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RED BARN Fundraising


									An Update on the RED BARN Fundraising
We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our sponsors, donors and other supporters! From friends such as Stanford alumni Blair Matheson who donated two beautiful western saddles, to an anonymous family who so generously donated an industrial washer and dryer, every little bit helps!

Ways You Can Help:

 Stanford Student Equestrian Fund: give a gift that supports equestrians TODAY!
This fund offsets the cost of Team riders, PE classes and other student use.  Stanford Student Equestrian Endowment: help secure the future for generations of student riders! We are currently about 1/4 of the way to our goal of $1 Million. The Betty Carmichael Challenge counts towards our goal (see next page for more information)!  Stanford Horse Health Fund: every dollar goes to health care for our horses.  Stanford Equestrian Team: our riders look poised to make a bid at Nationals, but first must get through Regionals and Zones (English in LA and Western in Ohio). Traditionally, Stanford funds only 1/3 of this cost so every little bit counts! Use of frequent flyer miles—or even better, NetJets!—hotel points, (or your guest room floor) are always appreciated! Sponsor a Student! $50 = 1 entry fee at Regionals $100 = gas for 1 car going to English Zones and back in LA

$500 = 1 plane ticket to Nationals $1000 = 1 western rider’s trip to Zones in OH $2,500 = Total cost of 1 rider at Regionals, Zones and Nationals!

Capital Campaigns: the renovation of the RED BARN is still a work in progress.
Samples of some projects are below. (naming opportunities are available) *Indoor Arena Sprinklers (we water by hand!) = $9,000 *School arena: Lights = $15,000 *Show arena; Lights = $50,000 *New paddocks and shelters for lesson horses = $27,000 *New fencing and labor for pasture = $60,000

Team Wish List
Gifts in-kind or individual sponsorship of items (more info available) are always welcome. Here are our Top 5! 1. Horses! Specifically quiet, mid-aged jumping horses and western performance or rail horses 2. Truck and/or trailer for horse towing 3. Excursion, Van or SUV for Team use (that seats 5-8) 4. Tack: saddles, bridles, bits (we’d love a Mikmar!), clippers, etc 5. Show clothes: breeches, GPA helmets, jackets or safe schooling helmets

The Betty Carmichael Endowment
In honor of the passing of a SET legend, the team's first coach, Betty Carmichael, Team Cofounder Lisa Yanney Roskens started the Betty Carmichael Challenge with the hopes of raising $50k for the team's endowment in Betty's honor so that future generations of equestrians can be part of the team that Betty took so much pride in helping start. By Lisa Roskens Back in the dark ages when Stanford had no equestrian team there was Betty Carmichael, the trainer at the Red Barn, who had the ability to make or break any hopes our founders had of starting a team. A strong-willed horsewoman, Betty loved a challenge and the fact that the barn management, at the time, was not supportive of the idea made it all the more appealing to her. Betty not only supported the students, but also volunteered her time and her horses to get our fledgling program off the ground. In many ways her character shaped the character of the team. We were scrappy, strong and, damn the torpedoes, we were going to make it work! It wasn't always pretty, but thanks to generations of students with the same attitude, it has thrived. The Team made Betty very proud, and Betty was not easily impressed. She had been at all levels of the business, winning classes in western, saddle seat and all divisions of hunter/jumper from pre-green hunters to open jumpers. Even as her health got the better of her, she still taught and, amazingly still showed, with her oxygen tank strapped to the saddle. Betty died on May 2, only a few months after winning what would be her last blue ribbon. She won it on a mare that Betty, at the age of 70 had started as a two-year-old.


If you are interested in sponsoring the Red Barn or Stanford Equestrian Team, please indicate below where you would like to donate and the amount of the donation. Please return this portion of the form along with a check made payable to “Stanford Athletics”. Put the campaign name in the memo line on your check.  Stanford Student Equestrian Fund Stanford Student Equestrian Endowment  Betty Carmichael Endowment  Stanford Horse Health Fund  Stanford Equestrian Team—Sponsor a Rider! Vanessa Bartsch Red Barn Stanford Athletics Stanford, CA 94305 Questions or want to donate an in-kind gift? Please contact Vanessa Bartsch at or (650)327-2990. Amount: $_____________________ Amount: $_____________________ Amount: $_____________________ Amount: $_____________________ Amount: $_____________________

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