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					The Australian Flying Disc Association Special General Meeting Minutes 13 February, 2000 Sunday at the Seeds of Doom tournament

Minutes of the SGM of the AFDA Held at SoD, Sydney, NSW 13 February 2000

Meeting opens at Lunchtime

ATTENDEES Padi O’Neill Lisa Waters Sandra Poon Leon Smith Andrew Stanley Chris Warris David Lowe Matt Ryan Anthony Perry Stewart Fallon Michael Williamson Jon Tomkin Tony Purcell Mamoru Matsuki Michael Cummings Giles Deshon Jonathan Potts 1. AFDA Membership Fees Padi described the circumstances that brought about a compromise deal between the protagonists of event-based fees (Leon Smith) and annual fees (Simon Farrow). On 11 February they were prompted by an e-mail from Jonathan Potts to consider a compromise, given the importance of having all State administrators supportive of the fees policy (especially NSW, the largest contributor of revenue). After a comparison of the respective camps’ numbers of proxy votes (approx. 120 for annual fees and 70 for event-based fees), Leon and Simon agreed to jointly propose a compromise to this meeting. Leon tell explained the main features of the compromise proposal:  full membership to cost $40 for 12 months payable from Easter, $20 for six months payable from Easter or from October, $10 for three months payable from January  first year membership of $10  “attendance fee” payable by all non-members at tournaments ($5 two-day, $10 Mixed Nationals, $20 Nationals)  half-year membership available to league players in both first- and second-half of year provided joining as a large group


 

“event fee” to be negotiated with the AFDA committee on a case-by-case basis for events such as Disc Golf tournaments and beginners’ days, offering insurance coverage for the life of the tournament only, to encourage people to pay full membership life membership to be purchasable at the rate of 10 times the annual fee membership cards to be issued to all members

Discussion ensued about:  membership cards – the difficulties of the logistics of issuing cards to everyone were acknowledged but the worthiness was emphasised. The committee would have to give some consideration to how it will be achieved.  “trialling membership” – Jonathan contended that trialling membership should not be a formal category, but preferred “probationary membership”. The characteristics of his concept were considered by the meeting to be much the same as the current “trialling membership”.  Padi reiterated that this new proposal was aimed at bringing everyone under the AFDA umbrella and emphasised that membership would from now on be demanded (not offered) of all participants The motion to implement the compromise proposal as introduced was moved by Leon Smith and seconded by Jonathan Potts. Carried unopposed. 1. AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION Leon discussed “Motion 1” to alter Section 5.2 of the constitution: That section 5.2 of the AFDA constitution be amended as follows. Current reading of Section: "5.2 There is one category of membership, which is: ACTIVE membership, being any financial member of the State Flying Disc Association, paid yearly direct to AFDA or State controlling body, percentage to go to the AFDA, remainder to the State body." Proposed reading of Section as amended: "5.2 Any person who has paid the appropriate membership fee, either direct to AFDA or via an AFDA affiliated Association or their delegate shall be deemed to be a member of the AFDA." There was no discussion as debate had taken place on the e-mail. It was moved by Leon Smith and seconded by Dave Lowe. Carried unopposed. There was discussion to alter Section 7 of the constitution to include the President and Treasurer. A motion to do so was moved by Jonathan Potts and seconded by John Greenfield. The motion was to amend section 7.3 as follows: 7.3 In addition to the AFDA President and Treasurer, the Executive Committee will consist of one and a maximum of two elected representatives from each of the recognised State Associations, who shall be called the Executive Committee of the AFDA. All members of the AFDA Executive Committee will be announced at the AGM. The motion was carried unopposed.

2. MANAGEMENT OF THE AUSTRALIAN TEAMS FOR WORLDS 2000 Tom Brennan had e-mailed the executive earlier in the week to propose that the following motions be discussed at the meeting: 1. That Colin Wagstaff be appointed as Team Manager for the Australian Teams attending Worlds 2000. 2. That a separate bank account, named AFDA Worlds 2000, be set up to manage the Australian teams’ funds for Worlds 2000. This account would require the signature of both the Team Manager and one of the signatories to the Australian Flying Disc Association, Inc. account. Proposal 1 was accepted and moved by Jonathan Potts, seconded by John Greenfield and carried unopposed. Regarding proposal 2, there was some discussion regarding the need for accountability for and proper recording of all transactions which pass through this account. There was also discussion regarding the additional complexity of having multiple signatories to the account when setting it up and when the signatories needed to be changed. As a result it was decided to include only the AFDA Treasurer as a second signatory to the account. The winding up clause for the account was also considered, so that the final motion moved by Jonathan Potts and seconded by John Greenfield read as follows: That a separate bank account, named AFDA Worlds 2000, be set up to manage Australian teams’ funds for Worlds 2000. The account will require the signature of both the Team Manager, as appointed by the AFDA committee, and the AFDA Treasurer. Usual auditable accounting practices are to take place in the management of all funds for Worlds 2000. The account is to be wound up after all debts relating to the Worlds campaign have been paid and a report is to be made to the AFDA committee as soon as possible after Worlds. Remaining funds are to be distributed as decided by the AFDA committee. The motion was carried unopposed.

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