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                                   PROVEN FUNDRAISING EXPERTISE

1. About Fine Cell Work

Fine Cell Work is a dynamic and original social enterprise which trains and pays inmates (80% men) to do
embroidery and quilting and sells their products. The goods made by the prisoners are very high quality
and they receive a third of sales proceeds. The work gives prisoners the opportunity to occupy the time
spent in their cells constructively and they stitch voluntarily for an average of 30 hours a week when
“behind the door”. In 2011 FCW worked with 490 inmates in 29 prisons and with over 300 volunteers of
which about 50 teach in prisons. This skilled, creative and therapeutic work enables prisoners to earn and
save a nest-egg for themselves and their families so they can leave prison with hope and purpose and the
chance of making a fresh start.

Fine Cell Work’s busy office in central London is run by a team of six full-time and two part-time staff
members. The prisoners’ hand-embroidered cushions, rugs and quilts have been sold in three continents
and commissioned by the V & A and English Heritage, among others. Roughly 40% of the charity’s
overheads are covered by sales and 60% by donations and grants. The inmates receive a third of sales, with
the rest going on materials prisoner training and support, marketing and sales and administration.

2. Description of need for a new trustee

Fine Cell Work is at a critical stage in its development, and is now gaining widespread recognition for its
work. This is a time of great opportunity for Fine Cell Work, the importance and impact of the work we
do and the organisation is well placed to participate constructively in the changes taking place. Not only
are Fine Cell Work’s products in demand from the public, our service is very much in demand from
prisons. We have many offers from prisons but do not yet have the resources to meet most of them. In
addition the prison system is facing many new challenges and is rapidly moving to new forms of
organisation, in particular with moves towards more work taking place in prisons and payment by results,
aimed at reducing reoffending. Thus, in tandem with building our organisational and business structures,
we are now need to work more systematically with prison policy makers and the prison service in
delivering apprenticeships, workshops and skills training in prisons within the framework of the changing
internal prison imperatives. This evolution requires a solid funding base and thus Fine Cell Work is seeking
a Fundraising Trustee who can help take the organisation to the next level.

3. Description of new trustee role,

We are seeking to recruit a Trustee specialised in securing funding and building new relationships with high
net worth individuals and philanthropists, foundations and trusts and the corporate sector, thus providing
new pillars of support for the organisation’s work. The Trustee will also help set and meet ambitious
fundraising goals, assist in securing corporate sponsorships; in maximizing the number of supporters
making an individual donation or signing up to an event or community fundraising initiative and in achieving
an agreed annual income target for unrestricted and restricted fundraising from trusts, foundations and
companies . FCW’s total income in 2011 was £550,000 - of which approximately £185,000 was trading
income - and the charity is seeking to raise an additional £80,000 by the end of 2012 and an additional total
of £800,000 by the end of 2014, mainly from increased donations and new gifts and grants.

We are looking for someone who can inspire funders to get excited about what we do. You will need a
passion for our work and the skills to compel funders to support us.

The Role

The fundraising trustee would

       o give strategic advice on the development and implementation of an integrated fundraising
       o help build a development committee of individuals able to provide concrete assistance in donor
         development, making introductions and building regular giving programmes including developing
         a major giving and legacy programme
       o network externally to seek out opportunities, engaging the Trustees where possible and
         appropriate, in identifying potential funding sources.
       o support the CEO and other staff in developing significant fundraising initiatives, providing
         guidance, leads and introductions.

General Responsibilities

The trustee would be a fully engaged member of the Board and provide the link to the fundraising
development committee. As such he/she would be part of the collective governance of the organisation at
formal board meetings and in more informal contributions. The role would also involve contributing to the
wider dissemination of the work of Fine Cell Work; strengthen relationships with key partners and
promoting Fine Cell Work to a wider stakeholder group. It also includes attendance at quarterly Board
meetings at Fine Cell work’s office in London, Victoria, readiness to give advice by email and telephone.
Travel expenses would be paid where necessary.

Experience Profile

   Connections, passion and time to commit to Fine Cell Work and its mission
   Experience in formulating integrated and multi-stranded fundraising strategies
   A strong track record in fundraising especially in raising significant sums from Trusts, Lottery,
    corporate sector and Individuals and in developing excellent relations with funders.
   Knowledge and practical experience of using new media in fund raising would be appreciated

The contact for discussing the position is Chief Executive Katy Emck on 020 7931 9998. The Chair, Jean
Gomm, and other trustees, are also be available for consultation. The charity’s website is and there is much more information available about our work on this site.

5. Fine Cell Work’s Patrons, Board and Staff:


        Kaffe Fassett

        Libby Purves OBE

        Gen the Lord Ramsbotham, GCB, CBE

        Gavin Turk


Jean Gomm (Chair since 2009) has wide senior executive experience in the corporate sector, international
and non-profit organisations, and 25 years of senior strategy responsibilities at the OECD. She is also
experienced in small company management. She is President of the Harvard Business School Alumni Club
of London, Co-Chair of the HBS Angles of London; a Trustee of the British Friends of Harvard Business
School and Tomorrow’s Company and a member of the President’s Circle at the Central School of Ballet.
She is also a NED of a number of small privately held companies and a Board Mentor for IDDAS.

Vice Chair

Selina Fellows (Vice Chair), Trustee since 2004, is a retail consultant. She has extensive retail experience
from strategic planning to product development, operations and sales channels in both large and small
companies. She is a Director of Whitechapel Gallery Ventures and St Paul’s Cathedral Enterprises and a
Trustee of the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust.
Board of Trustees

Paul Baker (Trustee since 2010) Currently Governor of HMP Leeds, Paul Baker has worked in the prison
service for over 15 years, pioneering innovative approaches to custodial care. 

He has recently achieved
accreditation for HMP Leeds as the first prison in the public sector to gain Investors In Excellence, and in
October 2011 HMP Leeds was also selected as the first public sector prison to pilot Payment by Results
for the rehabilitation offenders.

Janet Dunlop (Treasurer and a Trustee since 2008) is a Chartered Accountant who has worked in the
private equity industry for 21 years. She has been Finance Director of Parallel Ventures Managers Limited
(1997 – 2000) and Morgan Grenfell Private Equity Limited (2000-06). She has been Chief Operating Officer
of Lion Capital since January 2007. In addition to her role with Fine Cell Work she worked with Pilotlight
from 2006 to 2010.

Anthony Gater Trustee since 1997 worked as Head of Textiles and Consumer Goods for the National
Economic Development Office from 1969-1986 and, previously, as an information officer at the U.N. and
he has published on industrial management and economic development.

Sophie Kingsley Trustee since 2005 worked for 15 years in Human Resources, most notably within the
retail sector for Harrods, then in Financial Services as an HR Director for Barclays Capital. She started her
own business E I 8 H T, in 2005 and sold it internationally as a going concern in 2008.

Caroline Wilkinson Trustee since 2009 has served as a volunteer for Fine Cell Work for 12 years, running
a highly successful quilt-making class at HMP Wandsworth. She has had considerable experience
volunteering for the Probation department and has done charitable work in Africa, the Middle East and
South India. She is a former secondary school teacher and a contemporary quilter of note.

Melissa Wyndham Trustee since 2003 is a well known interior designer with twenty five years experience
in the industry, working on historic as well as modern projects for the National Trust and government as
well as private clients.


The executive team has recently restructured to meet the needs of the business.


Chief Executive

Katy Emck joined Fine Cell Work as its first employee in 1997. Previously, she acted in and directed plays
for Geese, a prison theatre company, before working as a literary academic and journalist.

Marketing and Sales Manager
Piero Donat joined FCW in October 2010. He has a wide range of experience in sales and marketing in
the charity sector including at Shelter and Mind.

Design and Commissions Manager

Elena Hall has worked at Breast Cancer Care and Autism London and has done charitable work in South
America and Mexico.

Volunteer and Programmes Manager

Kirsti Green was a news producer for television before completing a Masters in Human Rights Law. She
has also worked for Amnesty International.

Studio and Commissions Specialist

Hilda Sheppard trained at the Royal School of Needlework before working at London’s most specialist
needlepoint shop, Tapisserie.

Events Organiser

Carrie McArdle is a journalist, writer and editor with wide experience in media, p.r. and promotions,
marketing, recruitment, training, event management and charity fundraising.

Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator

Sophie Jordan has a degree from the University of Nottingham in Social and Cultural Studies and has
worked in the banking and corporate sectors.

Production Co-ordinator

Helen Smith studied theology and counseling, and previously worked in the subtitling industry.

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