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									How to Write a Literature
    Summarizing Relevant
  Readings in Your Research
          What is a Good RRL
A lit review is not a report   Rather, a lit review is a
that summarizes relevant       cohesive account of important
                               bodies of works and
articles and books one by
                               arguments in your discipline,
one sequentially.              and the articles and books
                               that are a part of these bodies
                               of work and arguments. The
                               trick is to choose the bodies
                               of work that are most relevant
                               to your project.
Literature reviews don’t   A good literature review
have to be necessarily     must be comprehensive.
As you summarize the          Relate each piece of
literature, be careful that   research to the broader
you're not just discussing    research question, and
each piece of writing in a    relate individual pieces
vacuum                        of research to each other
Be careful not to make For example, if you're
your lit review too broad writing about the effects
                          of squash seeds on the
On the other hand, don't growth of chickens
make your lit review too there's no need to
narrow                    include a background
                          discussion of how
                          squash are grown.
     How to write a Literature
• Step 1: Read a lot.
     Read with care and purpose
    Look carefully at the references
    Read from tangentially related fields
• Step 2: Define the area.
 It is important to know what that body of
  knowledge says so that we know where our own
  work should go, and, ultimately, does go.

 Keep in mind that when you are reviewing the
  literature, typically you are looking at the
  literature that deals with your particular area.
• Step 3: Keep track of all of this

 Copy articles.
 Write down all bibliographic information on the
  copy of the article.
 Write note cards and bibliog. cards
• Step 4: Write it up.
 When writing a literature review, keep in mind
  that you are reviewing the literature, not
  summarizing it.

 Your research has something to do with the
  effects of squash seeds on the growth of
 A similar study:The effects of organic feeds on
  the growth of squirrels
• You do not want to do this:

• Smith (1978) conducted a 3x3x3 factorial design
  to study squirrels. He concentrated on brown
  squirrels, stating “flying squirrels are just too
  damn unpredictable to study” (page 54). 1000
  squirrels were broken into six groups and given
  the choice of nuts to eat. 1 group was given
  nothing but pecans, the other nothing but
  acorns, and then allowed to switch, BLAH,
  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH......
You may write this instead:
• Smith (1978) found that squirrels fed with
  acorn nuts had a higher mean growth than
  squirrels fed with pecan nuts.
• Then relate this information to your own
• The most common mistakes students
  make are that they don’t do enough
  literature, or they do too much literature, or
  they summarize the literature rather than
  review it.
• Remember that you are trying to set the
  stage for your own work and therefore
  your discussions about it is important.
• Read some literature reviews to find out
  how others have done this. See what you
  like, and what you do not like.

• Check our research area/library for
  researches done and their literature

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