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									                          PPS Reading Assessment Framework
                                 Screening & Benchmarking Assessments
Screening (fall): Used to identify level of risk for not meeting end of grade level expectations
Benchmarking (winter and spring): Used to determine progress toward meeting end of grade level expectations
at key points in time
Universal Screening and Benchmarking Assessments
    PreK: PALS                                                                         Assessment Windows
    Grades K-3:DIBELS Next                                                             Fall: Sep 6- Sep 28
    K-2: Phonics Survey                                                                Winter: Jan 12 – Feb 2
    Grades 4-8: easyCBM                                                                Spring: May 14 – Jun 5

     Benchmark – Tier I                      Strategic – Tier II                    Intensive – Tier III

Used to identify key areas of instruction needed to accelerate learning so students can reach end of year grade
level benchmark
               Tier I                                 Tier II                                Tier III
                                        K-2:                                   K-2:
                                           High Frequency Word                   In program placement
                                              Inventory                              assessments for ERI,
                                           K-3 DRA or Running Record                Horizons or Reading
                                           Scott Foresman Narrative                 Mastery
                                              and Expository Retelling
                                              (See TE and Assessment
                                        3-5:                                   3-5:
                                            Phonics Survey                       In program placement
                                            K-3 DRA, 4-5 DRA or                     assessments for Horizons,
                                               Running Record                        Reading Mastery,
                                            Scott Foresman Narrative                Language
                                               and Expository Retelling
                                               (See TE and Assessment
                                         6-8:                                  6-12:
                                            Phonics Survey – Task 12 &           Language! in program
                                               13                                    placement test

                                     Formative – Progress Monitoring
Progress monitoring tools allow staff to determine the degrees to which students are progressing toward meeting
specific benchmarks in selected priority skill areas. They provide a structure for continuously evaluating student
progress and for making necessary adjustments in instruction.
               Tier I                                  Tier II                               Tier III
K-5:                                   K-3                                     K-3
 K-5: Scott Foresman in                   DIBELS Next 1x/4-6 weeks             DIBELS Next or easyCBM
   program assessments                     Scott Foresman in program              1x/2-4
 Teacher-created assessments                  assessments and/or                    weeks
 Student self-assessments                     checkouts                          Mastery Tests from
                                           Teacher-created assessments              Intervention Programs
6-8:                                       Student self-assessments
 EMC in program assessment
 Teacher-created assessments          4-8:                                    4-8:
 Student self-assessments                 easyCBM – fluency 1x/4                 easyCBM 1x/2-4 weeks
                                               weeks, comprehension                Mastery Tests from
                                               1x/6weeks                              Intervention Programs
                                           Scott Foresman or EMC in
                                               program assessment
                                           Teacher-created assessments
                                           Student self-assessments

                                      Summative – Grades 3-8 OAKS
Used to determine if student has met grade level benchmarks and to evaluate effectiveness of reading program.
Teachers use progress monitoring data prior to March to target instructional needs.

Bold indicates required PPS Assessments

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