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					                PREMIUM PENNY LIST PROGRAM:
                                THE ORACLE
Total Universe: 230,000                           Base Rate: $40/M

Phone Universe: 222,400                           Phones: +$60/M

Opt-In Email Address: 230,000                     Email: +$40/M

Opt-In Minimum: 100,000                           Hotline: +$55/M

Monthly Hotline: 7,500

    Description This file contains members who subscribe monthly to a trading service
  consisting of real-time access to the quotations of individual market makers registered in
   every Nasdaq listed security, as well as market makers' quotes in OTC Bulletin Board
     securities. These are US based Level II finance investors using Internet Marketing
                             to identify investment opportunities.
Selections from this database can be based on any number of criteria The database can either
   be used as a source for highly targeted lists for special financial products or for more
        marketing across the range of sub-databases using a combinations of criteria.

Select:                         Price:                             Postal Terms
Mailing list:                   $90/M                          Minimum Order:5,000
Phones Selection:               $60/M                        Sample mail piece required
Opt-In Email:                   $40/M                     $250 cancellation fee prior to mail
Travel Indicator:               $25/M                                    date
Geo Select list:                $5/M                      E-Mail/FTP Shipping: $50.00/file
Gender Select list:             $10/M                          Telemarketing Terms
Income Select list:             $12/M                         Minimum Order: 10,000
Presence of Children:           $12/M                      Must be registered w/ National
Homeowner:                      $12/M                                   DNC

 All data is CASS Certified with Delivery Point Validation. Data is NCOA scrubbed
    by-monthly. All phone numbers are Verified and DNC Scrubbed per-order.
                        Investing News Alerts, Inc. Attn: George Silva

                 11555 Heron Bay Blvd. Suite 200 Coral Springs FL 33076

                        Tel: 954-603-0570       Cell: 561 866 7033

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