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									                                        AUGUST 2011
                                 AGENCY and TITLE Cross Index                                    Cite

August 2011
Agency and Title Cross Index
Checklist of Official Publications of the State of New York
New York State Library

Advisor [electronic resource] : Great Lakes            VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &           297
Commission's bimonthly newsletter.                     Commissions

AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                                  Annual report - Department of             263
AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                                  Agriculture & Markets.
                                                       Fruit.                                    259
AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                                  New York crop and livestock report.       260
AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                                  New York farmland protection survey, 264
AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                                  2009 [electronic resource].
                                                       Potatoes.                            261
AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                                  Survey of retail milk prices for          286
AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                                  selected and crops NYS [electronic
                                                       Weathermarkets in[electronic              262
AIDS Institute literature update : bi-monthly          HEALTH                                    292
review performance report [electronic
Annualof HIV/AIDS, STD/STI and hepatitis               EXECUTIVE                                 285
research. - Division of Criminal Justice
Annual performance report on New York                  COMPTROLLER                               279
State's report - Adirondack Park Agency.
Annualindustrial development agencies                  EXECUTIVE                                 258
[electronic resource].
Annual report - Department of Agriculture &            AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                     263
Annual report - Great Lakes Commission.                VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &           296
Annual report of the New York State                    Commissions
                                                       VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &           282
Commission of Correction.
Annual report to the governor and legislature -        Commissions
                                                       EXECUTIVE                                 273
Out-of-State Placement Committee [electronic
Annual review - Hugh L. Carey Battery Park             VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &           326
City Authority.                                        Commissions
Annual safety net report of the commissioner           LABOR                                     305
[electronic resource]. end report [electronic
ATM Safety Act ... year                                BANKING                                   266
BANKING                                                ATM Safety Act ... year end report        266
BANKING                                                [electronic State Banking Department
                                                       New York resource].                       267
BANKING                                                Holocaust claims processing report, as
                                                       Weekly bulletin - Banking                 268
                                                       required by ..., report to the governor
Carsharing in a small city [electronic resource]       TRANSPORTATION                            346
                                                       and the legislature [electronic
: Ithaca carshare's first [electronic
Challenges & solutions two years. resource] :          EXECUTIVE
                                                       resource].                                274
strategies for promoting child safety,
Charter facts [electronic resource].                   STATE UNIVERSITY                          271
permanency, and well-being in NYS.
Children with autism spectrum disorders                EXECUTIVE                                 272
[electronic resource].
CIVIL SERVICE                                          New York State work force                 276
Coastlines.                                            management report [electronic
                                                       STATE UNIVERSITY                          336
Comprehensive annual financial report for the          VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &           327
year ended December 31 ... - Port Authority of         Commissions
New York and New Jersey
                                     AUGUST 2011
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COMPTROLLER                                         Annual performance report on New           279
COMPTROLLER                                         York State's industrial report to the
                                                    Comptroller's monthly development          278
                                                    agencies [electronic funds cash basis of
                                                    legislature on state resource]. of a
                                                    Implications for New York State            280
                                                    accounting (pursuant to Sec. 8(9-a) of
                                                    federal government shutdown
COMPTROLLER                                         New York Environmental Protection          277
                                                    the state finance law [electronic
                                                    [electronic resource].
Comptroller's monthly report to the legislature     and Spill Compensation Fund, annual
                                                    COMPTROLLER                                278
on state funds cash basis of accounting New         financial report and other
Consumer guide for annuity products in              INSURANCE                                  304
(pursuant to Sec. 8(9-a) of the state finance law   supplementary information for fiscal
York [electronic resource].
Consumer watchdog.                                  EXECUTIVE                                  281
[electronic resource].                              year ended [electronic resource].
CORRECTIONAL SERVICES                               Earned eligibility program summary         283
County directory of juvenile detention facilities   ... Legislative report, semiannual
                                                    EXECUTIVE                                  275
in New York State [electronic resource].            report.
DOH Medicaid update [electronic resource].          HEALTH                                     301
Draft health consultation, for public comment       HEALTH                                     298
[electronic resource] : Lawrence Aviation
Earned eligibility program summary ...              CORRECTIONAL SERVICES                      283
Industries soil vapor intrusion evaluation, Port
Legislative report, semiannual report.
EDUCATION                                           Legacy [electronic resource] : the         324
Jefferson Station, Suffolk County, New York.
EDUCATION                                           magazine of the New [electronic
                                                    Library news for you York State            320
                                                    Museum. : the New York State
                                                    resource] Statewide Preservation
EDUCATION                                           New York                                   287
                                                    Survey serving state agencies.
                                                    Library[electronic resource] : Institute
EDUCATION                                           Summary of the ... meeting of the          349
Employers' handbook [electronic resource] : a
                                                    of Museum and LibraryUniversity of
                                                    Board of Regents of the Services
                                                    LABOR                                      350
                                                    (IMLS), connecting to collections, final
                                                    the State of New York.
Employment in New Compensation and
guide to the Workers'York State.                    LABOR                                      306
Disability Benefits Systems for the New York
ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION                          Hudson River almanac [electronic           335
State business owner.
ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION                          resource]. lower Hudson River basin,
                                                    Mill Creek,                                339
ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION                          RensselaerState conservationist.
                                                    New York County, New York                  289
                                                    [electronic resource].
ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION                          Operator facts [electronic resource] :     290
ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION                          technical facts for wastewater New
                                                    Spring Run, Saratoga County,               340
                                                    treatment plant operations.
                                                    York, upper Hudson River basin
EXECUTIVE                                           Annual performance report [electronic      285
                                                    [electronic resource]. Criminal
                                                    resource] - Division of
EXECUTIVE                                           Annual report - Adirondack Park            258
                                                    Justice Services.
                                                    Agency. report to the governor and
EXECUTIVE                                           Annual                                     273
EXECUTIVE                                           Challenges Out-of-State Placement
                                                    legislature -& solutions [electronic       274
                                                                  [electronic resource].
                                                    Committeestrategies for promoting
EXECUTIVE                                           resource] with autism spectrum
                                                    Children :                                 272
                                                    child safety, permanency, and well-
                                                    disorders [electronic resource].
EXECUTIVE                                           Consumer watchdog.                         281
                                                    being in NYS.
EXECUTIVE                                           County directory of juvenile detention     275
EXECUTIVE                                           facilities in New York State [electronic
                                                    Guard times.                               325
EXECUTIVE                                           New York retired racehorse study           333
EXECUTIVE                                           [electronic State annual action plan
                                                    New York resource].                        302
                                                    program year...
                                     AUGUST 2011
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EXECUTIVE                                            This week in RPS [electronic               332
Expenditure report.                                  resource].
                                                     LEGISLATURE Assembly                       312
FAMILY ASSISTANCE                                    Temporary and disability assistance        265
Fruit.                                               statistics [electronic MARKETS
                                                     AGRICULTURE & resource].                   259
GOVERNOR                                             NYS broadband stimulus flash               342
Grants action news.                                  bulletin [electronic resource].
                                                     LEGISLATURE Assembly                       315
Guard times.                                         EXECUTIVE                                  325
Guide to the legislative annual statement of         LEGISLATURE                                310
HALT : Governor's [electronic resource].
financial disclosure Interagency Task Force to       VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &            295
Halt Abusive Lending Transactions [electronic
HEALTH                                               Commissions literature update : bi-
                                                     AIDS Institute                             292
resource].                                           monthly reviewupdate [electronic
HEALTH                                               DOH Medicaid of HIV/AIDS,                  301
                                                     STD/STI and hepatitis research.
                                                     resource]. consultation, for public
HEALTH                                               Draft health                               298
HEALTH                                               comment [electronicenrollment report
                                                     Managed care plan resource] :              300
                                                     Lawrence Aviation Industries soil
                                                     [electronic resource].
HEALTH                                               Your rights as a nursing home              299
                                                     vapor intrusion evaluation, Port
Hearing of the Assembly Standing Committee           resident in New York State [electronic
                                                     LEGISLATURE Assembly                       313
                                                     Jefferson Station, Suffolk County,
on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse on prevention           resource] : and nursing home
Hearing of the Assembly Standing Committees          New York.
                                                     LEGISLATURE Assembly                       314
of underage alcohol consumption].                    responsibilities.
on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions
Hearing of the Assembly Standing Committees          LEGISLATURE Assembly                       316
andMental Health, Mental Retardation, and
on: on Local Governments on regulatory
Hudson River almanac [electronic resource].          ENVIRONMENTAL                              335
Developmental Disabilities ; Codes and
oversight of local public authorities ; Oversight,
Implications for New Yorkregarding the Public        CONSERVATION
development corporations State of a and
Analysis and Investigation on safety
                                        federal      COMPTROLLER                                280
government: shutdown [electronicSUNYresource].
Authorities Reform Act of 2009 (PARA)].
Inside ESF the magazine offacilities and
quality of care in residential the                   STATE UNIVERSITY Colleges                  291
programs Environmental Science and Forestry.
College of licensed by the Office for People With
INSURANCE                                            Consumer guide for annuity products        304
Joint report to Disabilities].
Developmentalthe Governor from the                   in New York [electronic resource].
                                                     LABOR                                      351
Superintendent of Insurance and Chair,
JUDICIARY                                            New York State jury pool news.             284
Workers' Compensation Board, summarizing
JUDICIARY                                            News - Lawyer Assistance Trust.            309
and benchmarking workers' compensation data
JUDICIARY progress on prior
and examining                                        Reports of cases decided in the            341
recommendations for improvements in data
LABOR                                                Annual safety net of the Supreme
                                                     Appellate Divisionreport of the            305
collection [electronic resource]                     commissioner New York.
                                                     Court, State of[electronic resource].
LABOR                                                Employers' handbook [electronic            350
LABOR                                                resource] : a guide to the Workers'
                                                     Employment in New York State.              306
                                                     Compensation and Disability Benefits
LABOR                                                Joint report to the Governor from the      351
                                                     Systems for the New York State
LAW (Attorney General)                               Superintendent of Insurance and
                                                     New York's new car lemon law : a           307
                                                     business owner.
LAW (Attorney General)
                                                     Chair,for consumers.
                                                     guideYork's usedCompensation Board,
                                                     New                car lemon law : a       308
                                                     summarizing and benchmarking
Legacy [electronic resource] : the magazine of       guide for consumers.
                                                     EDUCATION                                  324
                                                     workers' compensation data and
the New York State Museum.
Legislative Commission on Water Resource             examining progress on prior
                                                     LEGISLATURE                                311
Needs of New York State and Long Island :            recommendations for improvements
[newsletter].                                        in data collection [electronic resource]
                                      AUGUST 2011
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LEGISLATURE                                          Guide to the legislative annual          310
LEGISLATURE                                          statement of financial disclosure
                                                     Legislative Commission on Water          311
                                                     [electronic resource]. York State
                                                     Resource Needs of New
LEGISLATURE Assembly                                 Expenditure report.                      312
                                                     and Long Island : [newsletter].
LEGISLATURE Assembly                                 Grants action news.                      315
LEGISLATURE Assembly                                 Hearing of the Assembly Standing         313
LEGISLATURE Assembly                                 Committeethe Alcoholism and Drug
                                                     Hearing of on Assembly Standing          314
                                                     Abuse on prevention of underage
LEGISLATURE Assembly                                 Committees onAssembly Standing
                                                     Hearing of the Corporations,             316
                                                     alcohol consumption].
                                                     Authorities and Mental Health, on
LEGISLATURE Assembly                                 Committees on: Commissions and
                                                     New York State Assembly midyear          317
                                                     Local Governments on regulatory
                                                     Mental [electronic resource].
                                                     update Retardation, and report.
                                                     New Yorkof localeconomic
                                                     oversight StateDisabilities ; Codes ;
                                                     Developmental public authorities
LEGISLATURE Assembly                                 and development corporations
                                                     Oversight, Analysis and report.
                                                     New York State revenueInvestigation      319
LEGISLATURE Assembly                                 on safety the Public of careTask
                                                     regardingand qualityAuthorities
                                                     New York State Toxic Mold in             343
Library news for you [electronic resource] : the
                                                     Reform Actfacilities(PARA)].
                                                     residential of 2009 and programs
                                                     Force [electronic resource] : final
                                                     EDUCATION                                320
New York State Library serving state agencies.       licensed by the Office for People With
                                                     report to the Governor and
Long Island Power Authority [electronic              VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &          330
                                                     Developmental Disabilities].
resource] : draft electric resource plan, 2009-
Long Island Power Authority [electronic              Commissions
                                                     VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &          331
resource] :care plan enrollment report
Managed electric resource plan, 2010-2020.           Commissions
                                                     HEALTH                                   300
[electronic resource].
Management's discussion and analysis,            VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &              269
Medicaid service coordination technical bulletin Commissions
financial statements and supplementary           MENTAL RETARDATION                           322
information ... (with independent auditor's
[electronic RETARDATION
MENTAL                                           Medicaid service coordination                322
report thereon) [electronic resource].
MENTAL RETARDATION                               technicalof agency self-assessment
                                                 Sampler bulletin [electronic resource].      323
Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board      ctivities related to person centered
                                                 VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &              344
committee charters [electronic resource].        planning [electronic resource].
Middle Susquehanna subbasin survey               VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &              334
[electronic resource] : a water quality and
Mill Creek, lower Hudson River basin,            Commissions
                                                 ENVIRONMENTAL                                339
biological assessment, June-October 2008.
Rensselaercrop and livestock report.
New York County, New York [electronic            CONSERVATION MARKETS
                                                 AGRICULTURE &                                260
New York Environmental Protection and Spill COMPTROLLER                                       277
Compensation Fund, annual financial report
New York farmland protection survey, 2009        AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                        264
and other supplementary information for fiscal
[electronic retired racehorse study [electronic
New York                                         EXECUTIVE                                    333
year ended [electronic resource].
resource]. State annual action plan program
New York                                         EXECUTIVE                                    302
New York State Assembly midyear update           LEGISLATURE Assembly                         317
New York resource].
[electronic State Banking Department                 BANKING                                  267
Holocaust claims processing report, as required
New York State conservationist.                      ENVIRONMENTAL                            289
by ..., report to the governor and the legislature   CONSERVATION
New York State economic report.                      LEGISLATURE Assembly                     318
[electronic resource].
New York State jury pool news.                       JUDICIARY                                284
New York State performance report.                   VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &          303
                                      AUGUST 2011
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New York State register.                             STATE                                    337
New York State revenue report.                       LEGISLATURE Assembly                     319
New York State Toxic Mold Task Force                 LEGISLATURE Assembly                     343
[electronic State workfinal report to the report
New York resource] : force management                CIVIL SERVICE                            276
Governor and Legislature.
[electronic Statewide Preservation Survey
New York resource].                                  EDUCATION                                287
[electronic resource] lemon law ofaMuseum and
New York's new car : Institute : guide for           LAW (Attorney General)                   307
Library Services (IMLS), connecting to
consumers. system benefits charge programs
New York's                                           VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &          288
collections, final report.
evaluation and status report [electronic for
New York's used car lemon law : a guide              Commissions General)
                                                     LAW (Attorney                            308
resource] : report to the Public Service
News - Lawyer Assistance Trust.                      JUDICIARY                                309
NYS broadband stimulus flash bulletin                GOVERNOR                                 342
[electronic resource].
Operator facts [electronic resource] : technical     ENVIRONMENTAL                            290
facts for wastewater treatment plant
Post-earthquake bridge inspection guidelines         CONSERVATION
                                                     TRANSPORTATION                           347
Potatoes.                                            AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                    261
Reports of cases decided in the Appellate            JUDICIARY                                341
Division of the Supreme Court, State of New
Research Foundation annual report.                   STATE UNIVERSITY                         338
Sampler of agency self-assessment activities         MENTAL RETARDATION                       323
related to person centered planning [electronic
Solar transit stops on Central Avenue                TRANSPORTATION                           348
resource]. resource].
[electronic Saratoga County, New York,
Spring Run,                                          ENVIRONMENTAL                            340
upper Hudson River basinFYs ... financial plan.
Staff report, review of the [electronic resource].   CONSERVATION Authorities &
                                                     VARIOUS Agencies,                        293
STATE                                                Commissions register.
                                                     New York State                           337
State revenue reports.                               STATE UNIVERSITY Rockefeller             294
STATE UNIVERSITY                                     Charter facts [electronic resource].     271
STATE UNIVERSITY                                     Coastlines.                              336
STATE UNIVERSITY                                     Research Foundation annual report.       338
STATE UNIVERSITY                                     Upstate update : a publication for the   321
STATE UNIVERSITY Colleges                            SUNY ESF : the magazine of the
                                                     Inside Upstate Medical University        291
STATE UNIVERSITY Rockefeller                         SUNY Collegereports.
                                                     State revenue of Environmental           294
                                                     Science and Forestry.
Summary of the ... meeting of the Board of           EDUCATION                                349
Survey of retail milk prices the State of
Regents of the University offor selected New         AGRICULTURE & MARKETS                    286
York. in NYS [electronic resource].
markets and disability assistance statistics
Temporary                                            FAMILY ASSISTANCE                        265
[electronic in RPS [electronic resource].
This week resource].                                 EXECUTIVE                                332
Thousand Islands Bridge Authority. Report on         VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &          270
audited operationstatements.
Transit financial data form (A-1) ; Capital          Commissions
                                                     VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &          345
expenditures.                                        Commissions
                                    AUGUST 2011
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TRANSPORTATION                                     Carsharing in a small city [electronic      346
TRANSPORTATION                                     Post-earthquake carshare's first two
                                                   resource] : Ithacabridge inspection         347
                                                   guidelines [electronic resource].
TRANSPORTATION                                     Solar transit stops on Central Avenue       348
Upstate update : a publication for the SUNY        [electronic resource].
                                                   STATE UNIVERSITY                            321
Upstate Medical University community
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Advisor [electronic resource] : Great       297
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Lakes Commission's bimonthly
                                                   Annual report - Great Lakes                 296
Commissions                                        newsletter.
                                                   Commission. of the New York State
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Annual report                               282
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Annual review Correction.
                                                   Commission of - Hugh L. Carey               326
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Battery Park City Authority.
                                                   Comprehensive annual financial              327
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    report for the year ended December
                                                   HALT : Governor's Interagency Task          295
Commissions                                                  Port
                                                   ForceIslandAuthority Lending
                                                   31 ... - to Halt Abusive of New York
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Long           Power Authority              330
                                                   and New Jersey
                                                   Transactions [electronic resource].
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    [electronic resource] : draft electric
                                                   Long Island Power Authority                 331
Commissions                                        resource plan, 2009-2018.
                                                   [electronic resource] : electric resource
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Management's discussion and                 269
Commissions                                        plan, 2010-2020. statements and
                                                   analysis, financial
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Metropolitan Transportation                 344
Commissions                                        supplementary information ... (with
                                                   Authority Board committee charters
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Middle Susquehanna subbasin survey          334
                                                   independent auditor's report thereon)
                                                   [electronic resource].: a water quality
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    New York resource]
                                                   [electronic State performance report.       303
                                                   [electronic resource].
Commissions                                        and biological assessment, June-
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    New York's system benefits charge           288
                                                   October 2008.
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    programs evaluation and status
                                                   Staff report, review of the FYs ...         293
Commissions                                        report [electronic resource] : report to
                                                   financial plan.
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Thousand Islands Bridge Authority.          270
                                                   the Public Service Commission.
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    Transit operation financial
                                                   Report on auditeddata form (A-1) ;          345
Commissions                                        statements.
                                                   Capital expenditures.
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    World Trade Center quarterly report         328
VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &                    [electronic resource]. report, a
                                                   World Trade Center                          329
Commissions crops [electronic resource].
Weather and                                        AGRICULTURE [electronic
                                                   roadmap forward & MARKETS                   262
Weekly bulletin - Banking Department.              BANKING                                     268
World Trade Center quarterly report                VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &             328
[electronic resource]. report, a roadmap forward
World Trade Center                                 Commissions
                                                   VARIOUS Agencies, Authorities &             329
[electronic resource].
Your rights as a nursing home resident in New      Commissions
                                                   HEALTH                                      299
York State [electronic resource] : and nursing
home responsibilities.

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