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					                       The Croatan Civic League

                                                                               August, 2004

From the Desk of Ken Jobe
It’s August. We have been visited by Alex, Bonnie and soon, Charley.                           CONTENTS:
As this is being written we were provided with another perfect day on the beach.
Beach Management has pushed another mound of sand in front of the primary               P. 1    Ken Jobe
dune in preparing for Bonnie and Charley’s visit. We appreciate the efforts of Mike     P. 4 Jetty update
Kay, Wayne Creef and their crews.
                                                                                        P. 5   Maria Kania
36 Croatan residents took part in a “really cool” [quote from my 6 grade grand-         P. 7 VBCCO
daughter] tour of NAS-Oceana. We watched as simulated landings took place on
an aircraft carrier. This was followed by some Croatan junior members attempting        P. 7 Ed Oswalt
to fly [simulator] a fighter jet. They were generally successful, although a new type   P. 8 Baby-sitters
of aircraft was introduced as a result. That new aircraft is called a submarine. The
                                                                                        P. 9 Logo wear
juniors did manage to fly over Croatan and fire rockets at targets. We then visited
the control tower and the hush house.                                                   P. 10 Women’s Club

                                                                                        P. 11 Oceana Tour
The August civic league meeting was long [7-1030 PM] and the debate was often
emotional, lively, through and tiring. A concise, meeting summary follows.

19 Croatan residents attended the meeting. Councilman Maddox joined the meet-
ing in progress following his attendance at another City meeting. The following Di-
rectors were present: Beuscher, Donahoe, Horvath, Jobe, Kania, Iliff, Laine,        COMING EVENTS:
McLeskey, Pritchard, Vance and Whaley. Directors absent: Brown, Engel, Med-
nikow, and Swan. Alternates present: none. Alternates absent: Hamilton, Lasceri,    Sept 6 Civic League mtg
and Rudolf. Proxies were held as follows; Kania/Brown; Pritchard/Swan. A quorum
                                                                                    Sept 13 Womens’ Club
was present.
                                                                                        Oct. 17 Fall Dinner
Director Mednikow is moving and has submitted his resignation. It was accepted,
reluctantly. Lee and Robyn’s service to Croatan are greatly appreciated.
In accordance with the Bylaws Leslie Hamilton was appointed a Director to com-
plete the remainder of Lee’s term.

The minutes of the JUL meeting were reviewed and approved.
The Treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.

CCL invited appropriate City staff to discuss operational issues pertaining to the
municipal parking lot at Camp Pendleton during the 9 AUG meeting. City staff
attendees were: C.W. Meyer, City COO;
                 Mike Eason, Resort Area Operations Manager;
                 Richard Petty, City Parking Operations Manager; and
                 Tommy Baum OIC, 2nd Precinct.
[C. W. Meyer attended the entire meeting, the other staffers only that portion per-
taining to lot operation and maintenance].

CCL concerns included, Labor Day planning to avoid a repeat of the Fourth of July and other peak period
backups; drag racing; boom box vehicles; illegal activities in the lot; early AM noise and entry problems; need
for daily cleanup; improved traffic patterns within the lot; landscaping; establishing a means to advise potential
beachgoers of the lot being filled-this means would be located exterior to the lot on say, Croatan Road; adjust-
ments to the lot hours; moving the beach access lane from the north side of the lot to the south side; increased
concentration of beach users in the vicinity of the lot; cruising; speeding; and the presence of both on leash and
off leash dogs on the beach near the lot between the hours of 1000 and 1800 [6 pm].

Currently lot improvements are under construction. When construction is completed the lot will have a total of
503 parking spaces. Landscaping is scheduled to be installed mid-SEP. Management of the lot is under re-
view. Changes are possible. Cleanup is accomplished daily. At present when the lot is full, the desire is to
avoid a 1 in, 1 out situation.

Dogs on the beach in violation of rules should be reported to the Police via phone [427-5000]. Lifeguards can
not issue tickets for this offense. Lifeguards are expected to advise the dog’s owner that he/she is in violation
and to request correction of that situation. If a resident encounters such a situation [hours 1000 – 1800/6 PM],
please ask for the Lifeguard Supervisor or phone the Police.

Any situations needing a police presence should be reported to the police dispatcher. An appropriate response
will be made. We were advised that the department is short 55 officers.

One South Vanderbilt resident attended and made an excellent, effective presentation pertaining to lot opera-
tions and traffic conditions on South Vanderbilt.

A potential exists for the installing Traffic Islands @ Maryland and Aqua in a manner similar to that on

The Traffic Engineering Study conducted 26 JUN – 6 JUL indicated South Vanderbilt failed to qualify for the
next phase of the Traffic Calming Program. This is the third time the street has failed to qualify. Given the
approved Staff procedures and rules which administer the entire City, a staff solution which would move the
street to elements of the next phase of traffic calming, other than those now in place, is not possible. [Staff has
been very, very helpful! We greatly appreciate their assistance.] Rather, resolution will require political assis-

The Board noted that the Traffic Calming Program has resulted in increased police presence in the neighbor-
hood. The Croatan Community Patrol assets, when available, will be used to augment routine patrols; espe-
cially on South Vanderbilt.

In view of some resident’s opposition to traffic islands, a motion was made and approved to poll South Van-
derbilt residents to determine their desires in this regard. This poll is expected to be accomplished within 30
days via e- and/or snail mail.

The JUL CCL newsletter, page 3, discusses the status of the On Street Special Permitted Program. CCL met
with the City’s Traffic Engineering 19 JUL and discussed that program. There has been no change in the
status of that program. The recommendation discussed in the JUL newsletter is being staffed by the City. The
desire of some for say, 3, parking permits to be issued to each household for unrestricted use remains
very, very unlikely because an ordinance change is required.

Regarding the recommendation pertaining to removal of on street parking spaces. the
JUL 04 Newsletter article, page 5, advised that uncertainty existed in regard to the number of on street spaces
which would be removed; but
That CCL had recommended to The City on street parking be removed from:
     1. Mid-Virginia Dare Drive – South of Secotan, North of Croatan Hills Drive
     2. Croatan Hills Court
     3. East Croatan Hills Drive-West of Surfside, East of the Virginia Dare Drive-Croatan Hills Drive inter-
     4. MidSurfside – South of Mace Hill, North of Croatan Hills Drive
     5. North Surfside – North of Croatan Road
     6. Southwest Virginia Dare Drive – Southwest of the Virginia Dare Drive-Croatan Hills Drive intersec-
     7. West Croatan Hills Drive – West of the Virginia Dare Drive-Croatan Hills drive intersection.

At the AUG meeting the uncertainly concerning the number of on street spaces permitted to be removed no
longer existed. That number had been fixed at a maximum of 150 spaces.

Current political considerations dictate that none of the present on street parking spaces located north of
Croatan Road can be removed as part of the 150. This parameter met strenuous, angry and repeated objec-
tions from North Surfside residents!

A motion was made and approved to remove 150 on street parking spaces from designated areas South of
Croatan Road. Those areas so designated are:
    1. MID-VA DARE DRIVE…………..30 spaces
    4. MIDSURFSIDE……………………17
    5. SW VA DARE DRIVE*………… 16
TOTAL………………………                           150 spaces
*4 spaces would come from the 18 spaces located on the Northwest side of Virginia Dare Drive just west of the
Virginia Dare Drive & Croatan Hills Drive intersection.

Croatan was requested to concur with on street parking during those 6 to 8 periods during the year when the
Municipal Lot at Camp Pendleton is closed due to National Guard units firing on the adjacent range. A motion
was made and approved "That on days the Camp Pendelton lot is closed due to the utilization of the firing range
that all marked spaces in Croatan, with the restricted hours of 7:00pm to 9:30am, be open for parking for the
same time period the Camp Pendelton lot would have been open (6:00am to 8:00pm)."

Croatan was requested to concur with the removal of time restrictions on the remaining [after the 150 spaces
have been removed] on street parking areas. The BoD vehemently opposed such action. A motion was made
and approved to continue with the existing limits.

For 2004-5 CCL needs to concentrate on finding a means of securing Alternate Access via the Camp Pen-
dleton Park.

Beach Management has embarked on a low key but effective rebuilding of the dunes. CCL has assisted by
meeting with Beach Management and using the CCL e-mail and snail mail system to coordinate efforts with
oceanfront property owners. We need to nicely remind beach users to please stay off the recently planted
dune grass.

During Hurricane Alex a drainage problem developed on Croatan Road near the entrance from General
Booth Boulevard. A drainage inlet on the curve was blocked. This is critical since there is only one way in
and out of Croatan. Resident Gwen Holmes set about solving the problem. She hired a contractor with a
trash pump to pump the water from the inlet; thus allowing residents to ingress/egress Croatan without
“wading” water. The City subsequently got involved and cleaned adjacent drains. Although Gwen has not
requested reimbursement, other residents suggested a means be found to reimburse Gwen. At the Aug
meeting doing so from existing CCL funds was considered but not accepted due to the current “tight”funds;
and precedent setting concerns. Rather, suggestions were made and accepted to accept donations for this
purpose. The amount of money involved is $445.00. Should you desire to contribute to this fund
please forward a check to Wanda and mark it “Reimburse Trash Pump”. Thanks!

The footbridge remains in design.

The Twilight Access Lane is in need of having some sand level landscaping timbers removed. In order to
accomplish this we plan to have a community work day to remove them. That date is 9AM Saturday 21
Aug. Bring your work gloves, crowbars, hammers, a pick axe , refreshments and participate! Should not
take long to do this. Thanks!

Will the Aug meeting recommendations and motions satisfy everyone in Croatan? Absolutely not! As al-
ways I would be glad to entertain comments either on the beach or via e-mail:

The September civic league meeting is scheduled for the Ramada Inn on the Beach, 615 Atlantic Avenue, 7
PM, Monday, 13 Sep. All Croatan residents are invited to attend and participate in this meeting.

See ya on the beach!!! Ken

                           FLOODING AT CROATAN ENTRANCE During Hurricane Alex, our neighbor
                   Gwen Holmes, when confronted with a huge amount of flooding on Croatan Rd. near the
                   entrance, after no immediate response from the City, called a private contractor to pump
                   the water from Croatan Rd. so that every one of us in Croatan would be able to enter
                   and exit without drowning our cars or wading in water. After the flooding was taken care
                   of, she was still getting no response from the City, so we notified Tom Pritchard who, in
turn, notified Richard Maddox and, two days later, the City responded by cleaning out the clogged drains
on both sides of Croatan Rd. This is very rapid response from the over-burdened storm water manage-
ment staff. Unfortunately, in acting on our behalf, Gwen was billed $445 by the contractor who took care of
the flooding. I, personally, feel that Gwen went way above and beyond in solving this emergency. She
has asked for no reimbursement, but, if many of us would write a check for a mere $10 made out to the
Croatan Civic League and in the memo line write “for Gwen Holmes”, send it to Sylvia Vance at 657 Fort
Raleigh Dr., this would be a great way to share the load. Many, many thanks. Sylvia

JETTY UPDATE: The contractor is going to begin setting up the lay down area North of 2nd street
in the next week or two, but is not going to mobilize to the beach until after the Labor day weekend.
On the South side of the Inlet (your main interest) the latest word for the steel arrival is the end of
September. Mobilization to the point by the contractor is expected as soon as the preconstruction
vibration monitoring is completed. I have not heard anymore about whom has not responded to the
letters then what we previously discussed, a second and third letter was sent out and I expect an up-
date regarding the monitoring status next week. Mike Kay, Coastal Engineer

                    Neighborhood Watch and CAC Meeting
                                Maria Kania

As you all know National Night Out was a wash out. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights (OK it just
seemed that way) and then the sun came out right around 6:30 p.m… Exactly when the party was going to
start. But we knew the Hot Dog-Ice Cream Man could have never gotten his truck in or out of there. Also,
the short little legs that the ponies “wear” would never have made it in all the mud and water. Remember
the mud we had for our Spring Fling two years ago? It was out of our hands, anyway, because the Police
Department cancelled it for us. We couldn’t reschedule because the Hot Dog Man was booked for 3

Adopt A Muster was a rousing success……again……thanks to all that realizes the importance of “good
will”. This is our one time each year to show the officers that we appreciate the risks they take every single
day to protect all of us…….complete strangers. Anyone stop to think where we would be without

I want to thank:
Ray & Millie Boucree.…Jim & Judy Brown…. Kim & Sylvia Vance.…Mike Buescher & Suzanne
Jobe…..Bernie & Wanda Iliff….Clay & Debbie Warwick…. Hank & Carol Marks.… Jim & Pat Baker.… Ken
& Doris Jobe,.…Shep , Barbara & Gordon Garris…. Jim & Jan Perriello.…Bob Denny & Alysen
Moran….Joan Dunn.…Jane Jackson.… John, Gina, Max & Dana Bennis….Steve & Cindy Letour-
neau….Bob & Judy Shay….George & Barbara Horvath….Ed & Regina Oswalt….Jim & Linda Rich-
ards….Gwen Holmes….Edmund & Alice Ruffin…. Aubrey & Debbie Graham….John & June
Strader….Vince & Pam Donlon….Les & Tricia Bristow….Paul & Laurie Michels….Don & Carol Bry-
ant….Wes, Sara & Wesley Laine….Susan Erickson….Tom & Catherine Cooney….Larry Wetsel….Carol
McGee….Don & Anne Richie….John & Linda Taylor….Rich & Ronnie Tobin….Chris & Gina
Wuethrich….Joe & Lori Hanley….Steve & Diane Carrington….Chris, Kim & Kyra Lilley….Allan & Pam
Parker….Ray & Kay Troutman….Chad & Sheila Long….Greg & Betti Garber….Ed & Christel Lewis….Bob

Just in case I have left anyone out, please forgive me. Things were coming in so fast and furious, I am
always afraid that someone’s name might be left off. I do have a basket and a blue plastic tray left over. If
anyone is missing these items, call me at 428-2317.

I especially want to extend a personal thanks to all that stayed to help clean up. This year was so much
easier for everyone.

We had several monetary donations. We felt that we had enough food, so I asked the Police Department
if we could purchase something that they needed. Something to make their lives easier and safer. I asked
them if, maybe, they needed a new gun or a couple cans of mace, or gas for their cars….you know…..the
basics. They thanked us for our generosity, but wanted us to donate the extra money to Hope Haven Chil-
dren’s Home during the holidays. The only gifts those children receive are through donations. During the
holidays is the only other time that I try to strong arm Croatan into sharing the fruits of our labor. We have
$292.99 left over from the Adopt A Muster to donate to Hope Haven. So…, we have a head start on
our Holiday “causes”. I will have more information on the number, the needs and ages of the children that
are at Hope Haven this year, as we get closer to the holidays. I thought that was very generous of the
Police Department to redirect our “gifts”.

At the July Civic League meeting we had an informative presentation from the folks at
NAS Oceana, headed by the Commanding Officer of NAS Oceana, Captain Tom Keeley.
At this presentation they extended an invitiation to all of Croatan to a tour of the base. The
tour included places that are not on the regular tours. The Civic League meeting presenta-
tion along with the Oceana tour helped us to understand what they are trying to accom-
plish over there, with all that noise we find so annoying at times. I know we all would like
to think that they could find another time and place to make all that noise, instead of when
we are trying to watch CSI or Dr. Phil. That facility and the coordination of people and machinery are amaz-
ing. Thirty-six Croatan residents attended and a few of our children even had the chance to sit in the simu-
lator. Talk about the ultimate video game!!!!

We were much luckier than some of the areas in Florida. Hurricane Charlie lasted about 1-½ hours in Vir-
ginia Beach. Just long enough for me to run to my car and get as wet as if I had jumped in the ocean. Vir-
ginia Beach declared a State of Emergency. City staff came back from vacations to man their “storm” posts
to have it all over in such a short time. If we learned one thing from Charley, it is that, regardless of how
many Doppler’s you have, no one can predict exactly where it will hit.

We were told at the CAC meeting that the statistics for burglaries, larcenies and vehicle thefts are up from
2002 & 2003. There also has been a substantial increase in residential burglaries. There have been sev-
eral arrests.

The 2nd precinct keeps telling us to report suspicious activity. I know we all hesitate to call the non-
emergency police number (427-5000) to report situations that just don’t seem right to us, but aren’t exactly
illegal either. Well, someone struggled with that decision lately and took a risk and called, and it turned out
that they caught a rapist. He was caught just because a citizen was uncomfortable with his behavior. Now,
we know that isn’t going to be the case every time, but if it happens once, it makes is worth it.

Since April 15, between Rudee Inlet and 41st Street, from the water to Artic, they have made over 700 ar-
rests. And issued over 3200 parking tickets. Busy, busy!

                                            Croatan workday Saturday August 21st

                   The Twilight Access Lane was in need of having some sand-level landscaping tim-
                   bers removed. In order to accomplish this a community work day was planned for
                   9 AM on Saturday 21 August 2004. Volunteers were Ken Jobe, Lou Kitchin,
                   George Horvath, Bob Denney & Alysen Moran, Bernie Iliff, Dwayne Ross, & Ed and
                   Regina Oswalt. Regina supplied lemonade. THANK YOU!!

                If you haven’t received your 2004 Croatan Directory, please contact Sylvia Vance. I
                have just a few left. 425-9960 or Unfortunately, I can’t give
                you a second copy, but I have several 2003 directories available. If you’d like one of
                those, you’re welcome to it.

                      COUNCIL OF CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS - August 2004 Meeting

                      The August 2004 CCO meeting was held 7 PM 11 Aug at the Glenwood Community
                      Center, 2097 Roundhill Drive and South Independence between Stumpy Lake and
                      Honey Bee Golf Course. It can be accessed via Princess Anne Road and South Inde-

                       The AUG meeting featured a continuation of the development of the 2004 legislative
package. involving the issues outlined in the JUL CCO newsletter.
Specific issues of concern include:
   • Operation of 49cc motorized vehicles
   • Requiring developers to pay for Public Safety Impact Studies for development projects
   • Withdrawing the idea that retired police officers could be used to supplement the precinct’s activities
       due to concerns about the cost of remaining “current”/meeting training requirements
   • Defining blight
   • Using/fencing the fines assessed polluters to help pay for storm water management
   • Require screening of dumpsters
   • Extend the legislation permitting Photo Red Enforcement Program

A report was received that behavioral issues in the resort area have shifted from the Oceanfront and Atlantic
Avenue to the bar scene area [Pacific area and west thereof].

The annual banquet is in the planning stage. Attempts are being made to shorten the meeting and have SEN
Allen as the speaker.

The SEP 04 meeting is scheduled for 7 PM 8 SEP@ the Glenwood Community Center. The tentative Subject
is a presentation by VDOT on the Southeast Parkway. The meeting is open to the public.

                                                                         WHAT ARE THE ODDS????

                                                                         Ed Oswalt was sitting in a car at
                                                                         the Hall GMC dealer when he
                                                                         decided to try the On-Star fea-
                                                                         ture. He pushed the “Hot But-
                                                                         ton”. The On-Star person asked
                                                                         where he was and if he was sit-
                                                                         ting down. She told him that he
                                                                         had just won a car!!!! He has a
                                                                         brand new GMC Denali sitting in
                                                                         his driveway now. A truly
                                                                         GRAND PRIZE. Congratulations,

                   I have two sons. One is 21 and will be home next week before going off to his final col-
                   lege year. Nathan and Mike, our 15 year old, are often interested in extra work. Please
                   call, 422-1223 and ask for me , Zoe (Mom), or Nathan (age 21), or Mike (age 15). Tom
                   (Dad) often tends to lend the quality control to the project. We are at 625 Surfside Ave.

My name is Linda Giese and I live at 408 Croatan Hills Drive and my daughter-in-law,
Monica Giese, is a Mary Kay representative. If anyone is interested in buying any Mary Kay prod-
ucts she can be reached either by phone, 426-3886 (H), 619-9417(C)
or e-mail Monica has decided to quit her job and be a stay at home
mom to take care of her two girls ages 3 and 3 months. (Is Linda a proud grandmother, or what?

 The Croatan Civic League
 P.O. Box 319
 Virginia Beach, VA 23458

 Publisher and Editor:
 Sylvia Vance                                                         BABYSITTERS IN CROATAN
 NEW EMAIL                                          BRITTANY WATERS                 428-3260
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 Maria Kania                                                  KAITLIN DENNIS                  428-2129
                                                              PRESTON BANTA                   425-7463
 Croatan Civic League
 President: Ken Jobe
                                                              CHRISTIAN SIMS                  437-1811
 Vice President: Jim Brown
 Secretary: Harper Donahoe                                    SARA DUNCAN-PATCHIN             491-4453
 Treasurer: Wanda Vass Iliff

 Board of Directors:
                                                              KATIE TROYER                    846-0596
 Jim Brown
 Mike Buescher                                                BRITT & SOFIA GERLOFF           965-4950
 Harper Donahoe
 Phillip Engel
 George Horvath
 Wanda Iliff
 Ken Jobe
 Maria Kania
 Wes Laine
 Cheryl McLeskey
 Lee Mednikow
 Tom Pritchard
 Allison Swan
 Sylvia Vance                                          PET SITTERS IN CROATAN
 Rick Whaley
                                                    MORGAN GARBER age 9                          422-1840
 Leslie Hamilton
 Les Lascari
                                                    PERI BOWMAN age 12                           425-9327
 Chip Rudolf
                                                    DIANE TEMPLETON                              464-5804

                                                  CROATAN LOGO WEAR
                                                  Large, Extra Large and XXL t-shirts are
                                                  once more available. The process used
                                                  for printing the photo of Steve Comstock’s
                                                  47 Woody must be printed on white cloth
                                                  only, so colors are not available.

All t-shirts, short sleeved or muscle shirts, are only $12.
Youth sizes are available with the design by Alexandra MacPherson. $12
Also available is a wide range of colors of Croatan caps for $15 each
plus Croatan logo glass tumblers $2.50 each.

To view or purchase, just contact Sylvia Vance at 425-9960 or
Thank you for supporting your Croatan Civic League.


             Les and Trish Bristow are moving to Florida after 17 years of participating in
             Croatan activities. We’ll miss you and hope that you enjoy your new life.

Lee and Robyn Mednikow are moving to Princess Anne Hills. Lee was on the Board of Direc-
tors of the Croatan Civic League and Robyn was active in the Women’s Club and Book Club.

Joan and Kelly Rose are moving from the Oceanfront to the DC area. Best of luck!!

Stef Runyan is now residing full time in Park City, Utah. Her house is now on the market.

                 THE CROATAN WOMEN’S CLUB is preparing to start a new year with a
                 Welcome Back Bash for all the ladies in Croatan on Monday, September 13, at
                 7:00 pm. Our hostess will be Lynette Reuss, 735 Virginia Dare Dr., 491-1285.
                 Our tradition is to bring school supplies to donate to a designated school for
                 children in need and we chose Seatack Elementary to be this year’s recipient.
                 Also, please bring a photo of yourself for this year’s directory. The deadline
for the directory is October 11th so we can receive our directories earlier than in the past.
We’re looking forward to greeting new members as well as seeing our good friends. See you in
September. Sylvia, the new Prez

               2004 CROATAN DIRECTORY Kathy Donahoe is the fortunate teacher of the Future
               Business Leaders of America at Landstown High School. This year she had 5 FBLA's
               place first or second in the Virginia competitions for web sites, etc. Their next step
               was to go to the national competitions in Denver this summer. These same students
               printed this year's Croatan directory and the Croatan Civic League, for their efforts, do-
               nated $750 toward their trip to Denver. In July, they went to Denver, and the web
site competitors won FOURTH PLACE IN THE NATION!!!! Kathy Donahoe is so proud of these kids!!!
While in Colorado, they took some time to ride the cog train to the top of Pike’s Peak, dressed in
shorts and t-shirts, and…guess what? It was SNOWING!!!..and they were treated to a view of clouds
instead of the panoramic vista. If you need a web site worked on, one of Kathy’s winners is available
to come to your house: Jake Tews,

                                      CROATAN ANNUAL DINNER MEETING
                                      SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17
                                      At the Contemporary Arts Center, 2200 Parks Ave.
                                      This is the big meeting of the year where we vote for new mem-
                                      bers of the Board. Please consider donating some time to our
                                      community and running for the Board this year. The term is
                                      two years.
Another reason I’m writing this early is to notify you that we have to make a change this year in fi-
nancing this dinner. It has become prohibitive for the Civic League to cover all the costs of the din-
ner. We will need to charge each person $10.00, payable in advance when you RSVP. We will not
be able to allow people in without an RSVP, so please help us with this. Sylvia


                                                                Everyone in Croatan was in-
                                                                vited to tour Oceana on Aug.
           F-18 HORNET FLIGHT LINE                              11. Our tour guides met us
                                                                with vans to drive us onto the
                                                                base...just the beginning of
                                                                the red carpet treatment.
                                                                Our first stop was a simula-
                                                                tor of a carrier flight deck.
                                                                It was like a room sized com-
                                                                puter game in the round.
                                                                This simulator enables the
                                                                Landing Signal Officer to
                                                                practice communications with
                                                                the pilots. The split screen
                                                                shows what the LSO sees vs.
                                                                what the pilot sees. We wit-
                                                                nessed many landings in a va-
riety of conditions. Very COOL!!
       Our next stop was in the Fighter Jet Simulator. An F-18 pilot demonstrated his skills
while another regaled us with tales of what the G forces they deal with feel like, including a
demonstration of “the hook” which is a bent over position and fast breathing which forces the
blood toward the head. They need to use the hook or don a G suit when the G forces ap-
proach SIX G’s. Matt Phelan, age 5, climbed right into the cockpit when offered, and he flew
the simulator like a pro. Then _________Wuethrich got his turn. You can tell these kids
know computer games.
       Our next stop was the
                                             HUSH HOUSE
observation deck in the control
tower. We got to watch the
flight operations in full swing.
       Our last stop was the
Hush House where they test
the engines inside the heavily
insulated closed area. It was
opened in Jan., 2002 and has
run more than 1350 engine
tests to save our ears.
       Thanks to Ken Jobe and
Maria Kania for organizing this
tour. It was fascinating for
kids of all ages.

                                         Presorted Std
                                          US Postage
                                          Permit #50
                                         VA Beach, VA

The People Make the Beach

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