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Ways to Donate


									Ways to Donate
Thank you for your interest in supporting Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)'s global medical relief missions. Outlined below are the many easy ways you can make a donation. You may be surprised to learn how much even a small contribution can help; click here to see what your support provides!

Online It's easy and secure. Make a donation online today! Bank Transfer Ask your bank to send your gift to our MSF bank account or make an online bank transfer to:
Union National Bank - Corniche Branch - Abu Dhabi A/C nr : 6501813090 Paribas - Khalifa branch- Abu Dhabi A/C nr : 415695 001 42 AED Please fax a copy of the bank advice to MSF or send the short donation form, in order for us to generate a receipt for your donation. You will receive an acknowledgement letter as well a receipt for your donation.

Cash Donations Please contact our offices for cash donations. By mail Just print, complete, and send in our short donation form, enclose your cheques and send it in to: MSF UAE PO BOX 47226, Abu Dhabi
Click here to Other Ways of Donation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is committed to respect the will of its donors and to send all the gifts to the field as per their request. MSF also strives to maintain high standards of transparency and accountability to its donors. To this end, each MSF section publishes annual, audited financial statements according to national accounting policies, legislation and auditing rules. Copies of these may be requested from each section.

Our Fellow Associates
THANKS TO OUR FELLOW ASSOCIATES (REGULAR DONORS), THE FIRST THING WE DO IN THE FACE OF CRISIS IS PROVIDE HELP, NOT RAISE FUNDS. Disasters, famines, epidemics and wars need an immediate response. It is important for Médecins Sans Frontières to reach trouble spots as soon as possible, with the hope of saving lives. In most cases, the sooner Médecins Sans Frontières can get there, the more lives we can save. It's that simple! To be ready to respond to an emergency anywhere in the world, at any time, requires enormous resources. That’s why regular monthly contributions made by our Fellow Associates are so important. The Fellow Associates program raises funds for MSF’s operations through regular monthly giving. These regular donations make the budget reliable and its allocation predictable, thereby facilitating the implementation of longer term projects like providing ARVs for AIDS patients. In addition to enabling us to plan for long term operations, our Fellow Associates help keep fundraising and administration costs at a minimum. As an MSF Fellow Associate, you will receive receipts for your pledge payments at the end of each semester and regular updates of our work in trouble spots around the world. Please click here to see what your contributions provide in the field.

Other Ways To Give
Commemorative Gifts You could also make donations in commemoration of events that are of personal significance to you as a means of sharing with the needy populations in the world. For instance, you could donate in honor of an event or in memory of a loved one. Life Insurance Pledge Another way to donate is to pledge a part of your life insurance to MSF UAE. Please contact our Fundraising Coordinator in Dubai for further details. Service Donations Your company can support MSF through providing complementary services. For example hotel rooms, air tickets, vehicles, equipment, advertising space and other services. If you have a proposal, we would be delighted to discuss them with you. Please contact the local office in your Emirate. Events If you would like to organise a fundraising event for MSF, we would be happy to support you. We can send you posters, leaflets, collection boxes and sponsorship forms where needed. If your school, company or group of friends would like to get involved with MSF, please contact our Events Coordinators.

Corporate Support
Corporate Gifts Your corporate gifts’ budget can contribute to our missions by getting MSF calendars or gift vouchers. “Your gift for life” scheme allows your company to make a donation to MSF while acknowledging your most loyal parents and employees. We will send your partner a gift voucher stating the amount of your donation and mentioning your company’s name and logo. Please contact us for more details. Sponsoring Awareness Materials

  

Newsletter printing – Our quarterly newsletter Embrace is published in 5000 copies and distributed free of charge to our donors and partners in the UAE. It is a very important way for us to spread awareness about our current missions and concerns. Books – As one of our main objectives is to address the Arabic speaking populations, we work to translate into Arabic important books related to the humanitarian issues. Documentaries – Audiovisual productions are also very important in our communication strategy and need to be funded.

MSF is producing two calendars to raise awareness and funds for its missions around the world. The calendars are sold to companies, schools and social clubs and distributed through selected retail outlets. By sponsoring one page in these calendars, you get one month of highly targeted exposure and associate your company’s name / your product’s brand to our humanitarian work.

Desk Calendar This bilingual calendar targeting a corporate public is published in 5000 copies and it is mainly sold and distributed in companies in the UAE. The calendar has 24 pages - 12 months, one side Arabic only, one side English only. We would like to have one sponsor for each of the 24 pages thereby providing one month of corporate exposure. For more information please contact us. Wall Calendar This project was initiated to address the general public. Published in 4000 copies, it is sold in schools, social clubs and selected bookshops. It particularly suits households, being a perfect dairy for the daily family activities. The overall artwork is designed by different graphic schools in the UAE. One sponsor is needed for each of the 12 pages of this calendar. For more information please contact us.

Your company can also order MSF calendars for its corporate use. Distributed to clients/ partners it associates your name with our humanitarian work and help us spread awareness about our missions around the world. All the funds raised through the sponsorships and the sales of the calendars go directly to MSF missions in the field.

MSF Greeting Cards Several original and appealing designs are produced yearly to respond to your corporate needs. These cards can be personalised to suit your company, and can be sent to your clients and staff during the holidays. If you would like to wish your partners well and assist our life saving missions as well, please check our catalogue and contact us. MSF Merchandise MSF prepares and sells various merchandise items like T-shirts, Mugs, Stickers etc. We would be happy to discuss a partnership with your company in promoting awareness of MSF through the sale of these items.

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