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									Cincinnati Sports Injury Chiropractor, Dr. Todd Elwert, Helps Athletes
Recover Faster

Cincinnati, OH, 30-JAN-2013 - Dr. Todd Elwert, DC has been recognized for
his success in providing the natural and effective care required to help
athletes recover more quickly from injuries. The Cincinnati chiropractor
offers the education, support and care that is needed to achieve greater
flexibility and mobility both during participation in sports and in an
individual's daily life. As a chiropractor for the Miami University
athletics program, Dr. Elwert has been able to assist athletes to
maintain the high level of physical condition required to effectively
participate in their sport.

When interviewed recently Dr. Elwert discussed his commitment to
providing the highest level of care to his patients. "When an athlete is
injured, their ability to function effectively in their sport and daily
life can be severely impacted. By addressing injuries before a person
begins feeling pain and stiffness we can often avoid the long recovery
period that may result in a person's inability to participate in their
sport. I focus on the unique needs of athletes to ensure that they
receive the care and support they need to maintain an active sporting and
personal life. I am committed to helping patient's enjoy long-term health
and wellness and avoid many of the conditions that result from repetitive

An athlete that is focused on performing during a sport will often
continue participating when they are injured. For many athletes, the
injuries they sustain are repetitive and cause damage to specific parts
of the body. An injury such as a strain or sprain can cause damage to
other parts of the body and result in long-term pain and stiffness when
not addressed early.

Dr. Elwert has served the needs of patients and athletes for over 25
years. His knowledge and skill have served the needs of many high school
and university sports programs and he is able to create individualized
programs that address sports-related injuries. When an individual visits
Dr. Elwert he performs a physical examination that includes x-rays to
identify any misalignment, compression or herniated discs and pinched

The doctor will review the past medical and injury history of the patient
as well as discuss the diet, exercise and lifestyle of the athlete. After
reviewing the information Dr. Elwert creates a wellness plan that
addresses the immediate pain and provides the long-term solutions that
will help the individual to perform more effectively in their sport and
daily life.

The programs created by Dr. Elwert utilize care methods designed
specifically to meet an individual's unique needs. In addition to gentle,
low-force spinal adjustment to realign the spine and restore proper
circulation through the spinal column, the doctor also provides sports
injury rehabilitation that will strengthen and improve an athletes
ability to function and focus on their sport without fear of recurring
pain. Therapies such as Power Plate Vibration Therapy are employed to
stimulate healing and improve the mobility of the individual.

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