by BPL 10 Oct 75 IV .1                           ADV CSES, advanced courses. (FSO 101)
*, [issue not directly prepared or written by L. Ron    AC, 1. Ability Congress. (HCOB 29 Sept 66) 2.       ADV MAG, Advance Magazine. (BPL 5 Nov
      Hubbard.]                                            Accommodation Counselor. (BFO 45) 3.                 72RA)
®, in order to protect the words Dianetics and             account. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 4. Advisory            ADV, advanced. (HCO^L 12 Aug 71 IV)
      Scientology, all books, magazines, bulletins         Council. (HCO PL 1 Nov 66 II) 5. Aides Council   ADV, advanced. (HCO^L 12 Aug 71 IV)
      and policy letters with the word Dianetics or        (CBO 173)                                        AF, Africa. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)
      Scientology on them, should bear notice of        AC, 1. Ability Congress. (HCOB 29 Sept 66) 2.       AFF, affluence. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      our trademark registration. The notice looks         Accommodation Counselor. (BFO 45) 3.             AGL, Assistant Guardian Legal. (BPL 5 Nov
      like this, ® and is placed near the word, thus       account. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 4. Advisory                72RA)
      Dianetics® . (BPL 28 Aug 72 II)                      Council. (HCO PL 1 Nov 66 II) 5. Aides Council   AGN, again. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
0 COND, Org condition. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    (CBO 173)                                        AGRMNT, agreement. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
0, 1. (international telex jargon) figure 0 (nothing)   AC-1/2, the AC-1 Form or AC-2 Form. (BPL 4 Dec      AHMC, [Anatomy of the Human Mind Con-
      = stop your transmission. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-           72 IIRB)                                             gress.]
      1) 2. organizing it, meaning that all the parts   AC-1/2, the AC-1 Form or AC-2 Form. (BPL 4 Dec      AIDE, Training & Services Aide. (ED 155 Flag)
      of it are being grooved in so it can run             72 IIRB)                                         AIHED, American Institute for Human Engin-
      smoothly. (FO 2936)                               ACAD ADMIN, academy administrator. (HCO PL              eering and Development. (FMO 221, 14 Oct
2D COMMODORE, 2nd Deputy Commodore. (FO                    28 Feb 59)                                           69)
      1972)                                             ACAD ADMIN, academy administrator. (HCO PL          AK, Auckland. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)
2D, Second Dynamic. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       28 Feb 59)                                       AKH, admin know-how. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
2M, Second Mate. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       ACAD, Academy. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     ALLOC, allocation. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
2WC, two-way communication. (BPL 5 Nov                  ACAD, Academy. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     ALRDY, already. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      72RA)                                             ACC, Advanced Clinical Course. (HCO PL 2 Sept       ALTHO, although. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
3D, 1. Third Dynamic. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. three            69)                                              AM, ante meridiem (before noon—morning).
      dimensional. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     ACC, Advanced Clinical Course. (HCO PL 2 Sept           (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
3M, Third Mate. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           69)                                              AMA, American Medical Association. (HCO PL
3P, third party. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       ACCPT, accept. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         14 Aug 63)
4M, Fourth Mate. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       ACCPT, accept. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) ACCTNT,             AMER, America(n). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
65)                                                        accountant. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) ACCTS,              AMS, Amsterdam. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)
8C, good and effective control. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)           accounts. (COLRHED 103)                          AMT, amount. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
A/, acting. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            ACCTNT, accountant. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                ANAL, analysis. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
A/, acting. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            ACCTS, accounts. (COLRHED 103)                      ANS (WRD), answer(ed). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
A/AIDE(S», 1. Assistant Aides. (FO 2905) 2. As-         ACFB, Ad Council FB. (BPL 11 May 71 II-l)           ANZACS, Australians and New Zealanders.
      sistant International Secretary. (HCO PL 7        ACFB, Ad Council FB. (BPL 11 May 71 II-l) ACK,          (FO 3193-1)
      Mar 72)                                              acknowledge. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) ACK'ED,            ANZO, Australia New Zealand Oceania. (BPL
A/AIDE(S», 1. Assistant Aides. (FO 2905) 2. As-            acknowledged. [BCR, p. 23) ACTN, action.             10 Apr 73R)
      sistant International Secretary. (HCO PL 7           (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                 AO, 1. Advanced Org. (FO 331) 2. aides order.
      Mar 72)                                           ACK, acknowledge. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R) 3. the Saint Hill
A/E ESTO, Acting Executive Establishment                ACK'ED, acknowledged. [BCR, p. 23)                      Special Briefing Course student in a Unit is
      Officer. (OODS 9 Apr 72)                          ACTN, action. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          designated for the classes being studied
A/E, Area estates. (ED 16 Area Estates)                 AD COUNCIL, Advisory Council. (HCO PL 1 Nov             for, as AO = Class Zero Unit A. (HCO PL 14
A/FFR, Assistant Flag Flag Rep. (BPL 5 Nov                 66 II)                                               Oct 65, Course Pattern}
      72RA)                                             AD COUNCIL, Advisory Council. (HCO PL 1 Nov         AOA, AO Alicante. (ED 68 Flag)
A/G F, Assistant Guardian for Finance. (BPL 14             66 II)                                           AOG; AO Greece. (FO 1847)
      Nov 74)                                           AD CSE, advanced courses. (HCOB 14 Jul 70)          AOL, Advanced Organization Liaison. (FO 986)
A/G, Assistant Guardian. (BPL 6 Jul 75 III)             AD CSE, advanced courses. (HCOB 14 Jul 70)          AOLA, Advanced Org Los Angeles. (LRH ED
A/S, [abbreviation (Danish) meaning aktiesel-           AD, 1. Adelaide. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II) 2. advance.       166 Int.)
      skab which means Limited (Liability) Com-            (HCO PL 7 Dec 71) 3. advanced. (HCOB 2 Aug       AOLF, AO liaison for Flag. (FO 1237)
      pany.]                                               71)                                              AOL-LA, Advanced Organization Liaison Los
AAR, [All About Radiation.}                             AD, 1. Adelaide. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II) 2. advance.       Angeles (FO 1364)
AAR, [All About Radiation.}                                (HCO PL 7 Dec 71) 3. advanced. (HCOB 2 Aug       AOLS, Advanced Organization Liaison Scot-
AB CONFERENCE, Able-Bodied Seaman Con-                     71)                                                  land. (FO 1364)
      ference. (FSO 156)                                ADCOM, Advisory Committee. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)         AOLWW, Advanced Organization World Wide
AB CONFERENCE, Able-Bodied Seaman Con-                  ADCOM, Advisory Committee. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)             (FO 1364)
      ference. (FSO 156)                                ADCOMM, Advisory Committee. (HCO PL 12 Aug          AOSH DK, AOSH Denmark. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
AB, 1. abandon target. (Target marking and flx             65)                                              AOSH UK, Advanced Org-Saint Hill United
      code). (CBO 325) 2. Aberdeen UK, (HCO PL          ADCOMM, Advisory Committee. (HCO PL 12 Aug              Kingdom. (LRH ED 166 Int.)
      2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and Dispatch                     65)                                              AOSH, 1. Advanced Org-Saint Hill. (LRH ED
      Designation System) 3. able-bodied seaman.        ADD I/C, Addressograph In-Charge. (HCOB 23 Aug          166 Int.) 2. this is a combination AO and
      (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                     65)                                                  SH. (LRH ED 159R-I Int.)
AB, 1. abandon target. (Target marking and flx          ADD I/C, Addressograph In-Charge. (HCOB 23 Aug      AP&A, [Advanced Procedure and Axioms.}
      code). (CBO 325) 2. Aberdeen UK, (HCO PL             65)                                              AP, advance payment. (HCO PL 26 Nov 65R)
      2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and Dispatch                  ADD UNK, address unknown. (HCO PL 18 Feb            APPRNTC(SHIP), apprentice(ship). (BPL 5 Nov
      Designation System) 3. able-bodied seaman.           7311)                                                72RA)
      (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                  ADD UNK, address unknown. (HCO PL 18 Feb            APPROP, appropriate. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ABIL, [Ability Magazine.]                                  7311)                                            APPRV, approve. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ABIL, [Ability Magazine.]                               ADDO, addresso. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    APPT, appoint(ment). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ABS, (international telex jargon) absent sub-           ADDO, addresso. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    APR, 1. advanced payment received. (FO
      scriber = absent subscriber, office closed.       ADDR, address. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         2988) 2. April. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      (BPL5Nov72RA-l)                                   ADDR, address. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     APT, aptitude. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ABS, (international telex jargon) absent sub-           ADDRESSO, 1. Addresses Section. (HCOB 23 Aug        APU, advanced payments used. (BI^L 5 Nov
      scriber = absent subscriber, office closed.          65) 2. addressograph. (HCO PL 12 Jan 62)             72RA)
      (BPL5Nov72RA-l)                                   ADDRESSO, 1. Addresses Section. (HCOB 23 Aug        AR, Avon River. (FO 336)
ABT, about. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                               65) 2. addressograph. (HCO PL 12 Jan 62)         ARBIT, arbitrary. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ABT, about. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) ABV, above.                ADDTN(L), addition(al). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)            ARC BR, ARC break. (ED 473 WW, 842 SH)
      (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                  ADDTN(L), addition(al). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)            ARC X, ARC break. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ABV, above. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            ADMIN TRS, administrative training drills. (BTB 7   ARCXC, number of ARC broken individuals
AC 42, financial report. (HCO PL 11 Dec 62,                Feb 71)                                              contacted. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      Change in Report Line.}                           ADMIN TRS, administrative training drills. (BTB 7   ARCXF, ARC breaks found. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
AC 42, financial report. (HCO PL 11 Dec                    Feb 71)                                          ARCXH, number of ARC broken individuals
      62,Change in Report Line.}                        ADMIN, 1. administration. (HCO PL 4 Jun 71) 2.          handled and signed up for service or re-
AC 43, HCO Accounts Form AC 43. (HCO PL 16                 administrative. (SEC ED No. 9, 16 Dec 58) 3.         turned to service. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      Apr 63) [The above HCO PL was cancelled              administrator (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                   ARCXN, ARC broken. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      by BPL 10 Oct 75 IV .1                            ADMIN, 1. administration. (HCO PL 4 Jun 71) 2.      ARND, around. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
AC 43, HCO Accounts Form AC 43. (HCO PL 16                 administrative. (SEC ED No. 9, 16 Dec 58) 3.     ARRNG, arrange. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      Apr 63) [The above HCO PL was cancelled              administrator (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                   ARRV<L), arrive(al). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
AS, administrative staff (number of admin per-            Sept 70R)                                           BUGD, bugged. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    sonnel). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        BEG, beginning. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         BX, bureaux. (FO 3066)
ASAP, as soon as possible. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          BER, bad examiner report. (Esto 3, 7203C02 SOI)          BYO, Bulawayo. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)
ASHO, American Saint Hill Organization. (BPL 5       BERK, Berkeley. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) BFO, Base               C AND A, Certs and Awards. (BPL 5 Nov
    Nov 72RA)                                             Flag Order. (BFO 84) BFR, before. (BPL 5 Nov            72RA)
ASR, Advance Scheduling Registrar. (BPL 9 Jan             72RA) BGN, begin. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                  C BY V, Clearing by valence. (HCOB 4 Jun 58)
    67R)                                             BI, 1. Birmingham UK. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO              C LIAISON OFFICER, Consumption Liaison
ASSGN, assign. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) ASSN,                     Cable and Dispatch Designation System) 2.               Officer. (FO 3341)
    association. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         Board of Issues. (BPL 23 Dec 66R) 3. bye =          C OF S OF C, Church of Scientology of Califor-
ASSN SEC, Association Secretary. (HCO PL 19               goodbye. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                             nia. (BPL 9 Mar 74)
    Oct 64)                                          BI, the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course student in    C OF S, 1. Church of Scientology. (BPL 5 Nov
ASSN SEC'S SEC, the Association Secretary's               a Unit is designated for the classes being              72RA) 2. Congress of Scientologists.
    secretary. The secretary to the Assn Sec.             studied for. as BI = Class I Unit B. (HCO PL 14         (HCOB 4 Oct 56)
    (HCO PL 12 Mar 61 III)                                Oct 65, Course Pattern)                             C OF, care of. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ASSOC SEC, Association Secretary. (5812C29)          BIBI, bye bye. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          C, 1. Commodore. (ED 459-38 Flag) 2.
ASST GF, Assistant Guardian for Finance. (HCO        BII, the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course student in       communication. (HCO PL 18 Feb 72) 3.
    PL 8 Dec 68)                                          a Unit is designated for the classes being              continental. (HCO PL 2 Jan 59) 4. (mission
ASST, 1. assist. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. assistant.           studied for, as BII = Class II Unit B. (HCO PL          order target code) cope-C—doing the best
    (FSO 529)                                             14 Oct 65, Course Pattern)                              one can with it. (FO 2936) 5. copyright. (FO
ASST/AIDE, Assistant Aide. (FO 2707) ASST G,         BIs, bad indicators. (Esto 3, 7203C02 SO R                   3264) 6. copy tape. (BPL 12 Jan 74 I)
    Assistant Guardian. (HCO PL 8 Dec 68)            BK, 1. book. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. (international          C/B, cash/bills. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
AST, Austin. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)                         telex jargon) break = I cut off. (BPL 5 Nov         C/C, course change. (FO 3087)
AT, Athens, Greece. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO                 72RA-1)                                             C/E, see CHIEF ENGINEER.
    Cable and Dispatch Designation System)           BK/STR, bookstore. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      C/SHEET, also CH. SHEET or  SHT. abbre-
ATC, Admin Training Corps. (FO 3324R)                BKLOG, backlog. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             viation for checksheet. (BTB 12 Apr 72R)
ATH, Athena. (HCO PL 10 Apr 73) [The above           BKSLS, book sales. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      Cable and Dispatch Designation System) 2.
    HCO PL was replaced by BPL 10 Apr 73R            BL, 1. big league. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. Bloem-                Public Information. (HCO PL 2 Nov 67)
    which deleted the abbreviation of Athena.}            fontein. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and                [The above HCO PL has been replaced by
ATO, Apollo Troupe Org. (OODS 12 May 74)                  Dispatch Designation System)                            BPL 2 Nov 67 VI.]
ATTN, attention. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    BLNCE, balance. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         CAN, Canada. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
AU, Australia. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable           BLRS, see "BIG LEAGUE" REGISTRATION                      CANCE, cancel whole eval. Must be followed
    and Dispatch Designation System)                      SERIES.                                                 by its number. .(Target marking and tlx
AUD(TDHTNG), audit(ed)(ing). (BPL 5 Nov              BLS, Big League Sales. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      code). (CBO 325)
    72RA)                                            BLV, Bolivar. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           CAPT, Captain. (ED 334-1 Flag)
AUD, [The Auditor Magazine.}                         BM, 1. [Abbreviation for "body motion." Normally         CAS, Church of American Science. (PAB 74)
AUDTR, auditor. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          used on auditor report forms and on session         CB, Clearwater Building. (BFO 70)
AUG, August. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             work sheets. Refer to Dianetics Today, p. 685.]     CBK, call back = end the transmission and call
AUTH, authority. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         2. bulk mail. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          me back in five minutes. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-
AUTO-EVALUATION, automatic evaluation.               BMB, the Books Make Booms brochure. (FBDL                    1)
    (BPL 28 Apr 61R)                                      591)                                                CBL, call back later = call back later please, I
AV, audio-visio. (COLRHED 117)                       BMC, business management consultant. (BPL 10                 am awaiting an important call on this line.
AVAIL, available. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        Feb 73 II)                                              (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
AVG, average. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       BMO, 1. bulk mail out. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2.               CBM, congress, books, memberships. (HCO
AVU, 1. Authority and Verification Unit. (OODs 14         Business Management Org. (HCO PL 12 Apr                 PL 9 Jun 59)
    Apr 72) 2. Authority and Verifications Unit.          73) [The above HCO PL was cancelled by BPL          CBMT ACCOUNT, congress, books,
    (HCO PL 15 Aug 73) 3. Authorizations and              10 Oct 75 XI.]                                          magazines and tape account. (BPL 9 Sept
    Verifications Unit, the unit at Flag that does   BMTO, Book Marketing Officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)               59)
    exactly those functions. HCO PL 28 Jul           BNG, being. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             CBO, Central Bureau Order. (HCO PL 24 Sept
    73RA) [All three entries here denote the same    BO, Base Order. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)                         70R)
    unit on Flag.1                                   BOD(S), body(ies). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      CBT, congress, book and tapes sum. (HCO
AWB, airwaybill. (FO 3081)                           BP, bills paid. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             London 17 Apr 57)
AWRD, award. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        BPC, bypassed charge. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   CC OFFICER, Case Cracking Section Officer.
AX, axiom. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          BPI, Broad Public Issue. (HCO PL 22 May 59)                  (HCO PL 4 May 65)
B OF I, Board of Investigation. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)     BPL, Board Policy Letter. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)           CC, 1. Celebrity Center. (BPL 25 Aug 75) 2.
B REG, body reg. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    BPR, black propaganda (black PR). (BPL 5 Nov                 Clearing Course. (HCO PL 6 Sept 72 II) 3.
B RTR, body router. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      72RA)                                                   Continental Captain. (SO ED 119 INT)
B SCN, Bachelor of Scientology. (HCO PL 20           BR DIR, Branch Director. (HCO PL 20 Oct 72) [The         CCH, cut the chatter. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
    Dec 62)                                               above HCO PL was cancelled by BPL 10 Oct            CCLA, Celebrity Centre Los Angeles. (BPL 10
B&C, [Background and Ceremonies of the                    75 X.]                                                  Apr 73R)
    Church of Scientology of California, World       BR, body router. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        CCNY, Celebrity Centre New York. (BPL 10 Apr
    Wide.}                                           BRE, 1. bugged requires eval. (Target marking and            73R)
B, 1. body. (FO 1109) 2. books. (FO 2988) 3.              tlx code) (CBO 325) 2. [Business Reply              CECS, Committee of Examinations, Certifica-
    bugged. (Target marking and tlx code). (CBO           envelope.]                                              tions and Services. (PAB 39)
    325)                                             BRF, 1. body routing form. (ED 144 FAO) 2 brief          CED, Compliance Executive Directive. (HCO
B/A, see BOOK ADMINISTRATOR.                              (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                        PL 24 Sept 70R)
B/L, bill of lading. (FO 3081) BLDG, building.       BRK, break. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             CELEB, celebrity. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                 BRKDWN, breakdown. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      CEN-0, Designation on HCO Policy Letters and
BA AND D OFFICER, Book Ads and Distribution          BS, 1. Bachelor of Scientology. (HCOB 23 Aug ) 2.            HCO Bulletins indicates dissemination and
    Officer. (BPL 15 Jun 73R I)                           Beginning Scientologist. (HCO PL 1 Sept 65 IV)          restriction as follows: to go to all staff of
BAL, balance. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            3. (gross) book sales. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                 Central Organizations only plus HCO Area
BB, 1. book buyer. (BPL 4 Apr 73R) 2. Brisbane.      B'S, bulletins. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R) [The ab-                Offices, HCO Cent, HCO WW. (HCO PL 22
    (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and Dispatch              breviation "B's" appears on HCO PL 8 Dec 62.            May 59)
    Designation System)                                   The abbreviation "HCOB's" is more commonly          CEN-0-CON, 1. Designation on HCO Policy
BCF, birthday contribution fund. (ED 473 Flag)            used for "Bulletins" or Hubbard                         Letters and HCO Bulletins indicates dis-
BCPC, basic course and processing completion.             Communications Office Bulletins.]                       semination and restriction as follows; to go
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                 BSC, basic. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                 to Association Secretaries or Organization
BCPT, basic course points. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          BSN, Boston. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                                Secretaries of Central Organizations only,
    BCR, [The Book of Case Remedies.} BD,            BTB, Board Technical Bulletin. (HCO POL 24 Sept              not to staff; also to HCO Area Sec, HCO
    board. (SEC ED 26, 8 Jan 59)                          70R)                                                    Cont, HCO WW. (HCO PL 22 May 59) 2.
BDCS, The Boards of Directors of the Churches        BTR, better. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                HCO Policy Letters which are marked "Cen-
    of Scientology. (BPL 1 Sept 66R)                 BTTL PLN, battle plan. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      0-Con" may be issued to all staff, including
BDN, blowdown. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      BTWN, between. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              HASI personnel. All such HCO Policy
BE, Berlin. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and          BU, 1. boats unit. <FO 249) 2. bureau. (FO                   Letters carry the same authority as SEC
    Dispatch Designation System)                          3152RR)                                                 EDs and may be used as hat material if
BED, Board Executive Directive. (HCO PL 24           BUF, Buffalo. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                               applicable. (BPL 25 Jun 59)
CENT, central. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           Feb 59) 2. Commanding Officer. (HCO PL 7              CRMMNG, cramming. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
CF, central files. (HCO PL 19 Aug 59)                     Mar 72) 3. [Conditions Order.] 4. Continental         CRS, course. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
CFM, (international telex jargon) confirm = please        Order. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)                           CRT, court. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
     confirm /1 confirm. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)            COF, designation on HCO Policy Letters and HCO           CRV(?), (international telex jargon) can receive
CG&AC, [The Classification Gradation and                  Bulletins indicates dissemination and restriction         = do you receive well?/I receive well. (BPL
     Awareness Chart.]                                    as follows: HCO city offices and all their field          5 Nov 72RA-1)
CGI, corrected gross income. (HCO PL 9 Mar 72             auditor HCO franchises, central organizations,        CS ORDER, Commodore Staff Order. (FO 795)
     I)                                                   HCO Area, Continental and HCO WW. (HCO                CS, 1. Case Supervisor. (BPL 4 Dec 71R III) 2.
CH OFF, Chief officer. (ED 14 Area Estates)               PL 22 May 59)                                             Commodore's Staff. (FO 795)
CH, 1. Chicago. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable            COG, cognition, cognite. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                CSA, Commodore's Staff Aides. (BPL 1 Sept
     and Dispatch Designation System) 2. chief.        COL, (international telex jargon) collate = collation        66R)
     (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                     please/I collate. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                  CSC, Clearing Success Congress. (HCOB 29
CHF(LY), chief(ly). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   COLL OFFS, Collections Officers. (FO 3474-1RA)               Sept 66)
CHI, Chicago. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                         COLL, collection. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       CSEO, Comm System Establishment Officer.
CHK, check. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           COLLCT, collect. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            (FPO 2041)
CHKLST, checklist. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    COLRHED, Central Office of LRH ED. (CO-                  CS-G, CS-Guardian. (FO 1556)
CHKSHT, checksheet. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      LRHED1R)                                              CSP, 1. Clean Ship Program. (ED 240-10 Flag)
CHN SCHL, Chinese School. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)             COMDR, Commodore. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           2. crew shore policies. (FO 3057)
CHNG, change. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         COMLINE, a communications line. (HTLTAE, p.              CSW, completed staff work. (HCO PL 21 Nov
CHQ, cheque. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             118)                                                      62)
CHRMN, chairman. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      COMM BUREAU, see COMMUNICATION                           CSWP, 1. complete the staff work please.
CHRT, chart. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             BUREAU.                                                   (HCO PL 4 Sept 59) 2. (CSW please) =
CI, counter intention, should be followed by a         COMM CENTRE, Communication Centre. (HCOB                     "Work out how this problem should be
     name for who. (Target marking and tlx code).         23 Aug 65)                                                handled and recommend. Don't be dumping
     (CBO 325)                                         COMM EV, Committee of Evidence. (HCOB 23 Aug                 problems of your post on my plate" is the
CIC, 1. Combat Information Center. (HTLTAE, P.            65)                                                       real meaning of "CSWP." (HCO PL 27 Feb
     65) 2. Continental Information Center of a        COMM LAG, communication lag. (BPL 5 Nov                      72)
     CLO. (HCO PL 22 Jul 71) 3. means Control             72RA)                                                 CT, 1. Capetown. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II) 2. clay
     Information Center. (FO 2392)                     COMM, committee, communicate, communication,                 table. (HCO PL 14 Apr 65) 3. conditional
CIF, carriage, insurance and freight. (FO 2738)           communicator. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            target. (HCO PL 16 Jan 69)
CIII, The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course           COMP C STC, number of completed cases and                CT1, check type one. (HCO PL 31 Mar 61)
     student in a unit is designated for the classes      student comps. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       CTR, 1. center. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. cutter =
     being studied for, as CIII = ClassIII Unit C.     COMP C, total number of completed cases. (BPL 5              my tape cutter has jammed. (BPL 5 NOV
     (HCO PL 14 Oct 65, Course Pattern)                   Nov 72RA)                                                 72RA-1)
CITO, city office. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    COMP, 1. compilations. (HCO PL 31 Jan 66) 2.             CTRL, central. (CBO 214RA)
CIV, The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course               complete, completion. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 3. the         CURR, current. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
     student in a unit is designated for the classes      completed white copy of a message, -v. to             CVB, Claims Verification Board. (BPL 14 Nov
     being studied for, as CIV = Class IV Unit C.         complete, to stamp "Comp" and initial.                    74)
     (HCO PL 14 Oct 65, Course Pattern)                   (HTLTAE, p. 119)                                      CVR, cover. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
CK, check. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            COMPL, compliance. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      D OF ACC, Department of Accounts.
CL, 1. class. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. clearing. (SEC       COMPS, 1. compilations. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2.                  (5812C16)
     ED 117 Int. 18 Oct 65)                               [compliances.]                                        D OF P, Director of Processing. (HCOB 25 Oct
CLARIF, clarify (clarification). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)      COMSN, commission. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          58)
CLASS VIII No._, [Class VIII tape number- ]            CON, 1. letter designation on HCO Bulletins; city        D OF PrR, Department of Promotion and Reg-
CLD, could. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              office only. These are issued to city offices only,       istration. (HCO PL 20 Dec 62)
CLN GRNDS, total grounds space in square feet             not reissued. (HCOB 24 Feb 59) 2. Conning             D OF T, Director of Training. (HCO PL 30 Aug
     in good appearance and care. [Clean                  Officer. (FO 1020) 3. stands for and is short for         60)
     grounds.] (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           "control." (FO 2111)                                  D, 1. danger. (FBDL 290) 2. dangerous. (CBO
CLN SPCE, total useful space in square feet,           COND, condition. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            173) 3. Day and Foundation Orgs add D or
     building available and clean. [Clean space.]      CONF, conference. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           F to their designation when separation is
     (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                  CONFID, confidential. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       necessary. (BPL 10 Apr 73R) 4. department
CLO, 1. Continental Liaison Office. (FO 3152RR)        CONT, continental, continue(d)(ing). (BPL 5 Nov              (5812C16) 5. deputy. (HCOB 23 Aug 65) 6.
     2. Continental Liaison Officer. (HCO PL 20           72RA)                                                     director. (HCOB 25 Oct 58)
     Apr 69 II) [The above HCO PL was cancelled        CONT'L LO, Continental Liaison Officer. (HCO PL          D. SCN, Doctor of Scientology, honorary award
     by BPL 10 Oct 75 VII. The term Continental           18 Oct 67 II)                                             for the application of Sen processes, prin-
     Liaison Officer appears in HCO PL 8 Sept 67       CONT'L, continental. (FO 2544)                               ciples, books or literature. (HCOB 23 Aug
     II.]                                              COO, designation on HCO Policy Letters and HCO               65)
CLR, clear. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              Bulletins indicates dissemination and restriction     D/A/G TECH, Deputy Assistant Guardian for
CM ORG, Commodore's Messenger Org. (FO                    as follows; HCO city offices only, not to be              Tech. (HCO PL 20 Oct 72)
     3385-3)                                              shown or given to HCO franchise holders or            D/A/G, Deputy Assistant Guardian. (HCO PL 20
CM, [Copy Master (tape).]                                 field auditors; also goes to central                      Oct 72)
CMD, command. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            organizations, HCO Area, HCO Cont, HCO                D/C, 1. damage control. (ED 264 Flag) 2. make
CMDR MSNGR, Commodore's Messenger. (ED                    WW. (HCO PL 22 May 59)                                    direct contact with person target assigned
     319-1 Flag)                                       COORD, coordinate, coordination. (BPL 5 Nov                  to, to get this one done. (Target marking
CMDR, 1. Commander. (FO 38-1) 2. Commo-                   72RA)                                                     and tlx code). (CBO 325)
     dore. (ED 236 Flag)                               COP, Copenhagen, (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                        D/COM FLAG, Deputy Commodore Flag. (FO
CMDRE, Commodore. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     CORP. corporation. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          2123)
CMND, command. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        CORR, correction. (OODS, 5 Mar 72)                       D/COM FLOT, Deputy Commodore Flotilla. (FO
CMO, Commodore's Messenger Org. (FO 3587)              CORRCT, correct. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            2123)
CMPGN, campaign. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      COURSE ADMIN, course administrator. (HCO PL              D/GF, Deputy Guardian for Finance. (BPL 14
CMPLY, comply. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) CMSN,                     16 Mar 71R)                                               Nov 74)
     commission. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      COURSE SUP, course supervisor. (HCOB 23Aug               D/SC, Deputy Staff Captain. (FO 3521)
CN, 1. Capetown. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable              65)                                                   D/SIT, a down stat situation which needs han-
     and Dispatch Designation System} 2.               CPA, Certified Public Accountant. (BPL 5 Nov                 dling. (FO 3064)
     correction needed. (FSO 509)                         72RA)                                                 D/T, Director of Training. (BPL 25 Feb 73R)
CNCIL, council. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       CPL, couple. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            D/V, disbursement voucher. (FO 761-1)
CNCL, cancel. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         CPO, Central Personnel Office(r), Chief Petty            DA DOC, dead agent documents. (FO 3279-3)
CNFRNT, confront. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        Officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             DA, dead agent. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
CNTCT, contact. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       CR 1. compliance report. (BPL 19 Oct 73) 2. cor-         DAB VOL II, [The Dianetic Auditor's Bulletin,
CNTR CK, counter check. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                  rection form. (HCO PL 27 Feb 711) 3. credit.              Volume II.}
CNTR INTEN, counter intention. (BPL 5 Nov                 (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                      DB, 1. degraded being. (FO 2281) 2. Durban.
     72RA)                                             CRC, credit collected. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and Dis-
CNTRCT, contract. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     CREO, the Committee to Re-Involve Ex-Offenders.              patch Designation System)
CO, 1. (letter designation on HCOBs) city office.         (FBDL 522)                                            DBL, double. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
     These are issued to all city offices. (HCOB 24    CRMMD, crammed. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         DBP, done on a by-pass of the senior to whom
    it was assigned. (Target marking and tlx             72RA)                                                  sticker. (HCO PL 18 May 73)
    code). (CBO 325)                                  DIR PUBS, Director of Publications. (BPL 5 Nov        DUR, Durban. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)
DC, 1. direct current. (FSO 486) 2. Washington,          72RA)                                              DV, 1. Denver. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable
    D.C. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and              DIR RAM, Director of Records Assets & Materiel.           and Dispatch Designation System} 2. done
    Dispatch Designation System)                         (FO 2570)                                              and verified as done, usually with a date
DCA, Dianetic Co-Auditor. (CG&AC 1 Jan 68)            DIR RAP, Director of Routing, Appearances and             and initial. (Target marking and tlx code).
DCG, Dianetic Counselling Group. (BPL 28 Apr             Personnel. (HCO PL 11 Aug 66)                          (CBO 325)
    70RA)                                             DIR REC, Director of Records. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)        DVI, the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course
DCI, Distribution Center, Inc. (SEC ED 174, 1 Apr     DIR REG, Director of Registration. (HCOB 23 Aug           student in a unit is designated for the
    59)                                                  65)                                                    classes being studied for, as DVI = Class VI
DD, Doctor of Divinity. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)              DIR REV, Director of Review. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)             Unit D. (HCO PL 14 Oct 65, Course
DDD, direct distance dialing, type of phone call.     DIR TECH SERVICES, Director of Technical                  Pattern)
    (HCO PL 15 Nov 74)                                   Services. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                         DWN, down. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
DEBRF, debrief. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      DIR VAL, Director of Validity. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)       E, 1. east (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. emergency.
Dec Conf\ December Conference Lectures                DIR, director. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           (FBDL 290) 3. evaluation. (CBO 168) 4.
DEC, December. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       DISB, disbursements. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                     evaluator. (CBO 168) 5. excellent. (CBO
DED-Reckoning, Deduced Reckoning. (FO 41)             DISC, discount. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          173)
    [Also written Dead Reckoning.]                    DISP, dispatch. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      E.P. NUMBER ONE, ethics program number
Def, Definition                                       DISSEM DIV, Dissemination Division. (BPL 5 Nov            one. (7003C30SO)
DELD, Ken Delderfield. (LRH ED 148 INT.)                 72RA)                                              E/0, Ethics Officer. (HCO PL 7 Dec 69)
DEMO, demonstrate, demonstration. (BPL 5 Nov          DISSEM SEC, Dissemination Secretary. (BPL 5           E/R, engine room. (FO 1817) ES, Executive
    72RA)                                                Nov 72RA)                                              Secretary. (HCO PL 21 Jan 66) E/S, earlier
DEO, Dissemination Establishment Officer. (HCO        DISSEM, 1. dissemination. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2.             similar. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    PL 7 Mar 72)                                         Division Two, the Dissemination Div. (LRH ED       EA, each (BPL 5-Nov 72RA) E/A, ethics
DEP DIR, Deputy Director. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)               159R-1 Int)                                            authority. (FSO 785)
DEP, deputy. (HCO PL 2 Nov 66)                        DIST DIV, Distribution Division. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)     EAT, ethics action taken. (Target marking and -
DEPT, department. (HCO PL 14 Aug 71RC II)             DIST SEC, Distribution Secretary. (HCOB 23 Aug            ode) (CBO 325)
DER BK, (international telex jargon) out of order,       65)                                                EC, Executive Council. (HCO PL 31 Aug 71,
    break == out of order, I switch off. (BPL 5 Nov   DIST, distribution. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      The EC Network Disbanded}
    72RA-1)                                           DISTOR, distributor. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                 ECAO, Executive Council Advanced Org. (FO
DER MOM, (international telex jargon) out of          DISTRIB, distribution. (BPL 2 Aug 71RA I)                 331)
    order, wait a moment = bad reception, do not      DIV HDS, division heads. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)             ECC, 1. Executive Cramming Course. (CBO
    switch off, we check. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)          DIV SEC, Divisional Secretary. (HCO PL 7 Mar72)           110) 2. External Comm Chief. (BPL 5 Nov
DER, (international telex jargon) out of order.       DIV, 1. division. (HCO PL 30 Nov 64) 2. divisional.       72RA)
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                                   (FO 2556)                                          ECEU, Exec Council Europe. (HCO PL 24 Apr
DESP, despatch. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      DK, 1. deck. (FSO 507) 2. Denmark. (BPL 5                 681)
DET, Detroit. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)                       Nov72RA)                                           ECFB, Executive Council Flag Bureaux. (CBO
DEV-T, developed traffic. (HCO PL 17 Nov 64)          DLAY, delay. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             341)
DF, (international telex jargon) destination found    DLRS, dollars. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       ECUS, Executive Council US. (HCO PL 31 Aug
    = you are in communication with the called        DLVR(Y), deliver(y). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     71, The EC Network Disbanded} '
    subscriber. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                    DLY, daily. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          ECWW, Exec. Council World Wide. (HCO PL
DG (or D/G), Deputy Guardian. (BPL 5 Nov              DM, direct mail. (ED 128 Flag)                            24 Apr 68 I)
    72RA)                                             DMDH, Diana Meredith de Wolf Hubbard. (FDD 1          ED Flag, Executive Directive Flag
DGR, Department of Government Relations.                 Div 6)                                             ED, 1. editor. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. Executive
    (SEC ED 342,12 Aug 60)                            DMSMH, [Dianetics: The Modem Science of Mental            Directive (HCO PL 9 Mar 72 III) 3. Execu-
DIFF, difference, different. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)            Health.} (LRH ED 185 Int)                              tive Director. (HCO PL 7 Mar 72)
DIG, Dianetic Information Group. {STCR, P-104)        DMSMH, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental        ED/CO, Executive Director/Commanding
DIR CERTS AND AWARDS, Director of Cer                    Health                                                 Officer. (BPL 1 Apr 73RA)
    tificates and Awards. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)            Dn 55!, Dianetics 55!                                 ED-1, (ED-2, etc.) expertise drill-1. (BTB 15
DIR CLEAR, Director of Clearing. (BPL 5 Nov           Dn Today, Dianetics Today                                 Dec 74)
    72RA)                                             DN, Dianetics, dirty needle. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) DN      ED-F, ED (Executive Directive) Flag. (ED 1
DIR COMM, Director of Communications. (HCOB              55!, [Diane tics 55!}                                  Flag)
    23 Aug 65)                                        DNG, doing. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          EDRS, Executive Directives Royal Scotman.
DIR COMP, Director of Compilations. (HCOB 23          DNGR, danger. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            (FO 411)
    Aug 65)                                           DO, 1. District Office (HCO PL 4 Jan 63) [The         EDUC, education. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
DIR DISB, Director of Disbursements. (HCOB 23            above HCO PL was cancelled by BPL 10 Oct           EEE, (international telex jargon) error. (BPL 5
    Aug 65)                                              75 IV.] 2. Divisional Organizer. (HCO PL 1 Nov         Nov 72RA-1)
DIR ETH, Director Ethnics. (HCO PL 11 Dec 69,            66 I)                                              E-ESTO, Executive Establishment Officer.
    Appearances in Public Divs)                       DOC, 1. Divisional Officers Conference. (FO 2478)         (HCO PL 7 Mar 72)
DIR EXAMS, Director of Examinations. (HCOB               2. Divisional Officers Council. (FSO 138) 3.       EG, East Grinstead. (HCO PL 23 May 68, WW
    23 Aug 65)                                           document (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              and SH Recombined}
DIR FA, Director of Field Activities. (HCOB 23        DP, Director of Processing. (HCO PL 13 Mar 6511)      ELP, external line personnel. (ED 200-4 Flag)
    Aug 65)                                           DPB, The Basic Dianetic Picture Book                  EMD, The Book of E-meter Drills
DIR I & R, Director of Inspections and Reports.       DPE, Director of Personnel Enhancement. (BPL 5        EME, E-meter Essentials
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                     Nov 72RA)                                          EMERG, emergency. (FO 3087)
DIR INC, Director of Income. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)         DPF, Deck Project Force. (FO 3183)                    E-MTR, electropsychometer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
DIR INSPEC & REP, Director of Inspection and          DPI, Director of Public Information. (BPL 5 Nov       ENC, Enchanter. (FO 336)
    Reports. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                            72RA)                                              ENH, enhancement. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
DIR MAT & RECS, Director of Materiel and              DPS, Director of Public Servicing. (BPL 5 Nov         ENRT, enroute. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Records. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                            72RA)                                              ENS, Ensign. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
DIR MAT, Director of Material. (HCO PL 20 Dec         DR OF PRO, Director of Processing. (SEC ED No.        ENSR, ensure. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    62)                                                  2,15 Dec 58)                                       ENTHUSM, enthusiasm. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
DIR OF PR, Director of Processing. (HASI PL 8         DR, 1. daily report. (OODs 13 Dec 74) 2. Dead         ENTURB, enturbulate, enturbulation. (BPL 5
    Feb 58)                                              reckoning. (SWPB)                                      Nov 72RA)
DIR OF PROCU, Director of Procurement.                DRD, drug rundown. (ED 26 USB)                        ENUF, enough. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (HCOB 25 Oct 58)                                  DS, Data Series. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     EO, Ethics Officer, Ethics Order. (BPL 5 Nov
DIR PBLS, Director of Publications. (HCOB 23          DSC, Data Series Course. (OODs 28 Jun 74)                 72RA)
    Aug 65)                                           DSEC, Data Series Evaluators Course. (ED 497          EOS, 1. Dianetics: Evolution of a Science. (BPL
DIR PERS, Director of Personnel. (BPL 5 Nov              Flag)                                                  5 Nov 72RA) 2. [Abbreviation for "end of
    72RA)                                             DSM, dissem. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             session" normally used on auditor report
DIR PRO, Director of Processing. (HASI PL 8 Feb       DSTD, [Dianetics and Scientology Technical                forms and on session worksheets. Refer to
    58)                                                  Dictionary.}                                           "Dianetics Today "pp. 658 & 666]
DIR PROM, Director of Promotion. (HCOB 23             DTOT, Dianetics: The Original Thesis                  EOS, Dianetics: The Evolution of A Science
    Aug 65)                                           DTS, Director of Tech Services. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)      EOW, Engineer of the Watch. (FO 2542R)
DIR PROMO, Director of Promotion. (BPL 5 Nov          DUP, 1. duplicate. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. dupli-         EP, end phenomena. (7205C24SO)
EPF, Estates Project Force. (FO 3118R)                 F/N, floating needle. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                  FLEU, FOLO Europe. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
EPO, estimated purchase order. (BPL 4 Nov 70R)         F/P, financial planning. (FO 1256)                      FLEUS, FOLO East US. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)
ER, engine room. (FO 1109)                             F/STORES, food stores. (FO 2002) FT, full time.         FLO, Franchise Liaison Officer. (CBO 144)
ES COMM DISSEM, HCO Executive Secretary's                  (FO 2535)                                           FLS, false. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Communicator for Dissemination. (HCO PL            FA, 1. field activities. (HCOB 23 Aug 65) 2. folder     FLUK, FOLO United Kingdom. (BPL 10 Apr
    21 Jan 66)                                             admin. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                 73R)
ES COMM DIST, Organization Executive Sec-              FAO, 1. Flag Admin Org. (FEBC I, 7101C23 SO) 2.         FLW, follow. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    retary's Communicator for Distribution. (HCO           Flag Advanced Organization. (OODs 19 Oct 73)        FLWUS, FOLO West US. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)
    PL 21 Jan 66)                                      FAO, Flag Administration Organization                   FM, from. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ES COMM HCO, HCO Executive Secretary's                 FAPTC, Flag Auxiliary Personnel Training Corps.         FMAA, Flag Master at Arms. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Communicator for HCO. (HCO PL 21 Jan 66)               (BPL 9 Jun 73R)                                     FMO, Flag Mission Order. (HCO PL 24 Sept
ES COMM ORG, Organization Executive Sec-               FB, Flag Bureaux. (OODs 8 May 72)                           70R)
    retary's Communicator for Organization.            FBDL, Flag Bureaux Data Letter                          FNCTN, function. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (HCO PL 21 Jan 66)                                 FBDL, Flag Bureaux Data Letter. (CBO 48R)               FND, found. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ES COMM QUAL, Organization Executive Sec-              FBL, Flag Bureaux Liaison. (FO 3271)                    FO NO. 1, Finance Office No. 1 Account. (BPL
    retary's Communicator for Qualifications.          FBO INT I/C, Flag Banking Officer International In-         8 Jun 71R I)
    (HCO PL 21 Jan 66)                                     Charge. (BPL 10 Nov 73R)                            FO NO. 2, Finance Office No. 2 Account. (BPL
ES COMM TECH, Organization Executive Sec-              FBO INT, Flag Banking Officer International. (HCO           8 Jun 71R I)
    retary's Communicator for Technical. (HCO              PL 16 Jun 69) [The above HCO PL was                 FO, 1. Finance Office. (BPL 8 Jun 71R I) 2.
    PL 21 Jan 66)                                          cancelled by BPL 10 Oct 75 VII.]                        Flag Order. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R) 3.
ES COMM, Executive Secretary's Communicator.           FBO, 1. Finance Banking Officer. (HCO PL 29 Jan             Franchise Officer. (BPL 20 Nov 69R)
    (HCO PL 21 Jan 66)                                     71) 2. Flag Banking Officer. (FO 565) 3. Flag       FO, Flag Order
ESK, Eskilstuna. (HCO PL 10 Apr 73) [The above             Bureau Org. (FSO 263)                               FO/CBO, Flag Order/Central Bureaux Order
    HCO PL was cancelled by BPL 10 Apr 73R             FC OF S OF WASH DC, Founding Church of                      (FO 3092)
    which deleted the abbreviation for Eskilstuna          Scientology of Washington D.C. (HCO PL 27           FOB, free on board. (FO 2738)
    Org in Sweden.]                                        Nov 59)                                             FOC, see FLAGSHIP OPERATION COUNCIL.
EST, estimate. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        FC, Founding Church of Scientology. (HCOB 23            FOLO, Flag Operations Liaison Office. (FBDL
ESTAB, establish. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         Aug 65)                                                 191R)
ESTO 3, Establishment Officer Tape Three               FC, Freedom Congress                                    FOT, [The Fundamentals of Thought]
ESTO, Establishment Officer. (FSO 529)                 FCCI PO, Flag Case Completion Intensive Product         FOT, The Fundamentals of Thought
ESTO'S ESTO, Establishment Officer's, Estab-               Officer. (FO 3663)                                  FOWW, Franchise Officer World Wide. (BPL 5
    lishment Officer. (HCO PL 7 Mar 72)                FCCI, Flag Case Completion Intensive. (FO 3426)             Nov 72RA)
ESTS, estates. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        FCCSO, Flag Codes and Communication Security            FP & MP, Food Purchaser and Menu Planner.
ETA, estimated time of arrival. (FO 3087)                  Officer. (CBO 289-1)                                    (FO 2973)
ETD, estimated time of departure. (FO 3087)            FCDC, Founding Church of Scientology Wash-              FP, financial planning. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ETH, ethics. (COLRHED 86)                                  ington D.C. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                        FPC, Flag Personnel Committee. (FO 3513)
EU, Europe. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           FCNY, Founding Church of Scientology New York.          FPGM, Flag Program. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
EULO, European Liaison Office. (LRH ED 130                 (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                                    FPGMO, Flag Program Order. (HCO PL 24
    Int)                                               FCO, 1. Flag Collection Officer. (FO 3473-6) 2. Flag        Sept 70R)
EUS, East US. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                             Conditions Order. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)              FPJO, Flag Project Order. (HCO PL 24 Sept
EV PURPS, evil purposes. (ED 450 Flag)                 FCTC, Founding Church of Scientology Twin Cities,           70R)
EVAL, evaluate, evaluation. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)               Minnesota. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                         FPO, 1. Flag Personnel Officer. (BPL 5 Nov
EVID, evidence. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       FDD, Flag Divisional Directive. (HCO PL 24 Sept             72RA) 2. Flag Personnel Order. (HCO PL
EVNT, event. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              70R)                                                    24 Sept 70R)
EX DN, Expanded Dianetics. (HCOB 23 Apr74R)            FDN, Foundation. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       FPPO, 1. Flag Personnel Procurement Office.
EX, ex urban. (HCO PL 28 Oct 60)                       FEB, February. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             (BPL 23 Mar 74) 2. Flag Personnel Pro-
EXCAL, Excalibur. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     FEBC, Flag Executive Briefing Course. (HCO                  curement Officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
EXCH, exchange. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       FES, folder error summary. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)             FPTO, Flag Promo Tours Operation. (BFO 122-
EXEC DIR, Executive Director. (HCOB 23 Aug             FEU, Flag Extension Unit. (ED 2 FB) [This was a             6)
    65)                                                    temporary Flag Management Unit set up to            FPXO, [Flag Programs Execution Officer. See
EXEC LTR, Executive Letter. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)               manage Scientology in late 1975.]                       Programs Execution Officer.]
EXEC SEC, Executive Secretary. (HCO PL 2 Aug           FEWR, fewer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           FR PDI, FR% paid comps increase stat. (BPL 5
    65)                                                FF, fast How. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              Nov 72RA)
EXEC, executive. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      FFR, Flag Flag Rep. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    FR R/C, combined FR reports/compliances stat.
Exp Jour, The Explorer's Journal                       FH, 1. fully hatted. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. The Fort           (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
EXP, 1. expanded. (ED 149R Flag) 2. expansion.             Harrison. (BFO 70)                                  FR, 1. Flag Representative. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (LRH ED 231-1R Int)                                FHS, fully hatted staff. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   2. France. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable
EXPED, expedite, expediter. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)           FIELD EXP SEC, yield Expansion Secretary. (LRH              and Dispatch Designation System)
EXPER, experience. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        ED 49 Int)                                          FRANCH^ES), franchise(s). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
EXT COMM, External Communications Bureau.              FIGS, figures = you are transmitting in figures which   FRI, Friday. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                       should be letters. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)               FRLDR, freeloader. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
EXT HCO, External HCO. (FBDL 504)                      FILE A, active address files of the Central             FRU, Flag Readiness Unit. (BPL 9 Jun 73R)
EXT, 1. extension. (HCO PL 27 Apr 65) 2. ex-               Organization. (HCO PL 30 Oct 64)                        FS, folder summary. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    terior. (HCOB 30 May 70) 3. exterioriza-tion.      FILE F, franchise file (type of address files). (HCO    FSC, Flag Service Consultant. (HCO PL 1 Jan
    (HCOB 30 May 70) 4. external. (BPL 5 Nov               PL 30 Oct 64)                                           76)
    72RA)                                              FIN, 1. finance. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. (international     FSH, Flag Saint Hill Organization. (OODs 19
F TO R, [Abbreviation appearing in HCO PL 27               telex jargon) finished = I am through with my           Oct 73)
    Sept 63 stands for "Failed to Reveal," which           message. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                         FSM, field staff member. (HCO PL 11 Nov 69 II)
    is a prepcheck button on HCOB 22 Sept 63           FIN?, (international telex jargon) finished ? = have    FSMC PD, value of FSM commissions paid.
    Scientology Two Prepcheck Buttons which                you finished your message? (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-             (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    was revised in HCOB 14 Aug 64 Scientology              1)                                                  FSMC, field staff member commissions. (BPL 5
    Two Prepcheck Buttons to be, "didn't reveal."]     FL, FOLO (or freeloader if clear in context). (BPL 5        Nov 72RA)
F, 1. failing. (CBO 173) 2. usually the recipient of       Nov 72RA)                                           FSO, 1. Flag Service Org. (ED 774R Flag) 2.
    a comm-member despatch on a C routing just         FLAF, FOLO Africa. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                         Flag Ship Order. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R) 3.
    sends it on to files by marking it F with an       FLAG REP I/C, Flag Representative In-Charge.                Flag Ship Org. (FO 3152RR)
    arrow. (HCO PL 13 Mar 65 II) 3. finance.               (HCO PL 15 Jul 72 I) [The above HCO PL was          FSO, Flag Ship Order
    (CBO 168) 4. Flag. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 5.                 replaced by BPL 15 Jul 72R I which uses the         FTSC, Flag Training Specialist Course. (FSO
    Foundation (when used as an org name).                 term Flag Flag Representative to replace the            460)
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 6. for ease of recognition,           term Flag Representative In-Charge.]                FWD, forward. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    foundation invoices are additionally marked        FLAG REP, Flag Representative. (HCO PL 29 Dec           FYR, falsely reported done and isn't. (Target
    with a large "F" letter. (BPL 11 Aug 72R II)           71R)                                                    marking and tlx code) (CBO 325)
F.D., Fellow of Dianetics. {Sen Jour, issue 31-G)      FLANZO, FOLO ANZO. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     G(?), (international telex jargon) go(?) = you
F/ (OR F), Flag, (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      FLB, Flag Land Base. (FCO 4414-1)                           may transmit/may I transmit? (BPL 5 Nov
F/0 WW, Franchise Officer WW. (CBO 144)                FLD, field. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                72RA-1)
F/DIV 6, Flag Division 6. (FO 986)                     FLDR, folder. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          G, 1. good. (CBO 173) 2. grand (Americanism
    for a thousand dollars). (BPL 5 Nov /2RA) 3.        Independence.]                                         graduating from the HSDC. (BTB 12 Apr
    stands for group. (HCO PL 18 Feb 66) 4.          HAS, 1. HCO Area Sec. (FO 2794) 2. Hubbard                72R)
    Guardian. (HCO PL 8 Dec 68)                         Apprentice Scientologist. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 3.      HDRF, Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation.
G/T, Guardian Tech. (HCO PL 20 Oct 72) [The             Hubbard Association of Scien-tologists.                (5410C04)
    above HCO PL was cancelled by BPL 10 Oct            (5510C08)                                          HE, 1. highest ever. (OODs 29 Jun 75) 2. Hub-
    75 X.]                                           HASI INC., Hubbard Association of Scientologists          bard Executive. (HCO PL 12 Aug 63)
G-2, "G-2—military intelligence section of army or      International, Incorporated. (HCO PL 6 Nov 64)     HEC LTD, Hubbard Explorational Company
    marine corps; military intelligence officer."    HASI LTD., Hubbard Association of Scientologists          Ltd. (FO 1)
    (From Abbreviations Dictionary, International       International Limited. (HCO PL 27 Jun 59, HASI     HEI, [Hubbard Executive Institute. This was a
    Edition, by Ralph de Sola, p. 115). (BPL 11         Ltd.}                                                  staff hatting Academy set up in Los Angeles
    May 71 II-l)                                     HASI, Hubbard Association of Scientologists               in 1970 to train org staff on the OEC and
GA(?), (international telex jargon) go ahead (?) =      International. (5410C04)                               their hats. HEI was an extension ofUSLO.]
    you may transmit/may I transmit? (BPL 5 Nov      HASUK, Hubbard Association of Scientologists of       HEJSC, Hubbard Ethics/Justice Specialist
    72RA-1)                                             the United Kingdom. (PAB 75)                           Course. (SO ED 296 Int)
GAH, Scientology: Group Auditors Handbook            HATS, Class IX Hubbard Advanced Technical             HEM, Hubbard electrometer. (AO 528)
GAR, garbled = your transmission is garbled.            Specialist. (BPL 2 Nov 71R)                        HES, 1. HCO Exec Sec. (HCO PL 9 May 74) 2.
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                               HAW, Hawaii. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)                         HCO Executive Secretary. (BPL 5 Nov
GAS, Guardian Activities Scientologists. (BPL 10     HBA, Hubbard Book Auditor. (HCO PL 7 Apr                  72RA)
    Sept 72)                                         HC, Hubbard Consultant. (HCO PL 19 Mar 72II)          HEV, Human Evaluation Course
GB, gross bills (bills owing). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)      HCA/HPA, Hubbard Certified Auditor for the US         HEV, Human Evaluation Course. (HCOB 29
GBOA, Guilty by own admission. (EO 141-1                and Hubbard Professional Auditor for the UK            Sept 66)
    USB)                                                and Commonwealth, the professional                 HFA, held from above. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
GBS, gross book sales. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                 certificates issued by Central Organizations. It   HFP, Handbook for Preclears
GC, 1. [Games Congress.] 2. gross cash (cash on         is given for successful completion of an           HGA, Hubbard Graduate Auditor. (BPL 2 Nov
    hand). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             Academy HCA/HPA Course. (HCO PL 12 Aug                 71R)
GD, good. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              63)                                                HGC, 1. Hubbard Guidance Centre. (HCO PL
GDN, Guardian. (FO 2534)                             HCAP, Hubbard Certified Auditor Course, Phoenix.          13 Apr 63) 2. test form heading to indicate
GDS, gross divisional statistic. (HCO PL 5 Feb          (HCOB 29 Sept 66)                                      the type the person is. On academy student
    70)                                              HCI, Hubbard College of Improvement. (FO 2674)            testing, all tests are labelled HGC and have
GEE, gross engineering error. (OODs 7 Jul 69)        HCL, Hubbard College Lectures                             the same routing as any other HGC test.
GEN, general. (HCO PL 7 May 65)                      HCL, Hubbard College Lectures. (HCOB 29 Sept              (HCO PL 28 Oct 60, New Testing
GF, green form. (HCO PL 7 Apr 70RA) GF 40 X,            66)                                                    Promotion Section Important}
    see EXPANDED GF 40 RB.                           HCLC, Hubbard Causative Leadership Course.            HGDS, Hubbard Graduate Dianetic Specialist.
GFO, Guardian Finance Order. (GFO 192)                  (COLRHED 29)                                           (CG&AC 75)
GHA, Greenwich hour angle. (HCO PL 18 Sept           HCO AREA SEC, Hubbard Communications Office           HGS, see HUBBARD GRADUATE SCIEN-
    67)                                                 Area Secretary. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                       TOLOGIST.
GI, gross income. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   HCO AS, HCO Area Sec. (FMO 467)                       HI, 1. high. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. Hollywood
GIBY, gross income divided by number on staff.       HCO DISSEM SEC, Hubbard Communications                    Inn. (FO 3481R) [The above FO has been
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                    Office Dissemination Secretary (HCOB M Aug             replaced by FO 3481RA which doesn't have
GI's, good indicators. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                 65) '                                                  this abbreviation on it.]
GL, Glasgow. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable             HCO ES, HCO Exec Sec. (HCO PL 12 Feb 70 II)           HILY, highly. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    and Dispatch Designation System)                 HCO ESTO, HCO Establishment Officer (HCO PL 7         HIPS, Hubbard Integrity Processing Specialist.
GL, Glossary                                            Mar 72)                                                BPL 24 Dec 72R)
Gloss, Glossary                                      HCO Info Ltr, Hubbard Communications Office           HIPSC, Hubbard Integrity Processing Specialist
GM, general manager. (FBDL 192R)                        Information Letter                                     Course. (BPL 24 Dec 72R)
GMT, Greenwich Mean Time. (FO 2020)                  HCO LTD., Hubbard Communications Office Ltd.          HLD, held, hold. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
GO, Guardian's Office. (OODs 3 Jul 72)                  (HCO PL 30 Sept 64)                                HMCSC, Hubbard Mini Course Supervisor
GOT, Goteberg. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      HCO PL, Hubbard Communications Office Policy              Course. (BPL 11 Dec 71R 1-1)
GOUS, Guardian Office US. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)              Letter                                             HNDL, handle. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
GOVT, government. (HCO PL 15 Aug 60)                 HCO PL, Hubbard Communications Office Policy          HNYMOON, honeymoon. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
GOWW, Guardian Office WW. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)              Letter. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)                       HOA, Hymn of Asia
GP, geographical position. (FO 2020) [mentioned      HCO POL LTR, Hubbard Communications Office            HOM, History of Man
    on HCOB 11 June 57, Training and CCH                Policy Letter. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                    HON, honorary. (SO ED 302 Int)
    Processes and meaning general process.]          HCO VOL SEC, HCO Volunteer Secretary. (HCO            HOSP, hospitalized. (FO 2498)
GPM, Goals Problem Mass. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)               PL 3 Sept 61)                                      HP, 1. hire purchase. (HCO PL 5 Nov 72) [The
GPO, Guardian Personnel Order. (GPO 1114 1           HCO WW, Hubbard Communications Office World               above HCO PL has been revised and re-
    Dec 75 Appointment)                                 Wide. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                                 issued as BPL 5 Nov 72RA but this abbre-
GR, 1. government relations. (HCO PL 22 Aug          HCO, Hubbard Communications Office. (HCO PL 7             viation does not appear on the revised
    60) 2. grade. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      Jul 71) •                                              issue.] 2. hot prospect. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
GRAD, graduate. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     HCOB, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin          HPA, Hubbard Professional Auditor. (CG&AC
GRD CHRT, gradation chart. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          HCOB, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin.             75)
GRFW, good roads and fair weather. (CBO 245)            (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)                               HPC A6, Hubbard Professional Course August
GRP, group. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         HCOMOJ, [Hubbard Communications Office                    1956
GRT, great. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            Manual of Justice.}                                HPC, Hubbard Professional Course Lectures
GWW, Guardian World Wide. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)           HCOTB, [Hubbard Communications Office Tech-           HPC, Hubbard Professional Course. (HCOB 29
H, E «& R, Human emotion and reaction. (HCO             nical Bulletin or Hubbard Communications               Sept 66)
    PL 25 Jun 72)                                       Office Training Bulletin.]                         HPCS, Hubbard Professional Course Super-
H/SIT, a high stat situation which should be         HCOTB, Hubbard Communications Office                      visor. (BPL 22 Jan 72R-3)
    reinforced. (FO 3064)                               Technical Bulletin                                 HPCSC, Hubbard Professional Course Super-
HA, Hubbard Administrator. (HCO PL 12 Aug 63)        HCOTRB, Hubbard Communications Office                     visor Course. (BPL 22 Jan 72R-3)
HAA, 1. an alternate name for HAA in 1956 was           Training Bulletin                                  HPDC, Hubbard Practising Dianeticist Course.
    B Sen or Bachelor of Scientology abroad.         HCS, Hubbard Clearing Scientologist—formerly              (SO ED 411 Int)
    (HCOTB 12 Sept 56) 2. Hubbard Advanced              Level IV certificate. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)             HPLR, Hot Prospect Letter Registrar. (BPL 18
    Auditor. (BPL 26 Jan 72 VIIIRA) 3. Hubbard       HD, 1. half done and needs completed, do. (Target         Feb 73 III)
    Assistant Administrator. (HCO PL 12 Aug 63)         marking and tlx code). (CBO 325) 2. Hollywood.     HPS, Hubbard Practical Scientologist. (HCO PL
HAND, transmit by hand/I am transmitting by             (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and Dispatch               7 Jun 62)
    hand. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                            Designation System}                                HPTS, Hubbard Precision Technical Specialist,
HAPI, [This is an abbreviation for "Hubbard          HDA, Hubbard Dianetic Auditor. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)           (Class X). (BPL 2 Nov 71R)
    Academy of Personal Independence" which is          [An HDA is a graduate of the Dianetic Auditor's    HQ, headquarters. (FBDL 192R)
    located in Edinburgh, Scotland. This title          Course, forerunner to the HSDC. A graduate of      HQS, Hubbard Qualified Scientologist. (CG&AC
    appears on its letterhead and is the legal          the HSDC is known as an HDC, which is the              75)
    corporate name. On BPL 5 Nov 72RA HAPI is           current certificate awarded to a Dn auditor.]      HR(S), hour(s). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    written as Hubbard Association for Personal      HDC, Hubbard Dianetic Counselor. (CG&AC 75)           HRD, Happiness Rundown
    Independence and on BPL 10 Apr 73R it is         HDG, Hubbard Dianetic Graduate. One who is            HRD, hard. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    written Hubbard Academy for Personal                trained to teach the Dianetic Course after         HRS, Hubbard Recognized Scientologist.
      (CG&AC 75)                                            routing to be informed, will get a carbon copy of   LDR, leader. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
HS, number of Scientologists hatted. (BPL 5 Nov             the message. Example:                               LECT<R), lecture(r). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      72RA)                                            INOP, inoperational. (FSO 354)                           LF, 1. Laissez Faire. (FO 3582) 2. long fall.
HSCS, Hubbard Senior Course Supervisor. (BPL           INSP, inspection. (HCO PL 17 Jan 66 II)                       (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      8 Aug 73R)                                       INSPEC & REP, inspections and reports (HCOB 23           LGL, legal. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
HSCSC, Hubbard Senior Course Supervisor                     Aug 65)                                             LI, letters in. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      Course. The HSCSC covers the total               INT EXEC DIV, International Executive Division.          LIAB, liability. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      expertise of the technology of supervising.           (HCO PL 26 Jan 66)                                  LIB, 1. liberty. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. librarian.
      (FBDL 328)                                       INT I/A, International Issue Authority. (BPL 2 Mar            (SO ED 373 Int)
HSDC, Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course.                    73R I)                                              LIBS, liberty. (ED 565 Flag)
      (BPL 1 Jun 69R II)                               INT ORG SUPERVISOR, International Org                    LIR, [This stands for List Integrity Repair. Its
HSE, Hubbard Senior Executive. (LRH ED 27 Int)              Supervisor. (HCO PL 22 Feb 65 III)                       most recent issue is BTB 8 Dec 72RA, In-
HSEC, Hubbard Senior Executive Course. (FO             INT SPEC OFFICER, see INTERNATIONAL                           tegrity Processing and 0/Ws Repair List
      2112)                                                 SPECIAL PROGRAMS EXECUTION                               The forerunner to this was the LCR or List
HSG, Hubbard Scientology Graduate. (MSH Def.                OFFICER.                                                 Confessional Repair. The LIR has often
      Note)                                            INT, 1. interiorization. (HCOB 30 May 1970) 2.                been mistakenly issued as LIR mistaking
HSO, Hubbard Scientology Organization. (HCO                 internal. (CBO 13R) 3. international (HCO PL             the letter I for the number 1.]
      PL 4 Jul 69 IV)                                       18 Oct 67 II) 4. interview. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)        LK, look. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
HSS, Class VI Hubbard Senior Scientologist.            INT/CONT, international continental. (CBO 274)           LKE, like. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      (BPL 2 Nov 71R)                                  INTEG, integrity. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       LMO, [LRH Media Org.]
HSST, 1. Hubbard Scientist of Standard Tech,           INTEL, intelligence. (ED 541 Flag)                       LO, letters out. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      Class VIII C/S. (BPL 2 Nov 71R) 2. Hubbard       INTELL, intelligence. (ED 255 Flag)                      LOA, leave of absence. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      Specialist of Standard Tech, Class VIII Case     INTL, international. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    LOGS, logistics. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      Supervisor. (CG & AC 75)                         INTN, intention. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        LON, London. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
HSTS, Class VIII Hubbard Standard Technical            INTNSV, intensive. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      LP, Las Palmas. (FMO 82)
      Specialist. (BPL 2 Nov 71R)                      INTRN(SHP), intern(ship). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)               LPLS, London Public Lecture Series
HTLTAE, [How to Live Though an Executive.]             INTRNL, internal. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       LPLS, London Public Lecture Series. (HCOB
HTLTAE, How To Live Though An Executive                INTRO, introduction(ory). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    29 Sept 66)
HTS, Hubbard Trained Scientologist. (CG & AC           INTRVW, u interview. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    LR, Letter Registrar. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      75)                                              INV, invoice. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           LRG, large. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
HU, 1. household unit. (FO 3342) 2. Houston.           INVCD, invoiced. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        LRH ACCTS, LRH accounts. (COLRHED 103)
      (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and Dispatch         INVST, investigate(ion). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                LRH CC, LRH Comm compliances. (BPL 5 Nov
      Designation System}                              IP, 1. in progress. (Target marking and tlx code).            72RA)
HV, have. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                  (CBO 325) 2. Integrity Processing. (BPL 5 Nov       LRH COMM, LRH Communicator. (BPL 5 Nov
HVA, Hubbard Validated Auditor. (CG&AC 75)                  72RA)                                                    72RA)
HVLY, heavily. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        IQ, intelligence quotient. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)              LRH Def. Notes, L. Ron Hubbard Definition
HVNGNSS, havingness. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                  IR, internal requisition. (HCO PL 30 Oct 73)                  Notes
HVY, heavy. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           IRS, Internal Revenue Service of the US. (FBDL           LRH ED INT, L. Ron Hubbard Executive
HYLBTL?, Have You Lived Before This Life?                   223)                                                     Directive International
I & E A/C, income and expenditure account.             ISE, [Introduction to Scientology Ethics.} ISS, issue.   LRH ED, L. Ron Hubbard Executive
      (HCO PL 10 Oct 70 I)                                  (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                         Directive.(HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)
I & R, inspections and reports. (BPL 10 Feb 71R        ISE, Introduction to Scientology Ethics                  LRH PERS COMM SEC, [This post acts as
      II)                                              Iss, Issue or Issued                                          Secretary to LRH Personal Communicator.]
I AND I, interview and invoice. (7109C05SO)            IWGCC, I Want to Go Clear Club. (BPL 20 May              LRH PERS COMM, LRH Personal Communi-
I II III, [Issue 1, 2 or 3, etc.]                           72R)                                                     cator. (FO 2370)
I, П, Ш, Issue 1, 2 or 3, etc.                         JAN, January. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           LRH PERS PRO, LRH Personal Public Rela-
I/A, issue authority. (FO 3264-20)                     JB, 1. Joburg (Johannesburg Security Check).                  tions Officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
I/C, in-charge. (FO 315)                                    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. Johannesburg. (HCO PL           LRH PERS SEC US, LRH Personal Secretary
I/T, in training. (HCO PL 21 Nov 73)                        4 Jan 66 II)                                             US. (FSO 836)
IB, inter-Org bills. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                  JBG, Johannesburg. (OODs 5 May 72)                       LRH PERS SEC, LRH Personal Secretary.
IBSO, the International Board of Scientology           JE, job endangerment. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        (COLRHED 291R)
      Organizations. (HCO PL 19 Feb 73) [The           JFE, (international telex jargon) jour ferie (Holiday)   LRH, 1. definition: LRH; L. Ron Hubbard
      above HCO PL was cancelled by BPL 10 Oct              = office closed, holiday. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)             Founder and Source of Dianetics and
      75 XI.]                                          JNR, junior. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                 Scientology and Commodore of the Sea
ICDS, International Congress of Dianeticists and       JOBURG, Johannesburg Security Check. (BPL 5                   Organization. (BPL 13 Jul 73R) 2. desig-
      Scientologists. (HCOB 29 Sept 66)                     Nov 72RA)                                                nation on HCO Policy Letters and HCO
IFR, Information For Releases                          JUL, July. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                   Bulletins indicates dissemination and re-
IMMED, immediately. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   JUN, June. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                   striction as follows: only me and my com-
IMO, International Money Order. (BPL 5 Nov             K OF T, Keeper of Tech. The full title of this post is        municator, otherwise confidential. (HCO PL
      72RA)                                                 Keeper of Tech and Policy Knowledge. (HCO                22 May 59)
IMPRV, improve. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            PL 31 Aug 74)                                       LRSO, Letter Registrar Section Officer. (HCO
IMPT, important. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      KC/S, kilocycles per second. (FO 317)                         PL 18 Feb 73 IV)
IN FLO, inflow. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       KNT, knots. (FO 3087)                                    LS, 1. leadership. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. Lower
INC., 1. income. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. incom-            KNWN, known. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                 Slobovia (HCO PL 16 Jan 69)
      complete. (FO 3367) 3. incorporated. (HCO        KOT COMPL, KOT compliances. (BPL 5 Nov                   LST, last. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
      PL 6 Nov 64)                                          72RA)                                               LT (JG), Lieutenant Junior Grade. (BPL 5 Nov
INCL, include(d)(ing). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                KOT, Keeper of Tech. (BPL 20 Nov 70R)                         72RA)
INCOMP, incomplete. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   KRC, knowledge, responsibility, control. (HCO PL         LT, 1. a form of cable, LT = night letter rate.
INCORP, incorporate(d). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    18 Feb 72)                                               There is a minimum charge for twenty-two
INCRSE, increase. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     L, 1. London. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and                 words. LT travels overnight. (HCO PL 9
IND, indicate(d)(tion). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    Dispatch Designation System} 2. love (only at            Aug 66) 2. Lieutenant. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 3.
INDOC, indoctrination. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     telex end). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             lifetime. (BTB 20 Aug 71R II)
INF, (international telex jargon) call information =   L/0, lockout. (ED 321 Flag)                              LTCOMDR, Lieutenant Commander. (BPL 5
      subscriber temporarily unobtainable, call the    L/R'S, letter reg's. (ED 384 Flag)                            Nov 72RA)
      information service. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)          LA, Los Angeles. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)                    LTD CONT, designation on HCO Policy Letters
INFAD, n. the information addressee, also, a           LACC, London Advanced Clinical Course                         and HCO Bulletins indicates dissemination
      communication going to an information            LACC, London Advanced Clinical Course. (HCOB                  and restriction as follows: goes to HCO
      addressee, —v. to send an Infad to.                   29 Sept 66)                                              Cont only, plus HCO WW. (HCO PL 22 May
      (HTLTAE, p. 121)                                 LACM, Los Angeles Central Mimeo. (FPJO 359)                   59)
INFO LTR, information letter. (HCOB 23 Auir 65)        LBAC, LRH Briefing and Conference Policies.              LTD WW, designation on HCO Policy Letters
INFO PACK, information packet. (SO ED 45 Int)               (CBO 57)                                                 and HCO Bulletins indicates dissemination
INFO, 1. inform, information. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)         LC-R, confessional repair list. (LRH ED 176R Int              and restriction as follows: goes to HCO WW
      2. (routing used on telex lines). Supply with         Attachment 2)                                            personnel only. (HCO PL 22 May 59)
      knowledge, facts or news. Tell. Info simply      LD, land. (FO 3087)                                      LTD, 1. designation on HCO Policy Letters and
      means that the person mentioned on the           LDN, London. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                                 HCO Bulletins indicates dissemination and
    restriction as follows: goes to HCO Area              Dispatch Designation System}                        NIA, Niagara. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Sees, HCO Cont, HCO WW only but never to          M'NAIRE, missionaire. (FO 3300)                         NITE, night. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) NN, new
    Central Organizations or field or public. (HCO    MNGR, manager. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             names. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) NNCF, new
    PL 22 May 59) 2. limited. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)        MNS, (international telex jargon) minutes. (BPL 5           names to CF. (BPL 1 Dec 72R II)
LTR REG, Letter Registrar. (HCO PL 13 Sept 62,            Nov 72RA-1)                                         No., number
    Comments About Letter Registrars.}                MNTH, month. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) MNTN, maintain.           NORM, normal. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) N/OTS, new
LTR, letter. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) MNWHL, meanwhile. (BPL 5               OTs. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
LTRS, letters = you are transmitting in letters           Nov 72RA)                                           NOTL, Notes on The Lectures
    which should be figures. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)       MO, 1. medical officer. (FO 2165) 2. mission order.     NOV, November. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
LV, Las Vegas. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                           (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)                                NP, 1. new people. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. (inter-
LVE, leave. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          MOM PPR, (international telex jargon) wait a                national telex jargon) no party = the called
LVL, level. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              moment, paper = wait, I have difficulties with          party is not, or is no longer a subscriber.
M TR, messenger training drill. (FO 2523)                 teletype paper. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                      (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1) 3. no payment but
M, 1. maintain, meaning this is organized smooth      MOM, (international telex jargon) wait a moment =           signed up for service. (HCO PL 26 Nov 71R
    and functioning. (FO 2936) 2. mate (eg. 4M),          wait/waiting. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                        I) [The above HCO PL was cancelled by
    method (eg. Ml). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 3. mind.        MON, Monday. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                               BPL 1 Dec 72 V.]
    (FO 1109)                                         MONT, Montreal. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        NPI, new people in. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
M/A, Master at Arms. (FO 348)                         MOS, mail order sales. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                 NPRR, number of new people routed to the
M/E(S), main engine(s). (OODs 15 Jul 74)              MPC, Mess Presidents' Chairman. (ED 295 Flag)               Registrar. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
M/U, (or mis/u) abbreviation for misunderstood.           [The abbreviation MPC has also been used to         NR, 1. any "no reports" should be cabled as
    (BTB 12 Apr 72RA)                                     mean Mess Presidents' Committee.]                       "NR." (HCO PL 27 Sept 66) 2. (international
MA, 1. designation on HCO Policy Letters and          MPR, Management Power Rundown. (FO 2980)                    telex jargon) number = indicate your telex
    HCO Bulletins indicates dissemination and         MPT, money paid for training. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)              number/my telex number is.... (BPL 5 Nov
    restriction as follows: magazine article, to go   MR, 1. Flag. (BPL 10 Apr 73R) 2. Mediterranean              72RA-1)
    into any and all official magazines. (HCO PL          Representative (Flag telex code). (BPL 5 Nov        NRCRT, number of new recruits. (BPL 5 Nov
    22 May 59) 2. Massachusetts. (HCO PL 3                72RA)                                                   72RA)N/SIT, no situation. (FO 3064)
    Mar 66 II) 3. mimeo airmail, airmailings of       MS, 1. mailslip. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. Manuscript.        NSOL, Scientology A New Slant On Life
    bulletins. (HCO PL 28 Aug 59, HCO WW Mail             (World Book Dictionary}                             NVR, never. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) NW, network.
    Economy and Me thods)                             MSG(S), message(s). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        (FO 3663) N/WS, networks. (CBO 374R)
MAA, Master at Arms. (HCO PL 7 Mar 72)                MSGR, messenger. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       NWUS, Northwest US. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) NXT,
MAG, magazine. (FSO 360)                              MSH, Mary Sue Hubbard. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     next. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) NY, New York.
MAJR SRV, major services. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)            MSM, Midshipman. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) MSN,                      (BPL 10 Apr 73R) NZ, New Zealand. (HCO
MAL, Malmo. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              mission. (OODs 18 Apr 75)                               PL 4 Jan 66 II)
MAN, Manchester. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     MSNAIRE, missionaire. (ED 547 Flag) MSN                 O/S, means outstanding. (HCO PL 10 Oct 70
MAR, March. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          MSNRE, missionaire. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) MSS,                   III)
MAX, maximum. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            manuscripts. (World Book Dictionary)                O/W, overt/withhold. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
MBB, mud box brigade. (FO 1701)                       MSTR, master. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          OA, Org Assets. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
MBP, Management Bureau Policies. (CBO 59)             MT, major target. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      OBD, org basic data. (CBO 334)
MBR, member. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         MTG, meeting. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          OBJ, object(ive). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
MCM, Master of the Commodore's Music. (LRH            MTL, Montreal. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                         OBS, observe (observation). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    ED 239 Int)                                       MTR, meter. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            OBSVR, observer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
MCP, Motor Cycle Policy. (FSO 457)                    MTRLS, materials. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      OC, Officer Council. (FO 3352)
MCSC, Mini Course Supervisor Course. (BPL 5           MU, Missionaire Unit. (FO 2725)                         OCA, Oxford Capacity Analysis. (ESTO 3,
    Nov 72RA)                                         MUN, Munich. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                               7203C02 SO I)
MD, medical doctor. (HCO PL 24 Jan 61)                MUT, (international telex jargon) mutilated. (BPL 5     OCC, (international telex jargon) occupied =
ME, 1. Melbourne. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)                    Nov 72RA-1)                                             subscriber or foreign circuit is engaged.
    2."Missions Eligible." (FO 228)                   MVE, move. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                 (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
MED, medical. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        MVPT, multiple viewpoint. (FO 3279-3)                   Oct Ser, October Series
MEHO, Machinery and Equipment Hatting Officer.        MW, Moscow. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and             OCT, October. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (FO 3575)                                             Dispatch Designation System}                        ODR, order. (FO 3087)
MEL, Melbourne. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                      MWH(Y), missed withhold(y). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)            OEC, 1. Org Exec Course. (HCO PL 8 Sept 69)
MER, main engine room. (FO 1002)                      N, 1. normal. (FBDL 290) 2. north. (BPL 5 Nov               2. Organization Executive Course. (HCO
message from Flag Flag Rep to ED SFO                      72RA)                                                   PL 17 May 74R)
    230412MR ED SFO info CO FOLO WUS, the             N/C, no charge. (HCO PL 16 May 69)                      OES, 1. Org Exec Sec. (HCO PL 12 Feb 70 II)
    telex operator in FOLO WUS will relay the         NA, 1. (international telex jargon) not admitted =          2. Org Executive Secretary. (LRH ED 49
    message to SFO and give a copy to the CO              correspondence to this subscriber is not                Int)
    FOLO West US. (BPL 23 Apr 73R)                        admitted. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1) 2. not applicable      OFC, office. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
MEST, mathematical symbol for matter, energy,             now. (Target marking and tlx code). (CBO 325)       OFF A, off allowances and bonuses. (FO 2498)
    space and time. Loosely, property and             NAS, no auditing since. (FO 2498)                       OFF D, off duty. (FO 2498)
    possessions. (HTLTAE, p. 121)                     NBR, number. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           OFF POL, off policy. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)
METH, method. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        NC, 1. (international telex jargon) no circuits. (BPL   OFF S, off study. (FO 2498)
MEX, Mexico. (BPL 10 Apr 73R) M/F, mimeo                  5 Nov 72RA-1) 2. not coping, function not           OFF, officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    files. (FSO 632-1)                                    touched in any way. (FO 2936)                       OFO, Org Flag Officer. (CBO 348-4)
MFT, money for training. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)             NCG, means no-case-gain despite good and                OIC, Organization Information Center. (HCO PL
MGMT, management. (FO 3113)                               sufficient auditing. (HCO PL 12 May 72)                 5 Feb 70)
MI, 1. mile(s). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. "Missions         NCH, (international telex jargon) number changed =      OK(?), (international telex jargon) okay(?) =
    Ineligible." (FO 228)                                 subscriber's telex number has been changed.             agreed/do you agree? (okay—Cherokee).
MIB, Mission International Books. (HCO PL 24              (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                                      (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
    Aug 72) [BPL 24 Aug 72RC is the latest            NE, 1. New England. (HCO PL 3 Mar 66 II) 2. (or         OM, old man = friend, familiar address. (BPL 5
    revision of the above but the designation MIB         N/E) non existence. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    Nov 72RA-1)
    is not on it.]                                    NEC(ITY), necessary (necessity). (BPL 5 Nov             ON MED, on medication. (FO 2498)
MIDDIES, Midshipman. (ED 206 Flag)                        72RA)                                               OND, on duty. (FO 2498)
MIDRATS, midnight rations. (FO 2728R)                 NEG, negative. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) NEUS, North             OO, Organizing Officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
Mimeo, Mimeograph or Mimeograph Issues                    East US. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           OOD, 1. Officer of the Deck. (FO 1193) 2. (or
MIMEO, mimeograph. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   NEW A, new arrivals. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       OODs) Orders of the Day. (HCO PL 24
MIN, minimum, minute. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                NEW B, new gross book sales statistic. (HCO PL              Sept 70R) 3. OOW. (FORS 32)
MISC, miscellaneous. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     10 May 73R)                                         OODs, Orders of the Day of the Flagship Apollo
MISDUP, misduplicate(tion). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          NEW P, (new) number of public reg paid starts stat.     OOW, Officer of the Watch. (FO 80)
MISU (OR MIS-U), misunderstood. (BPL 5 Nov                (HCO PL 28 Nov 71R II)                              OP BASIS, operating basis. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    72RA)                                             NEW PP, (new) personnel points stat. (BPL 5 Apr         Op Bull, Operational Bulletin '
MIT, Mission Into Time                                    73R)                                                OP, 1. operation, operator. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
MJR SRV, major services. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)             NEW S, (new) number of Scientologists hatted stat.          2. operational. (FSO 759)
MJR(ITY), major(ity). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    (HCO PL 28 Nov 71R II)                              OPS OFFICER, Operations Officer. (FO 2358)
MLO, Medical Liaison Officer. (BPL 25 Mar 73 II)      NEW TAR, (new) tech/admin ratio stat. (BPL 5 Apr        OPS, mission operations. (FO 3485)
MM, Miami. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59. HCO Cable and                73R)                                                OPS, operations. (FO 3195)
ORD, 1. a form of cable. ORD = full rate and is            ian). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                          POW, [The Problems of Work.} (BPL 5 Nov
    charged for by the word. (HCO PL 9 Aug 66)         PAR, Paris. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                              72RA)
    2. ordinary. {World Book Dictionary} '             PARTIC(LY), particular(ly). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          POW, The Problems of Work
ORDR, order. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          PAU, Personal Awareness & Understanding               POWW, Pubs Org WW. (HCO PL 23 May 68.
ORE, Orebro. (HCO PL 10 Apr 73) [The above                 Course. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              Important Purchasing From Pubs Org WW)
    HCO PL was cancelled and replaced by BPL           PAYE, (British) pay as you earn government            PP, 1. personnel points. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2.
    10 Apr 73R but the designation for Orebro              contribution. (BPL 4 Dec 72RA II) [The above          prepayment. (HCO PL 15 Jan 72RA) 3.
    Org is not on the new issue.]                          BPL was replaced by BPL 4 Dec 72RB II but             purchasing policy. (FO 2873)
ORG BD, "Org Bd" is actually an abbreviation not           PAYE is not on the revised issue.]                PPBK, paperback. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    for an organization -n. board, but an              PBLC(SHLY), public(s)(ly). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)           PPC, post purpose clearing. (HCOB 4 Aug
    organizing -v. board. (HCO PL 28 Oct 70)           PBLS, publications. (HCO PL 23 Sept 65)                   71R)
ORG EXEC COURSE, see ORGANIZATION                      PC, 1. paid comps. (FBDL 279) 2. preclear. (BPL 5     PPF, Pursers Project Force. (FO 1889)
    EXECUTIVE COURSE.                                      Nov 72RA)                                         PPLE, people. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ORG EXEC SEC, Organization Executive Sec-              PCO, Personnel Control Officer. (HCO PL 24 Sept       PPO, 1. Personnel Procurement Office. (FBDL
    retary. (HCO PL 2 Aug 65)                              71)                                                   161) 2. Personnel Procurement Officer.
ORG OFFICER, organizing officer. (FEBC 6,              PD REL, paid releases. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   (HCO PL 22 May 68 I)
    7101C23 SO II)                                     PD, 1. paid. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. publications         PPP, personnel promotion policies. (FO 2789)
ORG RUD, org rudiment number. (BPL 5 Nov                   director. (HCO PL 13 Mar 65 II)                   PPR, 1. (international telex jargon) paper. (BPL
    72RA)                                              PDC, 1. paid completions. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2.             5 Nov 72RA-1) 2. prepayments received.
ORG SEC, Organization Secretary. (HCOB 23                  [Philadelphia Doctorate Course.]                      (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Aug 65)                                            PDC, Philadelphia Doctorate Course                    PPS, public paid starts. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
ORG SERIES, Organizing Series. (FEBC 1,                PDH, PDH stands for Pain Drug Hypnosis. It is         PPU, prepayments used. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    7011C17 SO)                                            known to some psychiatrists as a means of         PR & C, 1. change from PR & C to Dissem
ORG, 1. any organization, not only a Scientol-ogy          compelling obedience. They sometimes use it           Bureau. (ED 459-51 Flag) 2. public
    group. (HCO PL 22 Feb 65 III) 2. short for             on psychotics. (LRH ED 2 US, 2 WW)                    relations and consumption. (BPL 5 Nov
    organization. (HCO PL 8 Sept 69)                   PDK, Pubs Denmark. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                       72RA)
ORIG, 1. original, originate, origination. (BPL 5      PDS, paid starts. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    PR DRRF, PR Program Development Routing
    Nov 72RA) 2. the originator of the message.        PE, 1. personal efficiency. (HCOB 23 Sept 59) 2.          and Release Form. (FO 2440)
    (HTLTAE, p. 35)                                        Perth. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)                       PR, 1. processing. (HASI PL 8 Feb 58) 2. Slang
OS, Organization Series (tape lecture series).         PEL, Port Elizabeth. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)                 promotional talk. (HCOB 19 Jun 71 II) 3.
    (HCOB 29 Sept 66)                                  PEO, 1. Pac Estates Org. (FO 3481R) 2. Public             public relations. (HCO PL 7 Aug 72R) 4.
OS, Organizational Series                                  Establishment Officer. (HCO PL 7 Mar 72) 3.           public relations cheery falsehoods. (HCOB
OSA COND, org self-assigned condition. (BPL 5              Public Ethics Officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)               22 Sept 71) 5. which means public relations
    Nov 72RA)                                          PERM, permanent. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         to cover up—and in our Slang talk "PR"
OSB, Officer Selection Board. (FO 3352)                PERS ENH, personnel enhancement. (HCO PL 14               means putting up a lot of false reports to
OT CEN COMM, Operating Thetan Central                      Jan 72 IV) [The above HCO PL was cancelled            serve as a smoke screen for idleness or
    Committee. (HCO PL 28 Jan 68)                          by BPL 10 Oct 75 X.]                                  bad actions. (HCO PL 4 Apr 72) 6. Puerto
OT LIAISON, Operating Thetan Liaison. (HCO PL          PERS, 1. personal. (FO 2370) 2. personnel. (BPL 5         Rico. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and
    28 Jan 68)                                             Nov 72RA)                                             Dispatch Designation System)
OT, 1. operating target. (SO ED 19 Int) 2.             PES, Public Executive Secretary. (LRH ED 49 Int)      PRA, public relations actions. (BPL 31 Jan 69,
    operating thetan. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                 PF MAA, project force MAA. (FO 3165)                      PRO Broadsheets)
OTC LTD, see OPERATION AND TRANSPORT                   PF, 1. paid in full. (HCO PL 26 Nov 71R I) [The       PRAC, Public Relations Area Control. (FO
    CORPORATION LTD.                                       above HCO PL was cancelled by BPL 1 Dec 72            3279-1R)
OTC, 1. Operations and Transport Corporation.              V.] 2. project force. (FO 2878R) 3. prospect      PrB, promotion and books. (FPO 2253)
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. OT course. (HCO PL 12              files. (HCO PL 14 Nov 71RA II)                    PRBLM, problem. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Nov 67)                                            PG, page. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            PRC, PR (Public Relations) Chief. (FO 2298)
OTL, 1. Operation and Transport Liaison Offices.       PGCC, Personal Grooming Course Checksheet.            PRCWW, PR Chief WW. (FO 2284)
    (HCO PL 22 Jul 71) 2. OT Liaison Office.               (BFO 93)                                          PRD GLOSS, [Special Primary Rundown
    (LRH ED 166 Int)                                   PGM, program. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            Glossary.]
OTS, operation and transport services. (OODs 3         PH, Phoenix. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and          PRD Gloss, Special Primary Rundown
    Feb 68)                                                Dispatch Designation System}                          Glossary
OTT, Ottawa. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          PHIL, Philadelphia. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                  PRD, Primary Rundown. (HCO PL 6 Aug 72R)
OTWW LIAISON UNIT, Worldwide Operating                 PHS, phase. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          PREF, prefer (enceKably). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Thetan Liaison Unit. (HCO PL 28 Jan 68)            PI, 1. Pittsburgh. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO              PREPS, preparations. (BPL 13 Feb 73R)
OUTFLO, outflow. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      PIP, Printed Intensive Procedure Lectures             PR'ESE, PR Slang. (HCO PL 13 Aug 70 III)
OUTPNT, outpoint. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     PJO, Project Order. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                  PREV, previous(ly). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
P AND R, Promotion and Registration. (HCO PL           PJT, project. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        PRIM, primary. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    21 Feb 64)                                         PK, 1. pack. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. policy knowl-        PRO, 1. processing. (HCOB 25 Oct 58) 2. pro-
P REG, public reg. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        edge. (FBDL 488R)                                     fessional. (BPL 31 Oct 68) 3. Professional
P&C, promoting and campaigning. (FO 3138)              PKG, package. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            Course. (HCOB 29 Sept 66) 4. promotion.
P&D, [means printing and distribution as men-          PL 17 May 74R)                                            (SEC ED 27, 8 Jan 59) 5. public relations
    tioned on CBO 414.]                                PL(S), Policy Letter(s). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                 office or officer. (HCO PL 11 Nov 69)
P, 1. (international telex jargon) Parez (French for   PL, Philadelphia. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable         PRO, Professional Course
    stop) = stop your transmission. (BPL 5 Nov             and Dispatch Designation System)                  PROB, probably. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    72RA-1) 2. poor. (CBO 173) 3. port. (FSO           PLCIES, policies. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    PROC, 1. process(es)(ing). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    666) 4. power. (FBDL 290) 5. processing. (FO       PLN, plan. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                               2. procurement. (BPL 25 Jan 76 I)
    2988) 6. product. (FO 1109) 7. provisional.        PLOB, Paper Label Org Board. (FBDL 106)               PROCU, procurement. (HCOB 25 Oct 58)
    (FO 236) 8. public. (CBO 245)                      PLS, please. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                       PROD OFF SYSTEM, Product Officer-Or-
P. LIAISON, printer liaison. (HCO PL 21 Dec 69         PLS, Public Lecture Series                                ganizing Officer System. (FEBC 3,
    II) [The above HCO PL was cancelled by BPL         PLY, Plymouth. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                           7101C18 SOII)
    21 Dec 69.]                                        PM, 1. post meridiem (afternoon). Prime Minister.     PROD OFF, Product Officer (noun or verb).
P.D., Prayer Day. (COLRHED 325R)                           (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. production master. (BTB           (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
P.O. EXPRESS, post office express. (HCO PL 28              7 Jan 74)                                         PROD T, production target. (FO 2919)
    Aug 59, HCO WW Mail Economy and                    PMT, payment. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        PROD, produce, product, production. (BPL 5
    Methods}                                           PN, pain, (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) PNT(S), point(s). (BPL         Nov 72RA)
PA, 1. pioneer areas. (FO 3409) 2. public                  5 Nov 72RA)                                       PROD-ORG SYSTEM, the Product Officer -Org
    address. (BO 59, 23 Jun 67) 3. public affairs      PO, Product Officer (verb or noun), purchase order.       Officer System. (HCO PL 9 May 74)
    (The PRAC Bureau aboard Flag are now                   Petty Officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   PROF, professional. (COLRHED 359)
    known as the Office of Public Affairs). (CBO       POA, [Appears on HCOB 1 Dec 58 Actions to Start       PROM REG, Department of Promotion and
    262-2)                                                 an HCO. POA abbreviates for Power of                  Registration. (6503C09 SH Spec 54)
PAB, Professional Auditors Bulletin                        Attorney.]                                        PROM, promotion. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)
PAB, Professional Auditor's Bulletin. (BPL 20          POC, Petty Officer Council. (FO 3311-1)               PROMO, promotion. (LRH ED 161 Int)
    May 72R)                                           POL LTR, Policy Letter. (HCO PL 11 Apr 70)            PROP, proportionate. (HCO PL 2 Jul 59)
PAC, Pacific. (LRH ED 166 Int)                         POL, policy. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         PRP, public relations planning. (BPL 31 Jan 69,
PAL, (international telex jargon) friend (Hawai-       POSS(BLTY), possible (ibility). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          PRO Broadsheets)
PRPS, public reg paid starts. (FBDL 326)                  of list 12 and list 12 is cancelled and we now         72RA-1)
PRR, people routed to reg. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)               have List 12 Revised." When a list (List 12R) is   RPT AB, (international telex jargon) repeat all
PrR, the abbreviation of the Department of                further revised it becomes unwieldy to continue        before = repeat everything before. . . . (BPL
    Promotion and Registration is "P," small "r,"         to string out Rs (List 12RRRRRR). A Case               5 Nov 72RA-1)
    large "R." (5812C16)                                  Supervisor and auditor gets tired of writing Rs!   RPT ALL, (international telex jargon) repeat all
PRSP, public relations security policies. (FO             Therefore, after the first R, one adds A, B, C,        = repeat the complete message. (BPL 5
    2680)                                                 etc. Thus List 12RRRRRRR would be List                 Nov 72RA-1)
PRSPCT, prospect. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        12RF. (HCO PL 2 May 72) 4. reality. (HCO PL        RPT WA, (international telex jargon) repeat the
PRSSR, pressure. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         19 May 70) 5. (international telex jargon)             word after.... (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
PRT, 1. part. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. Portland.               received. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1) 6. release. (HCO      RPT WB, (international telex jargon) repeat the
    (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)                                  PL 27 Oct 65)                                          word before.... (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
PS, 1. paid starts. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. Paris.       R/S, 1. rock slam. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. Royal            RPT, (international telex jargon) repeat ==
    (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)                                  Scotman, (FO 496)                                      please repeat/I repeat. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
PSE, please. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                      RA, right arm (rank). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                  RQR, require. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
PSH, push. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          RAM, means "records, assets and materiel" and is        RQST, request. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
PSO, Photoshoot Org. (ED 695-1 Flag)                      Dept 9 of Div III of any Org. (FO 3152RR)          RRR, Refund/Repayment Report Form. (HCO
PT, 1. Port Elizabeth. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO         RAP, 1. Department of Routing, Appearances and              PL 20 Oct 72) [The above HCO PL was
    Cable and Dispatch Designation System) 2.             Personnel. (HCO PL 21 Oct 66 III) 2.                   cancelled by BPL 10 Oct 75 X]
    present time. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 3. primary             (international telex jargon) je ropelle (I call    RS, Royal Scotman. (FO 411)
    target. (FO 2919)                                     again) = I will call you again. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-   RSLT, result. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
PTA, Pretoria. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                           1)                                                 RSM AO, the Royal Scotman and AO Alicante
PTF, payments to Flag. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)              RBN, ribbon = my teletype ribbon has broken (BPL            were more or less the same AO. (ED 68
PTL, Portland. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           5 Nov 72RA-1)                                          Flag)
PTP, present time problem. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          RC, rollercoaster. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     RSM, Royal Scotman. (FO 1483)
PTS, 1. points. (ED 31 Flag) 2. "Potential Trouble   RCPT, receipt. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         RSN, reason. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Source." It means the person is connected to     RCRD, record. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          RSNABL(NSS), reasonable (ness). (BPL 5 Nov
    someone hostile to Scientology. (OODs 5 Apr      RCRT, recruit. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             72RA)
    72)                                              RCT, recut = your tape is badly cut, please recut       RSRV, reserve. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
PUB, public (LRH ED 159R-1 Int) PUB DIV,                  your tape and call back. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)        RSVP, (international telex jargon) respondez
    public division. (LRH ED 159R-1 Int)             RCVD, (international telex jargon) received. (BPL 5         S'il Vous Plait (French) = please call back.
PUBLIC EXEC SEC, the Public Executive                     Nov 72RA-1)                                            (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
    Secretary. (LRH ED 49 Int)                       RCVR(Y), recover(y). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   RT, route. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
PUBS DK, the Department of Publications AOSH         RD, rundown. (ED 86 FAO) RDY, ready. (BPL 5             RTRD, retread. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    DK. (SOED 142 Int)                                    Nov 72RA)                                          RTRN, return. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
PUBS US, Publications Organization, United           REC, reception. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)                        RUDS, rudiments. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    States. (LRH ED 265 Int)                         REC/FATH, recorder/fathometer. (FO 2925)                RVRT, revert. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
PUBS, publications. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                 RECD, received. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        RVW, review. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
PURP, purpose. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      RECOM, recommend (ation). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)              S AND D, search and discovery (SH Spec 73
PWR, power. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         RECV(NG), receive (ing). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   6608C02)
PXL, [The Phoenix Lectures.} Q, question. (BPL 5     REF, refer (ence). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     S, 1. south. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. staff. (CBO
    Nov 72RA)                                        REG INT, registrar interview. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)              245) 3. starboard. (FSO 666)
PXL, The Phoenix Lectures                            REG, register, registrar, registration. (BPL 5 Nov      S.B., station bill. (FO 1684) See WQSB.
QBP, Quad Bonus Policy. (FSO 365)                         72RA)                                              S.O.L.T.S., Sea Organization Letter to Staff.
QC, 1. Qual cramming GDS. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)           REHAB, rehabilitation. (HCO PL 23 Aug 65 II)                (FO 2413)
    2. quality control. (ED 769 Flag)                REINF(RCNG), reinforce (ing). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          S.S.S.M., Spotless Shiny Ship Maintenance.
QEO, Qualifications Establishment Officer. (HCO      Reiss, Reissued                                             (ED 319 Flag)
    PL 7 Mar 72)                                     REL, 1. relations. (HCO PL 22 Aug 60) 2. release.       S/R, senior rating. (FO 2384)
QGA, (international telex jargon) question: may I         (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                   SA, Self Analysis
    go ahead = may I transmit? (BPL 5 Nov            REP, representative. (BPL 15 Jul 72R I)                 SA, South Africa. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    72RA-1)                                          REPS, "Ron's external publics Scientologists." (BPL     SAC, Sacramento. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)
QLTY, quality. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           3 Sept 75 II)                                      SAPA, SA (South African) Personality Analysis
QM LOG, Quartermaster Log Book. (FO 316)             REPT, report. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              Profile. (HCO PL 15 Nov 60)
QM, Quartermaster. (HCO PL 5 Feb 69)                 REQ, requirement. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      SAT, Saturday. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
QMW, QM of the Watch. (FO 2717R)                     REQS CHIEF, Requirements Chief. (FO 3466R-5)            SB('S), shooting board(s). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
QNTY, quantity. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     RESP, responsible (ility). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)             SBO, Staff Banking Officer (Commodore's staff
QOK, (international telex jargon) question:okay?     RET TO, (routing) to be returned to the forwarding          under CS-3, located at Flag). (HCO PL 16
    = do you agree? (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                    staff member. (HCO PL 13 Mar 6511)                     Jun 69) [The above HCO PL was cancelled
QOO/ESTO, Qual Org Officer/Esto. (BPL 22 Nov         RET, reassign target to another. (Target marking            by BPL 10 Oct 75 VII]
    71R)                                                  and tlx code). (CBO 325)                           SC, 1. Scientology Consultants Inc. (HCO PL
QOOE, Qualifications Org Officer/Establishment       Rev, Revised                                                25 Jan 57) 2. social coordination. (BPL 22
    Officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        RF, routing form. (ED 34 Flag)                              Jul 75) 3. Supercargo. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
QR, questionable risk list. (HCO SEC'L LTR 26        R-FAC, reality factor. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                 SC, Success Congress
    Dec 58)                                          R-FACTOR, reality factor. (FO 2414)                     SCE, source. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
QS, questions. (ED 139 Flag)                         RGDS, regards. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         SCHED(LD), schedule (d). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
QSTNRE, questionnaire. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)              RHIR, RHIP, rank has its responsibilities. Rank has     SCICON, Scientology Consultants, Inc. (LRH
QUAL DIV, Qualifications Division. (BPL 5 Nov             its privileges. RHIR, RHIP as Nelson used to           Directive Washington D.C., 14 Dec 56)
    72RA)                                                 say. (HCO PL 5 Oct 58)                             SCN 8-80, [Scientology 8-80.]
QUAL I & I, Qual Interview and Invoice.              RI, registrar interviews. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)              SCN JOUR 14-G, [Journal of Scientology Issue
    (7109C05SO)                                      RITE, right. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                               U-G.}
QUAL SEC, Qualifications Secretary. (BPL 5 Nov       RJ, Ron's Journal. (COLRHED 300)                        SCN, Scientology. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)
    72RA)                                            RLY, relay. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            SCNH, Scientologists hatted. (BPL 5 Nov
QUAL, qualifications. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)               RM, room. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                  72RA)
R & B, room and board. (ED 118 USB)                  Ron's Jour 68, Ron's Journal 1968 (tape)                SCNST, Scientologist. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) SCP,
R AND I CLERK, Routing and Information Clerk.        RONY, Flag's Office in NY for handling FCCI's.              [Scientology Clear Procedure.}
    (FO 3466R-1)                                          (CBO 415) [The name means literally Relay          SCP, Scientology Clear Procedure
R, 1. cable personally originated by myself. The          Office New York.]                                  SCS, Scientology Coordinated Services, start
    number preceding it is the date sent, e.g. 16R   ROY, [Abbreviation for royalties which appears in           change stop. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    means originated on the 16th day of the               SOED 510-1 INT.]                                   SD, 1. San Diego. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO
    month by myself. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II) 2. L.      RP, raw public. (HCO PL 28 Nov 71R II)                      Cable and Dispatch Designation System) 2.
    Ron Hubbard. (BPL 10 Apr 73R) 3. (R, RA,         RPF, 1. Redemption Project Force. (ED 965 Flag)             [Standard Dianetics.]
    RB, etc.) when an issue is cancelled the              2. Rehabilitation Project Force (FO 3434)          SE, Seattle. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)
    number is followed by "R" on the next issue      RPLC, replace. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         SEA ORG, Sea Organization. (HCO PL 9 May
    meaning Revised. Example: HCOB List 12           RPO, registration pack out. (HCO PL 18 Feb 73 I)            68)
    (there is no such list), when revised would be   RPT AA, (international telex jargon) repeat all after   SEA, Seattle. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)
    HCOB List 12R, to mean "this is a new issue           = repeat everything from ... on. (BPL 5 Nov        SEC CHK, security check. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SEC ED, 1. Secretarial Executive Directive. (HCO       EXECUTION OFFICER.                                  T/, temporary (when used as post title). (BPL 5
    PL 7 May 65) 2. Secretarial Executive          SPEC, special. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              Nov 72RA)
    Director. (HCO PL 22 Feb 65 III)               SPF, Stewards Project Force. (FO 3163)                  T/P, training/processing. (Admin Directive 6
SEC SEC, Secretary's Secretary. (HCO PL 12         Spr Lect, London Spring Lectures                             May 58)
    Mar 61 HI)                                     SPR LECT, London Spring Lectures. (HCOB 29              TAB, tabulation. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SEC, 1. secretary. (HCOB 23 Aug 65) 2. security.       Sept 66)                                            TAPE, telex tape = I have run out of telex tape.
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                               SQRL, squirrel. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
SEC'L ED, Secretarial to the Executive Director.   SR, 1. senior. (SO ED 161-1 Int) 2. Ship's Rep. (FO     TAR, tech/admin ratio. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (HCO Secretarial PL 17 Dec 58)                     2762) 3. Ship's Rep Policy. (FO 2762)               TAX, (international telex jargon) taxe (charge) =
SECT, section. (HCO PL 11 Aug 67 III)              SRCO, (letter designation on HCOBs) selected                 what is the charge ?/the charge is..... (BPL
Sen 0-8, Scientology 0-8                               release by city office. These are issued to              5 Nov 72RA-1)
Sen 8-80, Scientology 8-80                             auditors enfranchised by city office. (HCOB 24      TBP, triple bonus policy. (FSO 179R)
Sen 8-8008, Scientology ^-8008                         Feb 59)                                             TC, Twin Cities. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)
Sen AD, Scientology A bridged Dictionary           SRI, 1. sorry. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2.-Student Rescue       TCH, touch. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
Sen Jour, Journal of Scientology                       Intensive. (FO 2980)                                TCO, Traffic Control Officer. (FO 815)
SEPT, September. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                  SRM, Ship's Rep Major Policy. (FO 2762)                 TDY, today. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SER FAC, service facsimile. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)       SRU, Student Recovery Unit. (ED 281-2 Flag)             TE, test evaluation. (HCO PL 26 Nov 71R I)
SER, series. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      SRVC, service. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              [The above HCO PL was cancelled by BPL
SERV, service. (HCO PL 26 Nov 71R I) [The          SS, 1. Ship Safety Policy. (FO 2907) 2. staff status.        1 Dec 72 V.]
    above HCO PL was cancelled by BPL 1 Dec            (HCO PL 17 May 74R) 3. station ship. (HCO PL        TEA, taking ethics action. (Target marking and
    72 V.I                                             13 Feb 71) 4. success stories. (BPL 5 Nov                tlx code). (CBO 325)
SESSN(S), session (s). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                72RA)                                               TECH SEC, Technical Secretary. (BPL 5 Nov
    SEUS, South East US. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          SSBS, Silver Spring Business Service Incor-                  72RA)
SF, San Francisco. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO               porated. (PAB 74)                                   TECH, technology. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Cable and Dispatch Designation System)         SSI, Staff Status One. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) SSII,           TECHDIV, Technical Division. (BPL 5 Nov
SFO, San Francisco. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                   Staff Status Two. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       72RA)
SFP, safe point. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                  SSO, 1. [Staff Section Officer.] 2. Station Ship        TEMP, temporary (ily). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SFT, soft. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            Order. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)                         TEO, 1. Tech Establishment Officer. (HCO PL
SG, specialty group. (COLRHED 112R)                ST PTS, student points. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     20 Aug 71 II) 2. Technical Division
SH ACC, Saint Hill Advanced Clinical Course        ST, St. Louis. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and               Establishment Officer. (HCO PL 7 Mar 72)
SH AO G, SH AO Greece. (FO 1847)                       Dispatch Designation System}                        TERM, terminatedly. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SH Spec, Saint Hill Special                        STAT, statistic. (HCO PL 6 Jul 70)                      TEST MSG/, (international telex jargon) test
SH TVD, Saint Hill Television Demonstration        STBD, starboard. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            message = please send a test message.
SH, Saint Hill, single hatted. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)    STC, student completions. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
SHCP, staff hat check points. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)     STCR, [Scientology Twentieth Century Religion.}         TEST SVP, (international telex jargon) test s'il
SHD, should. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      STCR, Scientology Twentieth Century Religion                 vous plait (French) = test and please. (BPL
SHF, Saint Hill Foundation. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)       STF C, Staff Captain. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       5 Nov 72RA-1)
SHG, SH Greece. (FO 1850)                          STF NOA, number of staff in normal or above. (BPL       TGM, telegram. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SHIP'S REP, Ship's Representative. (FO 1109)           5 Nov 72RA)                                         TGT, target. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SHPA, Special Hubbard Professional Auditors        STF, staff. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            THM, them. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Course (London)                                STHIL STUDENTS, a mimeo has to be marked                THN, then. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SHPA, Special Hubbard Professional Auditors            "StHil Students" for the students to receive any    THO, though. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Course (London). (HCOB 29 Sept 66)                 at all. (HCO PL 2 Jul 64)                           THRU, 1. through. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. (inter-
SHSBC, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. (BPL    STHIL, designation for the distribution of bulletins         national telex jargon) you are through to a
    5 Nov 72RA)                                        and HCO Policy Letters for Saint Hill staff only.        telex position = you are in connection with
SIG, signatory, signature. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)            (BPL 7 Sept 59)                                          an international telex position. (BPL 5 Nov
SINGLHTTD, single hatted. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)         STK, stock, Stockholm. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      72RA-1)
SIT, situation. (FO 3064)                          STL, St. Louis. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                        THURS, Thursday. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SITN, situation. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                  STM, Stockholm. (BPL 10 Apr 73R) STN, station.          T-I-C, test-in-charge. (HCO PL 28 Oct 60, New
SLP, Six Levels of Processing                          (FSO 263)                                                Testing Promotion Section Important}
SLR, Scientology Library and Research Ltd.         STND, standard. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        TIL, until. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (HCO PL 30 Sept 64)                            STO, Staff Training Officer. (HCO PL 21 Sept 69)        TIP, Technical Individual Program
SLVG, salvage. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    STP, Standard Procedure Lectures                        TIP, Technical Individual Program. (HCO PL 24
SM, [Substitution Master (tape).]                  STRAT<N), straight (en). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    Sept 70R)
SMC, State of Man Congress                         STRRTD, starrated. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     TKS, (international telex jargon) thanks. (BPL 5
SMC, State of Man Congress. (HCOB 29 Sept          STRRTE, starrate. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) STRT, start.              Nov 72RA-1)
    66)                                                (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) STUD, student. (BPL 5 Nov          TKT, ticket. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SND, send. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                            72RA)                                               TKU, thank you. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
SNGLHND, single handed. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)           SUCC, success (ful). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   TLK, talk. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SNR, senior. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      SUFF, sufficient. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      TLX, (international telex jargon) telex. (BPL 5
SO 1, see STANDING ORDER NO. 1.                    SUGG, suggest (ion). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        Nov 72RA-1)
SO ED, Sea Organization Executive Directive.       SUN, Sunday. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                           TM, team, time machine. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)                           SUP, supervise, supervisor. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)            TMRO, tomorrow. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SO NO. 1, Standing Order Number One. (LRH          Sup, Supplement or Supplementary Lecture                TO, 1. Tours Org. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. Train-
    ED 223 Int)                                    SUPER, supervisor. (HCO PL 26 Jun 72)                        ing Officer. (BPL 1 Dec 72R VIII) [The
SO, Sea Organization                               SUPERLIT, superliterate. (ED 359 Flag)                       above BPL was cancelled by HCO PL 30
SO, Sea Organization, senior organization (BPL 5   SURV, survey. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                               Aug 74.]
    Nov 72RA)                                      SVF, Status Verification Form. (FO 3568)                TONITE, tonight. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SOED INT, Sea Organization Executive Directive     SVP, (international telex jargon) s'il vous plait       TOOE, Technical Org Officer/Establishment
    International                                      (French = please.) (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                    Officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SOL, solution. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    SWAN, Swansea. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         TOR, Toronto. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)
SOP, standard operating procedure. (FO 2302)       SWR, [Scientology: A World Religion Emerges in          TOTL, total. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SOR, Sea Org reserves. (ED 512 Flag)                   the Space A ge.}                                    TPR, (international telex jargon) teleprinter.
SOS BK 2, [Science of Survival, Book Two.]         SWUS, South West US. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
SOS, [Abbreviation for "start of session." Nor-    SY, Sydney. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)                        TQC, tech quality control. (FPO 1849R, 21 Jul
    mally used on auditor report forms and on      SYD, Sydney. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                                75)
    session worksheets. Refer to Dianetics Today   SYST, system. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                          TR & SERV, training and services. (FO 2756)
    pp. 658 and 666.1                              T & C PLANNING, Town and Country Planning.              TR, training regimen (training drill). (BPL 5 Nov
SOS, Science of Survival                               (HCO PL 3 Feb 66)                                        72RA)
SP, suppressive person. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)           T & S, training and services. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          TRANS, 1. translations. (BPL 9 Jan 74 III) 2.
SPB, [The Basic Scientology Picture Book.}         T 80, Technique 80 Lectures                                  transport. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SPB, The Basic Scientology Picture Book            T 88, Technique 88 Lectures                             TRB, triple bonus. (FSO 723)
Spec Lect, Special Lecture                         T, 1. reported done by telex. Not verified. Usually     TRBL, trouble. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
SPEC PROGS EX OFFICER, see INTER                       with a date. (Target marking and fix code).         TRBLSM SCE, troublesome source. (BPL 5
    NATIONAL SPECIAL PROGRAMMES                        (CBO 325) 2. training (FO 2988)                          Nov 72RA)
TRC, Tours Reception Center. (OODs 7 Jun 71)          VT, 1. Vermont. (HCO PL 3 Mar 66 II) 2. vital target.   YV, you have. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    [This was a shore base set up as an exten-            (FO 2919)                                           Z, see UNIT Z.
    sion of Flag in one of its areas of operation.1   VWD, very well done. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)                 ZA, see UNIT Z AND UNIT W.
TREAS DIV, Treasury Division. (BPL 5 Nov              VWR, very well received. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)               ZB, see UNIT Z AND UNIT W.
    72RA)                                             W OUT, without. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        А, 1. (affinity) affinity is the ability to occupy the
TREAS SEC, Treasury Secretary. (BPL 5 Nov             W, 1. west, with. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. (international        same space. (6910C21SO) 2. affluence.
    72RA)                                                 telex jargon) words. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1) 3.              (FBDL 290) 3. assistant. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
TREAS, treasury. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                         world. (HCO PL 2 Jan 59) see UNIT W.                А, 1. (affinity) affinity is the ability to occupy the
TREO, Treasury Establishment Officer. (HCO PL         W.Q., watch quarter. (FO 1684)                              same space. (6910C21SO) 2. affluence.
    7 Mar 72)                                         W/0, Warrant Officer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                      (FBDL 290) 3. assistant. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
TRFC, traffic. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       W/E, week ending. (BPL 16 Sept 74RA III)                АСЕ FT, Асе Fighter Team. (BO 37 UK, 26 Jan
TRMNL, terminal. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     W/Q AND S/B, watch quarter and station bill. (FO            74)
TRN(DHG), train (ed) (ing). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)              646)                                                АСЕ FT, Асе Fighter Team. (BO 37 UK, 26 Jan
TRNOVR, turnover. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                    W/R, weekly report. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        74)
TRNSF, transfer. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     WA, Western Australia. (LRH ED 46 Int) see UNIT
TRS, tours. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                              W.
TRSN, treason. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       WASH, Washington. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
TS, 1. tech services. (BFO 46) 2. tech staff-         WATCH QTR AND STN BILL, Watch Quarter and
    number of tech personnel. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)            Station Bill. (FO 1919)
    T/S, tech services. (HCOB 5 Mar 71) T/S           WB, see UNIT W.
TSMY, [Twin screw motor yacht, as in TSMY             WC(ER) (D) (NG), word clear (er) (ed) (ing). (BPL 5
    Apollo.}                                              Nov 72RA)
TTA, Tours Target Area. (BFO 122-6)                   WCCL, Word Clearing Correction List. (LRH ED
TTC ST PTS, Tech Training Corps student points.           257 Int)
    (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                                  WCM1, Word Clearing Method 1. (BPL 5 Nov
TTC, Tech Training Corps. (FO 3298 RA)                    72RA)
TU, 1. Translation Unit. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2.          WD, 1. well done. (FSO 195RR) 2. word. (ED
    Tucson. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable and               121FAO)
    Dispatch Designation System}                      WDAHs, well done auditing hours. (FBDL 279)
TUES, Tuesday. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       WDH, well done hour. (BPL 23 Nov 71R) See
TVD, Television Demonstration                             WELL DONE AUDITING HOURS.
TWRD, toward. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        WE, Wellington. (HCO PL 2 Mar 59, HCO Cable
TX, (international telex jargon) telex. (BPL 5 Nov        and Dispatch Designation System}
    72RA-1)                                           WED, Wednesday. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
U, you, unit. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                        WFMH, World Federation of Mental Health. (HCO
U.S., United States                                       PL 6 Jul 70)
UCE, United Churches Extension. (BFO 70)              WH<DY), withhold (y). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
UK, United Kingdom. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II, HCO          WHT, what. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Cable Designation System}                         WILCO, 1. this word gets a telex answered fast
UNI-MED, Universal Media Productions. (SO ED              when the original order will take a while to
    570 INT)                                              complete. It means "I will comply." A "wilco" is
UPC, Universe Process Congress                            not a compliance. Its use however serves to let
URG, 1. urgent. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. urgent to             the originator know his order is being done.
    get this one done fast. (Target marking and           (BPL 8 Apr 73 I) 2. wilco means "will comply."
    tlx code). (CBO 325)                                  (BO 11, Circa 10 Jun 67)
URGLY, urgently. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                     WK, week. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
US, United States. (HCO PL 4 Jan 66 II)               WKLY, weekly. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
USA CLUB, United Survival Action Club.                WKND, weekend. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (5712C30)                                         WLFR, welfare. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
USB, US Base. (Referring to the service org.)         WLK, would. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    (BFO 122-6)                                       WQ AND STN BILL, watch quarter and station bill.
USBCO, US Base Conditions Order. (USB CO                  (FO 2464)
    15-1)                                             WQSB, watch quarter and station bill. (FSO 812)
USLO, 1. the duty of USLO is to advise Flag and       WR(?), well receivedC?) = is the message(s) well
    to handle its area by getting into effect long        received?/the message was well received. (BPL
    range policy and programs of the top                  5 Nov 72RA-1)
    management of Flag. (FBDL 12) 2. US               WRK, work. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    Liaison Office. (LRH ED 130 Int)                  WRU, (international telex jargon) who are you =
USSO, [United States Sea Org USSO is ASHO                 who is there? (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
    DAY and Foundation, AOLA and Celebrity            WST, [Washington (D.C.) Staff Talk.]
    Centre Los Angeles combined.]                     WT, weight. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
UTILZ(ATN), utilize (ation). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)         WTG, (international telex jargon) waiting = I wait.
V STAFF, voluntary staff. [Organization Book,             (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
    1954)                                             WUS, Western US (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
V, very. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                             WW, World Wide
V.A.T., value added tax. (ED 309-1 Flag)              WW, worldwide. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)
VAL DOCS, valuable documents. (SH Spec 54,            X, 1. break, by (measurement e.g. 4 x 8), times.
    6503C09)                                              (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. see UNIT X.
VAL, value (able). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                   XA, see UNIT X AND UNIT W.
VAN, Vancouver. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                      XB, see UNIT X AND UNIT W.
VEP, valuable exchangeable products. (FO 2873)        XCPT, except. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
VERIF, verify (ication). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)             XDN No. 1, Expanded Dianetics Tape Number One
VFP, valuable final product. (HCO PL 25 Mar 71)       XDN, Expanded Dianetics. (HCOB 15 Feb 74)
VG, very good. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                       XLNT, excellent. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
VGFs, very good indicators. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)          XMAS, Christmas. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
VIAB, viable (ility). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)                XPCT, expect. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
VIPS, very important people. VIPs to PR are only      XTRA, extra. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
    opinion leaders. (HCO PL 11 May 71 II)            Y, see UNIT Y.
VM, Volunteer Minister. (COLRHED 79RA) VNA,           YA, see UNIT Y AND UNIT W.
    Vienna. (BPL 10 Apr 73R)                          YB, see UNIT Y AND UNIT W.
VOL, 1. volume. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA) 2. volunteer.        YNR?, (international telex jargon) number? = what
    (HCO PL 14 Oct 59, Division of HCO                    is your telex number? (BPL 5 Nov 72RA-1)
    Percentages Revised}                              YR(S), your(s), you are, year(s). (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
Vol., Volume                                          YRLY, yearly. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)
VSD, value of services delivered. (BFO 46)            YSTDY, yesterday. (BPL 5 Nov 72RA)

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