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									Fill your Agency’s Shelves: Coordinate a Community Event Meeting Notes
It’s important to supplement the services of CAFB with other sources of food. Consider coordinating a Community Event (Food & Fund Drive, Sponsored Event, Cause Related Marketing Campaign). Or, work with the community to coordinate an event on your behalf. We want to help you make the most of your effort. Follow this useful guide to success and fill your agency’s shelves!

Types of Community Events
Food & Fund Drive Money and/or food raised through an effort that has no purpose other than to raise money and/or food. May be a corporate employee effort or a group of people associated in some way (e.g. schools, scout troops, etc.). If you don’t have a lot of resources (volunteers), a Food & Fund Drive is the easiest type of event to coordinate. Sponsored Event Money and/or food donated at a performance (show, concert, etc.) where the main attraction is some form of entertainment (also trainings, meals, a tasting, etc.). Cause Related Marketing Campaign Money and/or food donated by the customers of a business engaged in some sort of sales sponsored by the business (e.g. H-E-B’s Help End Hunger campaign). The check may be written by the company, but the donation must be a result of payment by a customer. Or, a product that is sold for regular price, but a portion of the sale goes to your agency.

Getting Started
Establish a cooperative committee to help organize the collection of food and financial donations:  You’ll need help in your effort, so don’t be afraid to ask for it! Recruit committee members from those currently involved at your agency.  Motivate each other. Encourage the team to use their skills to help in the appropriate area of the Food & Fund Drive.

Fill your Agency’s Shelves: Coordinate a Community Event Meeting Notes
Set a goal to measure your success:  Setting a target allows you to build momentum for the drive.  Set a goal that is both challenging and attainable.  Make a chart to track your collection progress throughout the drive. Display it in an area visible to the community. Ex: Your agency’s front door. Promote your Food & Fund Drive:  Share information within your agency and surrounding community to encourage involvement early in the process. See “Creative Ideas & Helpful Tips”.  Use posters to promote your drive on community bulletin boards, within your agency and throughout your community.  Make use of your CAFB Partner logo on signs/posters, in email signatures, and in newsletters to make use of a strong brand donors recognize. Request specific foods to help your donors give what you need most:  CAFB recommends o canned meats like tuna, stew, and chili (in pop-top containers) o canned vegetables o pasta and pasta sauce o beans o rice o healthy cereals o peanut butter o baby food and baby formula  Use the language “healthy non-perishable foods” in all promotional material and when communicating verbally about the drive. This will increase the quality of food you can give to your clients!

Collecting Donations
Create clearly-marked collection areas:  Display visible and easy-to-read promotional materials and clearly-marked Food & Fund Drive collection areas (use barrels, bins, boxes, etc.).

Fill your Agency’s Shelves: Coordinate a Community Event Meeting Notes
 Encourage all gifts: “All gifts, big and small, help feed the hungry.”

Creative Ideas and Helpful Tips
Promote your Food & Fund Drive:  Spread the word! Dress your agency and community with posters/flyers.  Use e-mail, send a memo and advertise your drive within businesses, community hot-spots and faith-based newsletters.  Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, blogs, etc.)  Announce the drive at community meetings and in faithbased organizations.  Talk about the drive with your neighbors. Hold a BBQ or picnic at your home and invite guests to bring a few non-perishable food items or a financial donation for your Agency’s Food & Fund Drive. Involve Community Businesses and Organizations:  Ask them to make a matching donation. For example, they could donate $1 for every pound of food donated. At the close of the drive, you would report the poundage and they would write you a check!  Ask them to sponsor the Food & Fund Drive by paying for costs of the Food & Fund Drive. o Encourage a print/copy company in town to donate the cost of printing/ copying flyers. o Encourage businesses to sponsor the Food & Fund Drive by providing boxes for the collection areas. o Encourage businesses/organizations to help transport the food collected from the collection sites to your agency (this step isn’t needed if your agency is the only site at which to donate food).  Partner with a local business to donate a certain percentage of their sales on a particular day (Hangtown Grill, Rudy’s, etc.).  Encourage local businesses to simply donate food or money. Send them information about the Food & Fund Drive and the Agency to encourage donations. You

Fill your Agency’s Shelves: Coordinate a Community Event Meeting Notes
don’t always need to ask them outright. Donors give when they understand what your agency does for the community. Encourage local businesses to coordinate a Food & Fund Drive on your behalf. Publicly thank them. They will become a model for others to follow.

 

Skip a Meal:  Encourage people to skip a meal and donate the money they would have spent at a restaurant to your agency. This gives the donor a personal experience of what it means to be food insecure. Participate in a City-Wide Food Drive  There are opportunities to get involved in city-wide food drives. o Souper Bowl of Caring Make it Educational:  A Food & Fund Drive is an excellent opportunity to educate your co-workers, neighbors, friends and family about the meaning of community sharing, hunger and nutrition, volunteerism and the purpose of your agency.  Hold an Open House at your agency and invite the community in to see what great work you do. Accept financial donations at the door. o Play a power point/ slide show presentation throughout the Open House. Let pictures tell your agency’s story.  Create your own (specific to your community and agency) or use the power point presentation on our website. Visit, click on “Food & Fund Drives” under the “How to Help” link. The power point is in the Toolkit (blue box).

Fill your Agency’s Shelves: Coordinate a Community Event Meeting Notes
Celebrate Your Success
Thank your committee members, volunteers, and donors when the drive is completed:  Celebrate the success of your Food & Fund Drive with those in your community. Hold a BBQ or picnic to celebrate.  Welcome donors into your agency to thank them.  Announce the individuals or groups who made the most significant contributions (unless they ask to remain anonymous) – but be sure to thank all donors. Publish the results (dollars and pounds) in your community paper or agency newsletter.  Publicize your success by sending the results to your local newspapers and community bulletins.  Use the thank-you process to establish lasting relationships with donors. The more contact you have with a donor, the more likely they will donate again next time.

Community Event Coordinators (similar as steps above)
Engaging the Community  Prospect mailing (greater response with e-blast) o Research different industries to target o Letter should include: current need, information on what you’re doing to eliminate the need and ways they can help (Souper Bowl of Caring, Stamp Out Hunger, etc.).  Get creative – is their a holiday you’d like to promote, HAM, etc? o Meetings  Speaking engagements  Tours Create your own Coordinator’s Kits FAQ’s     Provide information on how to get started How can the community most help your agency? Where is your agency located? What are the agency’s hours?

Fill your Agency’s Shelves: Coordinate a Community Event Meeting Notes
   Does the agency offer supplies for Food & Fund Drives? What food is most needed? Or, are funds most needed? Is there a city-wide food drive the coordinator can participate in (Souper Bowl of Caring, Stamp Out Hunger, etc.) to benefit your agency?

Getting Started  Register your event via phone or fax (provide edocument)  Select dates  Establish a committee (find a champion)  Set a goal  Promote your FFD  Make it educational – suggest an agency speaker or tour  Celebrate your success – thank you letter Report Your Success to CAFB:  Email Kelly Camunez, Community Events Manager, at to report the food and/or money raised through your Food & Fund Drive.

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