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Ambiance is the feeling or mood of the surrounding environment; or the atmosphere of an
event. The ambiance is what makes the event spectacular. Long after the event is over, you
may not recall the details of the event, as much as you will remember the special touches
(lighting, audio, visuals, and staging productions) which made the event unforgettable. That’s
why ambiance is so important in wedding, event and party planning.

Close your eyes and think of the best wedding, party or event you have attended. What sticks
out in your mind? The things you are thinking of probably appealed to one of your four senses
(sight, sound, smell or touch). Create great ambiance by thinking about how you can appeal to
these senses.  The most important thing to remember is to match the surrounding atmosphere
of your event with the ambiance you are trying to create. For example, if you are planning a
formal theme, the entire mood should be of a formal nature. If you want to create an
unforgettable formal wedding, plan the event in the evening when the attire turns into formal
gowns and tuxes for a black tie event. The special touches you’ll want to incorporate may be
waiters with white gloves, candle lights, classical music, lighted walkways, and sit down dinners
with China and high quality linens.  

Plan an event that nobody will forget by adding special details that people will notice. Creating
the perfect atmosphere doesn't have to be expensive, but it does have to be planned. Here are
some examples of inexpensive details you could plan at your next event:

Decorate with candles or lighting. Light up walkways, tables, and special areas with candles.

AmbianceThe Planning Wizard

They don’t have to be real candles either; they could be LCD lights which are safe and Eco
friendly as well. Trees and bushes outlined in lights and lighted lanterns are beautiful in both
inside and outside settings. If you are trying to create a sense of romance, there is no better
way than with candles and lighted details.       

In the bathrooms, fill a fancy basket or gold charger plate full of luxury toiletry items (hair spray,
hand lotions, spray deodorant, body and room spray etc) for guests to use. Play festive or
relaxing music in the bathrooms or sitting areas near the bathroom.

If you are renting an old hall with little character, purchase material to cover up the walls or
windows that are not appealing. Then rent a projector or lights to illuminate the walls or floors
with your theme or colors for your event. If you’re not sure how to achieve a beautiful setting in
a drab place, bring a photo of your venue to a rental shop and have them help you with the
room ambiance. They have all sorts of lighting and projection equipment rentals available.      

Play background music as guests arrive. Hire a soloist to play as appetizers, cocktails and
refreshments are being served upon immediate arrival. The music should reflect the theme and
formality of your event. 

Decorate the walkway with a red or white carpet, have someone assigned take guests coats
and hang them up. If children are invited, and you have a separate area or room you can use,
consider hiring novelty entertainment for the children. They would much rather hang out with a
musician or clown and with other children.  Ask the Girl Scouts in your area if a troop is
available for this task in exchange for a donation to their troop. Not only will you get a group of
girls ready to entertain, but a pair of leaders who will also be present.     

Choose your colors wisely. They will be used throughout your event in flowers, decorations,
lighting, gowns and wedding attire, cakes, and table settings. The color should match your
theme of your event and season of the event. For example, pale colors can be used for spring
and summer weddings, while deeper shades and tones are better for winter occasions.

AmbianceThe Planning Wizard

Choose your location wisely. A ballroom will have a different feel than a ski lodge. The location
should match the time of day, theme and formality of your event. 

Your time of day you hold your event will affect the ambiance as well as the cost of the event.
Morning events are usually informal. Mid afternoon events are informal to semi formal, and night
time events are usually more elegant and the most formal.

When you pay attention to the details, your guests will notice and remember those special
touches maybe even more than the actual event itself. 

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