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                                                                    Onboarding Checklist
                                                                (insert candidate’s name, UCID#)

Onboarding involves welcoming a new employee into an organization or role, and ensuring they have the resources they need to help them succeed.
Effective onboarding has a positive influence on employee well-being and productivity, and increases employee retention. The Onboarding Checklist is
a tool designed to assist hiring managers / administrators as they help facilitate the onboarding process for new hires and transfers.

 Prior to arrival:                                                                            Assigned to   Completed             Comments
      Call or send an email to officially welcome your new staff to U of C and provide them
      with a contact in the event of questions or issues. Provide information for first day
      including where to arrive, at what time and what to expect on the first day.

      Email and Network requirements:
      Provide your new employee with their UCID number and the Information
      Technologies Staff and Faculty Quick Start Guide.
           Self register for a UCIT Account and eID. Once registered employee’s can
              use their UCIT username for all logins.
           Request PeopleSoft access as required for the employee through an I-AM
           As applicable, request Administrative domain access, Local Area Network
              (LAN) access and a SecurID for the employee through the Staff and Faculty
              Quick Start Guide.
      Click here for a list of all services provided by Information Technologies. For
      assistance please contact IT at 403-220-5555 or email
      Telephone requirements:
                                                                                                                        Direct Line:
      Please contact your Department Voice Services Representative for all your telephone
      needs (installation, equipment, and service). If you are not sure who your
Recruitment – Recruitment & Retention – Onboarding Checklist (HR-005)                                                                           1
                                                                    Onboarding Checklist
                                                                     (insert candidate’s name)

 Prior to arrival:                                                                                 Assigned to   Completed          Comments
      representative is, visit the List of Departmental Voice Services Contacts. User guides                                 Fax:
      can be found at:

      An overview of your employee’s benefit plan (based on their employee type and FTE)
      can be found on the Benefits at a Glance page of the HR website:
      Support Staff -
      MaPS -
      Academic -

      New employees can enrol in their benefit and pension plans by visiting the
      appropriate link listed below:
      Support Staff -
      MaPS -
      Academic -

      Personal Tax Credit Forms:

      All employees are required to fill out federal (TD1) and provincial (TD1AB) tax forms.
      Both can be found on the forms page under Personal Information.

      Direct Deposit Information:

      Employees are responsible for entering their own direct deposit banking information.
      This is done though self serve in the My UofC portal;

      Employment Equity Survey:

      The employee receives an Employment Equity letter and Survey with their offer
      letter. They are required to complete the questionnaire either electronically through
      the secure HR site or in paper copy.

      Building / Office Access:

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                                                                   Onboarding Checklist
                                                                    (insert candidate’s name)

 Prior to arrival:                                                                              Assigned to   Completed   Comments
      Arrange for keys and / or swipe access by contacting your area’s administrator.

      Office set up and office supplies:

      Be sure to have equipment and office supplies ready for your new employee at their
      desk. If you need to purchase new equipment, Supply Chain Management has a list
      of all preferred vendors and documents the process for purchasing.

      Hardware and software requirements:

      Please contact IT with your hardware and software requirements: IT - Computer
      Purchasing and Support.
      If an existing computer is being used for your new recruit, IT will require the
      information below. You can find this information on a sticker usually located on the
      side of the computer’s hard drive.
      Computer DTP Asset Tag #: ______________________

      Business Cards:

      Use Imagine Printing’s online submission tool to have business cards ordered and
      ready for your new employee. First time users need to obtain login ID.

      Mailman Mailing Lists:

      As a part of the university’s commitment to communicate with its employees, every
      new employee is automatically subscribed to an email list specific to their employee
      group. Communication provided through these lists include security, operational,
      executive level vision and employee communication, including legislative updates for
      payroll and benefits. If there are additional lists they should be subscribed to, visit
      IT - Mailman Lists for instructions.

      Onboarding/Training Schedule:

      Create an onboarding schedule for your new employee’s first week. Include any
      relevant orientation and/or training workshops (See Training section). The training
      schedule may also include meetings with members of the team to gain an
      understanding of each member’s role and function within the group; meetings with
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                                                                  Onboarding Checklist
                                                                  (insert candidate’s name)

 Prior to arrival:                                                                             Assigned to   Completed   Comments
      stakeholders to introduce the new employee, etc.

      Parking requirements:
      Annual permits for assigned lots are sold on a yearly basis. Have your new employee
      check for current pricing and availability by contacting Parking and Traffic Services.
      Parking and Traffic Services is located at the Olympic Volunteer Centre at the north
      end of McMahon Stadium. They can be reached at 403-220-6771/6772 or email

 After the employee arrives:                                                                   Assigned to   Completed   Comments
      Introductions / Welcome:

      Introduce the new employee to fellow teammates and assign them an office contact
      they can go to with questions. Also, provide them with an organizational chart(s) of
      your department / faculty to help them learn who’s who. Consider taking your new
      employee for a welcome lunch or coffee (with team members if possible).
      Employee Intake:

      Ensure to collect a signed copy of the employee’s offer letter, and a copy of their
      Social Insurance Number card and provide it to your HR Services team for inclusion
      in the employee’s file.
      Also be sure to remind your employee to enter their direct deposit information in Self
      Service, complete and submit the Employment Equity survey, benefit and tax forms
      to HR if they have not already done so (see page 2 of this checklist for more info).

      Provide an orientation to their workstation (phone, computer including sign-in, email,
      shared network drives, calendar, key websites, etc.) as well as a tour of the area
      they will be working in (washrooms, pantry/kitchen, emergency exit, photocopy area,
      supplies, closest coffee/snacks, etc.).
      Employee ID Card:

      Accompany your new employee to the Campus Security Office, located in Mac Ewan

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                                                                 Onboarding Checklist
                                                                  (insert candidate’s name)

 After the employee arrives:                                                                  Assigned to   Completed   Comments
      Student Centre 260, to get their campus ID card (and, if applicable, to the IT main
      office – 7th floor Math Sciences – to get their SecurID).

      If your new employee needs to access protected on-campus services from off-
      campus locations, they may require a virtual private network (VPN). For more
      information and to download the software, visit VPN

      Contact List:

      Update your departmental contact list as well as the U of C Directory (Teleweb) with
      your new employee’s contact information

      University Policies:

      Ensure your new employee is aware of relevant University of Calgary Policies and
      Procedures including the following:
              Conflict of Interest Policy
              Electronic Communications Policy
              Occupational Health and Safety Policy
              Privacy Policy
              Staff Vacation, Overtime and Flex-Time Policies
              Sexual Harassment Policy
              Smoking Policy
      A listing of both University wide and department specific policies and procedures can
      be found at:

      On-line Self Service Timesheet Entry:

      Review with your new employee the On-line Self Service Timesheet Process within
      PeopleSoft for reporting time.

      **If your employee is remunerated from a Project Account provide them
      with the ChartFields as required. **

      Have the employee take the required eLearning training available through

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                                                                   Onboarding Checklist
                                                                    (insert candidate’s name)

 After the employee arrives:                                                                    Assigned to   Completed   Comments

      On-line Self Service Timesheet Entry Cont’d:

              Hourly paid employees (positive time) will report their positive time on a
               daily basis in order to be compensated. The entries must be an accurate
               reflection of dates and hours worked.
              Salaried employees (exception time) entries must be an accurate
               reflection of approved exceptions to the employee’s regular schedule (e.g.
               sick, appointments, vacation, etc.).
      It is the responsibility of the Employee to know the deadlines by which they are
      required to enter in their positive time and/or exception time.
      If the employee has the responsibility of “Reports to” or “Project Holder” the On-
      line eLearning Training is located here.
      It is the responsibility of the ”Reports to” /or “Project Holder” to know the deadlines
      by which they are required to review and approve all entries.
      Employees will need to log onto the “My U of C Portal” with their eID for Timesheet
      Entry and Approval

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                                                                   Onboarding Checklist
                                                                    (insert candidate’s name)

 Training:                                                                                 Assigned to     Completed            Comments
      New Staff Orientation:
      Register your employee in the next available New Staff Orientation. Visit the HR
      website for more information and to register.

      Additional Training:
      What other training is required? Book dates / times as required:

                         iS2 Training
                         Manager Self Serve Training
                         PeopleSoft Training
                         IT Training and Resources
                         Environmental Health and Safety orientation and courses
                         Teaching and Learning Centre workshops
                         Continuing Education

                Employee signature: __________________________                       Date: __________________________________

                Manager signature: ____________________________                      Date: __________________________________

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