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									Ms. Patti Reeves

  Drama Department Head
 Caddo Magnet High School
   Shreveport, LA 71101
         Welcome to
    Ms. Reeves’ Classroom

             Our motto:

In the end, it can’t look like acting!
How do we address the teacher?
 You may call me Ms. Reeves or
 Ms. Patti
 Never by my first name only, my years
  give me the right to proper address.
 Who is this teacher as a person?
 I have 30years teaching experience.
 I have taught Drama I – V, Shakespearean
  Acting, Directing, English I, English III, English
  IV, Technical Theatre, World History, and
  American History.
 My favorite things are: reading; traveling;
  playing with my granddaughters, and hanging
  out with my dog.
 I have a passion for theatre and teens.
            I have an MLA
 What’s an MLA?
 A Master’s of Liberal Arts Degree
 Subject Area – Shakespearean Theatre
 Master’s Thesis Project – Romeo and Juliet
 I directed, produced and performed in the
  show, as well as making all the costumes.
Romeo and Juliet
          Who is this person as a
   I often act in Community Theatre and recently the Bravo
    Award’s presented by Shreveport Little Theatre awarded
    me Best Supporting Actress for my work in Cat on a Hot
    Tin Roof portraying Big Mama. I also was nominated for
    my portrayal of Nat in The Rabbit Hole.
             SB Magazine
SB Magazine also presented me with the
      Best Supporting Actress Award
For Big Mama in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
             Other shows
Arsenic and Old Lace
Romeo and Juliet
Bedroom Farce
Cemetery Club
Lend Me a Tenor
Music Man
                  My Family
   I have a daughter, Joy, who is married to
    Jeff Rawls.
   Joy was valedictorian of her high school.
   Attended Centenary College on a full
    scholarship and graduated with honors.
   Joy just retired from at Capital One because
    she had a baby in February!!!
   She does community theatre as a hobby.
Jaclynn Elisabeth (Jacs)
   My son, Josh, who is an actor and musician,
    worked as a paid actor at The Canterbury
    Regional Theatre near Chicago.
   He graduated from Magnet in 2006.
   He won Best Actor at Magnet for his portrayal of
    John Proctor in The Crucible.
   He was nominated by SB Magazine for Best
    Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Will Parker
    in Oklahoma which won for Best Musical for
   He lives in California with his fiance, Catie and
    baby, Marley
Marley Raine
 My daughter, Hope, graduated from BPCC
  with her associates degree in theatre.
 She got the female lead her first semester
  in college in Dracula. This won the SB
  Magazine’s Best Drama of 2007-2008.
 She has 4 Best Actress awards.
 She attends New York Conservatory of
  Dramatic Arts 2nd year
 There are 180 students in first year – only
  80 get asked back for 2nd year.
   In 2003, John was a student of mine who came
    from a troubled background.
   John played basketball and football with Josh
    and participated in drama with the rest of us.
   His junior year John came to live with us and we
    eventually adopted him.
   John graduated and attended LA. Tech.
   John works for B & J Oil Company
 Full Name – Atticus Finch Reeves
 He’s a Shih Tzu
 He is three years old
 He is my best friend.
 He was given to me by one of my former
 He was named after the character from To
  Kill A Mockingbird.
 What will we be doing this year?
            Drama I
 We will develop an overall understanding of the
  theatre process.
 We will be learning performance skills
 You will be performing monologues and scenes
 You will have an opportunity to audition for:
  Scene Day; Fall Mainstage; Fall One-Acts, Spring
  Mainstage; Spring One-Acts, and seniors will
  have the opportunity to perform at Inductions
    Pre-Performance Circle Motto
 Tell the story
 Desire more than anything to be heard
  and understood
 Listen
 Have fun (it’s called play for a reason)
 Our Class website is
 Our Drama Website is
 Check it out for all info about our drama
 I truly believe in your potential, and I
  want YOU to believe in it, too!
 Have an awesome year!

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