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ECaW launch


									                    Every Child a Writer
                     Cambridgeshire Launch
                                Sue Wilson
        Head of Standards and Effectiveness
                     (3 – 11)
                  Narrowing the Gaps
 Successful schools are single minded in narrowing gaps.

 Use data to identify gaps and to make them visible, pinpoint
  pupils at risk of underperforming and challenge those whose
  progress needs to accelerate

 Take time to understand the needs of each pupil, know what
  works best for vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils and
  apply it consistently and relentlessly

 Evaluate, celebrate and share success
                            Karen Smith
          General Adviser- English (Primary)
 Coffee / Tea
 Welcome and Introduction
 What is ECaW?
 Why ECaW?
 How does ECaW work?
 Coffee / Tea
 What Next?
 Any Questions?
 To introduce schools and Headteachers
  to the core elements of Every Child a
  Writer (ECaW).

 To provide opportunities to plan for
  implementation of the ECaW programme.
             What ECaW aims to do…
   Ensure faster progress at the beginning of Key Stage
    2 with expectations of
        Securing Level 3 at the end of year 4
        Making two levels of progress across the key stage
   Provide a three tier model for all children through:
        Improving quality first teaching whole class
        Improving guided writing to meet group needs
        1-to-1 intervention for those children that need it most.

   Draw on leading teacher support to demonstrate the
    process at all tiers
   Target the areas that children find the hardest –
    especially sentence construction and text cohesion
      Every Child a Writer will focus
        on three waves of support
  Improving quality first teaching:
   Ensuring Year 3,4 teachers make effective use of the Primary
    framework and the new range of writing related materials and
    interventions available throughout years 3 and 4
  Leading Teacher support:
   Establishing a new cadre of leading teachers, to focus specifically
    on writing and supporting teachers in years 3 and 4 in order to
    secure shared and guided teaching approaches

  One-to-one intervention:
   Developing pedagogy for one to one intervention in writing, through
    testing different models and approaches.
                  Every Child a Writer
                        ECaW Schools
  Identify two teachers in Years 3 or 4 for
   LT support.
  Implement assessing pupils’ progress
  Provide baseline data and termly tracking
   of writing and reading in Years 3 and 4.
  Release class teachers to work with LTs
   and attend cluster meetings.
 Leading Teachers - Home Schools
     As Link Schools, plus:
     Participate in the ECaW LT programme
     Support the LT in undertaking support
      for schools.
     Release and ensure LT attends all local
      and national briefings.
A fully engaged ECaW school is where…
  The Head teacher gives ECaW a high status
  There is a whole school approach to developing
  There is a culture which encourages the sharing of
   good practice
  Year 3 & 4 Teachers engage in professional
   dialogue about developing their practice and are
   receptive to ideas
  Pupils are correctly identified for one-to-one tuition
  Quality one-to-one tuition takes place
                          Anna Gordon
                   PNS Consultant - Literacy
             Every Child a Writer
          Roles and Responsibilities
  Roles and Responsibilities
  Timelines of Support
  ECaW Key Dates for Cambridgeshire
          Role of Leading Teachers
  Support teacher subject knowledge in writing.
  Demonstrate effective practice in assessment,
   planning and teaching.
  Build teacher confidence and capacity within the
   school to improve writing.
  Facilitate local cluster meetings.
  Develop and feedback on ECaW to NS.
  Attend NS and LA meetings.
  Develop / contribute to case studies of effective
                    Classroom Support
Support quality first teaching (QFT).
Develop APP/Support for Writing approaches.
Support teachers in the development of Guided
Support identification of pupils for one-to-one
Support teachers in completion of Individual
 Tuition Plan.
Support the class teacher in collation and
 submission of data to LA.
                          AfL                 APP Writing

                                Knowledge of the
   Talk for                                                      Sequence
                                  Quality                          Framework
                                   First                           Objectives
Writing                          Teaching
                Knowledge of                       of Subject/      Text Type
                 Pedagogy                          Curriculum       Guidance
                                                   Steps in      Targets
                   One-to-One Tuition
 Targeted at pupils in Years 3/4 ECaW
  Classes to achieve a secure L3 in
  writing by end of Year 4
 Delivered by a qualified tutor
 Ten hours of tuition per pupil
 Additional two hours for teacher / tutor
                          Jane Bromley
          Primary Literacy Regional Adviser,
                East & East Midlands
               Impact on Schools

             We have found this programme of work to be really beneficial
             to our pupils. Our year 3 teacher indicated that it had helped
             her to be clear about pupils' progress and therefore the targets
             to improve the class writing. She also felt that the liaison with
             the lead teacher was excellent at generating successful
             strategies to improve writing in her class. (Head Teacher)

What I hadn’t expected was the
                                              ECAW does stimulate and
whole school impact. My Y6
                                             inspire children to become
teacher has tried out ECaW
                                               well motivated and better
approaches and is excited by
                                               writers … as long as the
the accelerated progress they
                                              teacher is receptive to the
have made .(Head Teacher)
                                                initiative. (Head Teacher)
                   National Strategies
 Provide national training in the development of
  a writing pedagogy.
 Develop materials to support LAs, LTs, schools
  and tutors.
 Monitor and evaluate the impact of ECaW.
 Facilitate the sharing of effective practice and
  learning from the ECaW programme.
         The role of the Primary
      Framework in pupil progress

  Periodic                                                                    QFT using
             PF end                                  appropriate
   writing              Steps      Text     Pupil                             appropriate
             of year                                 pedagogy;     Talk for
 assessment               in      types    writing                                 AfL
            objectives                                shared or     writing
    using              learning guidance   targets                             strategies
                           Becky Marrs
                  PNS Consultant – Literacy
                     Peterborough LA
                            Coffee / Tea
                                Next Steps
                                Q and A
           ECaW in Cambridgeshire

           ECaW Lead – Anna Gordon

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