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 Had you joined Facebook as an affiliate marketer when it first began, imagine where you could be
today! Wouldn't it be great to have a time machine and go back and get started in Facebook's
early days? Well now you can. Only it's not called Facebook, It's an online pinboard called
pinterest. And it's ready for marketing.

 pinterest is the fastest growing social site in history, currently growing faster than Facebook was
when it was at the same stage of development. Online pinboards are a totally different than
anything else out there and Pinterest is a hot, hot market. Instead of sharing information about
what you're doing right now ala' Twitter; instead of posting your vacation photos and commenting
on friends' pages ala' Facebook, Pinterest gives you pin boards. These are virtual cork boards
where you can "pin" images that interest you that you have found in your internet travels.

Your pin board can have dozens or hundreds of images, but they must all be related some way, to
the theme of your pin board. For example, I recently saw a pin board of a Pinterest user who
categorized her board "Yellow and Gray." So each image she pinned was something that she
liked, but was primarily yellow and gray in color.

You can have unlimited boards.You can also add captions and tags to your images so people
searching for a specific topic can find your board.

One very nice thing about Pinterest is that it has is a very specific demographic. Most users on
Pinterest are U.S. females (70%) with an annual household income of $100,000 or more. Most
Facebook users are teenagers who do not have a lot of money to spend. So obviously Pinterest is
a marketer's dream. You have access to millions of U.S. females who have money to spend,
sharing their consumer behavior online. These women are pinning all the stuff they would like to
buy or already own.

So how do you monetize Pinterest? Naturally you will pin lots of interesting images that relate to
niches in which you may have items to sell or you are an affiliate for. But keep in mind your
demographic. If you're pinning lots of fishing gear and car accessories you probably will not get
much interest. You need to go for fashion, books, and all things related to home decor, beauty and
fitness. Weddings, clothing and food are some of the most popular niches on Pinterest and most
product pins from these niches are things that you can get affiliate links for.
But you need to behave like a typical Pinterest user in order to develop credibility and above all,
don't do anything that'll get you shut down! Never spam! You should grow your audience first, gain
some trust and add only products that you find interesting and worth buying. If you pin everything
you see that's marketable you will be quickly seen to be a spammer and lose any chance to profit
from your efforts.

The second thing you definitely should do if you're going to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing is
affiliate link cloaking. Pinterest has a novel feature that they use to profit from affiliates- they
discover affiliate links and replace the affiliate's user name with their own! They take the profits
from clicks affiliates would otherwise get! So you need to carefully cloak your affiliate link. One
simple way is to use TinyURL.

Follow these 5 steps to create a profitable board on Pinterest:

Name your board like a landing page but cloak your links

Add a helpful description; use all space available for good copy

Pin at least 10 products on your Pinterest board

"Like" your board on Facebook, tweet it, share it

Create some social bookmarks (,, etc) pointing towards your Pinterest
board url

This is how I do it. Good luck!

Bruce Clemens is a college instructor who specializes in jobs readiness and online marketing. His
web site offers lots of resources to develop an online income quickly and efficiently. Sign up there
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