Media and Ethics Quiz Chapter Two by h8NWL2


									                             Media and Ethics Quiz Chapter Two

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Choose the best answer to each question:

    1. The Internet was created by private enterprise, but it has been taken over and expanded
       by the federal government.
       A) True
       B) False

    2. According to the text, the first stage in the emergence of a new mass medium is the
       entrepreneurial stage.
       A) True
       B) False

    3. The Internet is owned and operated by the federal government, which has the power to
       shut it down when necessary.
       A) True
       B) False

    4. Linux is an example of open-source software.
       A) True
       B) False

    5. Recent court decisions have upheld Congress's right to restrict children's access to
       pornographic Web sites.
       A) True
       B) False

    6. What was the original motivation for developing the Internet?
       A) Technical innovation
       B) Entrepreneurial ambition
       C) Military strategy
       D) Popular demand for a more democratic medium of communication
       E) Desire for a new toy or “novelty”

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 7. What are three technological developments key to the Internet?
    A) Digitization, microprocessors, and fiber-optic cable
    B) ARPAnet, microprocessors, and decentralized networks
    C) ARPAnet, digitization, and fiber-optic cable
    D) E-commerce, digitization, and distributed networks
    E) Moore's law, multimedia content, and the World Wide Web

 8. Which statement about the Internet is correct?
    A) Unequal access to the Internet mirrors other inequalities in American society
    B) Like radio, the Internet underwent a transition from military to corporate control
    C) The Internet belongs to the postindustrial era rather than to the industrial era
    D) The Internet was at first a commercial-free medium
    E) All of the above are correct

 9. User-created content on the Web includes which of the following phenomena?
    A) Sponsored links
    B) Wiki Web sites
    C) Blogs
    D) Phishing
    E) B and C

10. The Internet moved into the mass medium phase of development with the invention of
    A) Web browsers
    B) Search engines
    C) 56K modems
    D) E-mail
    E) Computer bulletin boards

11. What are the fewest pieces of string needed to string a tennis racket?
    A) 1
    B) 15
    C) 65
    D) 100

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