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									Fundraising Support Package for THE WORK THAT RECONNECTS An Intergenerational Intensive with Joanna Macy Ojai, California October 29-November 4, 2009 Five Good reasons to fundraise: • To enable you to afford the workshop and travel. • By including members of your community in this process, you are giving them an opportunity to learn about the Great Turning and THE WORK THAT RECONNECTS and contribute to what you value. • You are creating an opportunity to bring the people you know together to collectively align with and support the global awakening. • You are giving your community the opportunity to participate in a “social economy” where the cost of the program is spread out among many so that no one person alone covers the entire expense of the training and trip. This is an incredible model to introduce into your community that has the potential to benefit many. • To learn and practice the valuable skill of fundraising. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED HOW HAPPY PEOPLE WILL BE TO HELP YOU. THIS CAN BE A VERY FUN AND SATISFYING EXPERIENCE. CONSIDER INVITING SOMEONE FROM A DIFFERENT GENERATION TO PARTNER WITH YOU AND ATTEND THE WORKSHOP. YOUNGERS BRINGING ELDERS, OR ELDERS SPONSORING AND BRINGING YOUNGERS IS RICH. Fundraising Guidelines: Cost of the Intensive is $1,200 for 6 nights/7days. All participants are required to make a deposit of $300 towards total. This leaves $900 to raise. (Amount could be higher if you need to raise travel funds.) Fundraising could be done as follows: 9 gifts of $100 each 18 gifts of $50 each 36 gifts of $25 each In general, it is more appealing to let people know how much you are looking to raise and how many people and at what amount it would take to reach your goal. This can be done via personal letter followed by a phone call or via email. You could also set it up so that people have category options to choose from such as; Would you be willing to sponsor me; $250, $200, $150, $100, $50, $25? (Please remember that our new president raised a good portion of the money needed for his campaign from many people sending in as little as $5 ~ it all adds up!) Raising some funds on your own is a requirement for receiving additional scholarship money.

Simple Action Steps: 1. Make a list of all of the people you can think of; family members, your friends, your friend’s parents, neighbors, members of non-profit organizations, church groups, sports clubs, spiritual groups, political action groups, local foundations, local vendors and so on. List all the people you have a sense might support you. Don’t limit yourself in making this list. List everyone who comes to mind even though you have no idea if they will commit to doing this. 2. Compose your letter, either based on the sample below or create your own. Be sure to include what you are doing: the name of the training, the dates, the location and the intent of the training. Also include the Joanna Macy website and/or The Ojai Foundation website Share YOUR intention for the training and what you plan on doing with the skills you learn and the tools you gain. Next, include the cost of the training and your request for funding. Choose a breakdown of costs that suits you and ask them if they would like to participate in supporting you. 3. Send out the letter to all of the people on your final list. For your records, be sure to create a list with their names and mailing address right next to each other. When you begin receiving responses from people, record the dollar amount next to their name on the list. This will help you keep track of the monies as well as make it very simple to take the next step. 4. You can send a hard copy letter with supplementary material about the Intensive and The Ojai Foundation. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for their donation. It helps to follow up these letters with a phone call. A sample letter is attached. You can also download and print color flyers from the website and include as part of your packet. 6. If you send an email plea, be sure to include the links and mention that they can DONATE ON-LINE easily and quickly by going to and clicking DONATE NOW. Be sure they check the box I’d like to make this donation on behalf of and fill in: “{Your Name} for Joanna Macy Scholarships.” The Ojai Foundation office can also send you an email-friendly description of the Intensive with embedded links. 5. Be sure to send a note of gratitude to anyone who has supported you in any way on your path. This is an important step in acknowledging and strengthening your community!

Sample Letter
Date Dear ,

I am writing to request your support for a special opportunity I have to participate in THE WORK THAT RECONNECTS An Intergenerational Intensive with Joanna Macy taking place in Ojai, California in October 2009. THE WORK THAT RECONNECTS is a workshop based on systems theory, spiritual teachings and deep ecology that has been offered by Joanna Macy in a variety of forms for over 30 years. Its central purpose is to help people uncover and experience their innate connections with each other and with the systemic, self-healing powers in the web of life, so that they may be enlivened and motivated to play their part in creating a sustainable civilization. The workshop will have a unique intergenerational focus, exploring the ways in which generations can reconnect to bring healing and wholeness to our communities, and can work together to create the change our world is calling for. Joanna Macy is eighty years old and is one of the great elders of our time. So this is an extra-precious opportunity for wisdom to be passed across generations. Read more at under Programs/Workshops menu. There are some scholarships available, but only to those who endeavor to raise some of the funds in their communities. The purpose of this is to inform and include my community in what I most value, raise awareness of the global shift that is taking place of which I am a part, and to build, strengthen or re-establish a “social economy” where the cost of something important is shared. I am writing to inquire if you would be interested and willing to support me so I can participate in this valuable training. I am making it my goal to raise at least half of the funds. The total cost of the training is $1200. I have paid $300 to reserve my place and must raise $900 more. (or include more if you have travel costs) $900 spread out among many amounts to; 10 people who choose to sponsor me at $90 each, or; 18 people at $50 each, or 36 people at $25 each. I am looking to raise $900 by (date) and am sending this letter to (enter amount) people. Another form of support I could use is frequent flyer miles to help with airfares to California. Thank you if this is something you can offer. It is with deep gratitude that I write to you with this request. It would be an honor to have your support at this time. A gift of any amount would be deeply appreciated. Please respond by (date) and feel free to contact me with any questions. See below for gifting information. Sincerely Yours, Your name

Your mailing address Your phone number P.S. You can make your check out to me directly and send it to my home address or you can donate via credit card online at Click DONATE NOW. Be sure to check the “on behalf of” box and write “{your name} for Joanna Macy Scholarships” THANK YOU!!!!

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