure coherence with other plans
      and initiatives such as the Children’s Services Plan, Getting It Right for Every
      Child, and More Choices, More Chances.
2.3   In order to deliver these services across Fife, the Service Manager has the
      following budgetary responsibility:
      Childcare: gross budget £5,721,719 but with income from fees and grants of
      £3,055,069 creating a net budget of £2,666,650
      Youth Work: part time staffing budget of £737,246. Other staff costs for
      Community Education Workers who among other things manage youth work
      locally and for community centres and other facilities in which youth work
      activities take place are met through a generic CLD budget of £5.5 million.
      Integrated Children’s Services (ICS): budgets for these services are provided
      across a range of service providers. Community Services and Education
      Service provide joint funding for six ICS Community Education Workers to
      work across schools and youth work settings in Fife.

3.0   Childcare Background and Structure
3.1   Fife’s Childcare & Early Years Strategy aims to provide high quality,
      affordable, accessible, flexible childcare to enable parents to return to
      employment, training or education. The Fife Childcare & Early Years
      Partnership was founded in 1999 in response to the green paper “Meeting the
      Childcare Challenge – a Childcare Strategy for Scotland”.
3.2   The Partnership consists of representatives from projects and agencies that
      have a stakehold in childcare and it has acted as an advisory group. Its main
      remit was to be involved in planning and implementing the Childcare Strategy,
      facilitating the integration of services, responding to consultation documents
      from the Scottish Government, identifying gaps in provision, ensuring all
      sectors benefit from the childcare funding and monitoring the progress and
      work of the Childcare Strategy Team. The work of the Partnership has been
      under review and proposals for the development of a new Early Years
      Partnership will be presented to Fife Council shortly.
3.3   Childcare services are managed by a centrally based team of managers,
      development workers, training officers and administrative staff who support
      Fife Council’s own operations as well as the voluntary and private childcare
      sectors. In addition some 400 staff are employed by Fife Council in directly
      managed out of school care clubs and projects.

4.0   Childcare Services
4.1   Out of School Care
      Not only does the Childcare Team support out of school care run by the
      voluntary sector but they are also a service provider with 63 out of school
      care projects across Fife providing approximately 5000 childcare places. The
      majority of projects are based in primary schools with a few in community
      centres or church halls. Appendix 1a of this report provides details of all out of
      school care services supported or managed by Fife Childcare in the City of
      Dunfermline Area.
4.2   Crèche Services
      The Mobile Crèche Service employs approximately 30 staff and provides a
      quality childcare service to support adult education classes, Working for
      Families clients, community groups and special projects. This is a responsive
      service and in the year to date from 1st April 2007 – 31st December 2007 a
      total of 672 crèche services have been provided for 2,788 children.
4.3   Protected Places Scheme
      This scheme allows health visitors, social workers, headteachers and other
      professionals to refer children who need a positive play experience for a
      variety of reasons e.g. they may need respite if they are a carer, the family
      may be facing a crisis, a parent may be terminally ill. Children are placed in
      an out of school care project for at least 16 hours then the situation is
      reviewed. This gives the referrer additional time to put in a package of
      support for the child and family. In 2006-2007 this service supported 196
      children and its increasing value is seen in that since 1st April 2007, the
      service has supported a further 272 children.
4.4   Childcare Resource Base

      The Childcare Team operates a Resource Base that provides high quality
      toys, equipment and training materials to childcare and play providers. There
      are currently 220 member groups in the scheme. The Resource Base staff
      operate a delivery and collection service when and where required.
4.5   Childcare Information Service
      In 1999 Fife developed a Childcare Information Service in line with guidelines
      from the Scottish Executive. The information Service has details of
      approximately 776 childcare and play providers. Parents can access lists of
      registered childcare providers in their area and information and guidance on
      choosing appropriate and relevant childcare to meet their needs and the
      needs of their children. In the year 2006-2007, the service received 826
4.6   Levenmouth Childcare Centre
      In 2000 a feasibility study was carried out by Reid Howie looking at the
      childcare available in the Levenmouth area. The study identified that the lack
      of all day registered childcare was a barrier to parents accessing
      employment, training or education. Approx £1.3 million was secured to build
      a purpose childcare centre. It is expected to be completed and open by
      spring 2008. The Centre will create approximately 100 childcare places and
      16 jobs.
4.7   Working for Families Fund (WfFF)
      The Childcare Team is working in partnership to deliver the Government
      Initiative “The Working for Families Fund”. The team’s role is to access or
      provide registered childcare for WfFF clients. A total of £653,916 has been
      provided through the WfFF to provide a sitter service, a childcare subsidy
      scheme and childcare costs for parents until their benefits or tax credits have
      been received.
4.8   Children Affected by Disability
      Fife Council and its partners are committed to ensuring all children have
      access to childcare.
      Fife Council funds ENABLE to provide a PALS Project. The project provides
      1-1 support for the child, through a play friend. The play friend liases with the
      parents, trains and supports existing staff, and works towards the child being
      integrated into the play provision. There are currently 19 children benefiting
      from the PALS Project in Fife. The project has 22 referrals pending and 21
      possible placements if staffing works out.
      Children with Special Needs in Playgroups (CSNIPS) is a similar project
      providing play friends for children with special needs attending playgroups.
      Fife Council has funded CSNIPS allowing them to expand their service into
      the private nursery sector. There are currently 23 children in placements with
      2 outstanding referrals.
      A resource base has been established in partnership with the Royal National
      Institute of Blind People (RNIB). Projects can borrow specialised equipment
      to improve the quality of the play experience for children with a particular

      Infrastructure funding has been available to projects that needed to adapt
      their premises to make them suitable for children with additional support
      needs and / or expand their premises to cater for student childcare places.
      Fife Childcare Team provides out of school projects for children with profound
      or complex needs in:
            Duloch Primary School, Dunfermline
            RNIB, Sensory Impaired Unit, Kirkcaldy
            Hyndhead, Buckhaven
            Queen Anne High School, Dunfermline
            Lochgelly Community High School
            Lawhead, St.Andrews

4.9   Support to the Voluntary / Private Sector
      The Childcare Team is committed to working in partnership with services and
      agencies with a stakehold in childcare / play.
      To assist organisations to raise quality standards and achieve financial
      sustainability grant aid is available to voluntary sector out of school projects.
      Childcare Services employs two Development Workers and an Economic
      Advisor to support committees in the running of their clubs and in applying for
      funding. Fife Council currently offers five childcare and early years grants,
         Childminder Start-up Grant
         Play Organisations Small Grant Scheme
         Out of School Childcare Grant
         Out of School Care Transport Grant
         Private Nursery Grant
      The Scottish Pre-School Play Association (SPPA) also receives funding to
      provide development staff who support locally run playgroups. The staff
      provide guidance to management committees, assisting them with business
      planning, recruitment, Care Commission Inspections, quality assurance, and
      policies and procedures.
      Funding is also provided to the Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) for
      a part-time Development Worker who supports existing childminders and new
      childminders through the registration process.

5.0   Childcare Training and Support
5.1   In Building a Better Scotland, published in September 2004, Ministers set a
      target to increase the number of qualified childcare workers in Scotland. The
      Scottish Executive were committed to drive forward a programme of work to
      develop the Early Years and Childcare workforce and provided the Childcare
      Workforce Development Fund. Fife’s budget allocation for 2007–08 has been
      £402,631. Local Authorities and Childcare Partnerships were instructed to
      take full account of the need for investment in all areas of early years and

      childcare workforce, including those employed in the private and voluntary
      sectors and childminders.
5.2   Contracts were drawn up with Colleges and local training providers for the
      delivery of childcare qualifications and related training. This process was co-
      ordinated by Fife Council’s Procurement Service. Training was delivered in a
      variety of locations to make access easier for the childcare workers. An
      online SVQ system, Learning Assistant, was developed and piloted for
      Playwork SVQ II & III and Early Years SVQ II & III. Targeted campaigns and
      programmes were developed to recruit men and individuals from black and
      ethnic minorities into childcare.
5.3   The number of individuals undertaking training supported through Fife’s
      Childcare Workforce Development Fund between April 2005 and November
      2007 is as follows:
       PUBLIC             PRIVATE              VOLUNTARY            CHILDMINDERS
       2,662              1,989                962                  1,056
      Appendix 1b of this report provides details of all childcare training held in the
      City of Dunfermline Area in 2006-2007.

6.0   Youth Work Background and Structure
6.1   In February 2004, the Scottish Executive published its revised
      guidance on Community Learning and Development and defined
      youth work as:
      Engaging with young people to facilitate their personal, social and
      educational development and enable them to gain a voice, influence
      and a place in society.
6.2   In August 2004, Fife Council’s Children’s Services Committee formally
      approved Fife’s youth work policy document, Modernising Youth Work –
      Strengthening Fife’s Future. In May 2006 and against a background of
      increasing interest in the role that youth work plays in combating anti-social
      behaviour, in supporting young people at risk, and in helping to bridge the
      opportunity gap, the Children’s Services Committee approved Fife’s Youth
      Work Strategy and Action Plan 2006-2008. This plan was designed to turn
      the aspirations of the Modernising Youth Work policy into specific targets and
      actions. A recent review of the action plan (Fife Council Education &
      Children’s Services Committee, 10 January 2008) has highlighted that of the
      40 targets identified, 26 have so far been achieved, 13 are in progress and 1
      has been abandoned. A revised Strategy and Action Plan is being developed
      for late 2008.
6.3   In March 2007, the youth work strategy for Scotland was published, stating:
      “Our long term vision for youth work has two main elements:
       all young people in Scotland able to benefit from youth work opportunities
         which make a real difference to their lives; and
       a youth work sector equipped and empowered to achieve ongoing positive
         outcomes for young people now and in the future.”
6.4   In 2006-2007, Fife Council supported 386 youth projects in communities
      across Fife, leading to attendances of 103,421 throughout the year. For the
      most part, these projects are supported by part-time youth work staff and

      volunteers. Fife Council currently employs more than 400 youth workers who
      are supported by professional Community Education Workers (CEWs). CEW
      teams are based in the six Local Children’s Service Areas across Fife and are
      managed by a Team Leader. In addition a specialist Team Leader for Young
      People’s Services has been appointed to drive forward the youth work
      strategy in Fife.
6.5   We have developed local Youth Strategy Groups across all six Community
      Learning Plan areas in Fife. These groups involve a range of services, the
      voluntary sector, and young people themselves in planning for youth work
      locally. Appendix 2 of this report provides details of youth work activities in
      the City of Dunfermline Area.

7.0   Youth Work Services
7.1   Youth Work Opportunities
      These are provided for young people across Fife with the emphasis on the
      13-18 years age group, as agreed in Fife Council’s youth work policy
      statement. Such opportunities are available in most communities in Fife in
      the form of a youth club that provides an informal setting for young people to
      take part in sporting, cultural or learning activities or to simply relax and meet
      other young people in a friendly and sympathetic environment. During the
      summer months, more emphasis is placed on work outdoors.
7.2   Detached Youth Work
      Fife Council employs six detached youth work teams, one in each Local
      Children’s Services area but focused specifically on areas of greatest need or
      where young people are considered to be a greatest risk. Detached youth
      workers engage with young people who are often not involved in organised
      activities of any sort and meet with them on their territory in streets and parks
      and other areas where young people congregate. Their purpose is to provide
      support, advice and information to young people and to encourage them to
      adopt positive lifestyles.
7.3   Dialogue Youth
      This is a national project that was initially established by CoSLA and Young
      Scot to support the modernising government agenda. Fife employs a Co-
      ordinator and three Development Workers who have five key priorities to
      support and develop:
       Youth information

       Smart card developments

       Youth research

       Personal and social education

       Democratic engagement

7.4   Support to the Voluntary Youth Work Sector
      Fife Council supports the voluntary youth work sector in a number of ways.
         We provided 29 one-off grants to the voluntary youth sector in 2006-2007.
          This comprised 18 awards to youth projects, 6 international youth
          experience awards and 5 youth volunteer grant training awards.

         We provide recurring grants to key organisations across Fife to enable
          them to deliver youth work programmes. Among those, a grant of £70,798
          was awarded to Youth First to allow them to continue Fife-wide support to
          the voluntary youth work sector.
         We have maintained our support of the Fife Youth Work Assembly, and are
          currently working with them to engage more closely with smaller voluntary
          sector youth organisations.
7.5   The Big Shout
      The Big Shout has been established as the multi-agency vehicle in Fife for
      young people’s involvement in community affairs. The support group includes
      representatives from Fife Council’s Community Services, Corporate Policy,
      Education Service, Local Office network and Social Work Service, as well as
      NHS Fife, Police, Fire Service and the voluntary youth work sector in Fife.
      The six strands of the Big Shout are:
       Scottish Youth Parliament: Ten Members of the Scottish Youth
         Parliament (MSYPs) have been elected through the Big Shout to
         represent Fife at national meetings, developing and debating a youth
         agenda for Scotland.
       Fife Youth Forum brings together young people from all over Fife to be a
         voice for youth and to promote different ways of influencing decisions
       Fife Pupils Council brings together pupil council representatives from all
       Children’s Parliament engages younger children in projects and
         investigations that seek to change their lives and their communities
       Fife People’s Panel will gain views from young people aged 10-15 years
         from surveys coordinated by the Big Shout
       Big Challenge invites young people to develop projects that will improve
         their community by bidding for Local Community Planning funding
      Our principal aim has been to create a sustainable structure around which all
      young people, regardless of their background, can be supported to have a
      say in the decisions that affect their lives. This in turn will influence change
      and provide services that are accessible, suitable and engaging for all young
7.6   Youth Achievement
      Our Voluntary Services Officer manages the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in
      Fife and offers programmes, support and training to schools, Social Work, and
      voluntary youth organisations. In 2006-2007 this supported 38 active groups
      across Fife. A total of 147 awards were commenced (10 gold, 38 silver and
      99 bronze), and 47 awards were achieved (7 gold, 5 silver and 35 bronze).
      In addition to this we have reviewed our involvement in other youth
      achievement award programmes, particularly those supported by the
      European-funded Active Steps programmes, and we will be developing a new
      range of intiatives during 2008-2009.
7.7   Special Projects
      We are establishing service level agreements with Fife-wide organisations
      that offer specialist services and support for vulnerable young people. We are
      working with ENABLE to help ensure that young people with learning

      disabilities have access to youth work services. We are working with FRAE
      Fife to ensure that young people from ethnic minority communities have
      access to youth work services. We have agreed with NHS Fife to conduct a
      detailed and medium term needs analysis of the LGBT Youth community in
      Fife. This will be done through young people focused events, internet
      outreach, and focus groups with existing agencies and young people.

8.0   Youth Work Training and Support
8.1   For the second year, we have developed a comprehensive programme of
      core skills and specialist training for youth workers and publicised these in an
      annual brochure and calendar. H. M. Inspectorate of Education highlighted
      the programme as an example of good practice, and said “Fife CLD has
      developed an extensive introductory training programme for youth workers
      …both full-time and sessional staff felt well supported in their work.” In 2006-
      2007, we delivered 23 courses to 333 staff across Fife. The 2007-2008 plans
      will provide 25 courses for 413 staff.
8.2   We have trained 30 staff in Community Services to deliver child protection
      training to all staff in the service. All staff working with young people are
      trained to national level 2 in child protection.
8.3   We have worked with Adam Smith College on the Modern Apprenticeship
      Scheme in Youth Work and In December 2007, three Fife Council youth
      workers became the first graduates in SVQIII/ Modern Apprenticeships in the
      UK from this scheme. Three full time staff supporting them have also
      completed an A1 Assessor Award.
8.4   We are working with Youth First to develop a programme of young leader
      training opportunities. In December 2007, two young leaders were supported
      to evaluate the SMIT training courses and their report will help provide future

9.0   Integrated Children’s Services (ICS) Background and Structure
9.1   The Scottish Executive launched the New Community Schools initiative in
      November 1998 and later re-branded it to “Integrated Community Schools”.
      The initiative aimed to address the needs of children through better
      integration of services to overcome barriers to learning and positive
      development through family support, family learning and health improvement.
      The approach is fundamental to raising attainment, achievement and
      promoting social inclusion amongst pupils, their parents and the wider
9.2   Following a successful pilot phase, the approach was rolled out across Fife
      and comprised:
         Six local Children’s Services groups to jointly plan and manage the
          delivery of integrated services and to roll out the Integrated Community
          Schools approach.
         The appointment of an Integrated Community School Manager and 6
          Integration Managers to lead and co-ordinate developments, encourage
          the sharing of good practice and help ensure that existing resources are
          used as effectively as possible.

          The creation of Family Support Teams across each of the six areas of
9.3    Engagement with the wider community was one of the key strands to this
       integrated children’s services approach, and in 2005 it was agreed to create
       six Community Education Worker posts across Fife, with one attached to
       each of the area teams. The posts were to focus on transition work, family
       learning, alternative curriculum opportunities, and links for young people into
       their local communities through youth work and other mechanisms.
9.4    These posts are jointly funded by Education Service and Community Services
       and are managed by Community Services under the strategic direction of the
       Service Manager, Young People’s Services and the Integrated Community
       School Manager. In addition, the engagement with the wider community
       strand is now an integral part of the work of the Community Learning &
       Development Partnership.

10.0   ICS and Young People’s Services
10.1   There has been universal recognition that the establishment of the ICS
       Community Education Worker posts across Fife have brought benefits to both
       the Education Service and to Community Services. They have created a
       close relationship between schools and the wider youth community, and this
       has brought opportunities for young people that might not otherwise have
       existed. This approach has been praised nationally, including support from
       HM Inspectorate of Education.
10.2   In addition to these posts, Young People’s Services and CLD are closely
       associated with the development of integrated services for children and young
       people. CLD are represented at key strategic groups such as the Children’s
       Services Group, and at each of the Local Children’s Services Groups.
       Planning is much more joined up with CLD playing a full role in the
       development of Joint Action Teams, School Liaison Groups, More Choices,
       More Chances and so on.
10.3   Appendix 3 to this report provides a snapshot of the work of the ICS
       Community Education Worker in the City of Dunfermline Area. This may help
       Members understanding of the issues that are addressed and the role that is

11.0   Conclusions and Recommendations
11.1   Young People’s Services has been established as part of the restructuring of
       Community Services to manage and develop childcare and youth work and
       support and contribute to integrated children’s services in Fife. With nearly
       one thousand, albeit mainly part-time staff, it provides a wide range of
       opportunities for thousands of children and young people across Fife.
11.2   Members are asked to note and comment on the content of this report, and to
       support the steps being taken to provide quality young people’s services in

                                                                 Steven Grimmond
                                                       Head of Community Services

Report Author:
Duncan Simpson
Service Manager, Young People’s Services
New City House
Dunfermline, KY12 7EP
Tel: 01383 609136


Report by: Yvonne Crombie, Childcare & Early Years Coordinator

This report provides a note of all childcare operations in The City of Dunfermline
Area. All of these activities are both directly run and managed by Fife Childcare or
are supported in some way.

    Childcare                     Venue                   Provider          Places
Out of School Club        Baldridgeburn Out of             Private            60
                               School Care
Out of School Club          Bellyeoman Out of           Fife Council           32
                               School Care
Out of School Club       Pitcorthie Out of School       Fife Council           40
Out of School Club         St Margaret's Out of         Fife Council           24
                            School Care Club
Out of School Club       Robert Henryson Out of         Fife Council           20
                          School Club - Special
Out of School Club         Touch Out of School          Fife Council           40
Out of School Club       McLeans Out of School          Fife Council           24
                                Care Club
Out of School Club          Commercial Out of           Fife Council           24
                               School Club
Out of School Club       Woodmill Weekend Out           Fife Council           24
                         of School Care Project
Out of School Club          Queen Anne High             Fife Council           40
                          School Out of School
Out of School Club       Masterton Out of School        Fife Council           48
Out of School Club        Duloch Out of School          Fife Council           48
Out of School Club        Abbey View Kids Club            Voluntary            60
 Private Nursery           Careshare Carnegie              Private             89
 Private Nursery            Careshare Lauder               Private            107
 Private Nursery             The Three Bears               Private             50
  Private Nursery         Bumble Beez Nursery              Private             43
  Private Nursery         Pitreavie Kindergarten           Private             64

       Creche        Abbeyview Creche         Voluntary    12
       Creche         Dweezils Creche          Private     16
       Creche         Carnegie Leisure        Voluntary    34
                        Centre Creche
   Pre School       Little VIPs Playgroup     Voluntary    27
   Pre School        Pitreavie Playgroup      Voluntary    12
   Pre School        Pitcorthie Playgroup     Voluntary    24
   Pre School       Bennachie Playgroup       Voluntary    24
 Parent & Toddler    Tiggywinks Parent &      Voluntary    30
      Group                Toddlers
 Parent & Toddler   St Leonards Mothers &     Voluntary    48
      Group             Toddlers Group
   Childminder         76 Childminders         Private     456

Total               Providers               Total Places
                    102                     1520


Report by: Norma Daly, Training Officer, Fife Childcare

Training Courses - Dunfermline Area

                                  Beanstalk Nursery Dunfermline
                Title                       CourseNo       Start     Finish     Students
Delivering a Quality Curriculum                           20-Sep-
20/09/07                                    CDQC077         07      06-Dec-07          23
Delivering a Quality Curriculum                           25-Jan-
25/01/07                                    CDQC074         07      29-Mar-07          12
Delivering A Quality Curriculum                           07-Sep-
07/09/06                                    CDQC062         06      30-Nov-06          17
Totals (3)                                                                             52

                              Bumble Beez Nursery Dunfermline
                Title                       CourseNo       Start     Finish     Students
Epilepsy Awareness 07/03/07                 CEAW076         07      07-Mar-07              9
Dyslexia Awareness 05/10/06                CDAW0610         06      05-Oct-06              8
Speech & Language Therapy                                 14-Sep-
14/09/06                                    CSLT061         06      14-Sep-06              1
REHIS Food Hygiene 22/08/06                 CRFH068         06      24-Aug-06          13
                                                          04-May-    04-May-
Wind, Wood & Wellies 04/05/06               CWWW061         06         06              14
Musical Mayhem 08/03/06                     CMLM061         06      08-Mar-06              9
Totals (6)                                                                             54

                                  Busy Bees Nursery Dunfermline
                Title                       CourseNo       Start     Finish     Students
Dyslexia Awareness 05/04/06                 CDAW063         06      05-Apr-06              8
Totals (1)                                                                                 8

                        Careshare Nursery, Dunfermline Dunfermline
                Title                       CourseNo       Start     Finish     Students
Baby & Child First Aid 18&25/08/07          CBFA0729        07      25-Aug-07          10
Epilepsy Awareness 28/03/07                 CEAW077         07      28-Mar-07              9
Totals (2)                                                                             19

                            Carnegie Leisure Centre Dunfermline
                Title                       CourseNo       Start     Finish     Students
Baby & Child First Aid 25/02/08             CBFA0744        08      26-Feb-08          11
REHIS Food Hygiene 25/08/07                 CRFH0724        07      25-Aug-07          15
REHIS Food Hygiene 13/01/07                 CRFH073         07      13-Jan-07          14

Challenging Behaviour 06/12/06              CCHB068        06       06-Dec-06              9
Wind Wood & Wellies 21/10/06               CWWW066         06       21-Oct-06          15
                                                         30-May-     31-May-
Baby & Child First Aid 30/05/06            CBFA0610        06          06              11
                                                         22-May-     22-May-
Health & Safety Awareness 22/05/06          CHSA064        06          06              11
                                                         04-May-     04-May-
Wind, Wood & Wellies 04/05/06              CWWW062         06          06              21
Arts Around The World 04/04/06             CAAW061         06       04-Apr-06              6
Totals (9)                                                                            113

                                  Carnegie Library Dunfermline
                Title                      CourseNo       Start      Finish     Students
Signalong                                   CSAL072        08       06-Feb-08              8
REHIS Food Hygiene 24/11/07                CRFH0729        07       24-Nov-07          12
Health & Safety Awareness 19/09/07         CHSA0714        07       19-Sep-07          10
REHIS Food Hygiene 31/03/07                CRFH0716        07       31-Mar-07          16
REHIS Food Hygiene 24/03/07                CRFH0715        07       24-Mar-07          12
Bereavement & Loss Training                              05-Mar-
05/03/07                                    CBLT071        07       26-Mar-07              5
REHIS Food Hygiene 10/02/07                CRFH0710        07       03-Mar-07              6
Loss and Bereavement Training                            05-Feb-
05/02/07                                    CLBT071        07       26-Feb-07              6
Dyslexia Awareness 13/01/07                CDAW071         07       13-Jan-07              5
Child Protection 09/12/06                   CCPT068        06       09-Dec-06          30
REHIS Food Hygiene 09/12/06                CRFH0618        06       09-Dec-06          14
Individual Supervision & Appraisal                       23-Nov-
23/11/06                                    CISA061        06       23-Nov-06          12
First Time Management 13/11/06              CFTM062        06       13-Nov-06              6
REHIS Food Hygiene 04/11/06                CRFH0614        06       04-Nov-06          16
Effective Teams Training 03/10/06           CETT066        06       03-Oct-06              9
Child Protection 02/09/06                   CCPT063        06       02-Sep-06          42
Epilepsy Awareness 19/06/06                CEAW062         06       19-Jun-06          11
REHIS Food Hygiene 15/06/06                 CRFH065        06       16-Jun-06              7
REHIS Food Hygiene 06/06/06                 CRFH064        06       07-Jun-06              7
                                                         30-May-     30-May-
Funding & Marketing 30/05/06                CF&M061        06           06             12
                                                         30-May-     30-May-
Care Standards Training 30/05/06           CMCS061         06           06             15
Totals (21)                                                                           261

                                  Dell Farquharson Dunfermline
                Title                      CourseNo        Start     Finish     Students
Introduction to Childminding 02/02/08       AITC076       02-Feb-   23-Feb-08          22

Child Protection 08/10/07                   CCPT0715         07       08-Oct-07              4
Introduction to Playwork 25/06/07            AITP071         07       27-Jun-07          11
Introduction to Childminding 12/06/07        AITC073         07       03-Jul-07          27
Introduction to Childminding 03/02/07        AITC071         07       24-Feb-07          30
Totals (5)                                                                               94

                          Glen Pavillion, Pittencrieff Park Dunfermline
                  Title                     CourseNo         Start     Finish     Students
Epilepsy Awareness 29/10/07                 CEAW0714          07      29-Oct-07              8
Baby & Child First Aid 06/10/07             CBFA0733          07      06-Oct-07          11
Baby & Child First Aid 10/09/07             CBFA0731          07      10-Sep-07              9
Baby & Child First Aid 29&30/08/07          CBFA0730          07      30-Aug-07              4
Baby & Child First Aid 02/07/07             CBFA0727          07      02-Jul-07          10
Race Relations 19/06/07                      CRRT075          07      19-Jun-07          17
Baby & Child First Aid 7&8/06/07            CBFA0720          07      08-Jun-07              9
                                                           21-May-     22-May-
REHIS Food Hygiene 21&22/05/07              CRFH0718          07          07             11
                                                           11-May-     11-May-
Health & Safety Awareness 11/05/07           CHSA078          07          07             11
Totals (9)                                                                               90

                                    Lauder College Dunfermline
                  Title                     CourseNo        Start      Finish     Students
Time Management 31/10/07                    CTMGT071         07       31-Oct-07              2
PDA Early Education & Childcare Sep                        05-Sep-
2007                                         QPEC071         07       04-Jun-08          14
HIV Hepatitis B - Infill Unit 31/08/07       CHIV071         07       31-Jul-08              2
Excel Introductory 13/06/07                 CEINT073         07       13-Jun-07              1
                                                           19-May-     19-May-
Baby & Child First Aid 19/05/07             CBFA0745         07           07             11
                                                           16-May-     23-May-
Challenging Behaviour 16/05/07               CCHB075         07           07             13
                                                           16-May-     16-May-
Handling Conflict 16/05/07                  CHCN074          07           07                 6
Managing the Performance of Staff                          08-May-     08-May-
08/05/07                                    CMPS073          07           07                 1
Powerpoint Introduction 25/04/07            CMSP072          07       25-Apr-07              4
Exceeding Needs of Your Customer                           23-Apr-
23/04/07                                     CENC073         07       23-Apr-07              2
Infectious Diseases 23/04/07                 CIFD071         07       30-Apr-07              9
Assertiveness Skills 18/04/07               CASST075         07       18-Apr-07              5
Managing the Performance of Staff                          30-Mar-
30/03/07                                    CMPS072          07       30-Mar-07              6
Assertiveness Skills 29/03/07               CASST074         07       29-Mar-07          13
Drama Workshop 17&24/03/07                  CDRW071        17-Mar-    24-Mar-07              5

Challenging Behaviour 14/03/07      CCHB073      07      14-Mar-07   12
Stress Management 10/03/07          CSTM073      07      10-Mar-07   14
Challenging Behaviour 07/03/07      CCHB072      07      07-Mar-07   9
Excel Introduction 07/03/07         CEINT072     07      07-Mar-07   1
Managing Financial Resources                   05-Mar-
05/03/07                            CMFR071      07      05-Mar-07   2
MS Access Intermediate 01/03/07     CMSAI073     07      01-Mar-07   1
Moving & Handling 01/03/07          CMVH074      07      08-Mar-07   3
Time Management 28/02/07            CTMGT072     07      28-Feb-07   2
MS Excel Advanced 22/02/07          CMSEA073     07      22-Feb-07   1
Baby & Child First Aid 15/02/07     CBFA079      07      22-Feb-07   14
Art Therapy 13/02/07                CATH071      07      13-Feb-07   7
Challenging Behaviour 07/02/07      CCHB071      07      14-Feb-07   14
MS Access Introduction 06/02/07     CMSAI072     07      06-Feb-07   3
Managing Employee Performance                  03-Feb-
03/02/07                            CMEP072      07      03-Feb-07   7
Stress Management 31/01/07          CSTM071      07      31-Jan-07   4
Stress Management 31/01/07          CSTM072      07      31-Jan-07   2
MS Word Advanced 30/01/07           CMSWA072     07      30-Jan-07   2
Assertiveness Training 23/01/07     CASST073     07      23-Jan-07   2
Handling Conflict 18/01/07          CHCN073      07      18-Jan-07   1
Handling Conflict 16/01/07          CHCN072      07      16-Jan-07   2
MS Excel Adanced 16/01/07           CMSEA072     07      16-Jan-07   4
MS Excel Intermediate 16/01/07      CMSEX073     07      16-Jan-07   2
MS Word Advanced 13/01/07           CMSWA071     07      13-Jan-07   6
Assertiveness Training 08/01/07     CASST072     07      08-Jan-07   12
Moving and Handling 08/01/07        CMVH071      07      08-Jan-07   8
Challenging Behaviour 13/12/06      CCHB069      06      13-Dec-06   7
MS Excel Introduction 13/12/06      CEINT071     06      13-Dec-06   5
MS Excel Intermediate 10/12/06      CMSEX072     06      10-Dec-06   5
Exceeding Needs of Your Customer               09-Dec-
09/12/06                            CENC072      06      09-Dec-06   7
MS Word Intermediate 09/12/06       CWINT072     06      09-Dec-06   6
Managing the Performance of Staff              07-Dec-
07/12/06                            CMPS071      06      07-Dec-06   5
Risk Assessment 05/12/06            CRKA0614     06      05-Dec-06   3
Exceeding Needs of Your Customer               04-Dec-
04/12/06                            CENC071      06      04-Dec-06   2
MS Word Intermediate 01/12/06       CWINT07    01-Dec-   01-Dec-06   2

Assertive Skills 29/11/06             CASSS071     06      29-Nov-06   8
MS Word Introduction 23/11/06         CMSWI071     06      23-Nov-06   5
MS Excel Advanced 16/11/06            CMSEA071     06      16-Nov-06   1
Challenging Behaviour 15/11/06        CCHB065      06      22-Nov-06   11
                                                 14-Nov-    02-May-
SVQ 3 Playwork Level 3 Nov 2006       QV3P071      06         08       2
Child Protection 08/11/06             CCPT066      06      15-Nov-06   8
MS Access Introduction 08/11/06       CMSAI071     06      08-Nov-06   1
Baby & Child First Aid 02/11/06       CBFA0631     06      09-Nov-06   14
Challenging Behaviour 01/11/06        CCHB066      06      08-Nov-06   14
SVQ2 CCLD Oct 2006                    QV2C064      06      01-Apr-08   4
REHIS Food Hygiene 25/10/06           CRFH071      06      01-Nov-06   2
MS Excel Intermediate 11/10/06        CMSEX071     06      11-Oct-06   1
Handling Conflict 10/10/06            CHCN071      06      10-Oct-06   6
MS Powerpoint Introduction 05/10/06   CMSP071      06      05-Oct-06   2
SVQ3 CCLD Oct 2006                    QV3C062      06      03-Apr-08   7
HNC Early Education Oct 2006          QHEE071      06      01-Jun-08   1
Report Writing 28/09/06               CREPW061     06      28-Sep-06   9
SVQ Playwork Level 3 Sep 2006         QV3P063      06      31-Mar-08   6
Making Effective Presentation                    26-Sep-
26/09/06                              CMEP071      06      26-Sep-06   5
Basic IT Skills 19/09/06               CBIT061     06      19-Sep-06   6
European Computer Driving Licence                12-Sep-
12/09/06                              CECD064      06      31-Jul-07   1
MS Word Intermediate 12/09/06          CWI061      06      12-Sep-06   1
HNC Supporting Learning Sep 2006      QHSL061      06      12-Jun-07   6
PDA Childcare & Education Sep 2006    QPCE062      06      01-Jun-08   8
HNC Supporting Learning Sep 2006      QHSL062      06      01-Jun-08   6
Child Protection - HN Unit 04/09/06   CCPT073      06      12-Jun-07   1
SVQ Playwork Level 2 Aug 2006         QV2P064      06      15-Feb-08   2
Access to Early Education &                      28-Aug-
Childcare 28/08/06                    AAEEC071     06      12-Jun-07   1
REHIS Food Hygiene 23/08/06           CRFH0616     06      30-Aug-06   1
IT National Units 19/08/06             CITU071     06      30-Dec-06   1
European Computer Driving Licence                07-Jun-
07/06/06                              CECD061      06      31-Jul-06   3
Allergy Awareness Workshop                       06-Jun-
06/06/06                              CALA061      06      06-Jun-06   8
Baby & Child First Aid 06/06/06       CBFA0613     06      13-Jun-06   15
SVQ Playwork Level 2 June 2006        QV2P062    01-Jun-   01-Dec-07   9

                                                        24-May-     31-May-
Baby & Child First Aid 24/05/06           CBFA069         06          06               10
Infectious Diseases Workshop                            24-May-     24-May-
24/05/06                                  CIND061         06          06                   5
Managing Challenging Behaviour                          23-May-
23/05/06                                  CCBT061         06        13-Jun-06          14
SVQ2 CCLD May 2006                        QVC2062         06        16-Mar-08              1
Pre European Computer Driving                           20-Apr-
Licence 20/04/06                          CECD063         06        31-Jul-06              1
Pre European Computer Driving                           19-Apr-
Licence 19/04/06                          CECD062         06        31-Jul-06              1
Access to Playwork 17/04/07               AAPL061         06        12-Jun-06              9
Challenging Behaviour Workshops                         15-Mar-
15/03/06                                   CHB061         06        22-Mar-06              9
SVQ2 CCLD Mar 2006                        QV2C061         06        01-Dec-07              5
Fitness, Health & Exercise 19/09/05       CFHE061         05        13-Jun-06              1
HNC Childcare & Education Sep 2005        QHCE061         05        13-Jun-06              1
Totals (94)                                                                           504

                              Little Acorn Nursery Dunfermline
                Title                     CourseNo       Start       Finish     Students
Delivering a Quality Curriculum                         15-Jan-
15/01/07                                  CDQC071         07        19-Mar-07          10
Child Protection 10/01/07                 CCPT074         07        10-Jan-07          13
Totals (2)                                                                             23

                            Pitcorthie Primary School Dunfermline
                Title                     CourseNo       Start       Finish     Students
Baby & Child First Aid 17/01/07           CBFA073         07        24-Jan-07              8
Totals (1)                                                                                 8

                            Queen Anne High School Dunfermline
                Title                     CourseNo       Start       Finish     Students
Manual Handling 16/02/08                 CMHT0713         08        16-Feb-08              1
Bash the Trash Workshop 09/02/08          CBTT071         08        09-Feb-08          13
Health & Safety Awareness 12/01/08       CHSA0718         08        12-Jan-08              9
Child Protection 31/10/07                CCPT0718         07        31-Oct-07          35
Child Protection 25/08/07                CCPT0711         07        25-Aug-07          44
                                                        08-May-      08-May-
Autism Spectrum Disorders 08/05/07        CASD072         07           07              25
Child Protection 22/03/07                 CCPT077         07        22-Mar-07          46
Art Without Boundaries 28/02/07           CAWB071         07        28-Feb-07          11
Visual Awareness 07/02/07                 CVAW071         07        07-Feb-07          27
Play Box Workshop 25/01/07                CPBW071         07        25-Jan-07          21
Anaphylaxis Awareness 17/11/06            CAPT0623        06        17-Nov-06          12

Epilepsy Awareness 17/11/06               CEAW069         06      17-Nov-06            13
Child Protection 16/11/06                 CCPT067         06      16-Nov-06                1
Meeting Care Standards 12/09/06           CMCS065         06      12-Sep-06            15
Epilepsy Management Training                            20-Apr-
20/04/06                                  CEAW061         06      20-Apr-06            11
Totals (15)                                                                           284

                               Three Bears Nursery Dunfermline
                Title                     CourseNo       Start       Finish     Students
Children at the Centre 02/06/07           CCAC071         07      02-Jun-07            13
REHIS Food Hygiene 27/01/07               CRFH075         07      27-Jan-07            14
Meeting the Care Standards 20/11/06       CMCS067         06      20-Nov-06                8
Pre School Drama 04/07/06                 CPSD061         06        04-Jul-06              1
Totals (4)                                                                             36

                            Townhill Community Centre Dunfermline
                Title                     CourseNo       Start       Finish     Students
Arts & Games 04/07/06                     CAAG061         06        04-Jul-06          12
Totals (1)                                                                             12

                                        Grand Totals
                Title                     CourseNo       Start       Finish     Students
Totals (173)                                                                        1,558


       APPENDIX 2:
       Report by: Keith Vandermotten, CLD Team Leader (Dunfermline Area)

1. External or supplementary funding brought into the area to support youth work activities
Youth Link Scotland – Youth Opportunities Fund 2007-2008
                          Open Programme:                              £12,353.00 – Sound Equipment
Community Based Adult Learning:                                        £329.52 – Team Building
Community Based Adult Learning:                                        £741.42 – Summer School
Community Based Adult Learning:                                        £164.76 – Creative Learning
Local Action Fund:                                                     £6,400.00 – Gig In The Glen
Local Action Fund:                                                     £1,659.00 – Paintin’ & Drummin’
Local Action Fund:                                                     £482.00 – Lights

Local Action Fund:                                                     £5000 - the Friday Night Project
Regeneration Forum:                                                    £250.00 - girls group at Tryst
Youth diversion:                                                        £2500 - trips during school holidays

2. Young people who have received support through the Community Grant scheme.

3. Summer Programme activities in Dunfermline
Dunfermline Central – Tower House:

Lessons – Creative Learning (15-17 yrs)             30 young people
Paintin’ Wi a Wee Bit Drummin’ (13-18 yrs)          79 young people
Summer School (14-25 yrs)                           115 young people
Showcase (13+ yrs)                                  95 young people

Planned for 2008 across the area:
Themed weekly programme over the summer holidays – Wed-Fri 6pm-10pm – covering sport, music, drama and circus
Skate in 08 – skateboarding competition
Music event for young bands - BLING

4. The number of regular youth work operations and annual numbers attending.
Tower House
Mad Cow Rehearsals (13-21 yrs)                  96 young people x 36 weeks
Recording (13-21 yrs)                           30 young people x 36 weeks
Band Nites (13-25 yrs)                          99 young people x 10 events
Lessons (13-21 yrs)                             22 young people x 36 weeks
Art Club (13-21 yrs)                            16 young people x 36 weeks
Cookin with Chris (13-21 yrs)                   64 young people x 36 weeks
Drumming                                        22 young people x 36 weeks

Tryst Centre
Sunday Night Youth Club (12+)                      average attendance 15 per session
Outreach Provision                                 average attendance 20 per session
Thursday Night Youth Club (12+)                    average attendance 30 per session
Friday Night Provision (12+)                       average attendance 15 per session
Girls Group (12+)                                  average attendance 10 per session

Wellwood Youth Club                                average attendance 8 per session
Blue Light Disco                                   average attendance 350 per session
Get A Long Gang                                    average attendance 9 per session
(Club for young people with Hearing impairments)

Dunfermline High School Community Use

Average Age Groups : Under 4’s to 16 years of age

Basketball, 3 sessions per week.                    average : 36 children per week.
Golf, 2 sessions per week.                          average : 20 children per week.
Gymnastics, 8 sessions per week.                    average : 165 children per week.
Guitar, 11 sessions per week.                       average : 83 children per week.
Drumming, 9 individual lessons per week.            average : 9 children per week.
Football, 7 sessions per week.                      average : 73 children per week.
Kids French,                                        average : 11 children per week.
Keyboards, 8 sessions per week.                     average : 37 children per week.
Art class, 2 sessions per week.                     average : 16 children per week.
Badminton, 3 sessions per week.                     average : 28 children per week.
Drama, 3 sessions per week.                         average : 43 children per week.
Learn to Swim. This includes Beg, Imp, Adv,
 Parent and Child.                                  average : 690 children per week.
Life Saving.                                        average : 18 children per week.
50 Club, Badminton, 5 sessions per week.            average : 56 children per week.
50 Club, Fencing.                                   average : 6 children per week.
Employability Skills, 2 sessions per week.          average : 20 children per week.
Fitness Factory.                                     average : 20 children per week.

Holiday activities.

Easter Camp, 2 weeks mixed activities.              average : 200 children per week.
Summer Camp, 1 weeks mixed activities.              average : 200 children per week.

Woodmill High School Community Use

Learn to Swim      16 sessions per week        (4 - 12 years)          average number of 160 children per week
Mother & Baby swim 3 sessions per week         (4mths–2 years)         average number of 9 per session
Drama               3 sessions per week        (4 – 12 years)          average number of 12 per session
Golf Tuition        2 sessions per week        ( 7 – 13 years)         average number of 5 per session
Gymnastics          2 sessions per week        (8 – 12 years)          average number of 12 per session
Junior Gymnastics   2 sessions per week        (4 – 7 years)           average number of 10 per session
Creative Art        1 session per week          ( 7 - 12 years)        average number of 12 per session
Contemporary Dance 2 sessions per week         ( 6 - 17 years)          average number of 15 per session
Guitar Lessons      7 sessions per week        ( 7 - 12 years)          average number of 4 per session
Drum Kit Lessons    5 sessions per week        ( 7 - 15 years)          average number of 1 per session
Cheerleading        1 session per week          ( 6 - 10years)          average number of 8 per session
Play Rugby          1 session per week          (8 - 10 years)          average number of 16 per session

All classes run for 40 weeks per year

Queen Anne High School Community Use

Cheerleading          1 session per week         (P3-7)                         15 per session
Basketball coaching 1 session per week          (Under 9’s)                     12 per session
Drum Kit Tuition     1 session per week         (P4-7)                            5 per session
Basketball coaching 1 session per week          (Under 12’s)                    14 per session
Drum Kit Tuition     1 session per week         (S1-4)                           5 per session
Badminton coaching 1 session per week            (P5-S1)                          8 per session
Tri golf lessons     1 session per week          (P2-4)                           8 per session
Top Play Club        1 session per week          (P2-3)                          8 per session
Top Sport Club        1 session per week          P4-7                           14 per session
Dancing Queens        1 session per week          P6-S1                          14 per session
Dancing Queens        1 session per week          S2-S4                            8 per session
Pre school gymtastics 2 sessions per week         18-36 m                        16 per session
Drama in Pyjamas      1 session per week           3-5 yrs                       16 per session
Drama in Pyjamas      1 session per week          P1-3                             8 per session
Soccer am             1 session per week          P3-5                           12 per session

5. Information on specialist youth projects/initiatives in your area.

Vine (Learning difficulties (adult) transitional
       stage from youth work)                         21 people x 36 weeks
LGBT (13-21 yrs)                                       6 young people (average) x 36 weeks
Flexible Curriculum (13-16 yrs)                       12 young people x 6 weeks x 4 sessions
ICS (13-16 yrs)                                       14 young people per project

Health Information Drop in provision on a Thursday evening at Tryst delivered by Elma Robertson NHS

6. Youth Forums in Dunfermline
Tower House Management Committee (newly elected, has 2 members aged 25+, 4 members aged 21 – 25 and 6
members under 21 years.)

Dunfermline Youth Forum – 4 members


        APPENDIX 3:

1. External or supplementary funding brought into the area to support detached youth work

       £9750 – LAF for Twilight League Football for the resurrection for the Midnight League @ Queen Anne.
       £1800- Locality Budget for equipment (Detached Youth Work)
       £2550- Locality Budget for virtual Babies (Rosyth)
       £15,950.35 - Sports Equipment (Street Football) – Youthlink Scotland
       £6500 – LAF – Street Football Equipment

2. Young people who have received support through the Community Grant scheme.


3. Summer Programme activities in Area

See main report

4. The number of regular youth work operations and annual numbers attending.

Dunfermline High School - The work in school, led by the area ICS CEW includes support to the Flexible Curriculum
group of young people who find it difficult sustaining themselves in the mainstream curriculum; this involves work
around attendance, behaviour and attainment, as such there is a XL Group that meets three times per week, a Skills for
Work Group that meets weekly. Other initiative includes the Community Involvement Group and a Babysitting Course
for young pupils aged 14 years – this was a certificated course that ran for 14 weeks and was supported by the British
Red Cross, Dunfermline High and Integrated Community Schools.

Queen Anne High School - The work in school, led by the area ICS CEW includes support to the Flexible Curriculum
group of young people who find it difficult sustaining themselves in the mainstream curriculum; this involves work
around attendance, behaviour and attainment, as such there is was a Babysitting Course for young pupils aged 14 years
– this was a certificated course that ran for 10 weeks and was supported by the British Red Cross, Dunfermline High
and Integrated Community Schools. There is also a level 2 Natural Connections Course for young people aged 14 years
and is focusing on teambuilding and working together. Natural Connections has 6 elements and each element runs for
a minimum of 10 hours.

5. Information on specialist youth projects/initiatives in your area.

       Street games which includes Street Football and Hockey is in operation on a weekly
        basis Mondays from 6.30pm – 8.30pm in the grounds of Park Road Primary in Rosyth.
        Attendance on Monday 3rd March was approx 50 young people.
       Street Football in Queen Anne High School, Dunfermline – Tuesday 6.30pm to 8.30pm.
        Started on Tuesday 26th February. Still in the infancy stage.
       Detached Youth Work Street Sessions – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – such as
        Wellwood/Headwell area, Abbeyview, Saline, Dunfermline City Centre.
       Midnight League at Queen Anne is being developed.
       A ‘Streetwork’ sub group of the Dunfermline Youth Strategy Group has recently been
        formed to take forward developments in the area

6. Youth Forums in Area

      It is planned to develop a youth forum for the users of the Dunfermline Skate Park


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