The Future Vision for Empower Network | Where is this Company Going? by SteveKallock


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									The Future Vision for Empower Network | Where is this
Company Going? for- empower- network?id=powerkeg      January 30, 2013

The Future Vision for Empower Network – The Sky is the Limit
Where is Empower Network headed?

What is the long term vision for this company?

And is this just the beginning?

The ‘Release Your Inner Badass’ event in Austin Texas began to answer some of these

And from what I witnessed and heard on stage….

….just 9 or so days ago….I don’t event think David Wood, co-founder of Empower Network….

….truly understood what this company has become.

As brilliant as David Wood is, I am not even sure he knew….

…what he had wit h Empower Net work.

I think if you pulled David Wood aside, after the lights went out….

….and the cheers had faded, and poured him a glass of wine, and asked him….

         “What was your vision for Empower Network? (off the record)

I bet he would say something like,

         “In the beginning….we thought it would help a few people make some money.”


         “We thought it would solve a problem/void in the direct sales niche.”

These are my generalizations of what I imagine he would say.

I have personally not had such a conversation with David.

And even in San Diego, at the “Fight the Forces of Evil” event….
….there was still a vibe of ‘how much can we grow incomes?‘

Again this is my account.

But something happened in Austin….

There has been a significant shift in the vision for Empower Network

Anyone who attended the Austin event saw what I saw.

Anyone who was in Austin, and then listened to last night’s call, gets that….

….there has been a significant shift in the vision f or Empower Net work.

It is simply not t he same company.

All 4,000 attendees had multiple breakthroughs, personally and professionally.

Everyone I spoke to, in and around the event, agreed with that.

But it wasn’t just the attendees that had breakthroughs.

It was t he ent ire leadership t eam.

And especially, co-founders David Wood and David Sharpe.
You could see it.

You could hear it.

You could feel it.

There was only one word that I could think of to describe it…..conviction.

This is not about making money anymore.

It is about making dreams come t rue.

These were not the same men on stage 3 months prior in San Diego.

The future vision f or Empower Net work is bigger than anyone could imagine.

Bigger than the two Davids even imagined.

You could just sense it.

A quick snapshot of the vision f or Empower Network in Austin

This was a quick snapshot in Austin of what the future holds.

There were several break-out sessions with the larger teams at Empower Network.

These took place on Saturday afternoon.

These mastermind groups were held in meeting rooms in and around the hotel.

I was in Lawrence Tam’s breakout session, since I am directly on Lawrence’s team.

And it was clear to everyone in that room, that these teams….

….would grow to a capacity that will require an event of just their own.

So t he event in Aust in, Texas of 4,000 will soon be just Lawrence’s t eam.

And the other leaders will have their own events.

See, where this is heading?

And the speakers at these events will be people like me.

The new crop of leaders that are learning skills and building a team.

Multiply that by 8 or 9 other teams, and you get the idea of the vision for Empower Network.

We are just at the beginning.

This 14 month old company is in its infancy.

And the men at the top…..get it now.
Their vision changed because it had t o.

And it was revealed in Austin and on Monday’s call.

Now is the time to get started with Empower Network.

2013 is the year of Empower.

The future vision for Empower Network has been established and….

….I only hope you have enough wisdom t o get in.

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