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					      Division of Educational Services
  Parent Engagement Leadership Initiative

Together We Build the
  Future: The Parent
 Leadership Initiative
Research Indicates …

“Children do best if parents can play a
variety of roles in their learning:
helping at home, volunteering at school,
planning their children’s future, and
taking part in key decisions about the
school program.”
                      Henderson and Mapp, 2007.
Research Also Indicates …

“Schools would need to increase per
pupil spending by more than $1,000 in
order to achieve the same results that
are gained with parental involvement.”
                 ~Houtenville and Conway, 2008.

   Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE)
    and 23rd District Parent Teacher Association
    (PTA) Partnership

   Parent Engagement Leadership Initiative of
    Riverside County

   Action Team for Partnerships
Title I Requirements
Title I Requirements
20 U.S.C. §6318. Parental Involvement
    (a) Local educational agency policy.
    (b) School parental involvement policy.
    (c) Policy involvement.
         Each school served under this part shall—
          (1) convene an annual meeting, at a convenient time, to which all parents
              of participating children shall be invited and encouraged to attend, to
              inform parents of their school's participation under this part and to
              explain the requirements of this part, and the right of the parents to
              be involved.
    (d) Shared responsibilities for high student academic achievement.
    (e) Building capacity for involvement.
    (f) Accessibility.
    (g) Information from parental information and resource centers.
    (h) Review: The State educational agency shall review the local educational
         agency's parental involvement policies and practices to determine if the
         policies and practices meet the requirements of this section.
Title I Requirements
CA EC 11502.
It is the purpose and goal of this chapter to do all of the following:
    (a) To engage parents positively in their children's education by helping
        parents to develop skills to use at home that support their children's
        academic efforts at school and their children's development as responsible
        future members of our society.
    (b) To inform parents that they can directly affect the success of their
        children's learning, by providing parents with techniques and strategies
        that they may utilize to improve their children's academic success and to
        assist their children in learning at home.
    (c) To build consistent and effective communication between the home and
        the school so that parents may know when and how to assist their
        children in support of classroom learning activities.
    (d) To train teachers and administrators to communicate effectively with
    (e) To integrate parent involvement programs, including compliance with this
        chapter, into the school's master plan for academic accountability.
Title I Requirements
CA EC 52852.
A school site council shall be established at each
school which participates in school-based program
coordination. The council shall be composed of the
principal and representatives of: teachers selected
by teachers at the school; other school personnel
selected by other school personnel at the school;
parents of pupils attending the school selected by
such parents; and, in secondary schools, pupils
selected by pupils attending the school.
Title I Requirements
Title I Requirements
Title I Requirements
PTA Structure

   Unit –   Unit PTAs/PTSAs are organized at the school site level for
    the purpose of planning programs and activities to meet local
    community needs.

   Council –        Council of PTAs/PTSAs are created at the school
    district level for the purpose of conference, leadership training, and
    coordination of efforts of the member units.

   District    – District PTAs are geographical divisions formed at the
    county level established to carry out the programs of the California
    State PTA.
RCOE and the 23rd District
PTA Partnership
   Began over 30+ years ago.
   Office space, computers, phones, meeting space.
   Meeting with county superintendent 2008.

       Mission: “… to ensure the success of all students through extraordinary
        service, support, and partnerships.”

       Pledge: “All students in Riverside County will graduate from high school well
        prepared for college and the workforce.”

       Explanation of Parent Empowering Parents (PEP) Guide and Parent
        Involvement Pocket Pal – resources of California State PTA.

       Creation of user friendly parent trainings using PTA and parent engagement

       Challenge to get Parent Involvement Pocket Pal in hands of every parent in
        Riverside County. (Approximately 420,000 students-2008.)
Parent Engagement
Leadership Initiative (PELI)
  Training series -- nine week research-
  based series of “trainer of trainers”
  presentations. Topics include parent
  engagement, positive parenting,
  communicating, volunteering, learning
  at home, decision making,
  collaborating with the community,
  connecting the dots, and action team
  for partnerships.
PELI Training Series
Parent Engagement Module

 Developed by Dr. Joyce Epstein, director of the Center on School, Family, and
 Community Partnerships and the National Network of Partnership Schools
PELI Training Series
Positive Parenting in Public
Education Module

 Parenting “Assist families with parenting and child-rearing skills,
 understanding child and adolescent development, and setting
 home conditions that support children as students at each age and
 grade level. Assist schools in understanding families.” (Epstein)

 Connecting in the Early Years

 Parent – Teen Relationships

 Potato Parenting
PELI Training Series
Communicating Module
PELI Training Series
Volunteering Module


  How to Begin Volunteering

  Working with Students

  Honoring Volunteers
PELI Training Series
 Learning at Home

 “The most effective forms of parent involvement are those which engage
 parents in working directly with their children on learning activities
 at home.” (Cotton and Wikelund, Northwest Regional Educational

 Home Learning Environments

 Routines and Activities

 Family Learning

 Online Resources
PELI Training Series
Decision Making

               I wish …

               School Site Council

               English Learner Advisory Committee

               Parent Teacher Association

               Action Team for Partnerships

PELI Training Series
Collaborating with the Community

 “The way schools care about children is reflected in the
 way schools care about the children’s families.” (Epstein)

        Out of the Box Thinking

        School – Community Partnerships



        If You Don’t A—S—K, You Don’t G—E—T
PELI Training Series
Connecting the Dots
PELI Training Series
Action Team for Partnerships
PELI Training Series …
How Districts are Implementing the
PELI Program
One District
 Attended the PELI training series as a team (two district
 administrators, three English Learner Advisory Committee [ELAC]
 leaders), then presented the series to parents in their district in
 English and Spanish. Parents have developed a Book Club that
 focuses on parenting, communication, and self-improvement and
 are creating “literacy circles” in their homes.

Another District
 Participated in the PELI training series and attended the Action Team
 for Partnerships training as elementary and middle school teams
 that feed into a high school (vertical strand). The high school is
 focusing efforts on creating a welcoming atmosphere for parents,
 families, and community members using the Action Team/Action
 Plan format.
Action Team for Partnerships
   Reviews school goals using the Single Plan for
    Student Achievement (SPSA).

   Writes a One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships to
    involve families and community members in ways
    that contribute to school goals.

   Implements and evaluates the quality of the

   Continually improves partnership plans, programs,
    and practices.
Action Team for Partnerships

   Members include parents/family members,
    teachers, principal, PTA, School Site Council (SSC),
    ELAC representatives, and students (secondary
    level). Could include counselors, school nurse,
    special education teachers, and community

   Terms are for two to three years.

   Co-chairmen lead ATP and committees.

   Arm of School Site Council (decision making body).
Riverside County ATP

               Representatives from
               RCOE departments,
               PTA, PELI, school

               Planned and
               implemented annual
               Parent Engagement

               Preparing to work on
               data collection.
Here’s what we’ve found …

     RCOE / 23rd District PTA
     Partnership has Expanded

     National Recognition

     How to Successfully Involve

     Moving Forward
Expanding the Partnership
      County superintendent support for and
       commitment to parent engagement.

      Formation of Parent Engagement Leadership
       Initiative (PELI) January 2011.

      Vision of the future in the area of parent

      Research-based structure in place.

      Delivery of parent engagement trainings
National Recognition
23rd District PTA
 Recipient of the Phoebe Apperson Hearst-National PTA Family-School
 Partnership Award of Merit—recognition of a PTA that effectively
 implemented National PTA’s National Standards for Family-School

 Recognized for the collaborative partnership with the Riverside County
 Office of Education to create the Parent Engagement Leadership

 Recognized for the annual Parent Engagement Summit for providing
 parent engagement information for parents, families, educators, and
 community members.
The Big Key

              Train and involve first.

              Then encourage parents
              to participate as
   Parents who are knowledgeable, comfortable, and
    experienced in the area of parent and family
    engagement tend to want to do more, will serve
    in various capacities, and are more committed to
    long term participation.

   Schools with strong family and community
    engagement programs tend to have higher levels
    of sustainable parent involvement.

   Research shows that schools that have high levels
    of parent involvement have increased academic
                                (Adapted from Epstein, 2009.)
    Moving Forward
   PELI Trainings held throughout the county with an emphasis on
    school district supported groups.

   Action Teams for Partnerships established at schools and school districts to
    implement parent and family engagement programs and events.

   Third Annual Parent Involvement Summit held on September 13, 2012,
    at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

   RCOE Parent Page provides information for parents on a variety of topics
    including career and college readiness, parent engagement, and student
    success. Debuts Fall 2012 on the Riverside County Office of Education web

   Data collection to support increasing student academic achievement through
    parent engagement.
Wise Words

“The level of parent involvement at schools is
notdetermined by parent interest or apathy.”

“The level of parent involvement is
determined by whether or not appropriate
strategies and structures are in place to
facilitate the participation of parents.”
                     (Milbrey McLaughlin, Stanford University.)
Resources and Next Steps

   Investigate Community Partnerships
    ◦ Parent Teacher Association
    ◦ Colleges and Universities
   Resources
    ◦ Family Engagement Framework
    ◦ PTA Parents Empowering Parents
Resources and Next Steps

   Research
 Contact Information

Ellen Larson
Certified Parent Liaison, California Parent Center/San Diego State University
Parent Engagement Leadership Initiative
Riverside County Office of Education
Division of Educational Services
(951) 334-3736

Melissa Bazanos, Administrator
Riverside County Office of Education
Instructional Services
Division of Educational Services
(951) 826-6304

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