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									Career & Employment Services Council
Fall Quarter Meeting
Ellensburg, WA
Friday, October 1, 2004

Executive Meeting: 8:30-9:45am at the Palace Café.

Attendees: Erik Tingelstad, Pres.; Betsy Shields, Secretary; Christy Doyle,
Treasurer; David Wain Coon, Dean/VP Representative. Agenda items were firmed
up and the reports are in the minutes and the enclosed attachments.

General Council Membership Meeting 10am – 2pm

Members present: Erik Tingelstad-Pres.,Highline; Betsy Shields, Secretary,
Everett; Christy Doyle, Treasurer, Spokane; Amy Persel, Cascadia; Pam
Church, Skagit; Christine Kirk, , Seattle Central; David Wain Coon, Cascadia
and Dean/VP Rep; Brenda Landers, SBCTC/HECB; Cheryl Vermilyea, Bellevue; Theo
Dobie, Columbia Basin.

Welcome & Introductions: Brief introductions were made around the room by
name and what college they are from and what areas are covered in their

Minutes: Minutes were unanimously accepted as amended. Amendment: The next
meeting date is Thursday, January 13th (not the 14th) and will be a statewide

Treasurer’s Report: The following account balances were reported:

Checking   $205.75              Savings   $312.53

A motion was made by Betsy and seconded by Erik to transfer $150 from
checking to savings. The motion was approved. Discussion about what to
spend the money on revolved around speaker stipends and mailing for increased
membership. No action was taken. Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved
as submitted.

State Board Report: Brenda Landers, of SBCTC/HECB, represented Nani Jackins-
Park, Director of Student Services at the State Board for Community &
Technical Colleges. She reminded us that we can find information on their
website . She supplied us with reports from the
SBTCC and EO Grant process. Some discussion surrounded the possibility of
Work Source and/or Employment Security relocating to college campuses.
Christy will get more information on this and post on the listserv.

Dean’s Commission Meeting Report: David Wain Coon reported the next WSSSC
meeting is scheduled for October 7th and provided a tentative agenda for this
meeting to be held at Lake Washington Technical College. David submitted a
Draft plan for the WSSSC 04-05 Work Plan for 2004-05 (see attached).
Discussion ensued regarding the collaboration with Worker Re-training and
Workfirst and the way to minimize the separation and duplication of support
services offered. In the Technology, Planning and Development goal, it was
asked that CESC be added to their planning as we have been tracking new
software for work study and student employment with CIS and see this as the
next generation of services being available to students and graduates. David
also commented on other councils meeting three times a year for one and a
half days to two days instead of just the 4 hours our council meets.

CESC 2004-05 Work Plan: Erik submitted a draft work plan for the council for
04-05 basing it on the discussions of the April 2004 meeting. It is set in
the same format as the WSSSC work plan in columns for: What, Who, and
Results. (See attached) The main discussion centered upon assigning sub-
committees that will report back to the CESC quarterly and some of those
include: Career Development for Council Members; Technology; Assessment and
Outcomes Reports; By-Laws; and Membership. This draft will be open for
discussion until the January 13, 2004 meeting where changes may be made and
committees assigned.

Website Update: The website is up and running (temporarily off-line). You may find a list of members, by-laws, resources, and
other great statewide information about the Career and Employment Council.
Corrections or information should be sent to

Other Business:

1. Nominations were opened for the position of President Elect as Sebastian
Myrick of South Seattle CC has changed jobs and will not be able to fulfill
the assignment.   Although some interest was expressed, the decision was
tabled until the winter quarter meeting.

2. Draft by-laws were submitted and voting to accept will take place on
January 13th. (see attached)

3. The rest of the time was spent on discussing how to increase council
participation and productivity of the CESC. We reviewed the purpose of our
organization per our by-laws and agree that with the collaboration with so
many other agencies and programs, it is vital that we emphasize the
importance of attending these meetings. One way is to re-structure the
meeting into one and half days.    This will allow for increased productivity
through committee work and an increased focus on professional
development/best practices. It might also attract a broader base of campus
people to attend. The council supported distribution of a survey of all
appointed members. It will focus on attendance and participation issues
within the CESC Council. The survey should be distributed the week of
October 15th giving participants one week to respond. Results to be
distributed via the listserv by November 1st. Amy suggested using as a way to do the survey. Erik will look into this and
create the survey from the suggestions offered. He will send the questions
to the Executive Board prior to the actual survey on the 15th.

Meeting Locations and Dates for 2004-05:

Thursday, January 14, 2005—Video Conference at the following sites: Cascadia,
Spokane, Lower Columbia, Olympia. 12-3 pm

Friday, April 22, 2005—Tacoma after the WSSSC Conference lunch

April 20-22, 2005, Washington State Student Services Conference at the
Greater Tacoma Conference and Trade Center.

The meeting concluded at 1:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Betsy E. Shields, Secretary CESC

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