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									French Embassy in Riyadh: The most
visited tourist attractions in France
   France is undoubtedly one of the
    hottest destinations of the world.
    If there is a survey on how many
    percent of asked people want to
    visit France carried on, the result
    will be a big number.

   Most of people around the world
    wish to visit France, at least for
    one time. They may have
    different reasons, different
    purpose and targets. French is
    home of famous cuisine that is
    typical for only France, no others
    got these.
   The country is famous for its
    cheeses and wines. It is a great
    destination for tourist with about 82
    millions foreign tourists per year,
    this make the country the world’s
    most popular travel destination.
    The most understanding points of
    French tourists are beautiful
    countryside, historic cities, villages,
    a lot of historic castles.

   The climate of France is really
    agreeable, the natural additionally
    give the country beautiful full of
    sunlight beaches on Corsica island,
    French Riviera and the Atlantic
    coast.    A long         history and
    foundation makes a lot of festival
    year around, these are also
    attractions for tourists.
   The top travel sites in France can
    be listed:
   Eiffel Tower: All people know the
    Tower is the symbol of France
    and the top attraction of French

    The tower was named after the
    architect Gustave Eiffel, it was
    built as a entrance arch for the
    International Exhibition in Paris in
    1889. With 200,000,000 visitors
    from the constructions, this is the
    most visited paid tourist attraction
    of the world.
St Tropez: St Tropez located in
French       Riviera,    is     the
destination of famous and
wealthy       guests:       fashion
models, millionaires. It also
attracts artists, film maker to be
inspired by this picturesque
 Chamonix: This is a well-
known ski resort, located at the
foot of Mont. Blanc. The first
Winter Olympic Games was
held at this site in 1924. After
that, this ski resort attracts
world-class skiers and boarders
to challenge themselves on the
most      challenging       slopes.
Besides, alpine mountaineers
and mountain bikers also love
this resort.
   Palace of Versailles: The
    palace was the official
    residence of the Kings and
    Royal family until 1789 when
    they returned to Paris in
    French revolution.
   Mont Saint-Michel: located off
    the coast of Normandy, this is
    perfectly preserved Chartres
    Cathedral and also the finest
    typical French High Gothic
   Gorge du Verdon: It is a long
    canyon, suitable for water
    sports: water skiing, sailing,
    kayaking, rafting….
   Dune of Pyla
   Palais des Papes
   Chateau de Chambord
   Gorge du Verdon
   Tourists must have in detail plan before
    start the trips, don’t forget the required
    document and card to enter the country
    like passport, visa. Contact the French
    embassy if you have any wonder on
    these documents. There are 327 French
    embassies and consulates all over the
    world, so it is easy for you to find one in
    your country.

   For example: French Consulate in Accra,
    Ghana, French Consulate in Athens,
    Greece, French Embassy in Riyadh,
    Saudi Arabia , French Consulate in
    Tokyo, Japan, French Embassy in
    Islamabad, Pakistan, French Embassy in
    Rangoon, Myanmar, French Embassy in
    Oslo, Norway, French Embassy in
    Colombo, Sri Lanka, French Embassy in
    Minsk, Belarus.

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