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Social Syndication for Internet Marketers
by xangoman | on January 26, 2013



Social Syndication – What is it?
Well basically it is the merging together of social media and using that media as a tool to do
something i.e drive traffic to a web page, Like using Facebook to share posts or pages that you
want people to see and click into or Twitter or Linked In etc.

Alexa – How does it help with Social Syndication?
Alexa is a website ranking company that ranks websites based on total traffic it is beneficial to
have a platform to launch from such as Empower so you can piggy back from their ranking.
The Alexa ranking helps with Social Syndication because everything ties in together for Google           Archives
rankings etc.
The top four sites on Alexa are                                                                          January 2013
1. Facebook
                                                                                                         February 2012
2. Google
3. Youtube
4. Yahoo                                                                                                 Categories
The Empower network blog ranks high on Alexa than CNBC and NASA
                                                                                                            Empower Network
Social Syndication Helpful Resources
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Guest Blogging – This is very powerful, you basically search for people who have blogs [decent
looking ones] and ask them if you can write a guest post on their blog. This is a win win situation   Funny Talking Animals
because you both get extra traffic from it and usually they will let you have a few links going
back to your opportunity so extra sales and back links for the google spiders.                        Barrack Obama Sings Sexyback!
Traffic spikes through Trending news – basically anything that is trending, news, youtube videos
are great to share because they are getting a lot of attention in the now                             Network Marketing Made Easy

Isn’t it Time You Took Some Action?                                                                   Make Your Own Gun – NRA Gun Ownership
How would you like to learn from the professionals how to master social syndication and make
money sharing videos or just blogging about things that you love?                                     Zebra Beats Lion – Underdog Comes up
Well you can for only 25$ you could start RIGHT now
This information is in the now it is not some crap from 5 years ago                                   How to Become a Slave to The System
Take action Now and I’ll see you at the top                                                           [Explicit]

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