Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP) is implementing a tobacco control
program in Bangladesh in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public
Health/Institute of Global Tobacco Control, USA. BCCP is now inviting research proposal
from regular post graduate and PhD students and experienced researchers of different public
and private universities/institutions and organizations in Bangladesh.

The purpose of the research grants is to promote tobacco control research in Bangladesh. Six
students and five experienced researchers will be provided with a seed grant to conduct the
research for a period of nine months.

The proposal must support the component(s) of the World Health Organization’s MPOWER
package (Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies; Protect people from tobacco smoke;
Offer help to quit tobacco; Warn about the dangers of tobacco; Enforce bans on tobacco
advertising, promotion and sponsorship; and Raise taxes on tobacco).

Interested applicants are requested to submit research proposals with a proof of their
enrollment/attachment at the university/institution or organization. The printed copy of the
proposal with accompanying documents must be sent to the following address marked by
“Student Research Grant Proposal” or “Experienced Research Grant Proposal” on the top of
the envelop no later than 5:00 p.m. on February 14, 2013 and an electronic copy of the
proposal only by email to For any further queries, please contact
by email to by January 25, 2013.

Eligibility of the Applicants

      Student researchers must be registered as full-time Post-graduate, Masters or PhD
       students at any university/institution in Bangladesh;

      Experienced researchers must be affiliated with any university, institution or
       organization and committed to tobacco control research.

      The proposal must support the component(s) of the World Health Organization’s
       MPOWER strategy.

      Student applicants are allowed to use this grant for their research work as partial
       fulfillment of their academic courses.
      Along with applicants' proof of enrollment/attachment with any university, institution
       or organization, student researchers should submit a consent letter indicating the name
       of supervisor who will oversee the day to day research activity.

Selection Process

      A Proposal Review Panel will shortlist 10-15 proposals from each group ensuring that
       the proposals are relevant to the MPOWER framework.

      The applicants whose proposals are short-listed will be invited to make a presentation
       and then five to six high scoring proposals of each group will be selected for funding.

      Each selected proposal will receive a grant for a nine-month research (student
       researcher $ 5000 and experienced researcher $ 10,000).

      BCCP will provide technical assistance, as and when required, to ensure completion
       of the research within the required timeframe and to help ensure quality outcomes.

      The findings of the research projects will be presented at a Tobacco Control Research
       Conference to be organized by BCCP.

Content of the proposal

      A cover page

      Title of the study (no more than 15 words)

      Coverage of geographical area
      Background of the problem (maximum 200 words)

      Problem formulation (provide a clear and simple description of research problem-
       maximum 200 words)

      Objectives and strategies based on MPOWER package (maximum 150 words)

      Literature Review (please restrict review to literature most pertinent to the study-
       maximum 300 words)

      Methodology including details analytical methods (maximum 500 words)

      Potential Policy Implications (maximum 100 words)

      Time frame and breakdown of cost of the proposed total budget

      Current CV (maximum 8 pages)
Proposal review process

The research proposal will be assessed based on the following criteria:

                   i. Relevance to MPOWER framework

                  ii. Quality and feasibility

                 iii. Suitability of approach, design, methods and/or analysis

                  iv. Policy Implication and scope of further research

BCCP will not compensate the applicants for preparation of their proposal against this grant
notice. Issuing this notice is not a guarantee even to award a grant and BCCP reserves the
right to issue an award based on the Panel's evaluation and without discussion with the
applicants. Assignment may be cancelled any time if quality and timeline of research is not

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