MEDICAL OFFICE PROCEDURES - BTECH 253 (5 credits)
                           ENROLLMENT SHEET
 Name: ___________________________ Date: __________ Quarter: __________
 Contact Number(s): _________________ E-Mail: __________________________
 SID #: ____________ Class Day/Time: _____________ Instructor: ___________

                                                             Testing Your Knowledge (10%)
         STUDENT STUDY GUIDE (20%)
                                                      Unit 1        (week 6)
 Chapter 9, Telephone                                 Unit 2        (week 7)
   Study Guide                                        Unit 3        (week 7)
 Chapter 10, Scheduling                               Unit 4        (week 8)
   Study Guide                                        Unit 1-4 Concepts Eval. (week 8)
 Chapter 11, Patient Reception                        Unit 5        (week 8)
   Study Guide                                        Unit 6        (week 8)
 Chapter 12, Office Environment                       Unit 7        (week 9)
   Study Guide                                        Unit 8        (week 9)
 Chapter 13, Written Communication                    Unit 9        (week 10)
   Study Guide                                        Unit 5-9 Concepts Eval. (week 10)
 Chapter 14, Medical Records                          Average
   Study Guide
 Chapter 21, Professional Fees                                   Printed Reports (30%) *
   Study Guide
 Chapter 22, Parts 1-3                                Unit 1 Reports     (week 6)
   Study Guide                                        Unit 2 Reports     (week 7)
 Average Study Guide                                  Unit 3 Reports     (week 7)
                                                      Unit 4 Reports      (none)            NA
 Meetings with Instructor (5%)                        Unit 5 Reports     (week 8)
   (three times)                                      Unit 6 Reports     (week 8)
                                                      Unit 7 Reports     (week 9)
 Average                                              Unit 8 Reports     (week 9)
                                                      Comprehensive Eval (week 10) (5%) *
                                                      Unit 9 Reports    (week 10)
                 ASSIGNMENTS (10%)                    Average

 Week 2 - Procedure Page                                              FINAL GRADE
 Week 5 - Procedure Page                                    Administrative Medical Assistant
                                                      Student Study Guide      (20%)
 Average                                              Assignments              (10%)
                                                      Exams                    (20%)
                                                      Meetings with Instructor  (5%)
                    EXAMS (20%)
                                                                     Medical Manager
 Exam 1 (week 3)                                      Testing Your Knowledge    (10%)
 Exam 2 (week 4)                                      Printed Reports *         (30%)
 Exam 3 (week 6)                                      Comprehensive Eval. *      (5%)

 Average                                                        FINAL GRADE

 * All Medical Manager data entry and printed reports must be completed on Campus.

Revised 1/2009

                     MEDICAL OFFICE PROCEDURES - BTECH 253
                                   (5 Credits)



    Grade of 2.0 or better in BTECH 150 or instructor’s permission.

II. STUDENT OUTCOMES: After completing Medical Office Procedures, students
    will be able to do the following:

           Identify medical office career opportunities and the skills needed to fill them.
           Demonstrate an understanding of the historical background of modern
           Identify the current medical care delivery system in the U.S.
           Discuss medical ethics applications.
           Demonstrate an understanding of medical liability and how it affects health
            care facilities.
           Demonstrate familiarity with computer systems in a medical office setting.
           Follow correct procedure for patient reception.
           Follow the guidelines for scheduling patient appointments and medical office
            time management.
           Follow the guidelines for telephone calls and mail that the medical office
            assistant is able to handle independently.
           Describe different types of record systems and the reasons for keeping good
            medical records.
           Explain how a physician's fee profile is determined and the meanings of
            professional courtesy and third-party liability as well as other terms relating to
            professional fees.
           Define vocabulary terms and procedures pertaining to accounting and
            accounting systems as well as banking services.
           List items to be addressed in developing a medical office credit policy and
            understand collection procedures.
           Establish and maintain an office inventory and ordering system.
           Identify the purpose and goals of an office procedures manual.

BTECH 253                                                                                Page 2

        Kinn’s The Administrative Medical Assistant, 6th ed., Alexandra P. Young,
        Saunders Co., 2007. www.elsevierhealth.com.

        Student Study Guide, Kinn’s The Administrative Medical Assistant – An Applied
        Learning Approach, 6th ed., Alexandra P. Young, Saunders Co., 2007.

        The Medical Manager Student Edition, Version 10.0 for Windows, Richard
        Gartee, Delmar, 2003.

        Three Scantron sheets for tests.

        Storage Device: USB Flash Drive recommended

        Internet Access (available in the BSC).


        The Administrative Medical Assistant (Weeks 1-5)
        Student Study Guide      -- 20% of final grade
         Procedure Pages (2)     -- 10% of final grade
        Exams                    -- 20% of final grade
        Instructor Appointments -- 5% of final grade

        Medical Manager (Weeks 6-10)
        Testing Your Knowledge -- 10% of final grade
        Printed Reports        -- 30% of final grade
        Comprehensive Exercise -- 5% of final grade

        You may work on Medical Manager during BSC lab hours Monday – Friday.
        The program is also available on weekends in Room N-121. Work must be
        completed on Campus.

        Course Completion Requirements

               Read assigned chapter material.
               Complete all study guide assignments as outlined in the assignment
               When an assignment is completed, proofread it with the answer key
                located in the solution manual or your textbook .
               Complete tests within the timelines as listed in the assignment schedule.
               Meet at least three times with your instructor to review and discuss your
               Prepare procedure pages as instructed in the syllabus.

BTECH 253                                                                            Page 3
                            ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE

Week 1      Read Chapter 9 - Telephone Techniques pp. 147-167

            Complete Vocabulary Review pg. 77 in Study Guide
            Complete Parts I – VII pp. 78-87 in Study Guide (Omit Part V)
            Take the Quiz for Chapter 9 pg.89 in Study Guide (for exam preparation
            Make appointments to meet with instructor

Week 2      Read Chapter 10 - Scheduling Appointments pp. 169-188
            Complete Vocabulary Review pg. 91 in Study Guide
            Write a Procedure Page to verify appointments or a topic related to
                telephone techniques. Get instructor approval for your topic.
            Complete Parts I – VIII pp. 92 – 97 in Study Guide
            Take the Quiz for Chapter 10 pg. 99 in Study Guide (for exam preparation
            Instructor appointment date: _______________________________

            Read Chapter 11 - Patient Reception and Processing pp.189 – 202
            Complete Vocabulary Review pg. 119 in Study Guide
            Complete Parts II –VII pp. 120 – 122 in Study Guide (Omit Part I &
               Part VIII)
            Internet Activity #2 pg. 124 in Study Guide
            Take the Quiz for Chapter 11 pg. 125 in Study Guide (for exam
               preparation only)

Week 3      EXAM 1: Chapters 9 – 11

            Read Chapter 12 - Office Environments and Daily Operations pp. 203
            - 222

            Complete Vocabulary Review pg. 127 in Study Guide
            Complete Parts I – VII pp. 127 – 131 in Study Guide (Omit V, VI, VII)
            Take the Quiz for Chapter 12 pg. 133 in Study Guide (for exam
              preparation only)

            Read Chapter 13 - Written Communications and Mail Processing pp.
            223 – 248
            Complete Vocabulary Review pg. 141 in Study Guide
            Complete Parts I – III pp. 142 – 145 in Study Guide (Part III: Omit D)
                Note for Ex. E: Prepare a coversheet & fax it along with Letter A to
                your instructor @ 964-6451 – A fax from Word templates is acceptable.
            Take the Quiz for Chapter 13 pg. 149 in Study Guide (for exam
               preparation only)
            Instructor appointment date: __________________________________

BTECH 253                                                                           Page 4
Week 4      Read Chapter 14, Medical Records Management pp. 249 - 280
            Complete Vocabulary Review pg. 163 in Study Guide
            Complete Parts I – VI pp. 164 – 172 in Study Guide
            Complete Internet Activity – Filing Tips pg. 173 in Study Guide
            Take the Quiz for Chapter 14 pg. 175 in Study Guide (for exam
              preparation only)
            EXAM 2: Chapters 12 – 14

Week 5      Read Chapter 21 - Professional Fees, Billing, and Collecting pp. 399 –
            Complete Vocabulary Review pg. 253 – 254 in Study Guide
            Complete Parts I – III pp. 254 – 260 in Study Guide
            Take the Quiz for Chapter 21 pg. 263 in Study Guide (for exam
              preparation only)
            Write a Procedure Page from Chapter 21 or 22 – see instructor for topic

            Read Chapter 22 - Banking Services and Procedures pp. 429 – 452
            Complete Vocabulary Review pg. 283 in Study Guide
            Complete Parts I – V pp. 284 – 289 in Study Guide
            Take the Quiz for Chapter 22 pg. 291 in Study Guide (for exam
              preparation only)

Week 6      EXAM 3: Chapters 21 -22
            Instructor appointment date: _______________________________

Weeks 6-10 You will now begin working with the Medical Manager text and
           software. It is important that you begin Medical Manager by Week 6
           in order to complete it by the end of the quarter.

            All printed reports must have your name, the name and page number
            of the report, and the instructor’s name on the top of the page.
            Printouts must be correct before continuing. See instructor or
            instructional technician if you have questions. Proofread all “Testing
            Your Knowledge” answers against the student answer key before
            handing them in to your instructor.

            Read Unit 1, “Using the Medical Manager,” pages 1-50 in The Medical
            Manager textbook. Complete Testing Your Knowledge, page 51.
            Proofread your answers against the student answer key and mark any
            errors or changes you would like to make, and then hand it in to your

            Follow the steps listed on Page 14 of Unit 1 to start the Medical
            Manager software. Please see the instructor or instructional
            technician if you need assistance. A table of all required printouts is
            provided at the end of this syllabus. Check your printouts against the
            student key and hand them in to the instructor.

BTECH 253                                                                        Page 5
            Unit 2: Building Your Patient File
            Before beginning the steps in Medical Manager, it is wise to read the
            entire chapter first, then go back and highlight the steps before
            completing. Complete all exercises, including Testing Your Knowledge,
            pages 121-122. Proofread your answers with the student answer key and
            hand it in to the instructor to be checked off.

            Unit 3: Posting Your Entries
            Complete all exercises, including Testing Your Knowledge, pages 165-
            166. Proofread your work against the student answer key and hand it in.

            Unit 4: Editing Prior Entries
            Complete all exercises, including Testing Your Knowledge, page 189-190
            and Units 1-4, Concepts Evaluation, pages 191-192. Proofread your work
            against the student answer key and hand it in.

            Unit 5: Office Management/Appointment Scheduling
            Complete all exercises, including Testing Your Knowledge, pages 225-
            226. Proofread your work against the student answer key and hand it in.

            Unit 6: Practice Management
            Complete all exercises, including Testing Your Knowledge, pages 289-
            290. Proofread your work against the student answer key and hand it in.

            Unit 7: Report Generation
            Complete all exercises, including Testing Your Knowledge, page 313.
            Proofread your work against the student answer key and hand it in.

            Unit 8: Advanced Functions
            Complete all exercises, including Testing Your Knowledge, pages 359-
            360. Proofread your work against the student answer key and hand it in.
            Complete the Comprehensive Evaluation, pages 350-358. This is
            considered a test for the Medical Manager portion; therefore, no academic
            assistance will be provided during the Comprehensive Evaluation.

            Unit 9: Today’s Medical Office
            Complete all exercises, including Testing Your Knowledge, pages 387-388
            and Units 5-9, Concepts Evaluation, pages 389-390. Proofread your work
            against the student answer key and hand it in.

BTECH 253                                                                       Page 6
                   Medical Manager List of Required Printed Reports Due
Unit 1 (Week 6), Page 33, Ex. 8          Diagnosis Code Report
                                         Insurance Plan Report; Service Facility Report; Doctor/Practice
Page 35, Ex. 9
                                         Report; Referring Doctor Report
Page 43, Ex. 10                          Procedure Code Report
Unit 2 (Week 7), Page 118, Ex. 8         Guarantors’ File Report
Unit 3 (Week 7), Page 161, Ex. 9         Daily Report for 01/10/03
Unit 4                                   No reports
Unit 5 (Week 8), Page 211, Figure 5-19   Appointments Worksheet Report
Page 214, Ex. 10                         Hospital Rounds Report
Page 219, Ex. 12                         Daily Report for 02/03/03
Unit 6 (Week 8), Page 231, Figure 6-4a   Insurance Pre-billing Worksheet
Page 233, Ex. 1                          Printing Insurance Forms
Page 234, Ex. 2                          Daily Report for 02/04/03
Page 257, Ex.9                           Daily Report for 02/17/03
Page 259, Ex. 11                         Insurance Pre-billing Worksheet
Page 272, Ex. 19                         Insurance Pre-billing Worksheet and Insurance Billing
Page 273, Ex. 21                         Daily Report for 03/14/03
Page 284, Ex. 27                         Daily Report for 03/20/03
Unit 7 (Week 9), Page 293, Ex. 1         Guarantors’ Financial Summary Report
Page 296, Ex. 2                          Summary Current Period Report
Page 298, Ex. 3                          System Financial Summary
Page 304, Ex. 4                          Daily Report for 03/31/03
Page 308, Ex. 6                          Patient Statements
Page 310, Ex. 7                          GL Transfer with Distribution Report
Unit 8 (Week 9), Page 326, Ex. 8         Daily Report for 04/03/03
Page 330, Ex. 10                         System Aging Reports
Page 348, Ex. 11                         Options 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9
(Week 10), Pages 350-358                 Comprehensive Evaluation (This is considered a test)
Unit 9 (Week 10), Page 373, Ex. 2        Figure 9-8 (Page 374)
Page 379, Ex. 3                          Figure 9-12 (Page 381)
Page 384, Ex. 4                          Figure 9-18 (Page 385)

BTECH 253                                                                                        Page 7
                             WRITING A PROCEDURE PAGE
                                     BTECH 253

Why Have a Procedure Manual?
Many medical offices have a procedure manual in their office developed by the entire staff and used for
the benefit of any employees working in the office. The procedure manual is constantly being updated
and changed to reflect any changes in the practice. It represents the flow of work and the correct way of
completing one’s duties in a medical office. In a medical office it may take up to two years to develop the
procedures manual if there isn’t one already in place.

Some of the reasons for having a procedures manual are as follows:

       Acts as a performance guide.
       Acts as a reference manual.
       Less chaos and confusion over procedures
       Provides legal protection.
       Provides written knowledge.
       Provides written accountability.
       Keeps consistency in performing office procedures.
       Enhances staff participation in the process of setting procedures.
       Less time spent hunting for forms.
       Creates a sense of unity in the office.

What Topics Are Included in a Procedure Manual?
Below is a sample medical office policy and procedure manual table of contents:

        I.      Privacy Basics
        II.     Patient Relations
        III.    Communication
        IV.     Medical Records
        V.      Release of Patient Information
        VI.     Financial Operations
        VII.    Insurance
        VIII.   Patient/Office Safety
        IX.     Employee Issues
        X.      Employer Issues

A procedure page might contain all or some of the following information:

       Title of the page (states the topic)
       Purpose statement (describes the purpose)
       Definitions (defines any specialized vocabulary words used in the procedures page)
       References (sites any outside references used in writing the procedures page)
       Scope (identifies the audience and/or users of the procedure page)
       Equipment and Supplies (necessary equipment or supplies for completing the procedure)
       Procedural Steps (usually a sequentially numbered list of steps to follow in completing the task or
        job for this procedure)
       Effective Date (There should always be a date that the procedure page was prepared)
       Policy Number (There should always be a policy procedure number for reference purposes)
       Company Name (The name of the practice using the procedure page)

BTECH 253                                                                                             Page 8
                                THE STUDENT ASSIGNMENT

What Do I Need to Do?

Read the attached sample procedure page. Identify the parts of the page. Notice how the paragraphs are

Assume you are the office manager in a small, one physician medical office. The physician asks you to
start putting together a procedure manual, because he is expecting to add another doctor to the practice.
This will mean additional patients, additional staff, and the need for standardized procedures. Throughout
this course, you will write three procedure pages for an office procedures manual. You will have the
choice of topics for your procedure pages as follows:

Week Two – Procedure Page Possible Topics
Chapter 9 & 10: failed and rescheduled appointments, telephone scheduling, late patients, handling
cancellations and delays on the physician’s part, or handling pharmaceutical representatives. OR
Chapter 11: preparing the waiting room each day or leaving the office for the day.
Note: Work with Instructor for topic approval.

Week Five – Procedure Page Possible Topics
Chapter 12, 13, or 14:
Note: Work with Instructor for topic approval.

You will write two procedure pages. They must come from a different chapter. The information you
collect can come from the textbook and one other outside resource, such as professional journals,
Internet searches, or other textbooks. When you use additional resources, you will need to site them
under a section called References in your procedures page. You will notice procedure pages in each
chapter of your textbook. They are written with a blue background and are identified by the chapter
number followed by a procedure number. You will want to study the procedure pages to get a feel for how
procedure pages are written.

Expectations of Student Procedure Page:

    1.   Communicate with your instructor regarding your topic.
    2.   You will be expected to use complete sentences and correct grammar.
    3.   You will be expected to demonstrate a clear understanding of your topic.
    4.   You will be expected to write clear instructions that could be easily understood by office staff.
    5.   Your procedure page should show evidence of critical thinking for the procedural steps.
    6.   When you are finished, spell check your document and proofread it for errors.

Grading of Procedure Page:
Mechanics                         20 percent       _____ X   .20
Content                           50 percent       _____ X   .50
Organization                      15 percent       _____ X   .15
Professional Appearance           15 percent       _____ X   .15

See attached rubrics for further explanation of grading. All documents will be graded on a 4.0 scale.

BTECH 253                                                                                               Page 9
                                          MEDICAL OFFICE PROCEDURES

                                              Procedure Page Rubrics

Grading:          4.0 (Effective)         3.0 (Competent)      2.0 (Inadequate)          1.0 (Seriously         0.0 (Unacceptable)
Content (50%)     Content                 Shows competent      Inadequate details        Develops a vague       Provides little or no
                  demonstrates a          critical thinking.   and understanding         or limited point of    information to
                  high level of           Uses adequate        of topic. Missing a       view on the topic.     support topic.
                  understanding of        explanations.        major point of            Weak critical          Missing three or
                  topic. Contains a       Topic could have     information.              thinking.              more major points.
                  high degree of          included more        Demonstrates a low        Inappropriate or       Lacks critical
                  substance. Written      detail and           level of                  insufficient           thinking.
                  for appropriate         substance. Missing   understanding of          information.           Demonstrates little
                  audience including      minor point of       topic.                    Missing two major      knowledge of the
                  all necessary           information.                                   points on the topic.   topic.
                  details. Shows
                  effective critical
Mechanics         Free of spelling,       Two errors: one      Three errors; one         Two                    Three
(20%)             grammar, and            spelling/grammar     spelling/grammar          spelling/grammar       spelling/grammar
                  punctuation errors.     error and one        error and two or          errors or four or      errors or five or
                                          punctuation error.   more punctuation          more punctuation       more punctuation
                                                               errors.                   errors.                errors.
Organization      Is well organized       Is generally         Inadequate                Poorly organized.      Disorganized.
(15%)             and clearly             organized and        organization of           Three ideas are        Shows no sign of
                  focused.                focused.             ideas. Lacks focus        unfocused and          focus in four or
                  Demonstrates            Competent            and coherence.            document shows a       more areas.
                  clear coherence         coherence and        Ideas are not             lack of planning.      Results in a
                  and smooth              progression of       sequenced well.           Lacks coherence or     disjointed,
                  progression of          ideas. Sequence                                progression of         disorganized paper.
                  ideas. Well             of ideas could be                              ideas.
                  developed               stronger.
                  thoughts &
                  sequence of ideas.
Professional      Shows consistency       Two minor format     Major format error or     Major format error     Two major format
Appearance        with use of             errors. Incorrect    omission of a             and two or more        errors or five or
(15%)             formatting. Applies     spacing.             significant part of the   minor format errors.   more minor errors.
                  font size and style                          document, such as a
                  appropriately to                             title or side heading.
                  add emphasis and                             Three or more minor
                  enhance                                      errors.
                  readability. Correct
                  spacing of
                  document. Correct
                  format applied for
                  title & subtitles and
                  side headings.

            BTECH 253                                                                                            Page 10

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