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									Is There a Timeline On When To Renew a Permanent Resident Card?

Even if living permanently in the United States does not expire the authentic green cards, which
have been issued between 1977 and 1989, the validity of those cards was indefinite, therefore the
LPR cards has no expiration date. However, that changed under the current immigration law
because every LPR card holder are oblige to renew their green card because those are good only
for 10 years.

Every permanent resident card holders are required by U.S. immigration law to always bring
evidence of their immigration status (a valid green card) because you are violating the laws of
America if your resident card is expired. By carrying a permanent resident card which is not current
can give you some difficulties by proving that: You are eligible to live and work in the United States
and another pain in the butt is you will have a hard time re-entering in the U.S. from your tour out of
the country. Therefore, if you have plan to have a vacation it is sensible to check the validity of your
card before leaving the United States to avoid any hassle returning to America.

If you are in America and you knew that your green cards has expired or about to expire, then
without any delay file a green card renewal form I-90. You can file an application via email or online.
For further instructions you can visit the official USCIS website.

On the other hand, if you are outside the United States then the green card renewal process is very
different. If your green card expired while you are outside the United States and prior to your
departure in the U.S. you didn’t apply for LPR renewal, then you are advised to contact your nearest
U.S. consulate office or US port of entry before filing a green card renewal application. Still, if you
are outside the country and your resident card is about to expire or it will expire within six months
and you know that you will be back in America before its expiration date then you are required to file
immediately for card renewal the moment you return to the U.S.

Nonetheless, The USCIS will issue a temporary proof of your resident status in the United States
while you are waiting for your green card renewal because it is hard to tell the timeline on when your
green card renewal can be released. Normally, you can have your green card renewal between 3
months to a year or longer.

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