Expedia Partners Up with Travel Agents in Thailand

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					Expedia Partners Up with Travel Agents in Thailand

Published by Ozgur Tore
Thursday, 15 March 2012 15:10 -

Expedia®, the world’s leading online travel company, has announced the launch of its Travel
Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) in Thailand.

Through this new service, travel agents will now have access to Expedia's extensive global
inventory and can earn commissions on hotels, dynamic packages and activities.

As the world's largest online travel provider, Expedia provides travel agents with highly
competitive services and access to a top quality travel supply for their customer bookings.
Agents who sign up with the program will be able to directly access Expedia's comprehensive
inventory of more than 145,000 hotels worldwide. They can also use the familiar and
user-friendly Expedia platform to check availability of hotels, activities and flights, and make
bookings in real time, while earning competitive commissions of up to 10% on hotels and
activities, and 5% on packages (flight plus hotel minimum of 3 nights).

Through Expedia's TAAP, travel agents will be able to enjoy an efficient service which provides
flexibility in the entire reservation and payment process. Members can also take full advantage
of Expedia's exclusive support line dedicated solely to supporting the needs of travel agents.
Those who register with the program can also benefit from Expedia's regular newsletters, deals,
promotions and other valuable tools aimed at helping travel partners provide the best possible
service to their clients.

“Expedia is committed to providing the most comprehensive, efficient and flexible service to our
customers and partners. Our Travel Agent Affiliate Program has been extremely successful in
Europe, America, and Asia Pacific, and we are very excited to bring it to the travel agent
community in Thailand,” said Charee Guico, Travel Agent Distribution Manager Southeast Asia.

“We recognize that offline agents are a critical part of the travel landscape, and TAAP provides
the perfect way for Expedia to work with this community,” she added.

Expedia Partners Up with Travel Agents in Thailand

Published by Ozgur Tore
Thursday, 15 March 2012 15:10 -

Expedia’s Travel Agent Affiliate Program was first launched in Italy in 2002 and has since
expanded to the rest of Europe, America and Asia Pacific. In Southeast Asia, TAAP was first
launched in Singapore in June 2011 and in Malaysia in December 2011. The program currently
has 4,000 partners in the Asia Pacific.

Subsequent TAAP launches are planned in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam in
the coming months.

  To celebrate the launch of TAAP in Thailand, Expedia is offering a bonus of THB3,000 for
travel agents who sign up with the program and make their first booking of THB30,000, from
now till 31 March 2012. Terms and conditions apply. For more information about TAAP, please
visit or call Expedia's line dedicated to travel agents at +66


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