TSA to remove Naked Body Scanners

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TSA to Remove Virtual ‘Strip Search’ Body Scanners
by xangoman | on January 30, 2013



TSA Removing Body Scanners                                                                              January 2013
Joy to the world, These things were Banned in Italy awhile back due to the ‘Child Pornography’
Images they produced. They were also banned in Europe over fears that they may cause                    February 2012
cancer due to the way the radiation from them works. Some studies say they’re safe others say
they’re not if you want to know more on the truthful side then just take a look at who’s funding
the studies, if it is a study done by bla bla and TSA is funding it then you can guarantee the
results will be in TSA’s favour.                                                                        Categories

Look a Little Deeper                                                                                       Empower Network

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So for now they will be phased out so no more completely naked images it will just be an outline
of the body. TSA could not come up with the new software required to make the machines less           Internet Marketing
invasive and therefore have to get rid of them, brilliant. The idea of the body scanners was to
speed up Airport waiting times but it only made it worse with many people choosing to ‘opt out’       Share Youtube Videos for Cash
and be frisked rather than risk getting a massive radiation dose from the scanners.
Heres the Full story from
                                                                                                   Recent Posts
             Washington (CNN) – Airport body scanners that produce
                                                                                                   TSA to Remove Virtual ‘Strip Search’ Body
             graphic images of travelers’ bodies will be removed from
             checkpoints by June, the Transportation Security Administration
             says, ending what critics called “virtual strip searches.”                            Garrett McNamara Surfs 90 Foot Wave!! –
                                                                                                   [Full Video] New World Record
             Passengers will continue to pass through machines that display
             a generic outline of the human body, raising fewer privacy
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             The TSA move came after Rapiscan, the manufacturer of the 174                         Internet Marketing – Linguistic Psychology
             so-called “backscatter” machines, acknowledged it could not                           Pt1
             meet a congressional-ordered deadline to install privacy
             software on the machines.                                                             Internet Marketing – How to Get Off to A
                                                                                                   Quick Start With Empower Network
             “It is big news,” said Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the
             Electronic Privacy Information Center. “It removes the concern                        Aweber – Why You NEED it For Internet
             that people are being viewed naked by the TSA screener.”                              Marketing

             In 2004 and 2005, the TSA at first dismissed privacy concerns,                        How Tony Rush Made $118,000 In One
             then sought to address them by placing TSA officers viewing the                       Month With Empower Network
             scanner imagery in remote locations, away from the passenger
             being screened. They also gave passengers the right to an                             Pop Danthology 2012 – Mashup of 50+ Pop
             alternative screening — a pat down.
             Speedier trip through airport security could come within a decade                     Face Plant – Get Back Up And Keep On
             But those solutions failed to appease privacy groups and some
             members of Congress, who felt both alternatives could be
                                                                                                   Fearless Living For The Internet Marketer Pt
             abused.                                                                               2
             Ultimately, a problem caused by technology was solved by
                                                                                                   Top Ten Songs of 2012 – USA Charts
             technology. Security companies developed privacy software,
             called Automated Target Recognition (ATR) software.
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             But while manufacturers of the less-intrusive “millimeter wave”
             machines found ways to use ATR software, backscatter machines                         Social Syndication for Internet Marketers
             have not.
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             This week, the TSA announced it is ending its contract with
             Rapiscan “due to its inability to deploy non-imaging ATR
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             How much do we really hate the TSA?
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             “By June 2013 travelers will only see machines which have ATR
             that allow for faster throughput. This means faster lanes for the                     Funny Talking Animals
             traveler and enhanced security,” the TSA said in a statement.
             The TSA could allow backscatter machines in the future if the                         Barrack Obama Sings Sexyback!
             company develops the required software, the TSA said.
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             Currently, the TSA uses the 174 backscatter machines in 30

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             airports, and has another 76 units in storage. It uses millimeter
             wave machines in 170 airports.
             The decision to remove the backscatter machine will make moot,
             at least temporarily, travelers’ concerns about the health effects
             of the machines. Backscatter machines use X-rays, while
             millimeter wave machines use radio waves.
             The TSA has long maintained both machines are safe, but
             recently signed an agreement with the National Academy of
             Sciences to study the scanners. The study will continue even
             though the machines are being pulled, the TSA said, because
             they could be reintroduced in the future.

Full Story from the Huffington Post

             Stephen Colbert got some alarming news recently: That the TSA
             is eliminating their controversial full body scanner machines,
             replacing them with scanners that merely give an outline of a
             passenger’s body. And the exhibitionist Stephen could not be
             more displeased.
             “How can I legally show the TSA my penis now?” Stephen
             asked. “I used to write them little messages in lead-based paint.
             Check out the clip from Monday’s “Colbert Report” above,
             where Stephen discusses the elimination of the Rapiscan
             (pronounced exactly how you think) scanners.

And from Yahoo News

             Those airport scanners with their all-too revealing body images
             will soon be going away.
             The Transportation Security Administration says the scanners
             that used a low-dose X-ray will be gone by June because the
             company that makes them can’t fix the privacy issues. The other
             airport body scanners, which produce a generic outline instead
             of a naked image, are staying.
             The government rapidly stepped up its use of body scanners
             after a man snuck explosives onto a flight bound for Detroit on
             Christmas day in 2009.
             At first, both types of scanners showed travelers naked. The idea
             was that security workers could spot both metallic objects like
             guns as well as non-metallic items such as plastic explosives.
             The scanners also showed every other detail of the passenger’s
             body, too.
             The TSA defended the scanners, saying the images couldn’t be
             stored and were seen only by a security worker who didn’t
             interact with the passenger. But the scans still raised privacy
             concerns. Congress ordered that the scanners either produce a
             more generic image or be removed by June.

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On Thursday Rapiscan, the maker of the X-ray, or backscatter,
scanner, acknowledged that it wouldn’t be able to meet the June
deadline. The TSA said Friday that it ended its contract for the
software with Rapiscan.
The agency’s statement also said the remaining scanners will
move travelers through more quickly, meaning faster lanes at the
airport. Those scanners, made by L-3 Communications, used
millimeter waves to make an image. The company was able to
come up with software that no longer produced a naked image of
a traveler’s body.
The TSA will remove all 174 backscatter scanners from the 30
airports they’re used in now. Another 76 are in storage. It has
669 of the millimeter wave machines it is keeping, plus options
for 60 more, TSA spokesman David Castelveter said.
Not all of the machines will be replaced. Castelveter said that
some airports that now have backscatter scanners will go back
to having metal detectors. That’s what most airports used before
scanners were introduced.
The Rapiscan scanners have been on their way out for months,
in slow motion.
The government hadn’t bought any since 2011. It quietly
removed them from seven major airports in October, including
New York’s LaGuardia and Kennedy airports, Chicago’s
O’Hare, and Los Angeles International. The TSA moved a
handful of the X-ray scanners to very small airports. At the time,
the agency said the switch was being made because millimeter-
wave scanners moved passengers through faster.
Rapiscan parent company OSI Systems Inc. said it will help the
TSA move the scanners to other government agencies. It hasn’t
yet been decided where they will go, said Alan Edrick, OSI’s
chief financial officer, in an interview.
Scanners are often used in prisons or on military bases where
privacy is not a concern.
“There’s quite a few agencies which will have a great deal of
interest” in the scanners, Edrick said.
OSI is taking a one-time charge of $2.7 million to cover the
money spent trying to develop software to blur the image, and to
move the machines out of airports, Edrick said.
The contract to change the software on the scanners came under
scrutiny in November when the TSA delivered a “show cause”
letter to the company looking into allegations that it falsified
test data, which the company denied. On Thursday it said final
resolution of that issue needs approval by the Department of
Homeland Security.
The agreement with the TSA is an indication that OSI Systems
will be cleared of the issues raised by the agency, Roth Capital
Partners analyst Jeff Martin wrote on Friday. OSI shares jumped
$2.37, or 3.5 percent, to close at $70.02.

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              Besides the scanners being dropped by TSA, Hawthorne, Calif.-
              based OSI Systems makes other passenger scanners used in
              other countries, as well as luggage scanners and medical

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Description: These things were Banned in Italy awhile back due to the ‘Child Pornography’ Images they produced. They were also banned in Europe over fears that they may cause cancer due to the way the radiation from them works. Some studies say they’re safe others say they’re not if you want to know more on the truthful side then just take a look at who’s funding the studies, if it is a study done by bla bla and TSA is funding it then you can guarantee the results will be in TSA’s favour. See full blog here