; The UK s e-commerce event - eCommerce Expo 2012
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The UK s e-commerce event - eCommerce Expo 2012


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									                            OCT 30 – 31 2007
                            OLYMPIA LONDON

  Conversion • Fulfilment • Retention

           “…the main challenge is
         customer retention which boils
        down to online service delivery –
           guaranteed – end to end”

The UK’s e-commerce event
                                 OCT 30 – 31 2007
                                 OLYMPIA LONDON

E-commerce (buying goods and services                        Guaranteed Delivery – end to end
online) is now a multi billion pound business and is
                                                            A successful e-commerce platform needs to deliver
growing faster than any other sales channel. Why?           exactly what the visitor is looking for at every stage
 • Most consumers and nearly all businesses                 of the process. The site needs to be fast, secure
                                                            and easy to navigate for every visitor – every time.
   have broadband internet connection giving fast
   access to rich content. E-Commerce growth                It’s a complex business to achieve the exacting
   has mirrored broadband penetration both in the           standards of the site visitor. Multiple technologies
   U.S. and the U.K.                                        and processes need to work together behind the
                                                            scenes. E-commerce Expo is the only exhibition
 • Taking payments online is also a secure and              that focuses on bringing these technologies and
   familiar process to many. Over 90% of                    processes together around the e-commerce
   transactions are completed by credit card but            transaction:
   that will change as e-payments and digital
   currency options become available.                                      Hosting and IT Infrastructure

 and so…                                                                   E-commerce Software

 E-Commerce is booming.                                                    Content Management

  Many companies are                                                       Payment Processing and Security
  upgrading their old
  e-commerce platforms in                                                  CRM and Analytics
  order to take advantage
  of this new sales channel.                                               Fulfilment and Logistics
  They are discovering that
  success in e-commerce is
  less about how many
  people you can deliver to
  your site and more about                                    Process                     Improvement
  how many site visitors go                                   Hosting/                    Faster response time
  on to make a purchase and then return to purchase again     Infrastructure
                                                                                          Improved navigation
                                                              E-commerce                  Legacy Integration
  E-Commerce is about                                         Software
                                                                                          Instant pricing
                                                              Content                     Product descriptions
    • Conversion – of site visitors into buyers                                           Shopping cart
    • Fulfilment –    of customer purchases (products,        Processing/
                                                                                          Loyalty programmes

                                                              Security                    Traffic analysis
                      services or digital)
                                                                                          Behaviour analysis
    • Retention –     winning customer loyalty.               Analytics                   Delivery flexibility

           Meet e-commerce decision makers at
             E-commerce expo
                                                            Profitability will be increased by understanding and
                                                            improving each aspect of the process.

 Conversion • Fulfilment • Retention

Who will visit E-Commerce Expo?                                                          Who should exhibit at
                                                                                         E-Commerce Expo
 E-commerce Expo has been carefully designed to attract decision makers
 with e-commerce responsibilities. The exhibition organisers have                       If you are selling products or services
 commissioned research into how companies manage their e-commerce.                      that can enhance the online
                                                                                        transaction, then you should exhibit
 In the main the management team is virtual – championed at board level                 at E-commerce Expo.
 with overall management resting in one of several functional departments
 (mainly marketing) but executed by managers across many business                         Providers of the following
                                                                                          solutions should exhibit:

                 The e-commerce virtual team                                               • Affiliate programmes
                        45%            Marketing
                                                                                           • Catalogue software
                              23%      Head of e-commerce
                                                                        Head of            • Content management
                                 11%   Operations                       e-commerce
                                    6% IT
                                                                                           • Data mining/warehousing
                                 16%   Other                                               • Delivery Services
                                                                                           • E-commerce systems
                              Virtual team                                                 • E CRM Solutions
                                                                                           • Fulfilment Services
                                                                                           • Helpdesk/contact centre
          I.T.      Finance    Marketing       Logistics       HR           Support
                                                                            Functions      • Internet security/fraud
                                                                                           • Location based services
                                                                                             & GIS
  The priorities of this                              • E-commerce Directors / Head        • Loyalty programmes
  management team are:                                  of E-commerce                      • Online Retail software
                                                      • Online business Director /         • Order management
    • Online infrastructure / flexibility
      and scalability                                   Manager
                                                      • Business Development               • Payment processing
    • Payment processing &
      Security                                          Director/manager                   • Returns processing
    • Web content development                         • Web Developer                      • Sales tracking solutions
      and management                                  • Commercial Manger
                                                                                           • Service and warranty
    • Analytics / profiling and                                                              management
      personalisation                              Key job functions targeted
                                                                                           • Shopping cart software
    • Order processing and                            •    IT
      fulfilment                                                                           • Systems integration/
                                                      •    Marketing
    • Point of delivery                                                                      middleware
                                                      •    Finance
                                                      •    Customer Service                • Web analytics & reporting
  Typical Job Titles include                          •    Logistics                       • Web hosting
    • Board Director / CEO                            •    Operation                       • Web testing and monitoring
    • Marketing Director / Manager                    •    Web development
    • IT Director / Head of IT                        •    Internet Retailing              • Website design

Oct 30 – 31 2007 Olympia London
                                                          OCT 30 – 31 2007
                                                          OLYMPIA LONDON

 FREE Education                                                                   Heavyweight Marketing and
                                                                                  PR programme
Education is a critical element for E-commerce Expo. Running a
successful e-commerce platform is about orchestrating multiple                   Visitor marketing has already begun with the website
technologies and disciplines around the customer experience.                     going live in August 2006. As traffic builds, site visitors
                                                                                 will be encouraged to leave their contact details and
Therefore, visitors to E-commerce Expo will want to know how each                receive regular updates of relevant e-commerce news..
element in the process works on its own and in relation to the other
processes.                                                                            Reaching over 2.3 million impacts.
                                                                                 The PR campaign goes live 6 months from the event.
Visitors will get their information in a number of ways:                         From July 2007, the main visitor marketing activity begins
  1) By visiting exhibitor stands attendees will get a comprehensive             with Press advertising, inserts, direct mail and email
       briefing on the solutions that each exhibiting company can offer.         activity running continually for 4 months leading to the
       Aided by the exhibition show guide and website, visitors will be          exhibition. Excluding duplication, the campaign will reach
       able to navigate their way to relevant exhibiting companies.              over 200 thousand individuals with frequency building
  2) There will be a fully researched conference programme running
       throughout the event. There will be two large, 150 seat Master                                    Visitor Marketing
       Class theatres on the exhibition floor providing high level                                         2006   2007   July   Aug   Sept   Oct
       educational content. Available Free of Charge to all exhibition
                                                                                    Exhibition website
       visitors, the programme will be independently researched in
                                                                                    News bulletin
       order to ensure that all of the “hot” topics are covered.
  3) In addition, there will be 2 seminar theatres on the exhibition floor
       where exhibiting companies will give case study presentations in
       partnership with customers who have had direct experience of
                                                                                    Direct Mail
       building and managing e-commerce platforms.
                                                                                    E Mail marketing

                                                                                    PR campaign

     Co-ordinated Education programme
                                                                                 quickly from July through advertising in both horizontal
              Theatre 1           Theatre 2           Vendor seminars
     10.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------   and vertical media. Having built strong awareness by the
                                                                                 end of August, response generating media will be used
     11.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------
     11.30                                                                       such as inserts, direct mail and online activity in order to
     12.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                 drive pre registration for the event.
     13.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------        E-Commerce Expo has forged strategic
     14.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------            relationships with media partners in the core
                                                                                             vertical markets:
     15.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------
     16.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------
     17.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------                              Retail

      All of the educational content at E-commerce expo
      will be FREE of charge to exhibition visitors. Timings                                                Financial services
      of the various theatre based presentations have been
      carefully managed in order to ensure that visitors can’t move                   …and the key corporate discipline:
      from one presentation to the next but will spend time touring the
      exhibition hall. Also, the exhibitor presentation slots have been                                     E-commerce
      timed so that they can link in to the main conference topics if
      desired.                                                                                              Marketing

                                                                                   (see our website for the a full list of media partners)

  Conversion • Fulfilment • Retention

 The Facts and Figures                                           Your Exhibitor Support package
   Where?                                                         • Free tickets for your clients and prospects – use our collateral for
      Olympia, London                                               your own marketing activity.
   When?                                                          • Free entry in the exhibition show guide – used by visitors throughout
      30th and 31st October 2007.                                   the year as a comprehensive directory.

   How many visitors?                                             • Exhibitor Technical manual – a comprehensive guide to exhibiting.
                                                                    Everything you need to know and all of the forms needed to
         2500                                                       participate.
   How many exhibitors?                                           • PR and Marketing Guide – your
         100                                                        comprehensive manual that explains all
                                                                    of the promotional opportunities that
   Will the exhibition attendance be                                are available around the exhibition
   audited?                                                         and how to get involved. Many of
         Yes                                                        these opportunities are FREE of
                                                                  • PR Support – our PR agency
                                                                    will liaise with you in order to
 How much will it cost?                                             make sure you are maximising
                                                                    the PR value of your presence –
 Space Only         £425 per meter                                  any launches or special
                                                                    announcements should be
 Shell Scheme       £475 per meter
                    (Walling and carpet included)                 • Sponsorship Opportunities – how will
                                                                    you stand out from the crowd? Find out
 Package            £525 per meter                                  how to extend your presence before, during
                    (Shell plus lighting, power and                 and after the event.
                                                                  • Speaking opportunities – a limited number of exhibitor speaking
                                           Prices exclude VAT
                                                                    opportunities are available on a first come, first served basis. Call
Note: There are a range of sponsorship opportunities                the Sales team for more details.
available. Please visit the website for more details –
                                                                 Sponsorship Opportunities

                                                                E-commerce Expo will generate a very large amount of media attention -
 How do I get involved?                                         not only during the event but for a significant period before and after. A
                                                                carefully chosen sponsorship package will help you to keep your brand
            For all enquiries please call:                      and messaging in front of your target audience for much longer.
                +44 (0)1932 566415
                                                                Here are some of the sponsorship opportunities available. Visit our
                                                                website for full details.
                   Email Sales
              jopie@impevents.co.uk                                  Pre Show                     On Site              Year Round
                                                                 • Website                •   Visitor registration   • Enhanced web
                                                                   advertising            •   Carrier bags             listing
                  Email Marketing                                • Pre show email         •   Lanyards               • Hyperlink
             cellings@impevents.co.uk                            • Pre show news          •   Press Office           • Newsletters
                                                                   letter                 •   Banners

Oct 30 – 31 2007 Olympia London
                                                     OCT 30 – 31 2007
                                                     OLYMPIA LONDON
3 good reasons why you should exhibit

                                        1. This is the main e-commerce
                                           event in the UK – if you’re not
                                           there then you’re not serious
                                           about e-commerce.

                                        2. Meet real business
                                           prospects who are looking for
                                           e-commerce solutions and
                                           budgets to spend. Visitors will
                                           be attracted by an un-matched
                                           marketing campaign, fully
                                           researched to deliver
                                           e-commerce decision makers.

                                        3. E-commerce Expo is the
                                           perfect networking
                                           opportunity. Make the best
                                           use of your time – the industry
                                           will be there for 2 days and there
                                           are plenty of opportunities
                                           available for networking.

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