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November 2006


									October 2009


NOVEMBER 2009 7-9pm

We are pleased to announce that Lorraine Perry is the new Chairperson of the PSA and should like to thank the retiring Chairperson, Julie Long, for all her hard work and dedication over the last few years. The Committee is working feverishly towards the Christmas Fair. We have already booked a number of craft stalls and the pupils are busy organising their own stalls. Our Christmas Fair provides the perfect opportunity for you to shop for Christmas without the problems of parking and crowds, plus you will be able to purchase some more unusual gifts from the craft stalls. However, your support is needed to provide manpower, i.e. setting up in the afternoon of the 27 or in the evening maybe running a stall, or packing away tables etc at the end of the evening. We have issued all pupils with 2 books of raffle tickets and would be most grateful if you could sell them on our behalf. We would also appreciate donations for our bottle tombola, cakes for the cake stall, raffle prizes, second hand books or anything else you would like to donate. Please complete and return the form below via your son or daughter’s tutor by 20 November or email a response to Please help us to start this new academic year with a fantastic Christmas event. Thank you for your support th and we hope to see you on the 27 .
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On behalf of the Piggott School Association ………………………………………………………………………………………… CHRISTMAS FAIR – FRIDAY 27 PUPILS NAME: TUTOR GROUP: PARENT/GUARDIAN’S NAME: TELEPHONE NUMBER: Please tick where appropriate:I am willing to help with preparations before the Fair. I am willing to help on a stall. I am willing to help with clearing up after the Fair. I will sponsor a stall (£10). I will donate a raffle prize. I will donate bottles for the tombola stall. I will donate tombola items. th I will donate a cake ( this can be delivered to the School Reception on 27 November) I am willing to be contacted for help with future fundraising events. I would like to find out more about the work of the P.S.A. Chairperson – Lorraine Perry at

NOVEMBER 2009 – 7-9PM

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