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“ D e d i c a t e d t o i n f o r m i n g a n d u n i t i n g S e n i o r S o f t b a l l P l a y e r s o f A m e r i c a a n d t h e Wo r l d ”
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SSUSA Adopts Major-Plus Task Force Rules
‘Pitcher Protection Rule’ Applied to All Divisions and Ages
By Dave Dowell                                   its, to home runs and roster restrictions.         retained the “Pitcher Protection” rule in the
Softball News Report                                   The ninth recommendation was to drop         Major-Plus Division, but extended it to all age
     SACRAMENTO – Senior Softball-USA            the “Pitcher Protection” rule.                     groups and skill levels.
(SSUSA) announced it has adopted eight of              “We feel it is never OK to hit up the mid-        “The Task Force has really done the sport
nine recommendations made by a Major-Plus        dle toward the pitcher,” said Gary Tryhorn,        an invaluable service,” said Terry Hennessy,
Task Force commissioned to come up with          chairman of the Task Force. “By putting a          SSUSA chief executive officer. “We would              > Calendar of Events
rules for that division.                         penalty on this, it would give the hitters the     like to thank all of the managers who replied         > East vs. West Team
     The eight adopted recommendations           idea that if they accept the penalty, it’s OK.”    to the survey, and especially thank the Major         List in US Nationals
                                                                                                                                                          > Legend Grows
ranged from tournament format, to time lim-            The SSWC Board, however, not only                                       Please See Page 4
                                                                                                                                                          in Valley of the Sun
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                   Mini Warmup                                 Player Suffers Heart                                                                       Tournament Lists and
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                   Tournament                                  Attack; Saved on Field                                                                     Pages 23-26

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           We are expanding our news coverage tremendously with this edition of Senior Softball                                                           in Virginia:
    News by adding Internet News Coverage to our traditional newspaper coverage. To get more                  Softball News Report                        Page 9
    depth, more photos and more stats, just go to www.seniorsoftball.com/news and type in the                      VICTORIA, MEXICO – Mayor
    keyword indicated in the stories.                                                                         Arturo Navarro presented the key to         >Northeast
           As you can see, the look of Senior Softball News is changing, as well. These changes are           his city and won the hearts of the USA      Championships
                                                                                                              Team here in August.                        in New Jersey
    designed to give you quick and complete coverage while keeping the cost to you minimal. We                                                            Page 11
    are facing much higher newsprint and postage costs, and we feel that instead of increasing the                 The historic tour was designed
    cost to you, we can better serve you by making use of a combination newspaper-internet news               to open the door for an exchange of
    product to give you senior softball news more quickly — and more completely.                              teams between the United States and
                                                                          - Terry Hennessy, Editor                             Please See Page 12
Senior Softball News   Autumn 2008 Edition
Autumn 2008 Edition                                                                                                                                        Senior Softball News      3

Report: Sports Bucking Downward Economic Trend
                                                                                                                                             grow on an annual basis since 1998. In
By Jack Sirard                                camping, although at a campground closer        executive officer of Senior Softball USA,      that year, the SGMA reported that the
Softball News Report                          to home,” he says.                              noted that “the sport is growing among         nation spent $350 million on a wholesale
     With the national economy stumbling           Certainly those playing senior softball    senior players. This year, we have seen        basis and that has continued to rise year
along – some say on the verge of a reces-     aren’t about to give up their game or           an increase of about 7 percent in both the     over year to a record of $534 million in
sion – the nation’s sporting goods industry   reduce their purchases of needed gloves,        number of players and teams.”                  2007. This year, the SGMA projects sales
seems to be holding its own.                  bats and balls.                                      Hennessy said that a particular bright    of $536 million on a wholesale basis.
     And with a few notable exceptions,            As the nation’s population continues       spot has been in the women’s age 40 divi-
the industry looks to continue that trend     to age, the SGMA sees some changes              sion. “This division is growing rapidly
into the future.                                                                              and will continue to do so for at least
                                                                                                                                             Nor-Cal Player Shot,
                                              in spending habits. “Between 2000 and
     A recent report by the Sporting Goods    2020, the population aged 45 and older          the next decade because of the influx of

                                                                                                                                             Killed While Working
Manufacturers Association notes that          will have increased 42 percent while            women who began playing fast pitch 20
sports, fitness and outdoor activities are    the number aged 5 to 19 will be only 8          years ago are now coming into our sport.”
recession resistant.                          percent larger. This should help the fitness         The SGMA Report noted that there
     Tome Cove, president and chief                                                           are two notable exceptions to the reces-       Softball News Report
                                              industry, but mean slow growth at best for
executive officer of the SGMA, says that                                                      sion-resistant theory and that directly              OAKLAND, CA. – Dave Wells, 62, a
                                              team sports,” the report said.
“the recession-resistant theory is based on                                                   affects two of the largest categories in the   longtime senior softball player and man-
                                                   The report also noted that while there
the idea that these activities give comfort                                                   sporting goods field – athletic footwear       ager, was murdered here in August.
                                              has been a slowdown in the number of
or relief or at least distraction from the                                                    and sports apparel. These two tend to be             According to a report in the Oakland
                                              new health clubs, the clubs are attracting
concerns of daily life and people won’t                                                       more influenced by fashion trends than         Tribune, Wells was found shot to death in
                                              more and more seniors. In 1987, only 5
give them up because of a recession.”                                                         sports activity.                               his delivery van a little before 8 am in a
                                              percent of club membership were those
     He points out that most of these                                                              “The other is that the luxury, high-      parking lot near the Oakland International
                                              aged 55 and up, but that jumped to 19
activities including softball don’t really                                                    ticket side of our business might suffer as    Airport.
                                              percent by 2005, the report said.
cost a lot of money. “Runners won’t stop                                                      people decide that now just isn’t the time           According to the Tribune report:
                                                   The SGMA reported that participa-
running, parents won’t deny their daugh-                                                      to spend $3,000 for a treadmill,” he says.     “Oakland Sgt. Caesar Basa said the sher-
                                              tion in slow-pitch softball is in long-term
ters a new softball glove, people will keep                                                        In its report, the SGMA notes that        iff’s deputy drove into the parking lot to
                                              decline, losing casual and league players.
going to the gym and campers will keep                                                        baseball/softball sales have continued to      check out the van because it was the only
                                                   However, Terry Hennessy, chief

Underage Player Banned, Team Suspended
                                                                                                                                             vehicle in the lot. Police were unsure how
                                                                                                                                             long Wells had been dead but believe he
                                                                                                                                             was an independent contractor who was in
                                                                                                                                             the East Bay making pastry deliveries.”
Softball News Report                          would only be 49.                                   was too young to participate.                    Wells was well known in Hayward,
     A player on the Seven Softball 50             In an appeal of SSUSA’s decision                    4 “Robert Daily was listed on         Modesto and throughout Northern Califor-
Major team has been banned for life, the      to suspend Jones and his team, attorney             the lineup and only taken out of the       nia as both a player and manager. Most
manager suspended and the team dis-           Purcell Luke, wrote:                                lineup – and not allowed to play in        of Wells’ senior softball career was spent
banded for the 2008 season for putting an          “Mr. Jones states that he did not              the event – because the intervention       with The Farm.
underage player on the roster. In addition,   falsify any credentials for Mr. Daily, nor          of the Tournament Director, Dave
Seven Softball, which won the Atlantic        did he have any knowledge that Mr. Daily            Dowell.
Coast Championships, was stripped of its      did not meet the minimum requirement of
awards and its berth to the Tournament of     50 years of age… to penalize a team by                “You were responsible for verifying
Champions.                                    stripping them of awards, titles and berths     Daily’s age directly to Moreno and by the
     The player, Robert Daily of Mary-        for a well-earned weekend battle when           fact that you listed him on the roster and
land, has been banned for life for attempt-   that player did not participate in any of the   your lineup. The assertion that “it was
ing to falsify his age in order to play       games is genuinely wrong.”                      common knowledge” creates significant
senior softball. Daily is 49 years old.            In answer to Jones’ appeal, SSUSA          doubt about any claims of not knowing
     The incident at SSUSA’s Atlantic         lifted the team and manager suspension          Daily was underage.
Coast Championships came to light when        for 2009 because Daily did not participate            “Frankly, you can thank Dave Dowell
a protest was lodged that the team was        in the tournament.                              for not allowing Daily to participate. If
using an underage player.                          “After reviewing the information,”         Daily had participated, the suspension
     The tournament director, Dave            Terry Hennessy, SSUSA’s chief executive         would be upheld for the full time. Be-
Dowell, refused to allow Daily to play and    officer wrote in the appeal:                    cause Daily did not participate, the team
had him stricken from the lineup card for                                                     disbandment and your suspension are both
the first game until Daily could produce               4 “You verified to George              lifted for the 2009 season.
identification. Daily had a temporary             Moreno (SSUSA National Office                     "As manager, you are suspended for
membership number, which the manager,             Director) that Robert Daily was the         the remainder of the 2008 season and your
Pierce Jones III, received when he called         correct age when you offered to pay         team is disbanded for the remainder of the
into Sacramento to verify Daily would             for his card and received a temporary       2008 season. In addition, your team for-
complete the registration.                        registration number for him prior to        feits all awards and its TOC berth, which
     The next day, Daily produced a               the tournament.                             will go to the second-place team. The
driver’s license, but kept his thumb over              4 “The manager reporting that          2008 season ends on Oct. 28, 2008."
the birthdate. After Dowell requested the         Daily was underage said that it was               “Robert Daily remains banned for
license for further study – and the birth-        “pretty common knowledge in this            life from Senior Softball for intentionally
date was uncovered – it showed Daily              part of the country” that Robert Daily      misrepresenting his age.”

                                                Teams from 5 States Vie in Cal Cup
        Senior Softball News                                                                                                                                    Autumn 2008 Edition

By Carl Gustafson
                                                Softball News Report                                                                            the championships.
3 Groups, 3 Tournaments                              Great weather, extremely close
                                                                                                       For expanded coverage                         In the 55 Majors, the Old Dawgs beat
                                                competition and a first-class “dinner and                  of the California                    J. Chubb Insurance 15-14 and 12-11 to
     Tournament organizers usually group        dance” event made the 2008 California                 Championships including                   win the division. And in the 55AAA, the
teams into three distinct categories. They      State Championships a memorable tourna-                complete results and All                 Mustangs beat Wilson 55s by a slim 19-
may have different names, but anyway            ment.                                                                                           18, forcing an IF game. Wilson 55s came
you shake it they fall into (1) those who            The 5th annual California State                  Tournament Players, go to                 back to win the 55AAA championships
are appreciative (2) those who take the         Championships, otherwise know as the                 www.seniorsoftball.com/news                27-23.
tournament for granted, and (3) those who       “Cal Cup,” took place Aug. 12-17 at two                 and SEARCH: Cal Cup.                         In the 55AA, No Limit emerged from
complain.                                       complexes, one in Lincoln and the other                                                         the loser’s bracket to beat the Sacramento
      Of course not every guy on the team       in Sacramento. All division winners at          joyable tournament as 63 teams competed         Islanders 23-19, forcing an IF game, then
exhibits behavior relative to the label, but    the Cal Cup earned an invitation to the         in 16 different divisions.                      beat the Islanders again, 25-21, to win the
he sanctions it by his affiliation and by       2009 Tournament of Champions in Polk                 On the field, the largest division – 50    division.
saying nothing. Here’s how to recognize         County, Florida.                                AAA – produced one of the most excit-                In the 60 Major Division, WE Ruth
the three types of teams:                            Even though the tournament is              ing finishes. A scrappy Wilson 50 team          Realty 60s came out of the loser’s bracket
     The appreciative: They pay their           labeled the California State Champion-          plowed through 6 straight games in the          to beat Diamond Dawgs 27-23, but lost
fees on time and turn in a timely orderly       ships, teams from all states are welcome        losers bracket to challenge Mountain            the IF game 26-24. And in the 70AAA
roster. They accept their bracket, times,       to participate. This year’s event attracted     Mike’s Legends in the championships.            division, the Lincoln Hills Coyotes came
and fields without complaint. They chase        groups from Oregon, Washington State,           Wilson beat Mountain Mike’s 24-13, forc-        up with a late rally to beat the Sacramento
balls over the fence and return them. They      Arizona and Nevada, in addition to Cali-        ing an if game. But the 8th game proved         Blues 17-16 and win the championships.
police their dugout and leave it clean and      fornia.                                         too much and Mountain Mike’s beat                    Here are the results from the 2008
orderly. They make new friends among                 On Friday evening, players, manag-         Wilson 18-17 to win the title.                  California State Championships in South
the tournament teams. They thank the um-        ers, and their families congregated at the           Officials said the tournament pro-         Placer, CA:
pire, the volunteers, and the directors for     Horseman’s Club to socialize, eat, and          duced some of the closest games of the          MEN’S 40-MASTERS
helping to make the tournament a positive       dance the night away at the second annual       year, with 9 of the 16 divisions being          1. J&E Construction/Team Combat/DSS Bats
experience. Their wives are kind, helpful,      “Let’s Get It Started” Dinner and Oldies        decided by one run, or being forced into        (CA) - TOC
and diplomatic, spreading goodwill.             Dance sponsored by the Wilson Tro-              IF games.                                       2. 12 Angry Men (CA)
     Those who take tournaments for             phy Men’s 50 and 55 teams. The event                 In the Men’s 40 Masters, J&E Con-          3. Underestimated 40’s (CA)
granted: These teams assume tourna-             included a barbeque buffet from Texas           struction beat 12 Angry Men 21-20 in the        MEN’S 50/55-PLATINUM
ments just materialize out of thin air. They    Roadhouse and a raffle drawing with a           finals, while MTC Softball double-dipped        1. MTC Softball Club 50’s (CA) - TOC
seem unaware that many people spend             multitude of prizes.                            East Bay forcing an IF game with a 20-19
countless hours in preparation. Umpires              Perfect weather made way for an en-        victory, then winning again 25-18 to take       Continued on Page 6

                                                Major-Plus: Surcharge to Cover Balls, Umpires
just drop from trees like acorns and are
standing conveniently at the plate. The
dozens of balls apparently grow in the
outfield and are plucked before game time
by forest sprites. Their wives sit zombie-      Continued from Page One                               day concluding in the early afternoon.         – Team’s home state plus bordering
like reading novels awaiting the inevi-                                                         2.    TIME LIMITS – Sixty-five (65)                  states, Snowbirds prohibited, and one
tability that “this too shall pass.” These      Plus Task Force for establishing an im-
                                                                                                      minutes plus open inning in seeding            (1) out-of-region exception player
teams don’t cause much trouble, they just       portant consensus on key rules and game
                                                                                                      games, 75 minutes, finish current              allowed per team, using East/West
come and go and say nothing.                    formats. We are very grateful.”
                                                                                                      inning, in bracket, and seven innings          of the Mississippi River boundary.
     The complainers: They start                     SSUSA commissioned the Major Plus
                                                                                                      full, no time limit, in Championship           [EFFECTIVE DATE: Nov. 1, 2008,
complaining long before the tournament          Task Force in June to survey the Major
                                                                                                      game(s).                                       to prevent disrupting current rosters
starts. They complain on the Internet, on       Plus managers in the 50’s, 55’s and 60’s
                                                                                                3.    RUNS PER INNING – Seeding                      for the 2008 World Championships
the phone and among themselves. They            age groups and to use the responses from
                                                                                                      games: Seven (7) runs per half-inning          in Phoenix].
complain about starting times, they com-        those managers to formulate recommenda-
                                                                                                      at bat, with last inning open. Bracket    8.   ROSTER PUBLICATION – Ma-
plain about games times, which division         tions concerning playing rule modifica-
                                                                                                      and Championship Games: No run                 jor Plus rosters will be made public
they are in, which teams they play, what        tions for those divisions.
                                                                                                      limit (open scoring) per half-inning at        through the SSUSA web site.
umpires they have, the rules, the fields, the        The Task Force was chaired by Gary
                                                                                                      bat, with mercy rule of 25 runs after 5
dugouts, the water, the weather, the direc-     Tryhorn (Old A’s 60’s), and included Bob
                                                                                                      innings.                                       The managers surveyed by the Task
tor, other team’s ratings, and of course        Woodruff (GSF 60’s), Audie Hollis (Hol-
                                                                                                4.    HOME RUNS – Ten (10) plus 1-up,           Force voted exactly 50/50 percent on
— Terry Hennessy. Their wives join in           lis Appraisal 50’s and 55’s), Butch Drake
                                                                                                      Singles thereafter, in all three age      whether or not to drop “Pitcher’s Protec-
wholeheartedly adding a special salsa to        (Travelodge 55’s), Randy Hendricks
                                                                                                      divisions.                                tion” rule, and the Task Force’s recom-
the language.                                   (Hendricks Sports Management 50’s),
                                                                                                5.    SOFTBALLS – Each team will                mendation was to eliminate it. The rule
     I propose that we tournament direc-        Ken Lipinski (Seacrest Mavericks 50’s)
                                                                                                      be provided with two dozen new            will be retained, in modified form, and is
tors start holding separate tournaments         and Jim Hornus (W.E. Ruth 55’s).
                                                                                                      softballs at the beginning of the         simultaneously being extended to all ages
in all three categories. We could have               The effective date for all of the ad-
                                                                                                      tournament. Teams will hit their own      and divisions of play, effective Sept. 1,
the tournament of Appreciative teams in         opted recommendations is Sept. 1, 2008,
                                                                                                      softballs and chase their own home        2008.
Florida and make it like Heaven serving         except as otherwise noted.
                                                                                                      runs. Additional softballs may be              The adoption of the Task Force
steak and good wine. We could hold the               Here are the Task Force Recommen-
                                                                                                      purchased at the tournament or teams      Recommendations will result in additional
tournament of teams who take it for grant-      dations that have been adopted:
                                                                                                      may bring their own SSUSA ap-             softball costs and longer game times, for
ed in the western North Dakota on a gray                                                              proved (only) softballs.                  which umpires will be entitled to, and
day, play Barry Manilow music, and serve        1.   TOURNAMENT FORMAT – Ma-
                                                                                                6.    BALL / STRIKE COUNT – The                 receive, additional compensation. The
goulash. We could put the complainers                jor Plus teams will play two seeding
                                                                                                      current SSUSA rule of a 4-3 ball/         50’s, 55’s and 60’s Major Plus teams will
tournament in a cactus patch in Arizona              games on the first day, double elimi-
                                                                                                      strike count will be retained. No         be charged an additional entry fee of $200
some July, Mic all the contestants, then             nation (or three game guarantee, field
                                                                                                      courtesy foul.                            to help defray a portion of the additional
sit back and listen. It would be a lot more          availability permitting) brackets start-
                                                                                                7.    ROSTER RESTRICTIONS                       costs.
entertaining than the game itself.                   ing on the second day, with the third

New Retirees Beware of Spending Too Much Too Soon
Autumn 2008 Edition                                                                                                                                          Senior Softball News

By Jack Sirard                                                        “So planning for taxes is necessary as well. It might     and five years.
     After all those long years of working, your retire-        be the first time many retirees pay estimated taxes which            “Each of those CDs would equal the amount you felt
ment day finally arrives.                                       obviously is a very important thing to do.”                     you needed to supplement your Social Security and other
     The key question is: are you ready for everything                Seidman also points out that many of the newly re-        pension plans to cover the early and expensive years of
that retirement offers?                                         tired sect enjoy the fact that they often have paid off their   retirement.”
     You can be if you have a solid financial plan in place     homes and cars, they are tempted to spend more than                  That investment strategy also would allow a retiree
that looks beyond retirement day, financial advisers say.       they did during their working years.                            to weather a three-year downturn in the stock market
     Sacramento certified financial planner Scott Hanson              “One might travel more or get more involved in ex-        without worrying about cash flow at retirement.
says new retirees face a lot of problems in their first three   pensive hobbies that lead to keeping up the same amount              In order to fund one’s ongoing retirement, most
years of going without a regular paycheck.                                                of spending for many years into       financial planners say that investors can generally with-
     “It starts,” he says “with too much spending.”                                       retirement,” he says.                 draw 4 to 5 percent of their account balance per year and
     Retirees suddenly find that they have way too much                                        Seidman says that people         never run out of money…if the funds are properly in-
free time on their hands which leads to increased spend-                                  have to realize that retirement       vested. “Retirement accounts, except Roth IRAs, require
ing on such things as travel, shopping and even home                                      can be a long time for the indi-      a mandatory minimum withdrawals beginning at age 70
repair, he explains.                                                                      vidual or their spouse.               1/2 so it’s something that all retirees need to plan for,”
     They have put off doing a lot of this during their               “You don’t want to run out of money so you still          Seidman says. “And if the amount you withdraw turns
working years and now they rush out to try and do it all        need to own good growth investments during your retire-         out to be greater than what’s needed in a year, simply put
at once which can cost a lot of money.                          ment years,” he explains “Concentrating on dividend-            the extra money back into a personal savings account for
     Another costly mistake that the newly retired com-         paying stocks that have a history of increasing their           use in later years.
mit, Hanson says, “is deciding to pack up and move to           payouts is a good way to have an increasing standard of              Despite the turbulent times that housing and stock
a new location. Oftentimes people move to their dream           living in retirement or to at least keep up with inflation.”    markets are facing, Seidman says that “the worst thing
retirement home only to find that they were much happier              To offset some of the unanticipated costs during the      that retirees can do is to panic.
where they were.”                                               first two to three years of retirement, many financial ex-           “Retirement is not a point in time, but a journey
     It’s costly enough to sell one house and buy an-           perts recommend accumulating as much cash as possible           through time. You might be retired 10, 15, 20, or more
other, but it can seriously hurt your finances if you end       three years short of your last day of work.                     years. So a market downturn in the first few years of
up doing that again only to end up back in your original              “If you were reinvesting dividends, you might want        retirement shouldn’t hurt you if you have adequate
hometown.                                                       to stop that and start putting the dividends into a cash or     liquidity to sustain you. That’s why investors need to
     Massachusetts-based financial planner Dan Seid-            money market account,” Seidman advises.                         accumulate cash in the three years prior to retirement.”
man agrees noting that “most folks don’t decrease their               “In addition, three years before retiring investors            Jack Sirard is a retired national investment columnist
standard of living at retirement, nor are they in a lower       who have money in CDs should consider investing in              for McClatchy Newspapers and is a Softball News writer
tax bracket.                                                    CDs in a series of maturities, to come due in three, four       and editor.
 6      Senior Softball News                                                                                                                            Autumn 2008 Edition

Pitcher Protection Is Good Rule for All Divisions                                                                                                    Senior
     One of the biggest rule changes in
recent years went into effect Sept. 1, 2008:    COVERING                                     SSUSA that helps us keep your tourna-
                                                                                             ment fees down.                                         Softball
the Pitcher’s Protection Rule.
     This rule is designed to provide the
                                                THE BASES                                         Players, of course, have the freedom
                                                                                             to stay wherever they like during tourna-                News
pitcher with protection from batters hitting
                                                By Terry Hennessy                            ments. We only ask that you consider
up the middle.                                                                               these Host Hotels because they support
     The Pitcher’s Protection Rule will         mented in all divisions and in all age       Senior Softball and help you in the long
                                                                                                                                                2701 K St., Suite 101A
apply only if the pitcher is hit while in the   groups. It helps provide an extra element    run.                                               Sacramento, CA 95816
pitcher’s box and, in the judgment of the       of safety for pitchers.                           By the way, if you find that there is a           (916) 326-5303
umpire, the pitcher has no chance to make                                                    lower web rate – or any lower rate -- for           (916) 326-5304 FAX
a defensive play on the ball.                   Rising Costs                                 a Senior Softball Host Hotel, please let us         www.seniorsoftball.com
     The result is a dead-ball out.                  As the economy continues to slow,       know.
     We first instituted this rule a few        almost all of us are feeling the pinch of         Our agreement is that they offer the
years ago in the 40 Men’s Masters pro-
gram and it was so well received that we
                                                higher travel costs and tighter spending.
                                                     Senior Softball-USA is working with
                                                                                             lowest rate for the period of the tourna-
                                                                                             ment to Senior Softball players. The
extended it to the Major-Plus 50, 55 and        Host Hotels at major tournaments to make     number is: 916-326-5303.                                  W.E. Ruth
60 divisions this year.
     After less than a year of use it became
                                                sure that players have the lowest possible
                                                prices available. In addition, these Host
                                                                                                  Terry Hennessy is chief executive of-                 Editor
                                                                                             ficer of Senior Softball-USA.
apparent that this rule should be imple-        Hotels agree to provide a sponsorship to                                                            Terry Hennessy
                                                                                                                                             Contributing Writers/
Clutch Hitting Key for TKP's Success in Masters                                                                                                     Artists
                                                                                                                                               Susan Ballenger, Jean
     Still relatively new to our program is
the Master’s Division which is designed
                                                REFLECTIONS                                                                                  Chen, Jack Eberhard, Dave
for women in their 40s who are the future       By Connie Stewart                                                                            Dowell, Del Drake, George
senior ladies.                                                                                                                               Moreno, DuWayne Pillard,
     Just watching this division is an               This team was again successful at                                                        Susan Ruth, Steve Sim-
experience in itself! Wow, do any of us                                                                                                       mons, Jack Sirard, Mike
                                                the Western Nationals in Salt Lake City.
seniors remember the last time we could
run that fast, dive and slide into bases? I
                                                Once again with the Old School 40s com-                                                       Sisavic, Connie Stewart,
                                                ing up through the losers bracket, TKP                                                             Barbara Zanze
know I can’t!                                   came out on top.
        The TKP team from California                 The talent on this team is just as-
                                                                                             TKP celebrates another victory in               Art/ Internet Director
participated in their very first senior tour-                                                the Women's 40 Masters.                                  Scott Flodin
                                                tounding. For most teams it takes months
nament at the Rock n’ Reno tournament
in May. TKP came out on top beating
                                                to come together as a team, but this team    seems to be the team to beat in this divi-       Marketing Manager.
                                                must have some special ingredient! TKP       sion!
the Old School 40s 21 – 3. After a hard                                                                                                               Fran Dowell
fought game against TNT in the losers
bracket, Old School 40s had to immedi-
ately play TKP. Old School just “ran out
                                                Cal Cup: Teams Win 1st Leg of Triple Grand Slam
of steam,” according to their coach, Alma
                                                                                                                                            Nothing in this publication shall
                                                Continued from Page 4                        1. Base Hawgs (CA) - TOC                       be deemed to constitute in any
Guzman.                                                                                      2. Channel Island Pirates (CA)                 fashion whatsoever an endorse-
     This new TKP team, coached by Gina         2. East Bay Oldies (CA)                      3. Last Call (NV)                              ment by Senior Softball USA,
Oliver, is a team that has branched off         3. WE Ruth Realty 55’s (WA)                  MEN’S 65-MAJOR+                                LLC. (SSUSA), of any informa-
from a Women’s USSSA team, Karphone/            MEN’S 50-AAA                                                                                tion in this publication. SSUSA,
                                                                                             1. Nor-Cal Bluejays (CA) - TOC                 LLC., disclaims any and all li-
Long Beach. The team is comprised of            1. Mountain Mike’s NorCal Legends (CA)       2. California Angels                           ability with respect to any use of,
women from throughout California.               - TOC                                        MEN’S 65-AAA                                   or reliance on, such information.
     With everyone geographically sepa-         2. Wilson Trophy 50’s (CA)                   1. Lincoln Hills Coyotes 65’s (CA) - TOC       No information in this publication
rated, this team had not even met or even       3. End Zone (CA)                             2. Silver Sox (CA)                             shall be construed in any manner
practiced together before the tournament.       MEN’S 55-MAJOR                                                                              whatsoever as a recommendation
                                                                                             3. Nor-Cal Renegades (CA)                      of any industry standard, or as
According to Oliver, “playing in the Rock       1. Old Dawgs (CA) - TOC                      MEN’S 65-AA                                    a recommendation of any kind
‘n Reno tournament was a learning experi-       2. J. Chubb Insurance (CA)                   1. Sharks (CA) - TOC                           to be adopted by, or binding on,
ence. We lost our first two games in pool       MEN’S 55-AAA                                 2. Sacramento Blues 65’s (CA)                  any person or entity. Nor shall
play, but since it was our first tourney        1. Wilson Trophy 55’s (CA) - TOC             MEN’S 70-PLATINUM                              information contained in this
                                                2. Mustangs (CA)                                                                            publication be deemed to consti-
together we were able to make some                                                           1. San Francisco Seals (CA) - TOC (in 70-      tute in any fashion whatsoever an
                                                3. Bay Area Blasters (CA)
adjustments to the defense, and the batting                                                  Major+)                                        endorsement by SSUSA, LLC., of
order, to find the winning formula.”            MEN’S 55-AA                                  2. Top Gun 70’s (CA)                           any product or service advertised
     What seems to carry TKP through            1. No Limit (CA) - TOC                       MEN’S 70-AAA                                   herein. The material set forth in
some tough games is their outfield speed        2. Sacramento Islanders (CA)                 1. Lincoln Hills Coyotes 70’s (CA) - TOC       this publication is provided on an
                                                3. California Black Hawks 55’s                                                              informational basis only. SSUSA,
and pitching.                                                                                2. Sacramento Blues 70’s (CA)                  Inc., is not engaged in the practice
                                                MEN’S 60-MAJOR
      “The strength in our team is the                                                       3. Chiefs 70/Redwood City Seniors (CA)         of any profession, including but
                                                1. Diamond Dawgs (CA) - TOC                  MEN’S 70-AA                                    not limited to law, medicine and
ability for players to take on a variety of
positions and clutch hitting,” according to
                                                2. WE Ruth Realty 60’s (WA)                  1. Sacramento Gold (CA) - TOC                  accounting, and nothing in this
                                                3. Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac (CA)          2. Sacramento Pirates (CA)                     publication should be relied upon
Oliver. “The entire Reno experience was                                                                                                     in lieu of appropriate competent
                                                MEN’S 60-AAA                                 WOMEN’S 40-MASTERS
great, staying at the host hotel, Sands Re-
                                                1. Game On (CA) - TOC                                                                       professional advice.
gency, gave our team a weekend to bond                                                       1. TNT / The New Team (CA) - TOC
                                                2. Bickerton Iron Works (CA)                 2. Prime Time (CA)
and develop camaraderie between players         3. Prime Time (CA)
who had recently only corresponded by                                                        3. Steel Runnin’ (CA)
                                                MEN’S 60-AA
TOC Adds All Star Game, Clinics, Contests
Autumn 2008 Edition                                                                                                                                       Senior Softball News     7

Softball News Report                            elite softball tournament of the year an       7). These free clinics will give players a    Contest, Speed (running contest) and a
     POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA – Se-                 unparalleled event in the sport,” said         chance to warm up and to sharpen their        Pitching contest. There will be prizes for
 nior Softball-USA officials are adding         Terry Hennessy. SSUSA’s chief execu-           skills before the tournament with some        winners and no entry fee.
 two days of events before the most elite       tive officer. “Our goal is to make the         of the best hitters in the sport.                 Mini-Tournament: Later Thursday,
 softball event of the year – The 2009          TOC the Super Bowl of softball.”                   East vs. West All Star Game: Later        from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., there will be a
 Tournament of Champions.                           Only teams winning SSUSA’s top Re-         Wednesday afternoon, at 5 p.m., there         mini-tournament in which teams will
     The events include an All-Star Game,       gional, National and World Champion-           will be an East vs. West All Star Game.       have a chance to play short 3-inning (1/2
 free Hitting Clinic, free Skills Contest       ships are invited to the TOC. Winners of       Each competing team will select one           hour) practice games to warm up for the
 and a mini warm-up tournament. The             the ISA Senior Worlds and the Canadian         player to compete in the game. SSUSA          TOC, which begins Friday.
 events will take place on the Wednesday        SPN’s Senior Nationals are also invited.       will select two managers for each All             SSUSA, Polk County Sports Mar-
 and Thursday (Jan. 7-8) before the tour-           Here are the new events for 2009:          Star team.                                    keting and Miken Sports sponsor the
 nament begins. The TOC will be played              Hitting/ Fielding Clinic: The first            Skills Contests: On Thursday from         Tournament of Champions.
 Friday- Sunday (Jan. 9-11) here.               new event will be a hitting/fielding clinic    10 am to noon will be a skills contest            Hennessy said TOC Official Invita-
     “These additions will make the most        from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Wednesday (Jan.        including: Precision Hitting, a Home Run      tions would be mailed in October.

Milwaukee Wins Huge 50 Major Bracket in Midwest Champs
By Steve Simmons                                                                              1. KFC (IL) - TOC                             2. Dorchester Canadians (ON)
Softball News Report                                For expanded coverage                     2. Indy 60’s (IN)                             3. Milwaukee Seniors (WI)
     CHAMPAIGN, IL – The allure                         of the Midwest                        3. Drift Inn/Bilda’s Pub (WI)                 MEN’S 65-AA
of a Tournament of Champions berth,                                                           3. Indiana Legends/Webb’s Auto                1. Columbus Silver Sticks (IN) - TOC
                                                   Championships including                    MEN’S 65/70-GOLD                              2. KFC of Champaign (IL)
coupled with the reputation that Rudy
Pribble has established for the Midwest             complete results and All                  1. Budweiser (MO) - TOC                       3. Chicago Geezers 65’s (IL)
Championships, has helped this                     Tournament Players, go to                  2. Canterbury Palace (MI)                     MEN’S 70-SILVER
tournament become one of the nation’s             www.seniorsoftball.com/news                 3. Indianapolis Classics (IN)                 1. Chicago Geezers 70’s (IL)
largest.                                                                                      MEN’S 65-AAA                                  2. Moose Lodge 500 (IN)
                                                    and SEARCH: Midwest                       1. United Seniors of Wisconsin - TOC          3. Scan Air Filter (MN)
     A record 77 teams were in attendance,
with 59 of them in the 50+, 55+ and 60+
divisions, which played July 11-13. The
60+, 65+ and 70+ divisions (18 teams)              Here are the results from the 2008

                                                                                                                  National Certified Inc.
played July 8-10.                              Midwest Championships in Champaign,
     Rain shortened the schedules for          IL:
some divisions, but most teams played all
of their games.
                                               MEN’S 50/55-MAJOR PLUS                                                   Insurance Agents & Brokers
                                               1. Travelodge 55’s (IN) - TOC
     In the largest of the 14 divisions, the   2. Jim & Joe’s/Williams Food Service 55’s                                             Since 1969
Milwaukee Merchants topped a bracket of        (KY)
13 teams, beating the Indiana Classics in      3. Windy City Softball (IL)
the 50 Major championships.                    MEN’S 50-MAJOR                                         Providing Coverage for SSUSA, Las Vegas
     Scores were tight, with five of the 14
divisions being decided by 1 run or by an
                                               1. Milwaukee Merchants (WI) - TOC
                                               2. Indiana Classics 50’s
                                                                                                 Softball Association and Senior Programs Nationwide.
IF game.                                       MEN’S 50-SILVER
     In the 8-team 50 Silver Division,         1. Brickyard Softball (IN) - TOC
Chicago Prime forced an IF game by             2. Chicago Prime (IL)
beating Brickyard of Indiana 16-9.             3. Doug and Don’s Auto Care (MI)                      “We Can Cover You”
Brickyard came back in the IF game             MEN’S 55-MAJOR
to clip Chicago 17-16 and win the              1. Simmons/Cooper Rhinos (MO) - TOC                   Jim Davis - President
championship.                                  2. Schone’s/AMR (OH)                                   NCI Softball Club
     In a hard-fought 65 AAA bracket, the      3. Handeland Flooring (WI)
Dorchester Canadians forced the United         MEN’S 55-AAA
Seniors of Wisconsin into the losers           1. Indiana Legends - TOC
bracket in a 11-10 contest. Wisconsin          2. Chicago Classics Bobcats (IL)
emerged from the loser’s bracket to beat       3. Minnesota Prize 55’s
Dorchester 12-10 and force an IF game.         3. Springfield 55 (IL)
Wisconsin proceeded to double-dip              MEN’S 55-AA

                                                                                                              Call Senior Softball-USA for more
Dorchester, beating the Canadians 17-6 to      1. Oshkosh Ambassadors (WI) - TOC
win the championship.                          2. Dayton Legends (OH)

     The Columbus (Indiana) Silver Sticks      3. Badger (Cooney) Classics (WI)
double-dipped hometown favorite KFC            3. Blue Chips (IL)
of Champaign, Illinois, 14-13 and 19-15        MEN’S 60-MAJOR
to win the 65 AA title. In the 70 Silver
Division, the Chicago Geezers edged
                                               1. AMR 60’S (MI) - TOC
                                               2. Michael’s Force 4 (IL)                                                       916-326-5303
Moose Lodge 500 of Indiana 15-14 to            MEN’S 60-AAA
win the championships. And in a rain-          1. Michigan Express – TOC
shortened 60 AAA bracket, Michigan             2. Minnesota Prize 60s
Express beat the Minnesota Prize               3. Car City (IL)
Company 21-20 in a squeaker.                   MEN’S 60-AA
                                           Opinions &Letters
8       Senior Softball News                                                                                                                                  Autumn 2008 Edition

Softball, It's a Beautiful Thing
    The beauty of softball – and sports -- is that it allows us to transcend
a largely imperfect world littered with prejudice, hatred, and violence
and it lifts us to a pinnacle of human behavior where men and women are
judged primarily on performance.
    This is a special place where a teammate’s hitting or fielding deter-
mines his or her value to the team – not heritage, not religion, not politi-
cal views.
    There is something fundamentally pure about sports; it cuts away the
façade of social judgment and replaces it with cold, hard stats.
    There is also something almost mystical in the way it blends players
with vastly different backgrounds and beliefs into a group with a com-
mon goal that can be only accomplished through working together.
    That competitive spirit enables teams to produce better results than
may be possible with its individual players. How many times have we
seen a team with clearly superior athletic players fall to a team that sim-
ply plays better as a unit?
    Senior Softball players take the sport to an even higher level; extend-
ing mutual respect and friendship across team lines. It warms the heart to
see the camaraderie that develops not only within teams, but also among
teams. That positive force is what drives the sport and makes it not only
fun, but a very special experience for everyone it touches.
                                                           - Terry Hennessy

Letters from Readers                                                                                                                                                      Jim Lizardo

Tougher Penalties
                                                know you are serious about improving the
                                                integrity of Senior Softball.
                                                                                                For more letters, go to www.                  in life. For others, it’s a long game…that
                                                                                                                                              can still be won.
      I live in Arizona now and play                 Senior Softball has done a wonderful         seniorsoftball.com/news                           The great thing is that no one
softball here. I’d like to respond to your
article in the Summer 2008 edition on
                                                job in the past but we need to put more
                                                serious meat in the words we speak.
                                                                                                    and Search: Letters                       MAKES you play by the rules. You,
cracking down on players playing on two                                                                                                       alone, choose to play the way you want,
                                                     In regards to players competing on       game. We have lived and played through          but IF you don’t play by the rules, you
teams in the same age division.                 two teams in the same division, if I was a
      I’ve been playing Senior Softball                                                       lots of rule changes in the course of our       don’t win. The rules don’t change just
                                                coach I would not release a player to go to   playing years.                                  because it’s you. They are the same for
USA for 24 years and I’ve seen and heard        another team. Those players made a com-
of so many coaches and ballplayers who                                                              Some we liked and some we didn’t ,        everyone.
                                                mitment, but they feel that just because      but we followed what the rules said for the           Most of us now are in the final in-
cheat, trying to win at all costs, mainly for   the team is not living up to expectations,
a RING. I’ve got three and I can truly say                                                    game we were playing. Some teams we             nings of our game and yet, many have
                                                they feel they have the right to bail out.    played on, (or against) were not as good        never read the Rule Book for themselves.
that the teams I was on earned it the right          A lot of players do not know the word
way.                                                                                          as others but the rules were still the same.    They have always depended on someone
                                                “loyalty.” I do not agree that a player can   Lots of players didn’t know the game            else to tell them about it. Even though
      I get tired of hearing these things       be released once he makes that commit-
all the time and I am sure that a lot of                                                      rules and had to be taught. Still, through it   most have the Rule Book at home.
                                                ment to his team. After the World Cham-       all, we played because we love the game.              If you have never read the Rule Book,
coaches and players feel the same way.          pionships, he can do whatever he wants. If
The coaches and teams that try to circum-                                                           Some have changed the rules to fit the    get it out and read it well. If you have to
                                                that player does not want to play with the    way they wanted to play and there were          change your habits, language, or places
vent the rules make a bad mark on the           team once he agreed to, then sit the year
integrity of the game.                                                                        those who followed them. The followers          you go – then just do it! It will be well
                                                out.                                          just didn’t want to stand and say “ I think     worth it when that third out is called in
      Catching the teams and players who                                       Dick Everett
circumvent the rules and infractions, and                                                     I’ll play the game by the “real” rules”.        YOUR game.
                                                                     Chino Valley, Arizona          Could we take a look at the most im-            This game is all about winning
just returning these rings and fining them
doesn’t solve the problem. If they do the                                                     portant game of all? It’s called the “Game      because if you lose, you’ve lost it all…for
crime, they should do the time. In my           Playing by the Real Rules                     of Life”.
                                                                                                    It also has rules. They are not hard to
                                                                                                                                              eternity! It’s a long, long time. There will
                                                                                                                                              be NO extra innings.
opinion, the coaches and players involved             Most of us have played ball all our
should be banned for LIFE and I am sure         lives. We started young and now, as time      understand. The best thing is…everyone
all the coaches and players will get the        is slipping away, thankfully, we are still    who plays by the rules of THIS game                                      Jack Kitchens
message right quick and everyone will           able to get our and enjoy playing this        …wins! For some, the game is over early                      Time Bandits, Dallas, Texas
Autumn 2008 Edition                                                                                                                                      Senior Softball News     9

Atlantic Coast Championships Nets 9 New TOC Berths
By Dave Dowell                                                                            The Men’s 60-Silver division was won          MEN’S 50-AAA
Softball News Report                              For expanded coverage                   by Bostonian Shoes following a march          1. Rochester, N.Y. 50’s (NY) - TOC
     LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA – Beauti-                   of the Atlantic Coast                 through the elimination bracket, culminat-    2. Carpenter’s Legends (NC)
                                                                                          ing in 25-3 and 23-15 victories over Ca$h     3. Fifty Plus Senior Softball Team (VA)
ful weather and perfect playing conditions       Championships including                                                                MEN’S 55-MAJOR
at the Potomack Lakes and Brambleton                                                      4 College.                                    1. High Street Bucs (MD) - TOC
Sports Complexes marked the SSUSA’s
                                                  complete results and All                     The Men’s 65’s and 70’s division,        2. New Jersey Hitmen
visit to Loudoun County in July for the          Tournament Players, go to                the Richmond Classics (VA) defeated the       MEN’S 55-AAA
inaugural Atlantic Coast Championships.         www.seniorsoftball.com/news               Virginia Cavaliers (16-5) in the “If” game.   1. TNT Sports Club (PA) - TOC
     In a serene setting not far from the         and SEARCH: Atlantic                    Hamel’s 70’s (MD) took two straight ex-       2. Syracuse Merchants (NY)
Nation’s capital, 41 of the best senior                                                   citing games that were decided in the last    3. Steel Dawgs (Silver Legends) (OH)
                                                                                          at-bat (11-10 and 14-13) from the Central     MEN’S 60-MAJOR
softball teams on the Eastern seaboard                                                                                                  1. New York Statesmen - TOC
won nine regional championships and the           The 55’s division featured excit-       PA 70’s for the 70-Major Championship         2. Spicer Properties MD (MD)
coveted invitations to the 2009 Tourna-      ing and high-scoring games throughout,       and the Virginians completed a perfect        3. Monkey Joe’s Big Nut Co. (NJ)
ment of Champions.                           where no lead was safe. The High Street      5-0 weekend with a 14-5 win over the VA       MEN’S 60-AAA
     In the six-team Men’s 50-Major divi-    Bucs (MD) captured the 55-Major title        Crackerjacks for the 70-Silver Champion-      1. Bostonian Shoes (MA) - TOC
sion, close games marked the competition,    with a two-game sweep over the New           ship.                                         2. Cash 4 College 60’s (NJ)
with numerous bracket games decided by       Jersey Hitmen, 22-8 in the final.                 For expanded coverage of the At-         3. Virginia Cavaliers
                                                                                                                                        MEN’S 65-AAA
three runs or less. Angle Inn/Doghouse            The 55-AAA division was the largest     lantic Coast Championships, go to www.
                                                                                                                                        1. Richmond Classics (VA) - TOC
and Seven Softball met three times, with     of the tournament, with 10 teams battling    seniorsoftball.com and SEARCH: Atlantic       2. Virginia Cavaliers
Seven prevailing in the “If” game, 26-11.    over three days. TNT Sports Club (PA)        Coast.                                        3. Cash 4 College 65’s (NJ)
     The Seven championship was later        captured the championship, overcoming            Here are the results from the 2008        MEN’S 70-MAJOR
vacated and awarded to Angle Inn/Dog-        a 14-run deficit by scoring 15 runs in the   Atlantic Coast Championships in Loudoun       1. Hamels 70’s (MD)
house over a player eligibility issue (see   bottom of the seventh inning of the Cham-    County, VA:                                   2. Central PA 70’s
related story on page 3). In the 50-AAA      pionship game to eke out the 25-24 vic-      MEN’S 50-MAJOR                                MEN’S 70-SILVER
                                                                                          1. Angle Inn/Franerity/Doghouse (MD) - TOC    1. Virginians (VA) - TOC (in 70-AA)
division, the Rochester (NY) 50’s com-       tory over the Syracuse Merchants (NY).                                                     2. Virginia Crackerjacks
                                                                                          2. Spicers 33 1/2 (MD)
pleted a perfect tournament weekend over          The New York Statesmen won highly       3. IMS Dogs (VA)                              3. New York Statesmen
the eight-team field with a come-from-       competitive Men’s 60-Major title in a
behind 12-11 victory at the expense of the   bracket that saw all but one game decided
Carpenter’s Legends (NC) in the Champi-      by two runs or less, the final game being
onship.                                      an 18-16 victory over Spicer Properties.

Atlantic Coast All Tournament Players
    All-Tournament Player selections         Maris Jaunakais. Monkey Joe’s Big Nut:
for the Atlantic Coast Championships in      Bill McCabe, Joe Maines.
Louydoun County, Virginia, include:
                                             MENS 60AAA
MENS 50AAA                                   Bostonian Shoes: David Hadden, Al
Rochester 50-Al Drechsler, Eddie Lee,        Penney, Dave Clark, Roger LePage,
Scott DelRegno, Dale Furlong, Steve          Ron Pelligrini, Bob Clifford. Cash 4
Antes. Carpenters Legends: Gary Hayaes,      College: Tony Marotto, Rich Polonitza,
Tony Cathey, Ricky Wadford, Gill Alcala,     Bill Dougherty. Virginia Cavaliers:Jerry
Bobby Holliman. Fifty Plus:Clarence          Sviatko, Bill Todd.
Moore, Cliff Pousack.
                                             MENS 65AAA
                                             Richmond Classics: Bill Woodson, Herb
High Street Bucs: Jim Muncy, Ray
                                             Craddock, Frank Williams, Walter Bailey,
Hubbe, Pat Carey, Larry Householder,
                                             Bobby Shumake. Virginia Cavaliers: Paul
Bill Konopka, Greg G. Christ. New Jersey
                                             Math, Bob Taylor, Dan Barolo.
Hitmen: Mike Menzer, Bob Griffths, John
Natoli, Carl Nocera, Ed Kushner.
                                             MENS 70 MAJOR
                                             Hamels 70: Bill Lovelace, James Young,
                                             Frank Murth, Rick Silas, Ron Parker.
TNT Sports Club: Dale Hood, John Netta,
                                             Central Pennsylvania 70’s: John Sandherr,
Fred Mott, Al Rinehimer, Ken Hayden
                                             Arthur Barnes, Karl Horst.
Sr. Syracuse Merchants: Ronnie Mitchell,
Donnie Kline, Brett Gorham.
                                             MENS 70 SILVER
                                             Virginians: Tom Gearhart, Eddie Cluka,
                                             Bob Price, Ray Curtiss, Ed Anderson.
New York Statesmen: Sandy Denicker,
                                             Virginia Crackerjacks: Paul Rinderle, R C
John”X” McAndrew, Stew Casterline,
                                             Phillippi, Don Beless. New York States-
Wayne Westerman, A. Pete Smith. Spicer
                                             men: James Nugent, Robert Conk.
Properties: Robert Lehman, John Knott,
Raleigh Rolls Out Southern Charm in Easterns
10      Senior Softball News                                                                                                                              Autumn 2008 Edition

By Dave Dowell
Softball News Report
     RALEIGH, NC – One of the old-
                                                                                                                                                For expanded coverage
est cities of the South played host to a                                                                                                        of the Eastern Nationals
new game in late July and early August:                                                                                                       including photos, complete
National level Senior Softball.                                                                                                               results and All Tournament
     SSUSA moved its Eastern National
Championships to Raleigh for the first                                                                                                             Players, go to www.
year of a multi-year agreement this year.                                                                                                       seniorsoftball.com/news
Sixty teams played for six days at the state                                                                                                    and SEARCH: Eastern
of the art, nine-diamond Walnut Creek
Softball Complex under sunny skies and
warm temperatures, vying for Eastern
National Championships.                                                                                                                   tors and tournament personnel made for a
     The tournament was the first step                                                                                                    happy ending as Charlie was revived and
in the Triple Grand Slam, and included                                                                                                    will live to play again (see related story on
a berth in the USA National Champion-                                                                                                     this page).
ship games at the World Championships                                                                                                          On the softball side, the Men’s 50’s
in Phoenix in October. Additionally, all                                                                                                  division was highly competitive, with
winners earned berths in the 2009 Tourna-                                                                                                 none of the nine teams going unbeaten for
                                                                                                               Photo by Steve Kelly       the week.
ment of Champions in Polk County, FL, in
                                                  Charile Williams plays second base shortly before his heart attack.                          In the 50-Platinum division, Al Estes
                                                  On-Site Defibrillator Called Key
     “Bringing the Eastern Nationals to                                                                                                   Bail Bonds (FL) defeated Roberts Con-
a place like Raleigh is a perfect fit for                                                                                                 struction (WI) in the Championship game,
                                                                                                                                          19-8. Carpenters Legends (NC) won the
                                                  in Saving Player After Heart Attack
us. The playing facilities are first-rate,
and there’s a never-ending supply of that                                                                                                 50-AAA with their victory over Diamond
famous Southern Hospitality. Everything                                                                                                   Fever Gold (VA) by a 25-9 score in their
needed for an enjoyable and competitive                                                                                                   Championship.
                                                  Softball News Report                             This has been called an excep-              In the 55-Major division, Turn
event is right here, which is why we are so           RALEIGH, N.C. – No one knows           tional “team” performance by all of
excited to come back in future years” said                                                                                                2/Haynes 60’s played down an age group
                                                  that value of team play better than        these individuals during the 11 minutes      and showed the younger teams that with
Fran Dowell, SSUSA’s Executive Direc-             Charlie Williams. For him it was a         that elasped from the time Williams
tor, who was on site as the Tournament                                                                                                    age comes experience, defeating Schones/
                                                  life-saver.                                was stricken until the Wake County           AMR for the title. Both teams earned
Director.                                              Williams, age 64, collapsed near      Paramedics arrived on scene.
     The Men’s 65’s and 70’s began play                                                                                                   berths in their respective age groups for
                                                  second base during the sixth inning             When they arrived, Williams had         the USA game and the TOC. The 55-
on Tuesday with bracket play commenc-             while playing in the Eastern National      resumed breathing and had a pulse
ing on Wednesday. In the Men’s 65-                                                                                                        AAA Division was won by the Syracuse
                                                  Championships for the Mike Pruit           again. The AED, which is on-site at all      Merchants (22-19) over the Bay State
Major, Dirt’s All Stars/Old South (GA)            Auto team in a game against Ca$h 4         SSUSA administered tournament sites,
swept their best two of three by impres-                                                                                                  Bombers and the 55-AA crown went to
                                                  College.                                   was the key to success.                      Motion (NY) in a closely contested 8-6
sive margins over West Michigan/Bob                    In what has been described as              In a letter to SSUSA, Williams’
Evans to complete an unbeaten week. The                                                                                                   win over the Ohio Silverados.
                                                  a “perfect storm” of sorts Williams        wife Mary wished to thank everyone                In the Men’s 60’s division, AMR
four-team Men’s 65-AAA was won by the             received immediate critical medical        for “saving my husband when he suf-
Carolina Cardinals with their 22-11 vic-                                                                                                  won the 60-Majors over Monkey Joe’s
                                                  assistance from several people all of      fered a cardiac arrest on the ball field     Big Nut Co. in the Championship game.
tory over the Richmond Classics, and the          whom performed admirably under dif-        in Raleigh.”
Ca$h 4 College 65’s eventually prevailed                                                                                                  AMR started as the #2 seed and fought
                                                  ficult conditions.                              She says that “the doctor in ICU        back through the elimination bracket after
in the 65-AA division “If” game with an                Bobby Koeller of the Dayton           told him he was a miracle. Our doctor
exciting 13-12 win over the Columbus                                                                                                      suffering a first-round upset loss. The 60-
                                                  Legends was at Willams’ side almost        in Canton, Ohio, told him only 2 to 3        AA Championship went to the Syracuse
Silver Stcks (IN).                                immediately, rendering first response      percent survive following a cardiac
     In the Men’s 70’s division, close                                                                                                    Cyclones as they completed an unbeaten
                                                  treatment, quickly assisted by George      arrest.”                                     bracket run with a 16-8 win over Ca$h 4
games were the trademark, with none of            Mitchen of Mike Pruitt Auto and Jane            She says that her husband’s doc-
the 14 teams escaping the week unbeaten.                                                                                                  College.
                                                  Kortz of Doc Martens.                      tors inserted a pacemaker so that he              In a fitting finale to the memorable
The 70-Major division was won by the                   Senior Softball USA officials         “has his own little paramedic with him
Pompano Beach Bums (FL) with an 18-11                                                                                                     Eastern Nationals, Charlie Williams’
                                                  Fran Dowell and Michael Boone pro-         at all times.”                               Mike Pruitt Auto team rallied in honor of
victory over Joseph Chevrolet (OH) in the         vided the SSUSA’s on-site AED (Auto-            While he is through playing soft-
“If” game. Hamel’s 70’s (MD) took two                                                                                                     their fallen teammate to return to action
                                                  mated External Defibrillator) within a     ball for the year, Mrs. Williams says        in the 60-AAA brackets after foregoing
straight from Dan Pfeiffer Auto (MI), 9-8         matter of moments while Dave Dowell        her husband is “already planning for
and 21-14 for the 70-Major Champion-                                                                                                      (with tournament officials’ approval) their
                                                  (SSUSA) joined in the effort.              next year.”                                  remaining seeding games.
     The Men’s 70-AA title went to the                                                                                                         Their valiant effort fell short against
Delaware Naturals, defeating Back Office       Temperatures were in the all-time high        received first place awards and a berth in   a classy, but superior, Doc Martens team,
Assoc. of Cape Cod (MA) in the Champi-         range when the “If” game would have           the TOC.                                     but not before forcing an “If” game to
onship game, 13-8. The Men’s 70-AAA            been played, and the teams, with the ap-           The second tournament session began     make things interesting. Doc Martens
division never did have a sole champion.       proval of tournament officials, agreed that   with a near tragedy on Friday that ulti-     prevailed 10-3 over an emotionally spent
The Chicago Geezers and Cornwall               a tie would be a fair result and a healthy    mately became the best news of the week      Mike Pruit Auto in a very touching game,
Plumbing played twice in the bracket,          decision. Cornwall received the berth in      and likely the year. Charlie Williams of     the type of game that defines the true es-
with Cornwall winning the winner’s             the USA National Championship game            Mike Pruitt Auto was stricken with a heart   sence of sportsmanship.
bracket final, and the Geezers returning       in Phoenix by virtue of being unbeaten        attack during an early seeding game, but
the favor in the Championship game.            longer in the bracket, and both teams         the intervention of other players, specta-   Continued on next page
                                                                                                                                                                          Senior Softball News        11

Teams Beat Mother Nature in 1st 'Nor'easter' Championships
Autumn 2008 Edition

By Dave Dowell                                    going to stand in our way. I was im-                                                                    Northeast Championships in Cape May,
Softball News Report                              pressed by the cooperation of the teams as              For expanded coverage                           NJ:
     CAPE MAY, NJ – Thirty-two of the             game times and fields moved throughout                    of the Northeastern                           MEN’S 50/55-PLATINUM
top teams in the Northeast traveled to the        the tournament, but we were all here to                Championships including
                                                                                                                                                          1. Frederick Chevrolet (PA) - TOC (in 50-Major)
picturesque Jersey Shore in late Septem-          play, and we did.” said Frank Dougherty,                                                                2. Sweet Construction Softball Club (NJ)
                                                                                                          complete results and All                        3. Connecticut SportsPlex
ber for the inaugural Northeast Regional          Commissioner of the Middle Township                                                                     MEN’S 50-AAA
Championships.                                    Baseball and Softball Association.                     Tournament Players, go to                        1. Gubiotti Insurance (NY) - TOC
     The competition was exceptional                   Teams were greeted on Saturday by                www.seniorsoftball.com/news                       2. Shark Sports (NY)
and included one ‘team’ that challenged,          a break in the Nor’easter weather pat-                                                                  3. Valence Operating Company (MI)
unsuccessfully, all of the others: Mother         tern and bracket play began at both the
                                                                                                         and SEARCH: Northeast                            MEN’S 55-SILVER
Nature. A modified Friday schedule was            Goshen Davies and Avalon Park softball                                                                  1. Sweet Construction 55’s (NJ) - TOC (in 55-AAA)
required to adapt to over two and a half          complexes.                                                                                              2. TNT Sports Club (PA)
inches of rain Thursday night, but every               Three divisions crowned Champions             “Nor’eastern Championships”.                         3. Motion (NY/NJ Bandits) (NY)
                                                                                                          Sunday afternoon’s champions, all               MEN’S 60-MAJOR
team played, in large part due to the             on Saturday: Frederick Chevrolet (PA)                                                                   1. Double L Roofing (Human Kinetics II/FL Crush)
exceptional efforts of the Middle Town-           winning the Men’s 50/55-Platinum with              receiving 2009 Tournament of Champions               (FL) - TOC
ship parks maintenance professionals, a           an “If” game victory (21-17) over the              bids, were: Gubiotti Insurance (NY) over             2. New York Statesmen
dedicated group that earned their own “All        Sweet Construction 50’s (NJ), Ca$h 4               Shark Sports (NY) in the “If” game (16-              3. Monkey Joe’s Big Nut Co. (NJ)
Tournament” designation.                          College 65’s (NJ) winning both games               14) for the 50-AAA, the Sweet Construc-              MEN’S 60-SILVER
     “Almost two years of work went into          (15-3 and 10-9) in the Best 2 of 3 with the        tion 55’s (NJ) over TNT Sports Club (PA)             1. Cash 4 College 60’s(NJ) - TOC (in 60-AA)
bringing the best Senior Softball players         Barracudas (NY) in the 65-AA, and the              in the 55-Silver Division (26-14), Double            2. HMR 60’s (PA) - TOC (in 60-AAA)
                                                                                                     LL Roofing (FL) over the New York                    3. Virginia Cavaliers
in the world to Cape May. We’re excited           Syracuse Cyclones holding on in the “If”                                                                MEN’S 65-GOLD
to be a part of the Regional Champion-            game to defeat the Ca$h 4 College 70’s in          Statesmen (17-10) in the 60-Majors, the              1. Jersey Jaguars (NJ) - TOC (in 65-AAA)
ship Series and a little bit of rain wasn’t       the 70-AAA Best 2 of 3.                            Ca$h 4 College 60’s (NJ) over the HMR                2. Hamels 65 (MD)
                                                       Sunday dawned after another ma-               60’s (PA), 23-22 in the 60-Silver division           3. Long Island Jaguars (NY)
                                                  jor overnight storm, requiring late starts         (both receiving TOC bids in their respec-            MEN’S 65-AA
                                                  ranging from one to two hours in all               tive ratings), and the Jersey Jaguars over           1. Cash 4 College 65’s(NJ) - TOC
   For Complete results of SSWC                   divisions as the grounds crews again made          Hamel’s 65’s (MD) in the 65-Gold Divi-               2. Barracudas (NY)
                                                                                                     sion by a 16-4 final.                                MEN’S 70-AAA
   National Qualifiers, including                 the fields safely playable while players                                                                1. Syracuse Cyclones (NY) - TOC
  the West Coast Summer Classic                   informally renamed the tournament as the               Here are the results from the 2008               2. Cash 4 College 70’s(NJ)

                                                  Rhode Island League, SSUSA Team Up for Ocean State Classic Qualifier
      in Menifee (CA), the Cool
    Country Qualifier in Prescott
   (AZ), the Ocean State Classic                  By Steve Simmons                                        In fact, two of the Rhode Island
    in Warwick (RI), the Badger                   Softball News Report                               teams, Ray Sewell Tax Service in the
    Classic in Oshkosh (WI), the                       WARWICK, RI – This past August                50’s and NASSA Flooring 60’s won their
                                                  the Rhode Island Senior Softball League            respective divisions.
    Texas Half Century Qualifier                                                                          The other Rhode Island league
                                                  hosted the first ever SSWC qualifier held
       in San Antonio (TX), the                   in Rhode Island.                                   teams taking part included Action Auto
    Lionshead Top Gun Qualifier                        The “Ocean State Classic” was                 Parts (50), My Cousin Vinny’s (50),
     in San Diego (CA), the Yogi                  a tremendous success with 20 teams                 Woodmansee Insurance (55), CAM
   Berra Classic in Lawrenceville                 taking part in this inaugural event. What          Engineering (60), NASSA Flooring 65’s
      (NJ), and the Last Chance                   contributed hugely to the success of the           and Wanskuck Post 56 (70).                           Steve Simmons, center, with Mike
                                                  tournament is that eight Rhode Island                   On a personal note, I have a special            Agresti and Jack Archibald.
  Qualifier in Phoenix, go to www.                                                                   affection for this tournament since I was
                                                  league teams participated in the qualifier.
        seniorsoftball.com/news                        The teams and their players all went          born and raised in Warwick and resided               of Warwick’s Pilgrim High School back in
       and SEARCH: Qualifiers                     through the SSUSA registration process             in Warwick until 1971. This tournament               1963. Simmons was reunited with Mike
                                                  and the league teams held their own with           brought together three old classmates who            Agresti and Jack Archibald, both players
                                                  the established tournament teams.                  were all part of the first graduating class          on the Nassa Flooring 60’s team.

Eastern Nationals: Top Finishers in 16 Divisions Listed
Continued from Page 10                  3. R&L Metals (FL)                     MEN’S 60-MAJOR                             MEN’S 65-AAA                              2. Dan Pfeiffer Auto (MI)
                                        MEN’S 55-MAJOR                         1. AMR (MI) - TOC and USA                  1. Carolina Cardinals (NC) - TOC and      MEN’S 70-AAA - Co-Champions by
                                        1. Turn Two/Haynes/Harris/Elite (NC)   2. Monkey Joe’s Big Nut Co. (NJ)           USA                                       mutual consent
Here are the results from the           - TOC and USA (in 60-Major+)           3. Primerica (FL)                          2. Richmond Classics (VA)                 1. Cornwall Plumbing (MI) - TOC
2008 Eastern National Champi-           2. Schones Chiropractic / AMR (OH)     MEN’S 60-AAA                               3. Virginia Cavaliers                     and USA (by virtue of last unbeaten in
onships in Raleigh, NC:                 - TOC and USA (in 55-Major)            1. Doc Martens (MI) - TOC and USA          MEN’S 65-AA                               bracket)
MEN’S 50-PLATINUM                       3. Virginia Merchants                  2. Mike Pruitt Auto (OH)                   1. Cash 4 College 65’s (NJ) - TOC and     1. Chicago Geezers (IL) - TOC
1. Al Estes Bail Bonds (FL) - TOC and   MEN’S 55-AAA                           3. Secure Horizons (VA)                    USA                                       3. Syracuse Cyclones (NY)
USA (in 50-Major)                       1. Syracuse Merchants (NY) - TOC and   MEN’S 60-AA                                2. Columbus Silver Sticks (IN)            MEN’S 70-AA
2. Roberts Construction (WI)            USA                                    1. Syracuse Cyclones (NY) - TOC and        3. Chicago Geezers (IL)                   1. Delaware Naturals - TOC and USA
3. Milwaukee Merchants (WI)             2. Bay State Bombers (MA)              USA                                        MEN’S 70-MAJOR+                           2. Back Office Associates of Cape Cod
4. Goodman Softball (VA) - TOC and      3. TNT Sports Club (PA)                2. Cash 4 College 60’s (NJ)                1. Pompano Beach Bums (FL) - TOC          (MA)
USA (in 50-Major+)                      MEN’S 55-AA                            3. Chicago Classics Gray Sox (IL)          and USA                                   3. Virginians (VA)
MEN’S 50-AAA                            1. Motion (NY/NJ Bandits) (NY) - TOC   MEN’S 65-Major                             2. Joseph Chevrolet (OH)                  WOMEN’S 50 DIVISION
1. Carpenter’s Legends (NC) - TOC and   and USA                                1. Dirt’s All-Stars/Old South (GA) - TOC   3. Southern Pride (AL)                    1. WE Lewis Heating and Cooling (VA)
USA                                     2. Ohio Silverados                     and USA                                    MEN’S 70-MAJOR                            - TOC and USA
2. Diamond Fever Gold (VA)              3. Indy Fog (IN)                       2. West Michigan Bob Evans                 1. Hamels 70’s (MD) - TOC and USA         2. Sassy Seniors (SC)
12      Senior Softball News                                                                                                                              Autumn 2008 Edition

Mexico: Historic Tour Sponsored by SSUSA, ISA, Brownsville
Continued from Page One
Mexico, targeting four cities: Victoria, San Luis Potosi
and Tampico in Mexico and Brownsville in the United
     The cities welcomed Team USA with open arms
– and very competitive Mexican senior teams.
     Navarro, the young, and charismatic mayor of Victo-
ria, not only presented the Key to the City of Victoria, but
watched the games, presided at a special dinner for the
teams and even invited the USA team to a mountaintop
restaurant for a surprise send-off breakfast.
     “We welcome our friends from the United States
and look forward to opening the door to many more
competitions,” Navarro said. “Please bring many more
                                   senior teams back to
                                   Victoria to sample our                                                                                                     Photos by Linda Towne
                                   hospitality.” In addition,   The Mayor of Victoria, center in white shirt, gets together with the Mexican and US teams.
                                   Navarro said Victoria
                                   planned to send a senior          “The US team reminded us of how much fun play-         complete a very warm sendoff.
                                   team to compete in the       ing quality softball can be,” said University Coordinator        The Mexican and US teams played both slow-pitch
                                   World Championships          Mauro Saldierna. “We tend to take it too seriously and      and modified softball games, with the Mexican teams
                                   in Phoenix this year.        forget to have fun.”                                        generally winning the modified games and the US team
                                        In San Luis Potosi,          At Tampico on the Gulf Coast, the final Mexican        winning the slow-pitch contests.
                                   the second city on the       city on the tour, the Mexican and American teams had             This inaugural tour was sponsored by SSUSA, ISA
                                   tour, the faculty of the     so much fun that they played an extra game far into the     and the City of Brownsville.
                                   University of San Luis       evening. After the game, the US team presented the                “This is an historic event,” said Mariano “Bean”
                                   put together two senior      club with equipment – including bats, balls, gloves and     Ayala, president and CEO of the Brownsville Conven-
                                  teams to compete with         uniforms.                                                   tion and Visitors Bureau. “It marks the opening of the
the US team. The games were played after an evening                  The next morning, the head of the club and his fam-    door so that teams from both countries will have a chance
of regional music and dance (photo above) at a beautiful        ily met the US team’s departing bus with an armful of       to play softball against each other.”
open-air atrium at the university.                              fresh pastries only made in Tampico – and with hugs – to
Autumn 2008 Edition   Senior Softball News   13
14   Senior Softball News                                                                                                                                   Autumn 2008 Edition

               Senior Softball World Championships Calendar of Events
                Thursday, Oct. 16: 5-7 pm        60 Division, Men’s 40           Noon-1 pm at Rose Mof-          Managers for the Men’s           65, 70, 75 and 80 Divisions
                At the Crowne Plaza              Masters Division and all        ford Fields: Opening            65, 70, 75 and 80 Divi-          meet at the Crowne Plaza.
                Manager Registration             Women’s Divisions meet at       Ceremonies                      sions register for the World     Managers will meet the
                Managers for the Men’s 60        the Crowne Plaza. Manag-        There will be a Parade of       Championships and receive        directors of fields, review
                Division, Men’s Masters 40       ers will meet the directors     Players, Hall of Fame greats    their programs, schedules        changes in schedules, hear
                Division and all Women’s         of fields, review changes in    will be there and Former        and other important infor-       details of awards, special
                Divisions register and           schedules, hear details of      Arizona Gov. Rose Mofford       mation anytime between           events of the tournament
                receive their programs and       awards, special events of       is expected to throw out the    5-7 pm.                          and will be eligible to win
                schedules anytime between        the tournament and will be      ceremonial first pitch during                                    prizes during drawings.
                5-7 pm.                          eligible to win prizes.         the event.                      5:30-6:30 pm at the
                                                                                                                 Crowne Plaza                     Monday, Oct. 20
                Thursday, 5:30-6:30 pm           Special Events in Phoenix:      Saturday, Oct. 18               Open CPR / AED / First           8 am at all fields the
                At the Crowne Plaza              Arizona State Fair / Oct.       8 am at all fields the          Aid Training                     Games Begin
                Open CPR / AED / First           10 – Nov. 2:                    Games Begin                     Safety-training course           Seeding games begin at all
                Aid Training                     For more information go to      Elimination games played        at the Headquarters Hotel        fields. Players must register
                Safety-training course is        http://www.azstatefair.com/     at all fields.                  Crowne Plaza is open to          before the first game. Na-
                open to umpires, managers                                                                        umpires, managers and            tional Games are scheduled
                and players. National Safety     Friday, Oct. 17:                Sunday, Oct. 19:                players. National Safety         to be played for the 70AA
                Director Jim Sherman             8 am at all fields the          8 am at all fields - Awards     Director Jim Sherman             at Cesar Chavez Complex,
                teaches the safety course.       Games Begin                     Presented                       teaches the safety course.       and for 70 Majors at Rose
                The course is free. If par-      Seeding games begin at all      Today is the culmination of     The course is free. If par-      Mofford.
                ticipants want a certification   fields. Players must register   play for the 60 Men’s Divi-     ticipants want a certification
                (CPR/AED Card), the cost         before the first game. Some     sion, the Men’s 40 Master       (CPR/AED Card), the cost         Noon-1 pm at Rose Mof-
                is $30. This course directly     bracket games may be            Division and all Women’s        is $30. This course directly     ford Fields: Opening
                led to saving three lives in     played. National Games          Division. Awards will be        led to saving three lives in     Ceremonies
                the last two seasons and is      are scheduled to be played      presented in ceremonies on      the last two seasons and is      Opening Ceremony will
                highly recommended. Call         for the 60AA at Papago          the field after Champion-       highly recommended. Call         be at noon on Field One.
                916-326-5303 to sign up.         Park, 60AAA at Desert           ship games.                     916-326-5303 to sign up.         There will be a Parade
                                                 West, 60 Major at Cesar                                                                          of Players, singing of the
                7 pm at the Crowne Plaza         Chavez Complex, and the         5-7 pm at the Crowne            7 pm at the Crowne Plaza         National Anthem and three
                Managers Meeting                 Women’s 50 Division at          Plaza: Manager Registra-        Managers Meeting                 Hall of Fame Inductions.
                Managers for the Men’s           Rose Mofford Fields.            tion                            Managers for the Men’s
                                                                                                                                                  Continued on next page
 Autumn 2008 Edition                                                                                                                                         Senior Softball News       15

 5,000 Players, 27 Fields                                                                            Senior Softball-USA
 Set Stage for Fun, Games                                                                    United States National Championships
 Softball News Report                                                                                      Phoenix, Arizona, Oct. 17, 20 and 24
      PHOENIX – The premier event in Senior Softball
 – the 2008 Senior Softball World Championships – adds                  The Eastern National                 No opponent                           65AA
 more international flavor this year with the addition of                                                    55 Major                              Salt Lake Pioneers (UT) vs Ca$h 4
 Mexican teams.                                                    Champions will play the
                                                                                                             Old Dawgs (CA) vs Schones Chi-        College (NJ)
      The Mexican teams will compete with more than 300            Western National Cham-                    ropractic/AMR (OH)                    70 Major+
 teams from Canada and the United States from Oct. 17-             pions in a single game for                55AAA                                 Joseppi’s/Bellettini (WA) vs Pom-
 26 in the Valley of the Sun.                                                                                Over the Edge (CA) vs Syracuse        pano Beach Bums (FL)
       “The 2008 World Championships numbers are im-
                                                                   the United States National
                                                                                                             Merchants (NY)                        70 Major
 pressive,” said Fran Dowell, SSUSA executive director,            Championships in Phoe-                    55AA                                  State Roofing System Royals (CA)
 “especially considering the present state of the economy.”        nix during the 2008 World                 Scrap Iron 55 (CO) vs Motion          vs Hamel’s 70
      The tournament is expected to draw more than                 Championships. These                      (NY)                                  70AAA
 10,000 players and their families, who will infuse more                                                     60 Major+                             Cornwall Plumbing
 than $30 million into the Phoenix economy over the                games are the second leg of               Turn Two/Haynes (NC)                  No opponent
 10 days of the tournament. SSUSA is bringing in more              the Triple Grand Slam.                    No opponent                           70AA
 than a dozen SSUSA key directors and 66 umpires from                                                        60 Major                              Wintercrest (UT) vs Back Office
 throughout the United States and Canada.                          MEN’S DIVISIONS                           Paradise Chevrolet (CA) vs AMR        Assoc. of Cape Cod (MA)
      Teams will play more than 1,200 games on seven               40 Masters                                (MI)                                  75 Major
 softball complexes – with 27 softball fields.                     JK, Inc.(CA)                              60AAA                                 Texas Classics
      “As you all prepare to compete this week, know that          No opponent                               Robson Ranch 60 (AZ) vs Doc           No opponent
 we have an experienced event team in place that is uni-           50 Major +                                Martens (MI)                          80 Men
 fied in our goal of putting on the best top-tier events our       Al Estes Bail Bonds (FL)                  60AA                                  Tiodize D-99 (CA)
 country has to offer,” said Jon Schmieder, president of the       No opponent                               Scrap Iron Diamonds (CO) vs           No opponent
 Phoenix Regional Sports Commission.                               50 Major                                  Syracuse Cyclones (NY)                Women’s Divisions
      Opening ceremonies are expected to include a Parade          Northwest Legends (WA) vs Rob-            65 Major+                             40 Masters
 of Players, Honor Guard, Phoenix and Maricopa County              erts Construction (WI)                    Nor-Cal Bluejays (CA) vs Dirts All    TKP 40 (CA)
 executives and Hopi dancers. In addition, three players           50AAA                                     Stars/Old South (GA)                  No opponent
 will be inducted into the National Hall of Fame during            Team Pound (WA) vs Carpenter’s            65 Major                              50 Seniors
 the second session Opening Ceremonies on Oct. 20: Paul            Legends (NC)                              Scrap Iron 65 (CO)                    2nd Wind (CA) vs DreamGirlz
 Janke, Gus Niklas and Irv Schafer.                                50AA                                      No opponent                           (VA)
      On the field, the Best of the East meet the Best of          Shawn Montee Timber (ID)                  65AAA                                 55 Seniors
 the West when the winners of the Western Nationals play           No opponent                               Fastsigns (OR)                        California Spirit 55
 the winners of the Eastern Nationals in a series of 14 US         55 Major+                                 No opponent                           No opponent
 National games. The US National games will be played              W.E. Ruth Realty (WA)
 during the first day of competition in each division.

                       Special Events in Phoenix:       80 Men’s Divisions. Awards        ticipants want a certification   Special Senior Softball-USA
                       Suns Basketball Thurs-           will be presented in ceremo-      (CPR/AED Card), the cost         discounted tickets please      Noon-1 pm at Rose Mof-
                       day, Oct 20 vs Charlotte         nies on the field after each of   is $30. This course directly     contact Matt Lawson at 602-    ford
                       Bobcats at 7 p.m. For            the Championship Games.           led to saving three lives in     379-7853 to sign your team     Opening Ceremonies will
                       Special Senior Softball-USA                                        the last two seasons and is      up today!                      be at noon on Field One.

                       discounted tickets please        5-7 pm at the Crowne              highly recommended. Call                                        There will be a Parade of
                       contact Matt Lawson at 602-      Plaza                             916-326-5303 to sign up.         Friday, Oct. 24:               Players, singing of the Na-

   of Events
                       379-7853 to sign your team       Manager Registration                                               8 am at all fields the         tional Anthem and a Hall of
                       up today!                        Managers for the Men’s 50         7 pm at the Crowne Plaza         Games Begin. Seeding           Fame Induction.
                                                        and 55 Divisions register for     Managers Meeting                 games begin at all fields.
                       Tuesday, Oct. 21                 the World Championships           Managers for the Men’s 50        Players must register before   Saturday, Oct. 25
                       8 am at all fields - Games       and receive their programs,       and 55 Divisions meet at         the first game. Some bracket   8 am at all fields the
   Continued           Seeding and Elimination          schedules and other impor-        the Crowne Plaza. Manag-         games will be played. Na-      Games Begin
   from Page 14        games played at all fields.      tant information anytime          ers will meet the directors      tional Games are scheduled     Elimination games played at
                                                        between 5-7 pm.                   of fields, review changes in     to be played for the 50AAA     all fields throughout the day.
                       Wednesday, Oct. 22                                                 schedules, hear details of       at Cesar Chavez Complex,
                       8 am at all fields - Games       5:30-6:30 pm at the               awards, special events of        for 55AAA at Rose Mofford,     Sunday, Oct. 21:
                       Elimination games played at      Crowne Plaza: Open CPR            the tournament and will be       for the 55 AA at Desert West   8 am at all fields - Awards
                       all fields throughout the day.   / AED / First Aid Training        eligible to win prizes.          Complex, for the 55AA at       Presented
                                                        is open to umpires, manag-                                         Rose Mofford Complex, for      Today is the culmination of
                       Thursday, Oct. 23:               ers and players. National         Special Events in Phoenix:       the 50 Major at Papago, for    play for the 50 and 55 Men’s
                       8 am at all fields - Awards      Safety Director Jim Sherman       Suns Basketball Thursday,        the 50 Major, 65 Major-Plus    Division. Awards will be
                       Today is the culmination of      teaches the safety course.        Oct 23 vs Oklahoma City          and 55 Major at Mountain       presented in ceremonies on
                       play for the 65, 70, 75 and      The course is free. If par-       Thunder at 7 p.m. For            Vista.                         the field.
82 Teams Fight For West Crown
16      Senior Softball News                                                                                                                                        Autumn 2008 Edition

Softball News Report
     SALT LAKE CITY – Almost 2,500
players and their families flocked to Salt
Lake for the 8th Annual Western Nationals
from July 15-20.
     The 82 senior softball men and
women’s teams competed for the Western
National championships in 19 divisions
and represent some of the best teams
– and players – in the sport.
     The divisions range from the 40
Masters to the 80-year-old Division.
     “We are very excited about working
with the Salt Lake CVB and the Utah
Sports Commission to make the 2008
Western National Championships a
successful – and memorable – premier
championship tournament for the players,
Salt Lake and Senior Softball,” said Terry
Hennessy, Chief Executive Officer of
     Teams competed in the first step of                                                                                                                              Photos by Jack Eberhard
the coveted Triple Grand Slam of softball.      A Robson Ranch batter concentrates, left photo, in the 60 AAA championship game against Game On. Robson
     Winners of the Western Nationals           won. A TKP Women's 40 Masters outfielder, right, makes a play during their championship run in Salt Lake City.
received a free berth to the US National
Game (against the winner of the Eastern
Nationals in their division). Teams that                                                           The Northwest Legends of                       MEN’S 60-AAA
                                                      For expanded coverage                   Washington came back to win the largest             1. Robson Ranch 60 (Robson’s Raiders) (AZ) - TOC
win the US National Game and the World                                                                                                            and USA
Championships win the Triple Grand                   of the Western Nationals                 division – the 50 Majors with 9 teams               2. Game On (CA)
Slam.                                                                                         – after going 1-1 in seeding play.                  3. Las Vegas 60’s (NV)
                                                    including photos, complete                     And in Women ‘s 40 Masters
     In addition to the Grand Slam                                                                                                                MEN’S 60-AA
Competition, the Western Nationals                  results and All Tournament                Division play, TKP of California defeated           1. Scrap Iron Diamonds (CO) - TOC and USA
featured the induction of two players                   Players, go to www.                   Old School of California to take the                2. Austin Lonestars (TX)
into the National Senior Hall of Fame:                seniorsoftball.com/news                 championships (see related story on page            3. Idaho Legends
                                                                                              6.)                                                 MEN’S 65-PLATINUM
Bob Young of Washington State and                     and SEARCH: Western                                                                         1. Nor-Cal Bluejays (CA) - TOC and USA (in 65-
Russ Curtis of the California. Both                                                           Here are the results from the 2008 West-            Major+)
inductions took place during the Opening                                                      ern Nationals in Salt Lake City, UT:                2. Scrap Iron 65’s (CO) - TOC and USA (in 60-
                                                                                              MEN’S 40-MASTERS
Ceremonies.                                                                                                                                       Major)
                                                     In tournament play, scores were close,   1. J.K., Inc. (CA) - TOC and USA
     A defibrillator was presented to                                                                                                             3. WE Ruth Realty 65’s (WA)
                                                with five of the 19 division titles decided   2. Rally Time Sports (WA)                           MEN’S 65-AAA
the Scrap Iron club of Colorado during                                                        MEN’S 50/55-MAJOR-PLUS
                                                by a single run.                                                                                  1. FastSigns (OR) - TOC and USA
Opening Ceremonies as part of a benefit                                                       1. Evolution Softball Club (CA) - TOC and USA (in
                                                     In the 50AAA Division, Team Pound                                                            2. Las Vegas Elks (NV)
drive to provide defibrillators to all senior                                                 50-Major+)                                          3. Silver Sox (CA)
                                                of Washington defeated CJ&S of Arizona
clubs and leagues. The defibrillator was                                                      2. WE Ruth Realty 55’s (WA) - TOC and USA (in       MEN’S 65-AA
                                                19-18 in the championship game. In            55-Major+)
presented by the widow of Ed Rothe,                                                                                                               1. Salt Lake Pioneers (UT) - TOC and USA
                                                the 60 Majors, Paradise Chevrolet of          MEN’S 50-MAJOR
a Scrap Iron player who collapsed and                                                                                                             2. Speed Limit (UT)
                                                California defeated Diamond Dawgs of          1. Northwest Legends/Goodman Racing (WA) - TOC      3. Sharks (CA)
died of a heart attack while playing in a
                                                Nevada 27-26; in the 60AA, Scrap Iron         and USA                                             MEN’S 70-MAJOR-PLUS
tournament a few months ago.                                                                  2. Four Seasons Screen Printing (OR)
                                                Diamonds of Colorado beat the Austin                                                              1. Joseppi’s/The Bellettini (WA) - TOC and USA
     Senior Softball-USA provides                                                             3. Tucson Bandits (AZ)
                                                Lonestars of Texas 18-17; in the 65AAA,                                                           2. San Francisco Seals (CA)
defibrillators for each complex and                                                           MEN’S 50-AAA                                        MEN’S 70-MAJOR
                                                Fastsigns of Oregon defeated Las Vegas
SSUSA officials are certified in CPR,                                                         1. Team Pound (WA) - TOC and USA                    1. State Roofing Systems Royals 70’s (CA) - TOC
                                                Elks 18-17 and in the 65AA division, the      2. CJ & S Express (AZ)
AED and First Aid. In addition, SSUSA                                                                                                             and USA
                                                hometown Salt Lake Pioneers beat Speed        3. Freedom Softball (UT)
offered AED and CPR training during the                                                                                                           2. Lighthouse Mariners (CA)
                                                Limit of Utah 19-18.                          MEN’S 50/55-AA                                      MEN’S 70/75/80-GOLD
tournament.                                                                                   1. Shawn Montee Timber Co (ID) - TOC and USA        1. Chiefs 70/Redwood City Seniors (CA) - TOC and
The Nor-Cal                                                                                   (in 50-AA)                                          USA (in 70-AAA)
                                                                                              2. Scrap Iron 55’s (CO) - TOC and USA (in 55-AA)
Bluejays                                                                                      3. Scrap Iron Northern (CO)
                                                                                                                                                  2. Texas Classics - TOC and USA (in 75-Major)
                                                                                                                                                  3. Wintercrest 70’s (UT) - TOC and USA (in 70-AA)
beat Scrap                                                                                    MEN’S 55-MAJOR                                      WOMEN’S 40-MASTERS
                                                                                              1. Old Dawgs (CA) - TOC and USA
Iron of                                                                                                                                           1. TKP 40’s (CA) - TOC and USA
                                                                                              2. Doubleplay 55’s (CA)                             2. Old School 40’s (CA)
Colorado                                                                                      3. BRL 55’s (UT)                                    3. Tharaldson’s (NV)
in the 65                                                                                     MEN’S 55-AAA                                        WOMEN’S 50
                                                                                              1. No Dice (CA) - TOC and USA
Platinum                                                                                      2. Over The Edge (CA)
                                                                                                                                                  1. 2nd Wind (CA) – TOC and USA
                                                                                                                                                  2. California Spirit 50
champion-                                                                                     3. Wilson Trophy 55’s (CA)                          3. Ladies Choice (CA)
ship game.                                                                                    MEN’S 60-MAJOR                                      WOMEN’S 55
                                                                                              1. Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac (CA) - TOC and USA   1. California Spirit 55 - TOC and USA
                                                                                              2. Diamond Dawgs (NV)                               2. Silver Saints (AZ)
                                                                                              3. Newell’s Good Ol’ Boys (UT)
                                                                                                                                                  3. Oregon Sleeperzzz
                               REGIONAL NEWS                                                                                               CALIF.
Autumn 2008 Edition                                                                                                                                   Senior Softball News      17

                                                                                                                                              Butte Fires
New Look, New Info for Regional News                                                                                                          Stop Some
By Steve Simmons                             SSUSA softballs or other SSUSA prod-          exceed what can be placed in the paper.            Games
                                                                                                                                              in Chico
Softball News Report                         ucts and services in 2008. Only those         Maps and directions to clubs and leagues
     SHOREWOOD, MN – Readers                 providing requested summary informa-          facilities and functions can be shown.
will probably notice a new look in the       tion were included in this issue.             Sponsors and advertisers can be rec-
regional section of this issue of Senior           In addition, SSUSA will be expand-      ognized. League standings, highlights,       By Pete D’Avignon
Softball News.                               ing its website in the next few months        news, pictures, special features and         Softball News Report
     It is a slight departure from past      to include more in-depth coverage and         much, much more can all be part of the              Here are the results of the Chico
issues of Senior Softball News where the     information about Clubs & Leagues. The        club or league web page.                     Senior Softball Club for the 2008 season.
regional section was populated almost        web site will display a map of the coun-            This clearing house of senior          Because of the fires in Butte
entirely with stories from each region       try and a user will be able to click on any   softball information will be open to all     County, not all games were
with a few league summaries (standings,      geographic area to bring up a display of      clubs and leagues partnering with the        played. All outside recreation
statistics, etc) tossed in.                  all the partnering clubs and leagues in       SSUSA. This is just one of the products      activities were suspended
     The new emphasis is on listing as       that area.                                    and services that SSUSA has to offer to      at different times, so teams
many league summaries as possible.                 Work is now in progress to have this    participating clubs and leagues.             had several teams played less than a full
Stories still accompany most regional        feature available by the end of the year.           The SSUSA has published a book-        schedule.
sections, but the number of stories has      The web site will have an appearance          let, the SSUSA Clubs & Leagues Infor-               Masters Division (4 teams)
been reduced and the contents have           somewhat similar to the format shown in       mation Guide, that itemizes the various             First Place: Greybeards
been condensed. We still want to include     this issue of the paper. A club or league     products and services available through             Second Place: Cubbies
stories of interest but primarily we want    logo (if available), along with the name      the clubs and leagues program.                       Veterans Division (5 teams)
to recognize the clubs and leagues that      of the club or league, will headline the            If you would like to obtain one of            First Place: Oreoles
have opted to use the products and ser-      web page.                                     these booklets for your club or league,             Second Place: Tigers
vices that the SSUSA has to offer.                  If a club or league has its own        please contact your ‘area / state / met-            Open Division: (6 teams)
     The number of clubs and leagues         web site, that web site address will be       ropolitan’ or regional clubs and leagues            First Place: Devil Greys
utilizing SSUSA products and services        listed and a link to that web site will be    director. The directors are listed in each          Second Place: Half-astros
has grown significantly over last year’s     provided. Names and contact informa-          regional section of the paper. You can              For more information, please
total. Those that are listed in this issue   tion for club or league coordinators and      also contact me at:                          contact with Pete D’Avignon at (530) 343-
of Senior Softball News represent less       officials will be included.                         Steven Simmons – SSUSA C/L Na-         7344 or idmgroup@sbcglobal.net or visit
than 20 percent of the clubs and leagues           The depth of detail that can be         tional Director (C) 952-239-7674 (E)         the website: http://www.chicoseniorsoft-
that have procured SSUSA insurance,          established on the web site will far          stnlsimmons@aol.com                          ball.com/index.html.

                                                                                                                                        NCSSL Leader
                                                                                                                                        Roger Keller Dies
                                                                                                                                        Softball News Report
                                                                                                                                              SAN DIEGO – Roger Keller, long-
                                                                                                                                        time Commissioner of the North County
                                                                                                                                        Senior Softball (NCSSL) League, died in
                                                                                                                                        his sleep in August at age 73.
                                                                                                                                              In addition to being the NCSSL Com-
                                                                                                                                        missioner, Keller managed the Southern
                                                                                                                                        California Patriots 70s team, and ran the
                                                                                                                                        Camp Pendleton Classic Senior Softball
                                                                                                                                              “Roger enjoyed the games and took
                                                                                                                                        on the leadership role as if he was born to
                                                                                                                                        it,” said Joe Raffa, NCSSL coordinator.
                                                                                                                                        "He was born in Los Angeles and grew
                                                                                                                                        up in San Marino. He played baseball at
                                                                                                                                        both Pasadena City College and UC Santa
                                                                                                                                        Barbara, where he graduated in 1959 with
                                                                                                                                        a BA in Business Administration, with
                                                                                                                                        minors in Parties and Surfing. He enjoyed
                                                                                                                                        senior softball, golf, the Over-The-Line
                                                                                                                                        Tournament, the races at Del Mar, and
                                                                                                                                        good poker game with the guys.”
                                                                                                                                              “Our prayers go with his wife Pat,
                                                                                                                                        and his son Sean, and daughter Rogelle.”
18      Senior Softball News                                                                                                                               Autumn 2008 Edition

                                New England Rec                                                                                             EPA Wins East
                              Championships Planned                                                                                         Ocean League
                                                                                                                                            By Pete De Rosa
By Tom Marum                                           The tentative weekend is Oct. 11-12     ISA umpiring association for the tourna-     Softball News Report
Softball News Report                            at Warwick City Park, if it is available.      ment. This is the same group that did such          In East Ocean County Senior Soft-
       WARWICK, RI – Plans are in the           Warwick City Park was used for the             an admirable job at the Warwick SSWC         ball Association division playoffs, Huddy
works to hold a SSUSA Recreational New          Rhode Island SSWC qualifier in August.         qualifier. The tournament committee          beat Sonic in 2 of 3 games, and EPA beat
England Senior Softball Championship.           If the facility is available on another        consists of Tom Marum, SSUSA C/L New         RADA 2 of 3 to advance to finals. EPA
The tournament will be a season ending          weekend, then the dates could easily be        England Area Director; Bill Read, RI ISA     beat Huddys 2 games straight, after com-
(or near season’s end) tournament for           changed.                                       State Director; and Curt Snow, member of     ing from behind, and scoring 17 runs in
league players and teams (as opposed                   Warwick City Park is desirable, not     the Baystate Bombers who is an extreme-      the top of 7th to win by 4. EPA Financial
to teams that are put together for travel       only because it is a quality four-field com-   ly active and knowledgeable person in all    has won the league 8 years running. They
competition).                                   plex, but because it is generally centrally    aspects of softball.                         also finished in 2nd place in New Jersey
       The teams and players do not have        located between New England’s big three               If you are interested in playing in   State Tournament.
to be registered with the SSUSA. Rules          senior softball leagues, the Rhode Island      this tournament or knowing more about               B Division was won by Post AC.,
will be put in place to encourage rosters       Senior Softball League, the EMASS              the tournament, contact Marum at: (H)        which beat Williams Construction 2 of 3
to be structured to include players of          Senior Softball League and the Cape Cod        413-283-4321 (C) 508-450-0623 (E)            games, Post only won 3 games, but won
all ages; no age specific divisions are         Senior Softball League.                        malloymarum@verizon.net                      when it counted.
intended to be established.                            Plans are to use the Rhode Island                                                           As for the 60+ Division, the Buc’s
                                                                                                                                            beat Stewart’s 2 of 3games to win the

Rhode Island Senior Niles Ohio Red Team
                                                                                                                                            league championships. This is the third
                                                                                                                                            year that the Buck’s won the league. In
                                                                                                                                            the consolation playoff games the Hawks

Softball League
                                                                                                                                            beat the Mariners. This league is also part
                    Wins League                                                                                                             of the Ocean County Sr. Softball Associa-
                                                                                                                                                   Ocean County New Jersey Sr. Soft-
For complete RISSL standings see Website:                             By Larry Thompson                                                     ball Association follows Senior Softball
http://www.rissl.org/                                                 Softball News Report                                                  USA rules allowing both the Miken Ultra
                                                                            NILES, OH – The Niles recreation Golden League started          II and Trump softballs
Rhode Island Senior Softball League Standings                         in July with three senior softball teams chosen through a draft
Division 1 “A1”              Win                Lost                                                                                               For more information, contact with
Ray Sewell Tax Svc           15                 1
                                                                      process. Players range in age from 49 to 70 years.                    League Director, Pete De Rosa, at Dero-
Action Auto Parts            14                 2                           The youngest player in the league is Dan Yoder (49) and the     sapdr@aol.com
My Cousin Vinny’s            14                 6                     oldest is Kyle Saunders (70). The teams are denoted by colors,
                                                                      red, white and blue. League play ends Sept. 10 with a one-game               Ocean County New Jersey 50+
Division 2 “A2”             Win                 Lost                  playoff.
Francis Farm “A”            7                   14
                                                                                                                                                  SR. League 2008 standings
133 Club                    6                   12
                                                                            The league hopes to expand to five or six teams in 2009. The    A Division       League Play Overall
Elmwood Sports              6                   12                    league draws players from the Warren, Niles and Youngstown,           Epa Financial     20 – 1     24 - 1
Pondhouse                   4                   17                    Ohio metropolitan areas.                                              Huddy’s Inn      13 - 8      15 - 10
                                                                            If you are interested in learning more about this league,       Sonic             12 - 9     14 - 9
Division 3 “B1”             Win                 Lost                  please contact Larry Thompson (Phone) 330-898-3997 or (E-mail)        Rada Chiropractic 9 - 12     9 - 14
Valley Breeze               18                  4                     osoftballer31@aol.com.
Nassa Flooring 60           11                  11
Foxwoods Casino             9                   13                                                                                          B Division      League Play       Overall
Governor Francis Inn        9                   13                          CURRENT LEAGUE STANDINGS                                        Williams Const. 10 - 14           10 -16
                                                                            Red Team           8–1                                          Post A.C.       1 - 23            3 – 24
Division 4 “B2”             Win                 Lost                        Blue Team          4–5
Clark and Sons              16                  6                           White Team         2–7
Roundhouse Taven            14                  8                                                                                              Ocean County New Jersey 60+ Sr.
                                                                                                                                                   Softball League Standings
                                                                      Bridgewater, New Jersey,
Paul’s                      12                  12
Woodmansee Ins.             11                  12                                                                                          60+ Division       League Play
                                                                                                                                            Buccaneers*         20 - 0
Division 5 “B3”
Nassa Flooring 65
Francis Farm “B”
                                                                      League final standings:                                               Stewart’s Rootbeer 13 - 7
                                                                                                                                            B-Mac Hawks         9 - 11
                                                                      Team Name       W  L
Abbott Action               6                   18                                                                                          Mariners            2 - 17
                                                                      Phoenix Tube                       12       2
Anderson Winfield           4                   18
                                                                      Darrows Sports                     11       3
                                                                                                                                            * Bey-Lea Chiropractic & Lifestyle
Division 6 “C”              Win                 Lost                  Gattos Sports Bar                  10       4
                                                                                                                                            Chiropractic Sponsors
El Azteca Restaurant        21                  3                     Tri County Supply                   8       6
                                                                      Sweet Construction                  8       6
Nelson Mack Vfw             17                  6                     P & R Fasteners                     7       7
Wanskuck Post 56            17                  6
Atwood Tan                  15                  9                     Paige Electric                      2    12
Garziano Marble & Tile      10                  14                    Union Hotel                         2    12
CVS/pharmacy                9                   15                    For more information, please contact with Bob Pietryck at Big-
CAM Engineering             4                   20                    Bob132@aol.com
S.J.K. Landscaping          2                   22
Autumn 2008 Edition                                                                                                                                            Senior Softball News       19

                             Collier League Buys Defibrillator, Screen
By Frank Galuppo                                      Also, to protect the pitchers from a     of the league’s players rising to 68 years       proved bats.
Softball News Report                           batted ball, the league will now be using       of age, the league directors feel these                 The league’s goal for 2009 is to ex-
       NAPLES, FL – The Collier County         a pitcher’s protective screen. The pitchers     safety improvements will further protect         pand the league from 10 to 12 teams, six
Senior Softball League starts season 14        will be required to stand behind the screen     the players from serious injury and pos-         teams in the Major division and six teams
with a heavy emphasis on player safety.        after delivery of a pitch. The league’s         sibly save lives.                                in the AAA division. The league also
       Partnering with the SSUSA’s Clubs       present rule is batted balls hitting the               The Collier County Senior Softball        plans on expanding their schedule from
and Leagues program, the league’s Board        screen will be a “dead ball – no pitch”.        League states they have definitely im-           24 to 32 games per season. If anyone is
of Directors has taken action to improve              In addition, the county has expand-      proved their identity by taking advantage        interested in further information about this
safety for all players.                        ed the warning tracks on the ball fields to     of the products and services offered by          league, contact Frank Galuppo (Phone)
       The league bought a defibrilla-         help protect outfielders from running into      SSUSA. For the second year, the league           239-434-6933 or (E-mail) jfgparadise@
tor and trained 20 players to use it. The      fences.                                         will be insured through the SSUSA, soft-         aol.com.
defibrillator will be located within 25 feet          Plans are also in the works for first-   balls will be purchased through SSUSA,                  The League website is www.ccss.
of all players.                                aid training classes. With the average age      and the league will use the SSUSA ap-            zoomshare.com

                                                                                                                                                 now enjoy the director aspect of softball,”
                                                                                                                                                 Ogletree said. “I started as a director
                                                                                                                                                 for the Worldwide Softball Association
                                                                                                                                                 in 2005 in Tennessee, but was recruited
                                                                                                                                                 by the Independent Softball Association

                                                                                               ‘Twig’ Ogletree
                                                                                                                                                 to come on board as a director for the
                                                                                                                                                 2006 campaign. It was a great move for

                                                                                               Named Director
                                                                                                                                                 me. Tennessee ISA was, and still is, the
Merrill Lynch Gray, top left photo, came in first and Polk Therapy                                                                               number one association in Tennessee and
                                                                                                                                                 it was nice to be able to work with these
                                                                                               in Southeast;
Green, top photo right, placed second in the Winter Haven League.
                                                                                                                                                 guys in trying to grow softball in our state.
                                                                                                                                                      “I currently hold two very large
                                                                                               Kentucky Added                                    tournaments that folks may have heard
                                                                                                                                                 of, both are in Tennessee. They are
                                                                                                                                                 the Miller Lite Shootout in Cookeville
                                                                                               Softball News Report                              and Crossville, always during the first
                                                                                                     LIVINGSTON, TN – Mark “Twig”                weekend in May, and the Mayfield
                                                                                               Ogletree has been appointed Southeast             Southern Showcase in Athens which is
                                                                                               Regional Director for SSUSA Clubs &               always held on the last weekend in April.
                                                                                               Leagues’ program in what’s being called                “At one point it looked as if the
                                                                                               “a major breakthrough in our director’s           women’s game might die off but I was not
                                                                                               appointments,” by Steve Simmons,                  going to let that happen. It has showed,

Winter Haven                                   Lakeland Requires
                                                                                               SSUSA Clubs & Leagues National                    too, because Tennessee has more women’s
                                                                                               Director.                                         teams sanctioned with the ISA this year

Senior Softball                                Pitching Screen
                                                                                                     “We have been striving to find              than any other state. As a result of these
                                                                                               someone to step forward and assume                efforts, Tennessee will host the ISA

Club Standings
                                                                                               a director’s role in this region,” said           Women’s World Championships on Sept.
                                               By Steve Simmons                                Simmons.                                          13.”
                                               Softball News Report                                  The inter-association relationship               Ogletree, at age 29, becomes the
      For more information, including                 LAKELAND, FL – The Lakeland              between the SSUSA and the ISA played              youngest SSUSA C & L director on staff
complete stats on players, see: www.           Senior Softball Board has decided to re-        a huge roll in making this all happen. The        and is the third director named who is not
geocities.com/wh_softball                      quire all pitchers to use a pitching screen     two associations have common ownership,           of senior age (50 or older).
                                               during league play as an added safety           Bill Ruth is the owner of the ISA and co-              In addition to his duties as a softball
Team               Manager      Standings      measure.                                        owner, along with Terry Hennessy, of the          director, Ogletree works nights as a
Merrill Lynch Gray   Fred Dampier 14- 6               In addition, the Lakeland Senior         SSUSA. Ruth and Hennessy have been                transport driver for Coca-Cola. He is
Polk Therapy Green Ted Granoski 12- 7-1        Softball League has completed defibril-         encouraging SSUSA personnel to utilize            married and he and his wife Ashley are
Elvis’ HounDawgs Red Elmer Black 11- 9         lator training. Marty Martinez, Bryan           the resources that the ISA can offer to help      expecting a baby boy in February. If
Jarrett Gordon Blue  Ed Neumyer 10-10          Smith, George Radlein, Bob Allen, John          fill these positions.                             you would like to contact him about the
Riverside Bank Black Don Witmer   10-10        Dascole and Larry Goring are now certi-               Ogletree who earned his nickname            clubs & leagues program in Tennessee in
WH Dodgers Navy      Russ King     8-12        fied on the use of the defibrillator.           “Twig” because his father is known as             particular and the Southeast in general, or
KFC Gold             Ed Lupiani    8-12               For more information: www.geoci-         “Tree”, from their last name, has been            if you would be interested in one of the
Trustco Bank Purple Floyd Welton 6-13-1        ties.com/lakeland_softball                      with the ISA since 2006. He is an ISA             state director’s positions that are available
                                                                                               director as well as the Tennessee ISA             in the Southeast, here is his contact
                                                                                               Umpire-in-Chief.                                  information: (Phone) 931-319-0669 (E-
                                                                                                     “I played softball for several years but    mail) twig_isa@twlakes.net
20                                                                                                                                                          Autumn 2008 Edition

       Senior Softball News

Denver Hosts Wood Bat Tourney
By DuWayne Pillard                                        not have to be registered with the SSUSA in a SSUSA
Softball News Report                                      recreation tournament but proof of age will be required.
     DENVER, CO – It will be nostalgic times when              Pillard and Carabello are eager to see how this idea
the inaugural Denver area all wood bat SSUSA senior       will be received. Senior softball wood bat leagues and
softball recreational tournament is held Sept 27.         tournaments are played in a couple of places around the
     This tournament, the brainchild of DuWayne Pillard   country and have their loyal followings.
(SSUSA C/L Colorado State Director) and Joe Carabello          For more information on this tournament, contact             Keyland Wins Sunlakes League
(Denver area senior softball player), will help many      Pillard or Carabello. Their contact information is as
recall the times when wood bats were all that were        follows:                                                          Sunlakes, Arizona, Senior Softball League Stand-
available in the game.                                         DuWayne Pillard (Phone) 303-437-5340 (E-mail)                ings for the Fall League
     The tournament will be played at Lakewood Park in    d69zcam@comcast.net
Lakewood and currently there are nine teams registered         Joe Carabello (Phone) 303-525-0962 (E-mail)                  Team Name                            W       L
with a possibility that a 10th team will be added come    jcarabello1@comcast.net                                           Keyland Homes                        21      9
tournament time.                                                                                                            Classi Carts                         19    11
     The wood bats will be provided by the tournament.         OTHER DENVER AREA SENIOR SOFTBALL                            Pendergast Concrete                  15    15
This is a three-game guarantee tournament and teams       NOTES: The season ending Colorado Senior Softball                 A-1 Golf Carts                       11   17
will be divided into two divisions. The tournament will   Saturday Traveling League’s playoffs are coming up in             Wells Fargo Bank                     8    22
be a SSUSA recreational tournament which will be          September and are divided into three divisions for parity,
covered by SSUSA insurance and will follow SSUSA          based on a team’s record for the season.                          For more information, please contact with Larry
rules, including the use of SSUSA softballs.                   The Colorado Senior Softball Fall League starts              Wolfe at larrywolfe@msn.com or Bob Deken at
     A modified home run rule will be used which allows   Sept. 9 and runs until inclement weather prevents further         deke33@wbhsi.net
for one home run per player with a maximum of five        play. This usually isn’t until mid November. Games are
home runs per team per game. Players and teams do         played on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


                                                                                         Bay Area Kicks Off Fall League
                                                                                         By Steve Simmons
SASSL Donates $2,420 in School Fire                                                      Softball News Report
                                                                                              PASADENA, TX – The Bay Area Senior Softball League has just completed its
Softball News Report                         San Antonio Senior Softball League          spring season and started the fall season Sept. 10. The fall season wraps up on Nov. 13.
     SAN ANTONIO - Individual San            Standings                                        The league gets its players form the towns and cities, which surround Galveston
Antonio Senior Softball League (SASSL)       Division                W       L           Bay. The league has two divisions of four teams each. Different teams are drafted each
players donated $1,710 during the last two   60+                                         year. League games are played on Wednesday and Thursday mornings on two fields
spring season games in May to help offset    A/C Legends             9       1           here.
the cost of the fire damage at Our Lady of   Tomadoes                8       2                For more information, contact league president Jim Pawlowski, (H) 281-488-3353,
the Lake University. The league treasury     Mission Classics        4       6           (E) asteroid123@sbcglobal.net.
added a $500 donation for a total donation   Old Stars               4       6
of $2,410.                                   SA Seniors              0       10                                        Bay Area Senior Softball League
     The $2,410 donation was presented to    65+                                                                      Final Standings Spring Season 2008
Peggy Prather, OLLU Director of De-          TX Legends              10      0           West Division                                                     Won               Lost
velopment on May 14 by Commissioner          Crackers 70             7       3               1. Boaz Export Crating                                        14                11
Albert Cerda and Bill Altman, SASSL          Blazers                 3       7               2. Allied Hydromulch                                          14                11
board chairman.                              Travelers               5       5               3. Expert Appliance Repair                                    11                14
     The SASSL donation was a small          69+                                             4. Foree Insurance                                            10                15
token of appreciation for the support        Bulls                   8       2           East Division                                                     Won               Lost
OLLU has given SASSL during the past         Jets                    6       4
five years. That support enabled SASSL       Tigers                  6       4                  1.   Bay Oaks Orthopaedics                                 16                9
to survive and rapidly grow to more than     VFW Old Stars           6       4                  2.   Burger Tex                                            13                12
300 participants and 17 teams during the     Codgers                 3       7                  3.   BASSA                                                 13                12
period.                                                                                         4.   Riptide Securities                                    10                15
Autumn 2008 Edition                                                                                                                               Senior Softball News               21

Kansas City League Blossoms Rochester Hosts
to 500 players in 18 Years  Recreational Tournament
By Charlie Hiller                             result the Platinum, Gold, Silver &           By Steve Simmons                                 week, outdoor one-day tournaments
Softball News Report                          Bronze Divisions were established. The        Softball News Report                             played during the week and a weekend
      KANSAS CITY, MO – The Kansas            league has also had a 60+ and 65+ Draft             ROCHESTER, MN – After taking               tournament with umpires. Tournament
City Senior Softball League operates          League on Saturday mornings for many          the summer off, the SSUSA North Region           sites will be in Minnesota, Iowa and
as a Missouri 501(c)4 not for profit          years where players are assigned onto         Recreational Tournament Circuit resumed          possibly Omaha, NE or Kansas City, MO.
organization with a 12-person board of        teams. At present, the men’s divisions        with a one-day tournament here. The                   To learn more about the 2009
directors.                                    are spread out over the KC Metro area         tournament was held Sept. 4 with six             SSUSA North Region Recreational
      The league donates money to many        at six different venues in three different    teams taking part. Significantly three of        Tournament Circuit, contact Steve
charities including The American Cancer       counties in order to mix these age and        the teams hailed from the host city of           Simmons, SSUSA C/L North Region
Society, The RBI Program (Boys & Girls        skill group parameters.                       Rochester and represented 75 percent of          Director. Simmons’ contact information is
Clubs), BreastCancer.Org, and Katrina              The league also has a 40+ Women’s        that city’s first-year senior softball league.   (952) 470-9250, (952) 239-7674, or via
Survivor Families, to name a few. Randy       Division with eight teams that has been             The tournament was moved from              e-mail: stnlsimmons@aol.com.
Rowe recently took over the presidency        active for five years.                        Walker, MN, where it had been played the
when Wes Weddle, age 81, retired.
The league was founded by Weddle in
                                                   The league has also produced
                                              tournament teams that have climbed to
                                                                                            last two years, to Rochester to recognize
                                                                                            the fledgling local league. The turnout          Stillwater League
                                                                                                                                             Gets Ready for
1990 with three teams. There is still         the highest levels of tournament ball.        from the home town league displayed the
debate going on as to who won that very       Kansas City Senior Softball teams have        enthusiasm that has been generated here
first one-run game! Many of the league’s      trekked all over North America through        for senior softball. Credit needs to be
original charter members are still playing.
They haven’t missed a beat and these are
                                              the years, bringing back championship
                                              awards. Some of the league’s top teams
                                                                                            given to league president Bill Miller and
                                                                                            his fellow league administrators Clyde           Winter League
members who now range in age from             in recent years have been the Antiques,       Steddum, Ray Barnett, Bob Horstmann,             By Steve Simmons
their late 60s into their 80s! The league     Avengers, Barons, Blues, Fire, KC 60’s,       Bill Beaupre, Dave Warnke and Randy              Softball News Report
even has many fathers and sons playing        M & V, Masters, Silver Jox and WOV’s.         Kahl who have gotten this program off                  STILLWATER, MN – The Stillwater
together.                                          Safety is the league’s main concern.     the ground.                                      Senior Softball Winter League is making
      From those first seeds, planted over    For those venues that do not have an                The Rochester teams were joined in         preparations for its winter league season
18 years ago, Kansas City Senior Softball     AED defibrillator the league brings their     this tournament by two recreational teams        which will run from the first of November
has grown like wildfire. The league           own. The league has a member who is a         from the West Metro Senior Softball              through the first of April.
hit 500 active members in 2002! The           physician and gives classes on the proper     League (Edina, MN), and another                        The league plays their games inside
league sponsored the Last Chance SSWC         use of the AED. The league has a new          recreational team from Mason City,               the St Croix Valley Recreation Center
Qualifier October 4-5. More information       web site under construction. The new          IA. Ages ranged from Scott Hanson,               all-purpose dome here. Last year, several
can be found on the league’s web site         site gives the league more room for team      the youngster at 50 years old, to Irv            new and younger players, just in their
www.kcseniorsoftball.org.                     sites, data, postings and unlimited photos.   Didderich, the elder statesman at 79.            early 50s, were easily bouncing balls off
      Through the test of time the            For more information, go to www.              Didderich edged out Jim Staiger, another         the roof and walls of the dome.
league found that parity needed to be         seniorsoftball.com/com/news.php and           79 year old, by 16 days to lay claim to the            Dick Mumbleau, league president,
established between the teams. As a           search for KCSSL.                             oldest player in the tournament title.           will assess the ball used last year
                                                                                                  The teams were very well balanced          (Trump 44 COR, 375 compression, optic
                                                                                            which made for some very competitive             orange) against a couple of candidates
                                                                                            games. The championship went to the              recommended by Anaconda Sports Inc
                                                                                            Tough Kookies of the West Metro League           for indoor play.
                                                                                            who edged Butler Video (Rochester) 15-                 The sample balls provided by
                                                                                            14 in the deciding game. Second place            Anaconda include the bp-125 with a solid
                                                                                            was secured by Smart Candle / Prime              molded one-piece cover in dusty orange
                                                                                            Time Health (Rochester), in their final          and a Trump 50 COR, 325 compression,
                                                                                            game of the tournament, with a bottom            optic yellow softball (a high COR, low
                                                                                            of the seventh tie-breaking run which            compression ball that won’t get as firm in
                                                                                            crossed the plate as a result of Dave            cold weather – most of the dome games
                                                                                            Warnke’s blast to the fence for a 13-12          are played in temperatures that are in the
                                                                                            win over the Bad Boys (West Metro).              50s and below).
                                                                                                  The final event of the 2008 SSUSA                “We have customers all over the
Two of the All-Star teams who participated in the Kansas City                               North Region Recreational Tournament             country using the bp-125 ball indoors and
                                                                                            Circuit won’t take place until December.         it is the only one that is usable in closed
Senior Softball League’s “Big Event”, which was created to honor                            This will be the fourth North region             buildings,” said Kevin Schullstrom of
Wes Weddle (league founder) at the league’s original ball field.                            recreational tournament of the year and          Anaconda Sports.
The league conducted their very first All-Star games as part of the                         it will be held Dec. 11-12, inside several             Mumbleau plans to have a session
                                                                                            domes in the Twin Cities metropolitan            inside the dome with a few players from
“Big Event”, which also includes a barbeque and a picnic. This                              area.                                            the league to test out the three options and
event began in 2002 and has become an annual day of all-star                                      Plans are in the works to expand the       come to a decision on the best ball for the
games plus a picnic. It was recently attended by hundreds of play-                          2009 circuit to six or seven tournaments.        league. If you are interested in learning
                                                                                            It will be comprised of a variety of events      more about this league or playing in this
ers, families, friends and bystanders.                                                      including dome tournaments, outdoor              league, contact Mumbleau at: (651) 429-
                                                                                            two-day tournaments played during the            8370, or email: mumb1001@gmail.com
22     Senior Softball News                                                                                                                                 Autumn 2008 Edition

Del Drake Appointed Idaho State Director
By Steve Simmons                                   “I then began playing slow pitch.           for an article she was doing. This started
Softball News Report                          As you can tell softball is in my blood!         the ball rolling. They printed a half page
     STAR, ID – Del Drake, longtime           As I grew older I went on to play senior         story and then the phone really started to
SSUSA representative, brings a world of       softball in southern California and played       ring. My wife and I received more than
experience – and innovative ideas -- to                                almost year round,”     50 phone calls from seniors wanting to
his new position as State Director of
                                                                       Drake said.
                                                                            “My wife and
                                                                                               play ball.”
                                                                                                    As a result, four teams were formed     Strongest Prize Co.
     Drake, who was appointed by Mike
Sisavic, SSUSA Northwest Regional
                                                                       I decided to move
                                                                       to Idaho in 1995
                                                                                               in Boise. Later on, he began the wooden
                                                                                               bat league.
                                                                                                                                            Team? That’s Easy;
Director, becomes the third area/state/
metropolitan director in the Northwest.
                                                                       and, in about one
                                                                       month after the
                                                                                                    “We formed a committee and began
                                                                                               recruiting players and they came in
                                                                                                                                            It’s the Oldest!!!
     The three include Sisavic, who                                    move here, I was        droves. The main incentive was wooden        By Steve Simmons
handles Oregon, Drake, and Shane Verley,                               looking for a team      bats, it slowed the game down, making it     Softball News Report
who represents the Olympia, WA metro-                                  in Boise. To my         a lot safer for guys over 60. This brought        EDINA, MN – The West Metro Senior
politan area.                                                          horror I found out      back about 30 guys that had given up         Softball League here is populated by close
     Drake’s decision to establish a wood                              there was not a se-     playing, just because the metal bats were    to 140 senior softball players and four
bat league in Idaho has brought many se-                               nior league in all of   too dangerous.                               tournament teams establish their rosters
niors back to the playing field who would                              Idaho. I figured I’d         “Three years ago we started the         from this group of players.
have probably hung it up if they had had          Del Drake          better do something       Meridian League with five teams, we now           The four teams are all nationally
to compete with the current offering of       about that. After many trips to the Parks        have two five-team leagues and are still     rated as AAA teams and represent four
composite bats.                               and Recreation Department, and just as           growing.”                                    age groups. They are the MN Prize 55’s,
     Drake played baseball in high school     many phone calls, I started placing ads                                                       the MN Prize 60’s, the MN Prize 65’s and
in Anaheim n the 1950s. After gradua-         in papers and I made some calls to radio         To learn more about the clubs & leagues      Scan Air Filters (70).
tion he continued to play baseball in the     stations. We ended up getting a few phone        program in Idaho and the wooden bat               Who would you say would be the
Navy and following discharge he played a      calls and our first tournament team from         league, contact Drake at: (208) 286-9123     strongest among this group? According to
couple of years of industrial league base-    Boise consisted of 13 players.                   , joyceadreake@hotmail.com, or go to the     Bob Logelin, co-manager of the Scan Air
ball then began his softball career playing        “During this first tournament a             website: www.idahoseniorsoftball.com         Filters team, along with John Kelly, it is
fast pitch for many years until it died out   reporter for the Idaho Statesmen newspa-                                                      their 70+ squad that ranks No. 1.
in the late 1970s.                            per came to the park and interviewed me                                                            Here’s how that determination is made
                                                                                                                                            following “Logelin Logic”.

Providence Team Wins in Vancouver                                                              6 Teams Vie in                                    The MN Prize 55’s and 60’s met in
                                                                                                                                            the 55/60 division championship game
                                                                                                                                            of the SSWC Northern Championships
By Steve Simmons
Softball News Report
     VANCOUVER, WA – The second
                                              rules, used SSUSA balls and procured
                                              SSUSA insurance for the tournament.
                                                   The concept of a SSUSA recreational
                                                                                               Portland League                              in mid-May in Rochester with the winner
                                                                                                                                            qualifying for the TOC.
                                                                                               By Steve Simmons                                  The MN Prize 60’s came from behind
annual Vancouver Metropolitan Senior          tournament is becoming very popular and          Softball News Report                         twice, in the bottom of the seventh and
Softball Association (VMSSA) 70’s AA          many leagues and associations are holding             PORTLAND, OR – The Portland             eighth innings, to tie the game and then
tournament was played in late August at       these events across the country. For more        Senior Softball Association 65+ Daytime      won 22-21 on a Mark Lilledahl hit in the
David Douglas Park here.                      info: check our SSUSA website.                   League plays ball Tuesday mornings           bottom of the ninth.
     The Providence team from                                                                  at Delta Park here. Teams play double-            The MN Prize 60’s and 65’s faced off
Vancouver (WA) / Portland (OR)                                                                 headers for 15 weeks.                        at the Minnesota Senior Games in July.
emerged as the tournament winner as they                                                            Teams are chosen by a committee to      The MN Prize 65’s trailed by two with two
won a close 8-6 championship game over                                                         ensure teams are of equal strength. The      out and nobody on in the bottom of the
Hanna Cars from Vancouver. Finishing          Puget Sound Senior Softball Association          average age is about 72 with the oldest      seventh when they staged a four-hit rally,
third were the Eugene Grays from              Standings (Northwest Senior Softball)            player being 84 years old. Teams are         capped off by a walk-off two run triple by
Eugene (OR) and finishing fourth were         Division A                 W       L             identified by their co-managers names.       Ron Thielen, to win 11-10.
the Eastside 70’s from Seattle.               Ruth                       6       0                  The 1st place team was Dick Johnson          The MN Prize 65’s played Scan Air
     This tournament was a SSUSA              Fire/One                   3       1             / Jack Wills squad (14-8); 2nd place was     Filters at the Minnesota SPA qualifier in
recreational tournament. Teams and            Tukwila 1                  2       2             Ben Hammett / Russ Rienecker (13-9);         late May. Scan Air Filters entered the fifth
players did not have to be registered with    Joeseppi’s/Bellittini 70’s 3       5             3rd place was Bill Turlay / Mike Sisavic     inning trailing 13-5.
the SSUSA but they abided by SSUSA            Jimmy Macs                 2       4             (11-11); 4th place was John Barham / Red          They put together a seven-run sixth
                                              Tukwila 65’s               1       3             Hangland (9-11); and 5th place was Steve     inning and then a six-run seventh inning,
Vancouver Metro Senior Softball               Stray Dogs                 1       3             Moore / Ray Anderson (9-13).                 with the final run (which proved to be the
Association 2008 Final Standings              Division B                 W       L                  The first annual playoff tournament     game winner) scoring on a hit by Bud Gott,
Team                    Won    Loss           Lovers Package             2       0             for this league is scheduled for Sept. 16.   and then staved off a last ditch rally by the
# 1 (Bob Reihm)          24      10           Seattle 70’s               1       0             To learn more about this league, contact     MN Prize 65’s to win 18-17.
# 7 (Dave West)          23      11           Northshore                 3       3             league commissioner Mike Sisavic, cell            According to Bob Logelin, Scan Air
# 3 (Jim Aarhus)         20      13           D&J                        2       2             phone (503) 314-3967, E-mail address         Filters is the top West Metro team because
# 5 (Dan Billedeaux)     17      15           Scarcella                  1       4             fsisavic@hotmail.com                         they beat the 65’s who beat the 60’s who
# 2 (Craig Thompson)     16      17           Bobcats                    0       0                  For completed standings, please         beat the 55’s! How can anyone refute
# 4 (Mike Smith)         15      19           For more information, please go website:         check out the website:                       “Logelin Logic”?
# 6 (Mike Weber)         12      20           http://bashbro1nwseniorsoftball.com/
# 8 (Jim McAbee)          5      27                                                                 http://www.portlandsoftball.com
Autumn 2008 Edition                                                                                                                                       Senior Softball News   23

ISA Senior Worlds Attracts                                                                          SPN
52 Teams from 13 States                                                                             Slo-Pitch National
                                                                                                    Slo-Pitch National – National
By Jerry Jackson                               to 3-2 for both days.
     The 2008 ISA Men’s Senior’s World              Now, let me clear up some rumors                Office                                          Headquarters
was held August 1, 2, & 3 at the beautiful     that were floating around about the 3-2              63 Galaxy Blvd #4                                Toronto,
Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex,          count. At no time did the fact that I left           Toronto, ON M9W 5R7                              Ontario
in Bridgeton, MO, for the third year in a      out the 55AA bracket division for Satur-
row. Fifty-two teams from 13 states, in        days and Sundays schedule have anything
                                                                                                    (416) 674-1802
10 different divisions, participated in this   to do with the changing of the pitch count.
year’s event.                                  My staff and I checked the schedule sev-             Ball standard: Worth Grey Dot, 40 COR
     Things started great on Friday, except    eral times and we simply made a mistake.             Arc standard: 6 to 12-foot arc
the weather was very hot, over 105-heat             Sunday morning we got 3 inches of
index. Several players went down be-           rain in 30 minutes. The diamonds were                                  2008 Newfoundland Nationals
cause of the heat.                             flooded. After discussing the situation                               St. John's, NL, August 22-24, 2008
     We had to call the local paramed-         with the complex management, we made                Men's B                                   Mens 55
ics three times because of players going       a joint decision to cancel the rest of the          1st: Rainiers, Abbotsford BC              1st: Buzzards, AB
down from the heat. After the third time,      tournament because the alternative was              2nd: Hitman, St. John's NL                2nd: Toronto Softball Team,
the local fire department decided to bring     running the tournament until midnight               3rd: Rockies, Brampton, ON                      Toronto ON
their first-aid bus to the complex and leave   Sunday, which was impossible because of             4th: Redwood, St. John's NL
it while we were playing ball. We made it      traveling teams.                                                                              Mens 60
through most of the pool play on Friday,            For a complete report of ISA Senior            Mens 50 Comp                              1st: Lillydale White Sox,
                                                                                                   1st: Easton, Sherwood Pk. AB                   St Albert, AB
but I was worried about the players and        World action by Division, please go to              2nd: Bandits, Brampton ON                 2nd: Legends, Mississauga ON
the heat on Saturday and Sunday so I de-       www.Seniorsoftball.com/News and search              3rd: Aging A, St. Catharines ON           3rd: Source
cided to change the pitch count from 4-3       ISAWORLDS.                                          4th: Gator Teds, Burlington ON            4th: CBS 60, CBS NL

                                                                                                   Mens 50I                                  Coed D
                                                                                                   1st: Emporium, West Lorne, N              1st: Odds n Ends, Sarnia ON
                                                                                                   2nd: Yard Dawgs, Kitchener ON             2nd: Siefker, Belle River ON

       Independent Softball                                                                        3rd: Sue Anne Tours, Lower
                                                                                                        Sackville NC
                                                                                                                                             3rd: Swingers, CBS NL
                                                                                                                                             4th: Nymphos, Toronto ON

                                                                                                   4th: Sundance, St. John's NL
                                                                                                          If any teams would like information on any of the Slo-
       For more information contact:                                                                  Pitch National programs throughout Canada, please call or
       Jerry Jackson, (309) 267-8772
       Email: jjackson@ntslink.net                         Headquarters
       Ball standard: .44 COR ball,                         Florida
       375 PSI Compression
       Arc standard: 6 to 12-foot arc
       Senior Softball Regions Standard:                                                           Men's B Champion: Rainiers               Men's 50 Comp Champion: Easton
       Bordering States Rule
       Teams may be composed of players from
       states or neighboring states.

                   2008 ISA Senior Worlds,
          Bridgeton, MO (St. Louis), August 1-3, 2008
                                                                                                   Men's 55 Champion: Buzzards            Men's 60 Champion: White Sox
       50 Major Plus               55 Major                   60 Major
       1st: Hendricks Sports       1st: Phinos                1st: Michael's Force 4
       2nd: Grayhounds/Elite       2nd: Arkansas Naturals     2nd: MN Masters

       50 Major
       1st: Gekle
                                   55 AAA
                                   1st: Chicago Classics
                                                              60 AAA
                                                              1st: Michigan Express
                                                                                             Late All Tournament Player Selections
       2nd: Travelodge 55's        Bobcats                    2nd: Oklahoma Turf             These players were left out of the all         Miller, Donna Mihailoff, Dee Dee Fahr-
       3rd: KC Barons              2nd: Sonic Blast Fos-      Pro                            tournament teams in the respective tourna-     ney, Carol Walthers, Priscilla Gulaskey.
                                   sils                                                      ments in our last newspaper edition:           Freedom Spirit 70: Ethel Lehmann, Bev-
       50 AAA                                                 65 AAA                         World Championships – Ruth 65:                 erly Leslie, Helen Boyd, Ruth Felmeth,
       1st: Brickyard              55 AA                      1st: Indianapolis Clas-
       2nd: Sports Print           1st: Springfield Red-      sics                           Tommy Edwards                                  Del Boyer.
       3rd: Topeka Drillers        wings                      2nd: Midwest Silver            Can-Am Championships – Ruth 65: Tom            Women’s Spring Nationals – Silver
       3rd: South Florida Heat     2nd: Zeppelin              Jox                            Edwards, Jerry Ronk, Tom Brusca.               Bells 65: Karen Campbell, Ellen Freund,
                                                                                             Women’s Pelican Eastern Champion-              Gainell Teasley, Connie Jamison, Peggy
                                                                                             ships – Florida Silver Belles 65: Melvira      Lewis.
24   Autumn 2008 Edition                                                                                                                                   Senior Softball News

     ASA                                                                                 SPA
     Amateur Softball                                                                    Softball Players
     Association of America                                                              Association
       For more information contact:                                                     SPA Headquarters, (405) 376-7034
       Craig Cress, (405) 425-3441                                                       925 W. State Highway 152
                                                                                                                                              Ball standard: .44 COR ball,
                                                                                         Mustang, OK 73064
                                                         Headquarters                                              Headquarters
                                                       Oklahoma City,
                                                                                                                                              375 PSI Compression
                                                                                                                  Oklahoma City,
                                                         Oklahoma                                                   Oklahoma
                                                                                         www.softballspa.com                                  Arc standard: 6 to 12-foot arc
                                                                                         Senior Softball Regions Standard: Bordering States Rule
         2008 ASA National Senior Championships                                          Teams may be composed of players from states or neighboring
               East: Burlington, NC West: Spokane, WA
                                 August 29 - September 1                                             2008 SPA National Championship
                                                                                        Tulsa, OK, July 18-20, 2008    Dalton, GA, Sept. 4-21, 2008
                 EAST DIVISION                    2nd: Tidewater 60's
                                                  3rd: Tapco Cobras                        50 Major Plus                60 Major Plus                  55 Major
       50 Major
                                                  60 AAA                                   1st: Seacrest Mavericks      1st: Turn Two/Haynes           1st: MN Grayhounds
       1st: Frederick Chevrolet/E&E
                                                  1st: Flip Dow Bonding Seniors            2nd: Mac II                  2nd: Miken Raptors             2nd: NCI
            Metal Fab.
                                                  2nd: Express                             3rd: Windy City              3rd: GSF                       3rd: Master Collision
       2nd: Checkcare/Riverside/Easton
       3rd: Declaire Insurance                    3rd: Sports Lettering                    55 Major Plus                50 Major                       60 Major
       50 AAA                                     60 AA                                    1st: MTC                     1st: Florida Sluggers          1st: Michael's Force 4
       1st: Carpenter's Legends                   1st: Great Lakes Financial               2nd: Premier                 2nd: Sweet Construction        2nd: High Desert 60's
       2nd: Eagle Tile/Who's on First             2nd: Dayton Legends 60's                 3rd: Connecticut Sports      3rd: KC Barons                 3rd: Minnesota Masters
       3rd: TNT Sports Club                       3rd: Southern Sixties
                                                                                          70 AA                         70 Major                       75 Major
       50 AA                                      65 Major Plus
                                                                                          1st: Colorado Cougars         1st: Hamels 70’s               1st: Fairway Ford
       1st: Indiana Old Stars                     1st: Florida Legends/Human
                                                                                          2nd: Mid Georgia              2nd: Georgia Peaches           2nd: Joseph Chevrolet
       2nd: Gallerie & Sons Construction               Kinetics
                                                                                          3rd: Pioneers                                                3rd: Texas Classics
        3rd: Fifty Plus                           2nd: Thomas Engineering
        55 Major Plus                             65 AAA                                  70 AAA                        70 Major Plus                  80 +
        1st: Travelodge                           1st: Georgia Nuggets                    1st: Texas 70’s               1st: San Francisco Seals       1st: Tremont Hotel
        55 Major                                  2nd: Carolina Cardinals                 2nd: OK Blast                 2nd: Pompano Beach             2nd: Center for Sight
        1st: Southern Slam                        3rd: Kittrell Properties                3rd: Delaware Naturals        3rd: Joseph Chevrolet          3rd: Southwest Stars
        2nd: Spicer's 33 1/2                      65 AA                                   55 AA                         65 AA                          65 Major
        3rd: Schones/AMR                          1st: Burlington Classics                1st: Birmingham 55’s          1st: Kittrell Properties       1st: Dirt’s All Stars
        55 AAA                                    2nd: Ancient Mariners                   2nd: Romans                   2nd: Columbus Silver           2nd: Scrap Iron 65’s
        1st: Northern Virginia Force              3rd: Triumph's 65's                     3rd: Blue Chips               3rd: Smith Fire                3rd: Texas Legends
        2nd: Sweet Construction                   70 Major
                                                  1st: Georgia Peaches                    55 AAA                        65 AAA                         65 Major Plus
        3rd: Southland Log Homes                                                          1st: Ohio Steel Dawgs         1st: Georgia Nuggets           1st: Thomas Engineering
        55 AA                                             WEST DIVISION
                                                  50 AAA                                  2nd: Garrett Concrete         2nd: Virginia Caviliers        2nd: Florida Legends
        1st: Lou's Royals                                                                 3rd: KC Thunder               3rd: Georgia Classics          3rd: Nor-Cal Bluejays
        2nd: Spring-Ford                          1st: Dust-Tex
        3rd:Tri-County Merchants                  2nd: Kt's Hayloft & Saloon              50 AA                         60 AA
        60 Major Plus                             3rd: Wenatchee A's                      1st: Smith Leminating         1st: Old School Legends
        1st: Turn Two/Haynes Jeep/Elit            50 AA                                   2nd: Sooner Storm             2nd: Indy 60’s
        60 Major                                  1st: Dust-Tex                           3rd:Memphis Indepedents       3rd: KC Thunder
         1st: Spicer Properties MD                2nd: Champion Pumpers                   50 AAA                        60 AAA
                                                  3rd: Illinois Bar & Grille              1st: Pace Softball            1st: Minnesota Prize
                 2009 ASA National Senior Championships                                   2nd: Pinehurst Pub            2nd: Express
                                                                                          3rd: Monster Softball         3rd: Scrap Iron/Phiten
              Burlington, North Carolina / September 4-7, 2009

     SSWS                                                                                       PO Box 1085, Mount clemens, MI 48046
     Senior Softball World Series
                                                                                                (586) 791-2632                                               Mt. Clemens,
                                                                                                Website: www.nascs.org

              2008 SSWS “Ken Maas Memorial”                                            Men's 65 Major Plus
                                                                                       1st: Florida Legends
                                                                                                                     Men's 70 Major
                                                                                                                     1st: 70 Sidewinders
                                                                                                                                                   Men's 75 Major Plus
                                                                                                                                                   1st: Mitchell's
              August 2-10, 2008 / Lincoln, Nebraska                                    2nd: NorCal Bluejays          2nd: MN Coffee Cup            2nd: Fairway Ford
                                                                                       3rd: Arizona Force & CA       3rd: Midwest Road Run-
      Men's 50 Major Plus        2nd: Scrap Iron             Men's 60 Major Plus       Angels                        ners                          Men's 75 AAA
      1st: Seacrest Mavericks    3rd: South Dakota Golden    1st: GSF                                                                              1st: So Cal Jets
      2nd: Hendricks Sports      Oldies                      2nd: MTC 60               Men's 65 Major                Men's 70 AAA                  2nd: Southwest Stars
            Management           Men's 55 Major Plus         3rd: Old A's              1st: Scrap Iron (Uncon-       1st: MI Lakers                3rd: Oklahoma City Roy-
      Men's 50 Major             1st: MTC 55                 Men's 60 Major            tested)                       2nd: Antiques of KC           als
      1st: Colorado Mud Hens     2nd: CT Sportsplex          1st: NY Statesmen                                       3rd: Scan Air
      2nd: MN Masters            3rd: Premier                2nd: Scrap Iron           Men's 70 Major Plus                                         Men's 80
      3rd: Local Movers          Men's 55 Major              3rd: Rusty's              1st: San Francisco Seals                                    1st: Tiodize D99
      Men's 50/55 AA             1st: Master Collision       Men's 60 AA/AAA                (Uncontested)            Men's 70 AA                   2nd: Center for Sight
      1st: J&J Sports/Tometich   2nd: WI Masters             1st: Old School Legends                                 1st: Colorado Cougars
           Engineering                                       2nd: MN Classics                                        2nd: Scrap Iron               3rd: Tremont
                                                                                                                     3rd: CFI
Summer 2008 Edition                                                                                                                                   Senior Softball News        25

     International Senior Softball Association
      For more information contact: (703)
                                                                                                Ball standard: .44 COR ball,
                                                                                                Low Compression Rating
                                                                                                Arc standard: 6 to 12-foot arc

                       2008 ISF Senior World Cup                                                        2008 ISSA World Championships
                       June 20-22, 2008, Salem, VA                                                      August 15-17, 2008, Manassas, VA
    50 Major                    3rd: Northampton Produce/                               50 Major                         2nd: Freddie's Shooters       3rd: Turnpike Ford
    1st: Damon's Grill               Tidewater 55s            65 Major (Co-Champions)   1st: Sweet Construction          3rd: Northampton Produce
    2nd: Goodman Softball                                     1st: Thomas Engineering   2nd: IMS Dogs                                                  65 AAA
                                55 C                          1st: Florida Legends      3rd: Seven Softball              55 AA                         1st: Turnpike Ford
    50 A                        1st: Spring-Ford 55+          3rd: Joe Corbi's Pizza                                     1st: Munchbox Vending         2nd: Hamel Builders
    1st: Gekle Builders         2nd: Fifty Plus                                         50 AAA                           2nd: Spring-Ford 55s          3rd: Prince William All Stars
    2nd: Pill & Pill                                          65 B                      1st: High Street Bucs 50
    3rd: Angle Inn Doghouse     60 Major                      1st: GA Nuggets           2nd: Bootsies                    60 Major Plus                 75 Major/AAA
                                1st: Turn Two/Elite           2nd: Turnpike Ford        3rd: Diamond Fever Gold          1st: Turn Two/Haynes          1st: Fairway Ford
    50 B                        2nd: Tidewater 60s (60+ A)    3rd:Richmond Classics                                      Jeep/Elite                    1st: The Pirates
    1st: Carpenter's Legends    3rd: TAPCO (60+ A)                                      50 AA                            2nd: Mokey Joe's Big Nut
    2nd: Eagle Tile, Who's on   60 A                          70 Major                  1st: Shannon Auto                Co.                           35 Master Division
    1st                         1st: TAPCO                    1st: Pompano Beach Bums   2nd: Sloper's Stitchouse         60 Major                      1st: Carousel Carpentry/
    3rd: Dudley Martin Jokers   2nd: Tidewater 60s                                      3rd: Portsmouth Greyhounds       1st: Joseph Chevrolet         TriState
                                                              70 B                                                       2nd: Monkey Joe's Big Nut          Painting/Angle Inn
    55 A (Co-Champions)         60 B                          1st: Virginians           55 Major Plus                    Co.                           2nd: LA Express
    1st: Virginia Merchants     1st: McCalls Outlaws          2nd: Ontario Elder Dogs   1st: Hollis Appraisals           3rd: Tidewater 60s            3rd: Capitol Fence
    1st: Spicers 33 1/2         2nd: Secure Horizon                                     2nd: VA Vending
    3rd: The Titans             3rd: Tidewater Patriots                                                                  60 AAA/AA                     40 Master Division
                                                                                        55 Major                         1st: Secure Horizons          1st: Buffalo Wing Factory/
    55 B                        60 C                                                    1st: VA Vending                  2nd: Tidewater Patriots       The
    1st: Steel Dawgs 55         1st: Spring -Ford 60+                                   2nd: Spicers 33 1/2              3rd: Mike Pruitt Auto              Softball Show
    2nd: PACE                   2nd: Dayton Legeds 60+                                  3rd: The Titans                                                2nd: High Street Bucs 40
                                                                                                                         65 Major Plus                 3rd: R E Lee electric
                                                                                        55 AAA                           1st: Thomas Engineering
                                                                                        1st: Pill & Pill 55s             2nd: Hamel Builders

                       2009 ISF Senior World Cup                                                        2009 ISSA World Championships
                       June 12-14, 2009, Salem, VA                                                      August 14-16, 2009, Manassas, VA

        HUNTSMAN GAMES                                                                        LVSSA
        For more information contact:
        Merrill Barney, Director of Sports
                                                                                              Las Vegas Senior
        (800) 562-1268
        1070 West 1600 South, A-103
                                                                                              Softball Association
        St. George, UT 84770                                                                  For more information contact:
        Website: www.seniorgames.net                                                          Bob Gregorich            Tom Hutton
                                                                                              702-994-0422 (C)         702-373-5704 (C)
                                                                                              702-270-0592 (H)         702-457-7695 (H)
        Ball standard: .44 COR ball,                                                          Dot1940@aol.com          huttontom@cox.net
        375 PSI Compression                                                                   Website: www.lvssa.com
        Arc standard: 6 to 12-foot arc                       Headquarters
                                                                                              Bat standard: 1.20 bpf                                  Headquarters
                                                             St. George,                                                                              Las Vegas,
        2008 Huntsman                                            Utah                         Ball Standard: .44 COR, 400 PSI
                                                                                              Compression Yellow Optic                                 Nevada
        World Senior Games                                                                    Arc standard: 6 to 12-foot arc

        St. George, Utah                                                                      2008 LVSSA World Masters, Las Vegas, NV
               October 6-10                  Men's 60, 65                                     Aug. 29-31              Men's 50, 55, 60 (Major/Major-Plus)
               October 9-11                  Women                                            Sept. 22-24             Men's 70, 80
               October 13-17                 Men's 50, 55, 70                                 Sept. 26-28             Men's 55 (AA/AAA)
                                                                                              Sept. 29-Oct. 1         Men's 65, 75
               October 14-17                 Men's 74, 79                                     Oct. 3-5                Men's 50, 60 (AA/AAA)
               October 16-18                 Men's 50, 55, 60, 65                             Oct. 4-5                Women
26   Senior Softball News                                                                                                                             Autumn 2008 Edition

     SSUSA                                                                              RANKED NUMBER 1 in number of Senior Softball teams

     Senior Softball-USA                                                                Ball standard: 44 COR, 375 PSI, Optic Yellow
                                                                                        Bat Standard: 1.20 bpf (Miken II allowed)
     For more information contact:
     (916) 326-5303                                                                     Senior Softball Regions Standard:
     2701 K Street, Suite 101A
     Sacramento, CA 95816                        Sacramento,
     FAX: (916) 326-5304                                                                Teams may be composed of players
     Websites:www.seniorsoftball.com                                                    from states or neighboring states.
     and www.softballrating.com

     NORTHEAST CHAMPIONSHIPS - Cape May (Atlantic City), NJ                                2009 SEASON
     9/26-9/28    Men’s 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 SSUSA: 916-326-5303                     Texas Half Century Qualifier - Dallas, TX
     9/26-9/28    Women's 50, 55, 60, 65, 70       info@seniorsoftball.com                 11/7-11/9        Men's 50, 55, 60, 65, 70             Keith Parker: 903-315-6374
     9/27-9/28    Men’s 40, Women’s 40                                                                                                           eagleat13@yahoo.com
                                                                                                                                                 Jim Cary: 903-241-4384
     Last Chance Qualifier - Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                         jimcary16@hotmail.com
     9/27-9/28        Men’s 50, 55, 60, 65, 70             Rick Seifman: 623-776-3525      WINTER NATIONALS - Ft. Myers, FL
                                                             tournsport@aol.com            11/11-11/13 Men's 65, 70, 75, 80             SSUSA: 916-326-5303
     Texas Half Century Qualifier - Georgetown, TX                                         11/14-11/16 Men's 50, 55, 60                         info@seniorsoftball.com
     10/3-10/5        Men’s 50, 55, 60, 65, 70             Keith Parker: 903-315-6374      11/14-11/16 Women's 50, 55, 60, 65, 70
                                                           eagleat13@yahoo.com             11/15-11/16 Men's 40, Women's 40
     Last Chance Qualifier – Kansas City, KS                                               WINTER WORLDS - Las Vegas, NV
     10/4-10/5       Men’s 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, Women   Randy Rowe, 816-623-3355        11/18-11/20 Men's 65, 70, 75, 80                      SSUSA: 916-326-5303
                                                           rrr5850@aol.com                 11/21-11/23 Men's 50, 55, 60                          info@seniorsoftball.com
     WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - Phoenix, AZ                                                     11/21-11/23 Women's 50, 55, 60, 65, 70
     10/17-10/19 Men’s 40, 60                              SSUSA: 916-326-5303             11/22-11/23 Men's 40, Women's 40
     10/17-10/19 Women's 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70            info@seniorsoftball.com
     10/20-10/23 Men’s 65, 70, 75, 80                                                      Texas Half Century Qualifier - Brownsville, TX
                                                                                           12/5-12/7        Men's 50, 55, 60, 65, 70             Keith Parker: 903-315-6374
     10/24-10/26 Men’s 50, 55

     SSUSA Office                                     National Women's Directors                                       Chuck Sharkey, New York State Director
     Terry Hennessy, CEO                              Connie Stewart (702) 275-3937 grannysoftball@aol.com             (315) 569-0453 (C) cshark44@aol.com
     terryh@seniorsoftball.com                        Cyndi Winslow cyndi1@cox.net                                     Earl Higgins, Wisconsin State Director
     Fran Dowell, Executive Director                  Betti Garnett (727) 459-5613 softball2eag@aol.com                (262) 685-9083 (H) ehigginsjr@wi.rr.com
     frand@seniorsoftball.com                         SSUSA Club & Leagues Program                                     John Truitt, Florida Regional Director
     Jean Chen, Information Service Director          Steve Simmons, Clubs & Leagues National Director                 (563) 505-7301 (C) truittjo@aol.com
     ychen@seniorsoftball.com                         (952) 239-7674 (C) stnlsimmons@aol.com                           Frank Galuppo, Southwest FL Metropolian Direcotor
     George Moreno, National Office Director          Regional/Area/State/Metropolitan Directors                       (239) 434-6933 (H) jfgparadise@aol.com
     george@seniorsoftball.com                        Tom Marum, New England Director                                  Keith Parker, Mid-South Regional Co-Director
                                                      (508) 450-0623 (C) malloymarum@verizon.net                       (903) 315-6374 (C) eagleat13@yahoo.com
     SSUSA National Directors                         Paul Cochet, California Regional Co-Director                     Jim Cary, Mid-South Regional Co-Director
     Michael Boone                                    (805) 556-1036 usssa93109@yahoo.com                              (903) 241-4384 (C) jimcary16@hotmail.com
     mboone@sweetconstruction.com                     Carl Gustafson, California Regional Co-Director                  Dennis Baker, San Antonio, TX Area Director
     Don Brooks (915) 529-3526                        (619) 855-0940 (C) cgustaf@cox.net                               (405) 326-1158 (C) jimmiedad@cox.net
     donskoorb@aol.com                                Phil Hewett, New Jersey State Director                           Bill Blake, San Antonio Area Co-Director
     Dave Dowell (916) 529-7511                       (732) 925-7997 (H) philhewett@verizon.net                        (210) 275-6186 (W) djblake0805@sbcglobal.net
     dave@seniorsoftball.com                          Tim McElroy, Maryland/Virginia State Director                    Larry Kasper, Sam Antonio, TX Area Director
     Jerry Jackson (309) 267-8772                     (301) 514-2676 (C) tim@potomacsports.org                         (210) 912-0152 (C) larry.kasper@swri.org
     jjackson@ntslink.net                             Larry Chase, Acting Iowa State Director                          Ed Jones, Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX Area Director
     Doc Metcalf (480) 895-5046                       (515) 249-1182 (C) larry.chase@worldnet.att.net                  (972) 816-4013 (C) ed17@sbcglobal.net
     docgeneaz@aol.com                                Mike Sisavic, Northwest Regional Director                        Skip Keller, Rio Grande Valley, TX Area Director
     Otis Rowland (760) 941-1096                      (503) 314-3967 (C) fsisavic@hotmail.com                          (956) 459-1633 (H) skip1313@sbcglobal.net
     oer62@aol.com                                    Shane Verley, Olympia, WA Metro Director                         Ron Kattner, Austin, TX Area Director
     Jim Sherman (206) 200-1052                       (360) 259-1733 (C) sver152@comcast.net                           (512) 731-3350 (C) rkattner@hotmail.com
     Ray Starwalt, National Umpire-In-Chief           Del Drake, Idaho State Director                                  Jim Tharp, Houston, TX Area Direcotr
     (253) 208-2550 starwaltr@aol.com                 (208) 286-9123 (H) joyceadrake@hotmail.com                       (832) 444-1350 (C) vivian_tharp@yahoo.com
     J.B. Barner, Eastern National UIC                Rick Seifman, Southwest Regional Director                        Dennis Johnson, Minnesota State Director
     (352) 753-5484                                   (623) 776-3525 (W) tourmsport@cox.net                            (218) 821-0577 (C) dennisjohnson@means.net
     Rudy Rodriguez, Western Natoinal UIC             DuWayne Pillard, Colorado State Director                         Mark Ogletree, Southwest Regional Director
     (916) 256-6071 (916) 326-5303                    (303) 437-5340 (C) d69zcam@aol.com                               (931) 319-0669 (H) twig_isa@twlakes.net
Autumn 2008 Edition   Senior Softball News

Senior Softball News   Autumn 2008 Edition

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