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Love God • Care For Each Other • Serve The World                                                                  February 2011
                                                                                                                   Vol. 38, No, 2

                          New Paths For Our Children
Walt Disney once said, “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very                        Solid Gold
long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things,                                   Birth
because we’re curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Christ Church Kindergarten (CCK) began the school year embarking                                                      FU
on a Strategic Planning process to identify and prioritize a set of goals                                                honoring
for over the next 2-3 years. The process is an opportunity for CCK                                                    5
                                                                                                                      50 years of
to accomplish two important objectives in advancing our school.                                                         preschool
The first, and arguably more important, is the involvement of the                                                     ed
                                                                                                                     education at
school community in a process that brings them together to focus on                                                 Chr
                                                                                                                    Christ Church
the direction and priorities of CCK and build consensus around those
priorities.                                                                                         Friday, February 25th
                                                                                                        7:00 -10:00 PM
The second objective of the Strategic Planning process is a road map for action, which
offers the school’s leadership a focal point for decision-making and communication,
                                                                                                        All Saints’ Hall
once the action plan has been developed and implementation begins.
                                                                                                         Tickets $30 until
                                                                                                      February 4th, then $35
CCK is currently in the process of creating “new paths” for itself at Christ Church.
                                                                                                      Patron level ticket $50
Our new paths are being created with a Strategic Roadmap, which has 4 focus                           Champagne toast and
groups: education programs, marketing-communications, finance and governance.                           auction preview from
These four groups are currently in the thick of the process. They have done extensive                      6:15-7:00 PM.
research and gathered data, from the various demographics at Christ Church as well
as the greater Charlotte community. If you have not had the opportunity to give                      Cash Bar ~ Disco Attire
your input or would like more information about our roadmap please contact me,
Amie Hutchison at or Beeland Voellinger                         RSVP by February 21st at
CCK Board Chair and Strategic Planning Chair at We                
welcome and look forward to your feedback and sharing CCK’s road map.                                (under the Children section)

The CCK Strategic Roadmap of creating “new paths” will be completed this spring.                       Proceeds benefit
                                                                                                    Christ Church Children’s
Then be on the lookout this fall for your invitation to join Christ Church and Christ                 Programs and The
Church Kindergarten when we roll out our 2011 thru 2014 CCK Strategic Roadmap                       Learning Collaborative
                                                                                                         (formerly Seigle Avenue
which will help us “keep moving forward opening new doors and doing new things,                      Preschool and Chapel of Christ
because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”.                                  the King Weekday School)

Amie O. Hutchison                                                                                   Charlotte Nelson (704) 577-4024
Director, Christ Church Kindergarten                                                                Caroline Coffron (704) 400-2554

          This document and others are available on our web site at
                                                               SAGES CORNER
                    In The Parish                              by Tom Root
Rita Leonard
The James Wall family
                                                               T    he joint meeting of the Sages Commission and Program
                                                                    Committee was cancelled in January due to the winter
                                                               snow and ice storm. The next regular meetings will be held on
Janet Vogler
                                                               February 14th for the Program Committee, and February 21st
The Judson McAdams, Jr. family
                                                               for the Commission. Both of these meetings will be held in
Kimberly Miller (Tom Clapp)
                                                               room M207/208 at 11:30 AM. Any of the attending members
The Bob Long Sr. family
                                                               who would like to order their lunch from the church kitchen
The David Baker family
                                                               for $6.00, should call Kathy Schofield at the front desk by the
Carol Walser
                                                               preceding Wednesday.
Adam Currie (Mary Logan Currie)
Matthew Solomon
                                                               The Annual Sages Christmas Celebration at the home of Bill and
The Tom Dixon family
                                                               Sally Cooper was enjoyed by nearly 100 members of the Christ
Betty Horne (Frank Horne)
                                                               Church Sages. The holiday decorations, the delicious foods, and
Diane Fowlkes
                                                               elegant atmosphere made this a very special evening. We thank
                                                               Bill and Sally Cooper, Larry Breckenridge and his planning
                                                               committee members, and all of those in attendance for making
David McGuire to Lauren Haire
                                                               this occasion such a great success.
                                                               Our upcoming Sages Luncheons will be held on February 28th
Emma Katherine Trout, child of Jeff and Courtney Trout
                                                               and March 28th in the Blue Room at 11:30AM. On February
Austin Noble Stockstill, child of Adam and Helen Stockstill
                                                               28th, Tom Gabbard will be our guest speaker. As the President
Blake Daniel Stockstill, child of Adam and Helen Stockstill
                                                               of the NC Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Tom will give
Sophie Latimer Duvall,
                                                               an important address on the program and future of the center.
         grandchild of Jane and Howard Duvall
                                                               On March 28th, Dr. Tony Abbott, a poet, lecturer and former
Elise Carson Tate, grandchild of Tish Wolfe
                                                               English teacher at Davidson College, will discuss the life and
Isabelle Gray Morton, daughter of Billy and Jenny Morton
                                                               work of author Reynolds Price. Price’s first novel, “A Long and
Anderson Graham Cook, child of Norman and Shirley Cook
                                                               Happy Life” sold over a million copies, and also won the first
Charlotte Halsey Hill, grandchild of Halsey and Brenda Hill
                                                               William Faulkner Prize in 1962. To make lunch reservations,
Emit McCafferty Gefaell,
                                                               send a check for $10 per person, payable to Christ Church
         child of Robert and Caroline Gefaell
                                                               Sages, to Meredith Marchant, 2718 Wintergreen Drive, Charlotte,
Avery Matsuzaki Barnhardt,
                                                               28211. The Wednesday prior to the luncheon is the deadline for
         grandson of Susie and John Barnhardt
                                                               We have an opening for the speaker/entertainment for our
Clare Eliza Donovan, child of John and Allie Donovan
                                                               luncheon on May 2nd. Please contact one of the committee
Gardner Thomas Kelly,
                                                               members or me if you have someone in mind. Our Day Trip for
         child of Alex and Catherine Ruth Kelly
                                                               April is being considered. If you have an idea for a trip, please tell
Collin Harrison Lane, Jr., child of Collin and Juliette Lane
                                                               any of the members of the Sages Committee. If you or someone
Carter Edward Parrish, child of Felton and Andi Parrish
                                                               you know would like to be a part of this meaningful and exciting
Molly Elizabeth Rust, child of Rob and Lizzy Rust
                                                               life, please let us know by contacting any of the members of
                                                               the Sages or by phoning the church at 704-333-0378 for some
                                                               additional information. Meanwhile, I encourage you to contact
Vassey Berry Page, mother of Jane Allen
                                                               me, Tom Root, with any ideas, thoughts, and comments at 704-
Wilma Murrell
                                                               365-8240 or at
Shirley Hoffmeyer, aunt of Christina Richiger
Thomas Forrester, Sr., father of Karen Pierce
William W. Sturges
                                                               ECW CORNER
                                                               by Jessica Fallis, Episcopal Church Women
James Lasley, uncle of Mary Ann Kerr
Sanford O. Swanson, grandfather of Charlie Swanson
Rev. William P. Baxter, Jr., father of Lucy Baxter
William Wade Wood, father of Wade Wood
                                                               W      ind Down - Sip & Share - The ECW Fellowship Com-
                                                                      mittee invites all women of Christ Church to our Perk Up
                                                               - ECW Coffee Stop, Tuesday, February 22nd, 9:30 - 10:30 AM in
Judy Coon, mother of Liz McIntosh                              the Blue Room. This is an opportunity to connect with women of
Dow Sellers, step-father of Chuck Cocke                        all ages, make new friends, reconnect with old friends, and bridge
Dr. W. M. Fowlkes, Jr., grandfather of Kim Grant               the generation gap in a social setting. Dress is casual. Questions?
Martha Hastings, wife of Bob Hastings                          Email Cindy Nicholson,
Roy Williams, former sexton of Christ Church                   Women’s Retreat – We’ve moved the date and we are planning
Alnita Henderson Grant, grandmother of Andrew Payne            a great get away for the women of Christ Church. Mark your
A.H. Lawrence, Jr., step-father of Sandy Bierce                calendar now for April 29th -May 1st at Debordieu Beach, SC.
                                                                                                        Our first ever website-based series.
                                                                                              New “conversation starters” on our website every Friday
                                                                                               in February. Improve your lives together in the comfort
                                                                                                       and confidentiality of your own home.

W      hether you have been together several months or several decades, every couple can benefit from investing more meaningful time
       “twogether.” Starting February 4th and continuing each Friday for five weeks, a new topic and set of “conversation starters” will
go on the Christ Church website, providing you with a self-directed lesson and exercise that you can do in the privacy of your own
home. Look for the “Twogether” link and take the five week challenge to set aside time for conversation that connects and strengthens
your relationship.
                               Week 1: Beyond Parallel Lives: How well do you know your spouse’s world?
                               Week 2: Nurturing Fondness and Admiration
                               Week 3: Keeping the Home Fires Burning: The tinderbox and sex
                               Week 4: Caring for the Soul of your Marriage
                               Week 5: Your Marriage as a Lighthouse
To give you an idea of how the series will work, here is an exclusive sneak peek at the first week’s topic:
                                        Beyond Parallel Lives: How well do you know your spouse’s world?
  Too often couples fall into living parallel lives that give the appearance of togetherness and stability. Yet parallel lives have no points of genuine
  connection. Couples who live parallel lives rarely share stories. They get out of the habit of exhibiting interest in or staying current with each
  other’s feelings and concerns.
  How familiar are you with your spouse’s world? Do you know what stresses your spouse is currently facing? To whom your spouse is most likely
  to confide? Do you know something as mundane as your spouse’s favorite sandwich?
  It is important that couples are intimately familiar with each other’s world. John Gottman, a psychologist and marriage researcher, has found that
  couples who know their spouse’s world – both past and present - are far better prepared to cope when stressful events and conflict occur. The more
  you know and understand about each other, the easier it is to keep connected as life swirls around you. How can you be a source of comfort and
  strength if you don’t know what challenges or frightens your spouse, what is rewarding or frustrating? Comforting requires having some sense of
  what your spouse is doing and what it takes for him or her to do it. One of the ways we honor our spouse is to take him or her seriously. It is easier
  to grow apart when we live orderly, but parallel, lives; the space between you gradually grows wider. People grow apart when they forget or fail to
  do the simple day-to-day task of being involved in one another’s lives. Gottman’s research shows that the best predictor of marital happiness and
  success is when a couple shares a high level of friendship, respect, affection and humor. Couples whose lives intersect and intertwine strengthen
  their friendship and feel closer to one another. Two cords are stronger when braided together.
  Make a date to spend time together this week. Go out to dinner or have dinner at home... Enjoy breakfast together or a late night dessert. Turn the
  television off. Silence your cell phones Carve out time for just the two of you.

       Your “date” is designed to help you spend time telling stories and      19.   What helps alleviate your stress?
       getting current with one another. Below are 40 “date” questions,        20.   What do you want to be different about your life in five years?
       BUT DO NOT ANSWER ALL OF THEM. Take turns choosing                      21.   Who were your most important mentors?
       a random number between 1 and 40, and asking each other a               22.   How was affection expressed in your family growing up?
       question. Answer 10-15 questions between you while on the date;         23.   What is the best wrapped gift I gave you?
       saving the remaining questions for another time.                        24.   What’s the last thing you were particularly proud of accomplishing?
  1.     Who are your two closest friends?                                     25.   What was one of the first things that attracted you to me?
  2.     What would be a weekend away that you would enjoy as a                26.   What are you dreading in the next few weeks?
         couple?                                                               27.   How has grief shaped you or altered your path?
  3.     Who is your favorite relative?                                        28.   If you could play a sport professionally, what would it be?
  4.     What was one of your best childhood experiences?                      29.   What tries your patience the most these days?
  5.     Who is your greatest support (other than your spouse)?                30.   What would you claim as a recent success for you?
  6.     What was the highlight of last week for you?                          31.   Would you rather go to a movie, a concert, or a play?
  7.     Who was your best friend in childhood?                                32.   What is your favorite piece of art in our house?
  8.     Who is your least favorite relative?                                  33.   What was your favorite celebration of our anniversary?
  9.     What medical problems do you worry about?                             34.   What did I do for you in the last month that was particularly supportive
  10.    Where would you want to be buried?                                          and helpful?
  11.    What historical event in your lifetime had the greatest impact?       35.   What is one of your favorite memories or stories about one of your
  12.    What upcoming event are you looking forward to?                             grandparents?
  13.    Talk about a teacher who helped you believe in yourself.              36.   What was one of the most memorable books you read as a child?
  14.    Name a married couple you admire.                                     37.   What events and/or relationships have served as navigating stars in
                                                                                     your life?
  15.    What was the most significant event of your teenage years?
                                                                               38.   What made you break up laughing recently?
  16.    What would be your dream car?
                                                                               39.   What made tears come to your eyes recently?
  17.    Where in the world would you most like to travel?
                                                                               40.   What is something that costs less than $5 that makes you happy?
  18.    What was one of your favorite Christmas gifts as a child?

   For more information, contact the Reverend Lisa Saunders at or at 704-714-6952.

                             { T H E M I C A H I N I T I AT I V E }
                                   One Church | Three Hopes
The Padlock Program Is Accepting New Volunteers

What is the Padlock Program?
The Padlock program began in July of 2010. Families in the program receive rental subsidies and social work services including assistance
with food, budgeting, job-related needs, furniture, clothing, transportation, and emotional support.

What Sorts of People Are in the Program?
Adults participating in the program have a range of education and work experience. About 50% of clients have completed some college.
Clients work in sectors ranging from housekeeping to office work. The program currently has 32 families enrolled in it, 19 of which are
active. Approximately, 70% of these families are single-parent families. Many families in the program have young children.

Why Do They Need My Help?
Clients face a multitude of challenges, including educational barriers, effects of substance abuse, childcare, medical conditions, domestic
violence and poor credit from prior debt. Volunteers can offer different kinds of help ranging from emotional support to transportation

What Can I Do?
Currently, there are more families in the program than there are volunteers. There are six new families
in the program who need help. These six families need help in different ways, including:
  •       Cleaning, filing, and meals.
  •       Furniture for an apartment.
  •       Legal advice.
  •       Friendship and support.
  •       Transportation.
  •       Fnding a job.

Is There Training?
All volunteers must complete the 6 hour Bridges Out of Poverty/ Class Matters training before they begin volunteering. Christ
Church will host a training on February 21st and 28th from 6:00 - 9:00PM. To register email Sarah Brincefield at brincefields@ For more information about the training or for additional training dates available at other Charlotte area churches,
go to, click on “Micah,” then click on “Upcoming Training Dates.”

What if I’m Still Not Sure?
Interested in talking with current volunteers in the program? Contact Sarah Brincefield at Christ Church at brincefields@christchurchcharlotte.
org and she will put you in touch with a Chist Church parishioner who is currently volunteering in the program. This person can tell you
first-hand of their volunteer experiences.

Rama Road Elementary: Learning Curve                                   There are another fifty-five children at Rama Road Elementary in
                                                                       critical need of some one-on-one attention. So spread the word. To
W       e are learning that you don’t have to be a math whiz
        or grammar expert to be a terrific tutor to a child at
Rama Road Elementary. You just need to excel in caring and
                                                                       volunteer your time, wisdom, and friendship, contact Sarah Brincefield
                                                                       at Does it make a difference?
                                                                       You bet! Here’s a recent letter to one of our voluteers from a teacher
consistency. As with any meaningful relationship, this role really
                                                                       at Rama Road Elementary:
is all about showing up. Same with the Lunch Buddy program:
                                                                         “Thank you, not just for your fabulous bag of treats for the
it’s an ideal way to fulfill the Micah mission for those who enjoy        students, but for your patience with [your lunch buddy.]
their peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a side of grace.
                                                                         She is so lucky to have you consistently coming to see her,
                                                                         talking with her, and caring for her. Every Wednesday, she asks
Currently, there are forty-five Christ Church tutors serving              if you are coming, and makes sure that she will be able to go
their “buddies” at Rama Road Elementary. Lessons they’re                 with you. Even when she is being difficult for you, she still wants
teaching include the letters of the alphabet, basic math and simple      to be with/near you. I sometimes think she is subconsciously
                                                                         “testing” us to make sure she can truly count on us to support
friendship. Some of the things they’re learning are how easy it          and validate her.
is to make a difference, that small actions can have an enormous
impact, and situations that may seem overwhelming or hopeless            So, thank you! Know that you are appreciated, and probably more
                                                                         special than you’ll ever know to [your lunch buddy].”
are often where the most growth is possible.
“A House is Made of Walls and Beams;
A Home is Built with Love and Dreams.”

E    ach year Christ Church experiences that with a family! Christ
     Church has been part of Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte
                                                                           Habitat Family
                                                                           T h e H a bi ta t f or H u m a n i ty of C h a r l otte Family Profile Information

since its inception in Charlotte – Christ Church was one of the many
founding partners of this incredible agency. Habitat for Humanity
International was founded in 1976, works with over 2,100 affiliates
worldwide and has built homes for over 200,000 families! Habitat
for Humanity of Charlotte was founded in 1983. Habitat’s mission
is to construct simple, decent and affordable homes in order to
eliminate poverty housing. For each house that is constructed in
the US, Habitat sends 10% of the money needed for the US home to
their “sister” affiliate in El Salvador (so we are making a conscience
effort to help our neighbors overseas as well)!

We are scheduled to begin construction on our house February 26th.                        Meet Homeowners Mya Kung, Ruth Tial-Par & Family
We need people to minister in the following areas: wall framing,
                                                                                Mya and Ruth are refugees from Burma, and have been in the U.S. for
roofing, plumbing, electrical, siding, drywall, painting interior
                                                                                a little over two years. The family, which includes a new baby girl and
and exterior, tile and hardware installation, concrete driveway,              Ruth’s sister Deborah, currently live in a two bedroom apartment off of
lunch making/serving, kick-off party planning and dedication at              Sharon Amity Road. They hope to have two more children in the years to
completion. If you would like more information or would like                  come, and are excited to have more space for their growing family! Mya
to help on one Saturday or multiple Saturdays – please contact                works full-time at Ross in Rock Hill, and Ruth stays home to care for their
Carrington Coulter, Christ Church Habitat Chair at carrington.                  daughter. They are a very close and hard working family, and are also
                                                                            involved in their church at Charlotte Chin Baptist. Mya and Ruth are grateful or Christine DeLia at deliac@
                                                                               for the opportunity to become homeowners and invest in their future. or 704-714-6959 to volunteer! If you
want to make lunches for our hungry workers, please contact Lisa
Williamson at Please come be part of                                  Thank You Christ Church!
this wonderful ministry and join our Habitat team!
Join us for the Kick-off dinner on Thursday, February 17th at Christ Church at 6:00 PM. Please RSVP by Monday February
14th to Kate Hill at or you can call Kate at 704-365-3811.

February Monthly Service Project                                           Family Promise Is Haven In A Hard World

E    very day, 3,000 children die in sub-Saharan Africa from
     malaria. In fact, in the time it takes you to read this sentence, a
child will die from this disease. The NetsForLife campaign provides
                                                                           I n January, Christ Church housed 13 homeless people: 5 adults
                                                                             and 8 children, from Sunday to Sunday, through the transitional
                                                                           housing program Family Promise. Families now make up 40
insecticide-treated mosquito nets to lower this death rate. Just $12       percent of the homeless population, and one out of every four
buys one net. One net saves 3 lives! By sleeping under malaria nets,       homeless people is a child.
children and adults can be protected from mosquitoes which cause           In response to this crisis, the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN)
this disease. Episcopal Relief & Development (ERD), through its            brings the faith community together to help families regain their
NetsforLife program, distributes the nets and provides education           housing, their independence, and their dignity. Hosting rotates
on how to use the net, along with follow-up later to ensure the nets       weekly among the host congregations in the city, including Christ
are being used properly. Each net lasts for three years.                   Church. In turn, each host congregation provides lodging, three
                                                                           meals daily, and hospitality. Guests use a local day center from 8:00
Through the Episcopal Relief and Development Campaign, Reid                AM to 5:00 PM, where the IHN director, who is a professional
Joyner, the Diocesan ERD coordinator and Steering Committee                social worker, provides case management services. The day center
Chair, came to Christ Church in late January and spoke about the           provides guests with a mailing address and a base for housing and
new NetsForLife Campaign. Our hope is that our Diocese will give           employment searches. Contrary to popular misconception, many
one net for every Episcopalian in the Diocese of North Carolina (that      of the homeless are employed during the day, and older children
is approximately 40,800 nets). The Mission Commission has jump-            attend school.
started this goal, by donating $500 to this cause, thereby purchasing
41 nets. If you’d like to learn more about this important initiative,      Volunteers are the heart of the program. They share their time
please go to To contribute, make a                        and talents in many ways, usually just for a few hours every few
check to Christ Church and write “NetsForLife”                             months. Thank you so much for all the many volunteers who spent
in the memo.                                                               the night, prepared meals, and moved the guests.

                                                                           Family Promise will be back at Christ Church March 27th - April
                                                                           3rd. Please contact Ashley Weir, or Sally
                                                                           Miller, if you are interested in getting
                                                                           involved. Volunteers of all ages are welcome.
 YOUTH                                                                  Wham, Bam, I’m Sorry Ma’am
                                                                        by The Reverend Lisa Saunders
Who is your child on the Internet?

D    o you know what information your child is putting out there?
     Do you know how they are portrayed and if they are safe? Do        S   ome days I have to wonder if we are bearing witness to the
                                                                            demise of common courtesy and civility. It can seem that
                                                                        integrity has lost its lustre. A limousine driver cursed me when I
you really know? Or do you just think you know?
                                                                        suggested his car blocked the parcel pick-up at the grocery store.
The Christ Church Youth Ministry recognizes that one of the best        He told me in less gracious words to “bug off” and remained
things we can do to strengthen the faith of our youth is to support     at his post. Stunned, I could come up with no clever retort; I
and empower the parents of our youth. That’s why we’re bringing         considered running into the store to tattle on him to the manager.
in Former White House Chief Information Officer and current Cyber        Instead, with ears flattened, I retreated to my car muttering to
Consultant, Theresa Payton, to All Saints’ Hall for a Sunday School     myself about divine repercussions for those who cuss out a
class geared toward parents and youth together.                         woman of the cloth.
                                                                        Monday I discovered a note on the windshield of my car in
Theresa caught the technology bug while still in high school doing a    a parking lot of a restaurant where I had lunch. Apparently,
stint in computer support during the holiday season at the Quantico     someone side-swiped the car. The note included an apology and
Marine Corps Exchange. Most recently she was the Chief Information      contact information. The damage was minimal, but since the
Officer for President George W. Bush. Theresa was the first woman         car is less than 6 months old, I wanted to repair it. I called the
to hold the position of CIO at the White House. S h e h a s a           number on the note and spoke with a pleasant man who is an
cybersecurity consulting practice.                                      attorney. He apologized again and without hesitation agreed to
                                                                        pay for the damage. My faith in courtesy and honesty revived,
Don’t miss this opportunity to keep                                     I then went to get estimates to repair the car.
your child’s information safe, and
                                                                        I went to two body shops. Guess what the difference in cost
maybe even get on the same page
                                                                        was between the two estimates to fix the car? Fifteen cents. Yes,
as your child by listening to the same
                                                                        you read that right. Cents are referred to so rarely, my keyboard
conversation. The class will be held on
                                                                        doesn’t even have the symbol for cents on it.
Sunday, February 13th.
                                                                        Since then, I have learned that the man who hit my car is a
Car Wash Tickets On Sale                                                member of the Presbyterian church a few blocks away. The
Christ Church 10th Grade Pilgrimage Class is selling Autobell car       owner of one of the body shops I went to is a member of our
wash tickets and we would appreciate your support. We will be sell-     church, and the man who gave me the estimate at the other body
ing on Sunday mornings and you may also contact Arrington Mixon         shop wore an Elevation Church t-shirt. Some days I fear that
at Tickets are $14 each with half       kindness and accountability and honesty are going the way of
of the proceeds going to support the pilgrimage to Belize.              the cents symbol in usage. As a priest, it is encouraging to see
                                                                        people attend church, but it is a restorative blessing to see people
 FAMILY and CHILDREN                                                    be the church in the world.
                                                                         The preceding was originally an “eDevotion,” which are short, inspirational
Camp Kanuga Visiting Charlotte                                           messages written by our clergy that are emailed to subscribers each week.
                                                                         To receive the weekly “eDevotions” message, send an email request to
Camp Kanuga is eagerly looking for young people                
to join in the fun next summer! Camp Kanuga’s
Director, Brad Thompson, will visit Charlotte to
educate interested families in Camp Kanuga’s
great camping programs for young people ages
7-15. Come out and meet Brad at 3:00 PM on
February 6th: The Home of Sydney Burgess,
3821 Churchill Road, Charlotte, N.C. R.S.V.P. to

Camp Kanuga is a traditional coed overnight
summer camp held at an Episcopal center in
the mountains of North Carolina. The program
enables campers to grow emotionally and
spiritually while at the same time developing new
interests, skills and friendships. Programs include
archery, sports, climbing/adventure, camping, arts
and crafts, performing arts, Christian exploration,
music, and aquatics.
For more information, please visit                                   This Family Service Project benefits the students at Rama Road Elementary School.
                                                                   Friday, February 11th from 6:30-8:00 PM in All Saints Hall.

          SUNDAY                  MONDAY              TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY               THURSDAY               FRIDAY               SATURDAY
                                                  1                   2                       3                     4                     5
                                                  Holy Eucharist 6:00 Holy Eucharist with     Holy Eucharist 7:00 First Friday for Men High School Ski
                                                  PM                  Healing Prayer Noon     AM                  7:00 AM              Trip

                                                                      Choirs Practice, Din-   Women’s Bible         High School Ski
                                                                      ner, Programs, EYC,     Study                 Trip

                                                                                              Bay St. Louis

                                                  Bay St. Louis       Bay St. Louis                                 Bay St. Louis         Bay St. Louis

    6                        7                    8                   9                       10                    11                    12
    Prayer Shawl Blessing    Christ Church Up-    Holy Eucharist 6:00 Holy Eucharist with     Holy Eucharist 7:00 Emergency Winter        Baptism Instruction
                             town                 PM                  Healing Prayer Noon     AM                  Shelter                 4:00 PM
    Souper Bowl Sunday       Noon-1:00 PM
                             Childress Klein                          Choirs Practice, Din-   Women’s Bible         Family Event in All
    Brunch 11:15 AM—1:15
    PM                       YMCA                                     ner, Programs, EYC,     Study                 Saints’ Hall
    Emergency Winter         Knit One, Pray Two
    Shelter                  1:30—3:00 PM
    Room in the Inn

    High School Ski Trip

    13                       14                   15                  16                      17                    18                    19
    Baptisms—8:45 AM         Christ Church        Holy Eucharist 6:00 Holy Eucharist with     Holy Eucharist 7:00
    Service                  SouthPark Noon-      PM                  Healing Prayer Noon     AM
    Discover Christ Church                                            Choirs Practice, Din-   Women’s Bible
    10:00 AM                                                          ner, Programs, EYC,     Study
                         Caring for Aging                             Bridge
    Brunch 11:15 AM—1:15 Parents
    PM                                                                                        Habitat Kickoff
    Room in the Inn                                                                                                 Botswana Mission
                                                                                              Botswana Mission      Trip                  Botswana Mission
                                                                                              Trip                                        Trip

    20                       21                   22                  23                      24                    25                    26
    Rite 13 Rehearsal        Knit One, Pray Two   ECW Coffee Stop     Holy Eucharist with     Holy Eucharist 7:00 Habitat                 Habitat
                             1:30—3:00 PM         9:30-10:30 AM       Healing Prayer Noon     AM
    Brunch 11:15 AM—1:15                                                                                          FunRaiser
    PM                   Bridges Out of           Holy Eucharist 6:00 Choirs Practice, Din-   Women’s Bible
                         Poverty Training         PM                  ner, Programs, EYC,     Study
    Room in the Inn      6:00-9:00 PM                                 Bridge
                                                                                              Emergency Winter


    Botswana Mission Trip    Botswana Mission     Botswana Mission    Botswana Mission        Botswana Mission      Botswana Mission      Botswana Mission
                             Trip                 Trip                Trip                    Trip                  Trip                  Trip

    27                       28
    Rite 13                  Sages Luncheon
                             and Program Noon
    Brunch 11:15 AM—1:15
                             Bridges Out of
    Room In the Inn          Poverty Training
                             6:00-9:00 PM

    Botswana Mission Trip    Botswana Mission

This is just a partial listing of events and activities at Christ Church. For complete details, bookmark and vist our website frequently at
     You may also sign up for the weekly eNews & Notices email by contacting

        SUNDAY                       MONDAY            TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY                     THURSDAY               FRIDAY            SATURDAY
                                                   1                     2                             3                     4                  5
                                                   Holy Eucharist 6:00 Holy Eucharist with             Holy Eucharist 7:00 First Friday for Men Baptism Instruction
                                                   PM                  Healing Prayer Noon             AM                  7:00 AM
                                                                         Choirs Practice, Din-         Women’s Bible
                                                                         ner, Programs, EYC,           Study

                                                                         Special Delivery

 6                              7                  8                     9                             10                    11                 12
 Baptisms 11:15 AM    Christ Church Up-            Shrove Tuesday        Holy Eucharist with Healing   Holy Eucharist 7:00 Emergency Winter     Habitat
                      town                         Pancake Supper        Prayer Noon                   AM                  Shelter
 Brunch 11:15 AM—1:15 Noon-1:00 PM                 5:30-7:30 PM          Ash Wednesday
 PM                   Childress Klein                                    Holy Eucharist Services       Women’s Bible
                      YMCA                         Holy Eucharist 6:00   with Imposition of Ashes      Study
 Emergency Winter                                  PM                    7:00 AM, Noon, 7:30 PM
 Shelter              Knit One, Pray Two                                 Youth Ash Wednesday
                      1:30—3:00 PM                                       Program
 Room in the Inn
                                                                         No Wednesday night
                                                                         dinner or other programs
 Spaghetti Dinner Fund-

 13                             14                 15                    16                            17                    18                 19
 Daylight Savings Time Begins   Christ Church      Holy Eucharist 6:00 Holy Eucharist with             Holy Eucharist 7:00                      Habitat
                                SouthPark Noon-    PM                  Healing Prayer Noon             AM
 Discover Christ Church         1:00 PM
 10:00 AM                                                                Lenten Program                No Women’s Bible
                      Caring for Aging                                                                 Study
 Brunch 11:15 AM—1:15 Parents

 Choral Evensong 5:00

 Room in the Inn

 20                             21                 22                    23                            24                    25                 26
 Brunch 11:15 AM—1:15 Knit One, Pray Two           Holy Eucharist 6:00 Holy Eucharist with             Emergency Winter      Happening          Habitat
 PM                   1:30—3:00 PM                 PM                  Healing Prayer Noon             Shelter
 Room in the Inn                                                         Lenten Program                Women’s Bible

 27                             28                 29                    30                            31
 Rite 13 Rehearsal              Sages Luncheon     Holy Eucharist 6:00 Holy Eucharist with             Holy Eucharist 7:00
                                and Program Noon   PM                  Healing Prayer Noon             AM
 Legacy Sunday
                                                   ECW Sip & Share       Lenten Program                Women’s Bible
 Brunch 11:15 AM—1:15                              7:00—8:00 PM                                        Study Brunch
 PM                                                                                                    10:00—11:30 AM

 Room in the Inn                                                                                       Proposed Adult
                                                                                                       Costa Rica Trip
 Family Promise

 Happening                      Family Promise     Family Promise                                      Family Promise
                                                                         Family Promise
                        Mardi Gras
                         Pancake Supper
                             Tuesday, March 8
                              5:30 – 7:30 PM
All Saints’ Hall - $7.00 per person, maximum family cost is $30.00

       Contact Anne Ranson at 704-365-5649,

     Proceeds to benefit the Christ Church Choirs


  # of Meals:_____________________________________________

  Total amount enclosed:($7per person/$30 max)_________________

     Please make checks payable to Christ Church with “Pancake Supper”
            in the memo line. Return reservation forms with checks to:
                        Christ Church, c/o Kathy Schofield,
                    1412 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28207
      Space is limited so make your reservations today! Deadline: Monday, February 28th
                                                                                                          Periodical Class Postage
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to                                                                                 PAID
Christ Episcopal Church                                                                                        at Charlotte NC
1412 Providence Road                                                                                         USPS No. 679-610
Charlotte, NC 28207-2543                                               Office Hours:
                                                             Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

  You Gotta Eat, Right?

  T   hen have dinner or brunch with us sometime! We invite
      you to join us in one of the most active and vibrant
  communities of Episcopal young adults in Charlotte. Our
  mission is to promote a spiritual, social, and service oriented
  community for Episcopalians in their 20s and 30s. Whether
  you go to church every week or haven’t been in years, you
  are welcome to join us! We encourage you to contact Christy
  Letanosky at 704-714-6972 and get on our email list to
  stay up-to-date with activities. We regularly have brunches,
  dinners, book studies, and other events to stay connected
  with each other.

  Caring for Aging Parents

  A     ttorney, Janice L. Davies, Board Certified Specialist
        in Estate Planning and Probate Law, will be the guest
  speaker at our next meeting on Monday, February 14th. Hear
  about the latest in estate planning and associated laws. Janice
  will also answer your questions and give you information you
  need to know to be sure everything is in order for your parent
  or for yourself. Some of the topics include asset protection
  planning, guardianships, power of attorney, trusts, wills,
  and probate and estate administration. This meeting is from
  7:00 - 8:15 PM in The Yellow Room. If you are interested
  in learning more, contact Lynne LeBlanc, Parish Nurse for              Sunday, February 6th
  more information at 704-714-6968 or leblancl@christchurch-          “Lord, as we enjoy the Super Bowl, help us be mindful                                                          of those without even a bowl of soup to eat.”

      American Red Cross BLOOD DRIVE is Sunday, February 20th at Christ Church Charlotte.

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