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Read Traditions online at Click on Alumni.   AnnuAl RepoRt edition   FAll 2011
    P r esid en t ’s M es sag e   The Case for Education
                                   Dear Members of the St. Mary’s Family and Friends,

                                   When you read what I am presenting, I am asking you to put aside your political persuasion for a few minutes and give some serious thought to one of
                                   the areas addressed in the recent State of the Union address delivered in January. The English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge always wrote about willingly
                                   suspending one’s disbelief when reading, in other words, having an open mind.

                                   Whether or not one agrees with the method to achieve the goal of improving education, I think we can all agree that the improvement of education is
                                   something that we can share across both political and ideological lines.

                                   The President makes a strong case. And I can assure the entire St. Mary’s family that we are firmly committed to accepting the challenges of the future.
                                   We have always believed in the education of the total person: body, mind and spirit. Education in an environment that is nurturing and challenging is
                                   a pathway to future success.

                                   St. Mary’s has always placed a high priority on molding our young people into life-long learners and contributing members of their communities.

                                                  These are the kinds of things that set us apart that make us different. And in the words of Father John Jenkins, the President of Notre Dame,
                                                  “If we are afraid to be different, we will never make a difference.”

                                                  Throughout our campus there are posters to remind all of us, administrators, teachers and staff,
                                                  what we stand for: Respect, Academics, Mission, Spirituality, (RAMS) for short. This is our
                                                  DNA. This is what makes us who we are, and we commit our selves to these values each day.
                                                  Our teachers work diligently to bring the best of learning to our students. They reach out to our students, guide them and, yes, challenge
                                                  them to push themselves to achieve even higher goals.

                                  Father Fallon   Education will always put before us those mountains to climb, those new and innovative things to learn. But we have been and continue
                                                  to be a school community that has the best interest of our students in mind.

                                   Those of you who have lived in the Stockton community and have had children graduate from St. Mary’s know that we have prepared our students for
                                   higher education. You also know that we have demonstrated in so many, many ways that our student body places great value on service and giving back.
                                   You also know that we put extraordinary value on spirituality. Adopting the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales, we bring our students to the realization
                                   that each one of them has unique and valuable talents which they can develop and use on their life’s journey. We teach them to “Be who they are, and,
                                   above all, and be that well. So simple, so profound, it covers all the bases for a well-balanced life.

                                   Our teachers are our lifeblood and the adrenalin of what moves us forward. In placing challenges before their students, they motivate them to succeed.

                                   And we try to reward and recognize success and achievement in whatever areas they might take place - in athletics, art, drama, music or in the variety
                                   of experiences that our program provides.

                                   In an effort to remain contemporary, our staff has devised a unit on a very contemporary topic, bullying - especially cyber bullying-with an emphasis on “Facebook.”

                                   In doing so, we have enlisted not only the expertise of our own staff but have invited attorneys to share their insights into this issue, which often impacts teens.

                                   Although I did not have the opportunity to sit in on their presentation, these two attorneys – both graduates of St. Mary’s – told the freshman class that
                                   what they have become today is in large part due to the foundation that was laid at St. Mary’s. They learned values and embraced them, and they learned
                                   an ethic, which has guided their professional life.

                                   Yes, education is important and, yes, we are committed to make it better each day. I am grateful to all especially our graduates of whom we are so proud,
                                   our parents who entrust their children to our care and our friends who support us in so many ways.

                                   We are at the present marking 135 years in this valley and those of us here today promise that we will do all that we can to keep this dream of a St.
                                   Mary’s education a reality for many, many years in the future.

                                   All the best from all of us at St. Mary’s High School. God Bless!


                                   (Rev.) John P. Fallon, O.S.F.S.

“Do well what you can and the rest leave to God.”

                                                                                                                                                                           P r inc ipal’s Mes sag e
                                                                                                        -theme from the words of St. Francis de Sales

In the summer of 1999, we sent our first four students to the Salesian Leadership Camp in Brooklyn, Michigan. Since that year, we have continued to
send students to this camp to learn more intensely the teachings of St. Francis de Sales.

Each year the students bring back ideas they want to incorporate into our school community. One of their ideas was to start each school year with a
theme from the words of St. Francis de Sales to carry us throughout the school year. This year’s theme is “Do well what you can and the rest leave to God.”

Using these themes, Catholic tradition and the spirit of St. Francis de Sales, St. Mary’s High School has recognized that we are a college preparatory high
school that promotes spiritual, intellectual, creative, scientific, technological, social and physical development. As a Salesian community of learning, St.
Mary’s challenges students to recognize and respect the multicultural diversity within our global society. In addition, the school fosters Christian ethics,
religious values and community service. A St. Mary’s education teaches students to think critically and develops the whole person to meet present and
future challenges and opportunities.

 This spirituality that is taught is lived from the inside out. It begins in the heart and flows outward. St. Francis de Sales taught that a life of true devotion
is authentic. True devotion, therefore, comes from the heart.

We attempt to teach our students that authenticity for us means allowing the Word of God to enter our heart and transform us.
Integrity is another way to think of authenticity. Our spiritual life is not something extra, not something added onto our everyday lives.
Our spirituality is integrated into every part of our lives. Out actions give expression to the love that is in our hearts.

Now you may wonder how this Salesian spirituality is taught and achieved?

It is taught and lived each period of everyday of our student’s life at St. Mary’s with the entire class beginning in prayer by reciting “The
Direction of Intention,” a prayer taught by St. Francis de Sales.

My God, I give you this day. I offer you, now, all of the good that I shall do and I promise to accept,
for love of you, all the difficulty that I shall meet. Help me to conduct myself during this day in a
manner pleasing to you.                                                                                                                                 Peter D. Morelli

This is a short prayer, a simple prayer, and yet it expresses the cornerstone of St. Francis de Sales’ spirituality. Reciting this prayer was one of the first ideas
brought back by the students who attended the leadership camp.

St. Francis wanted us to be conscious of God’s presence in each moment of our lives and recognize the fact that God walks each step of our day with us.
He saw this idea as carrying out St. Paul’s admonition: “Whatever you do in word or in work, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, so whether you eat
or drink or do anything else, do all for the glory of God.” (Col. 3:17)

St. Francis de Sales believed that all people are called to be saints. All people are called to be holy. We have read or heard these calls to holiness many
times before, but some things, most especially important things, bear repeating:

“When he created things, God commanded plants to bring forth their fruits, each one according to its kind.
In like manner, God commands Christians, the living plants of the Church, to bring forth the fruits of
holiness, each according to one’s position and vocation.”  (Introduction to the Devout Life, Part I, Chapter 2)

As educators in a Salesian community of learning, the administration, faculty and staff of St. Mary’s High School will challenge each student to answer
God’s universal call to holiness in their lives by integrating the most famous quote that students know before they graduate. .
“Be who you are and be that well!”
Being authentic—being real—with ourselves enables us to be authentic—to be real—with others. We can then allow people to see who we really are
and to know who we are. We, in turn, are better able to see and accept others for who they really are.

Finally, accepting the truth of who we are, better enables us with God’s grace to accept the truth of who we might yet become.

Yours in Christ,

Peter D. Morelli
Principal                                                                                                                                                                                             3
    around campus

                    Phase II of the CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM
                    CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                                                   As Phase II commenced, the economy suffered a major downturn which
                                                                                                  affected many of our families. The campaign committee has worked tirelessly
                    As SMHS prepares for the future of new generations of students through
                                                                                                  to forge ahead with the components of this project, and today we are ready
                    the campaign, Generations of Educational Excellence, we are thankful for
                                                                                                  to begin the process of renovating our historical chapel. The chapel serves to
                    our partnership with alumni, parents, friends and the greater SMHS family.
                    The goals of the campaign have been set high to construct state-of-the-art    anchor our campus, representing the best of our past.
                    educational facilities, renovate the campus historical chapel and build the   If you have already made a gift to the campaign, we hope you will consider
                    endowment and the school's technological infrastructure.                      increasing your level of support. And if you have not had the opportunity to
                    Phase I saw the rapid completion of the Lagorio Family Academic Building      contribute, please consider a gift of any amount. Every gift, no matter the
                    and the Cortopassi Aquatics Center, the improvement of school parking and     size, counts toward the campaign and makes a meaningful difference in the
                    the expansion of our endowment fund.                                          lives of our students.

                    Your support will:
                    • Help to ensure SMHS is able to continue to excel
                    • Ensure that no deserving students are unable to attend SMHS because of their family’s financial circumstances.
                    • Aid in building our endowment, which helps provide competitive salaries and benefits for our faculty
                    • Assist us in maintaining campus facilities and instructional technological resources necessary for a challenging education
                    • Ensure that your name is included on the permanent honor roll of donors as your personal legacy of support

                           Chapel                                            $1,000,000
                           Southwest Art Window                                $250,000
                           Altar Reredos (artscreen behind altar)               $150,000
                           Nave (chapel)                                        $150,000
                           Altar                                               $100,000 RESERVED
                           Sacristy                                            $100,000 RESERVED
                           Narthex (foyer)                                       $50,000
                           Art Glass Side Windows                           8 @ $30,000 3 RESERVED
                           Ambo (lectern)                                        $15,000
                           Chapel Organ                                          $15,000
                           Tabernacle                                            $15,000 RESERVED
                           Processional Cross                                    $15,000 RESERVED
                           Stations of the Cross                           15 @ $10,000 3 RESERVED
                           Pew Rows in Nave and on Altar                   25 @ $5,000 1 RESERVED

                    All Generations of Excellence campaign donors will be recognized in a special campaign issue.

4                   For more information on how you may help, please call the Development Office at 209-957-3340, ext. 180.
                                                                                                                  around campus
The chapel on the campus of St. Mary’s High School traces its history to the early days of the “new” campus
on north El Dorado. After the initial construction of the administration building, the classroom wings and
the cafeteria, it was time to complete the master plan. Contemplated were the gym and residences for
the Franciscans and the Dominicans. Both of these buildings were in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, the
famous architect whose work was marked by straight lines and flat surfaces. When the decision was
made to construct a chapel between the two buildings, Fr. Xavier Harris, OFM, the first principal of
the new school, and Sr. Colette Standart, OP, the vice principal, made the wise decision to move
in the direction of an “A” frame building which would prove to be a marked contrast between
the two residences and would nicely frame the south side of the campus. Although it is difficult
to verify, tradition has it that the architect at the time modeled the chapel after a similar one
at the ski resort of Squaw Valley.

Since that time the chapel of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels, has been an integral part of the campus life
at St. Mary’s High School. Many graduates and parents have referred to it as an “icon” and a visible symbol
of St. Mary’s High School.

On school days two Masses are celebrated. Friends, benefactors, neighbors and many parents of former
graduates attend the early Mass at 6:50 a.m.; faculty, staff and student body usually attend the second Mass
at 7:30 a.m.

Thought was given to building a new and larger chapel for all our needs; yet our Master Plan Committee received
many pleas to leave the chapel frame and merely renovate it. So many members of our community have told us
how important this chapel has been to them, and that is the very reason we have made a conscious decision
to maintain the exterior look of it as we move forward to improving the interior.

In addition to the beauty of this art-glass, this renovation project will:
• Improve the mechanical systems (heating and air conditioning)
• Increase seating capacity to better meet the needs of the school
• Upgrade the liturgical furnishings
• Enhance structural elements
• Include improvements to the sacristy including installation of a bathroom
• Improve over-all experience with changes in lighting and sound
• Provide necessary cosmetic improvements

Naming opportunities are available.
For further information please contact the Development Office at 209-957-3340, Ext. 180.
                    2010-2011 Athletic
                    College Commitments
                    Congratulations to the following seniors who signed letters of
                    intent to attend the following colleges:
    around campus

                    Jessica Burdge – Wagner College - Water Polo
                    Jessica Cervantes – Stanislaus State - Soccer
                    Justin Cox – Sacramento State - Football
                    Priscilla Ezeji – UCLA - Volleyball
                                                                                                                          Hager, Walding, Gibson, Ezeji, Michaels & Magalotti
                    Ali Gibson – Oregon State - Basketball
                    Michael Hager – UOP - Baseball
                    Chris Magalotti – Chico State - Basketball
                    Megan Mata – UOP - Soccer
                    Alex Michaels – Cal Poly - Baseball
                    Joe Nomellini – University San Diego - Football
                    Mitch Walding – Oregon - Baseball
                                                                                                                                   Nomellini, Cox, Mata, Cervantes & Burdge

                    3rd Annual
                    Open House
                    St. Mary’s High School opened it’s doors to the public
                    on October 2, 2011. Many students gave tours of the
                    campus, as well as demonstrations from drama students,
                    choirs, drill team, cheerleaders and drumline. All academic      St. Mary’s 2010 varsity girls’
                    departments were represented. Thank you to the following
                    parent volunteers: Mark & Jolene Azevedo, Joe & Danette          basketball team
                    Curtis and Chris McCaffrey.                                      Named Team of the Year by the Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame.

                    DiD You Know…
                    • The Student Mentor Society was re-launched with 69 members providing service before and after school in study hall.
                    • New courses added for 2011-2012: Christianity Through Film and American Sign Language II.
                    • PSAT/SAT scores rose for the second year in a row.
                    • The Class of 2010 produced a St. Mary’s record of 39 nationally recognized AP scholars.

                                                                                                                               Miss San Joaquin
                                                                                                                               Outstanding Teen

                                                                                                                                                                        around campus
                                                                                                                                                  Savannah Fisher ’14

                                                                                                                               Savannah Fisher “14 won Miss
                                                                                                                               San Joaquin Outstanding Teen on
                                                                       8th Graders and their families enjoying the BBQ
                                                                                                                               January 22, 2011. She was judged
8th Grade BBQ & Football Game!                                                                                                 on talent (pianist), a fitness routine
                                                                                                                               and an on-stage question. She
On Friday, October 15, 2010, over 250 prospective 8th graders and their families were invited to a pre-game BBQ to             will go on to compete in the Miss
introduce them to our campus.                                                                                                  California Teen competition in June.

Show your Spirit and
           your Support
Order your SM High School Alumni HATS and SHIRTS!
Please send me        hat(s) @ $20 each
Polo Shirt(s) @ $40 each        sm.                           med.               lrg.              xlrg.

Shipping Information
Name                                                                       Address
City                                                                 St.                                                 ZIP
Payment Method          MC            Visa                              AmEx
Card Number                                                                       Exp. Date                                Sec. Code
Check payable to: St. Mary’s High School
Send order form to:
St. Mary’s High School
Attn: Diane Malcoun                                                                        Subtotal (tax included)
P.O. Box 7247                                                                           Shipping (USPS Priority)                                    $5.00
Stockton, CA 95267                                                                              GRAND TOTAL
                    giving bacK
    around campus

                                                                                                                                    Car Wash
                                                                                                                                    Benefits Women’s Center
                                                                                                                                    “I believe this effort was a positive
                                                                                                                                    and rewarding experience for the
                                                                                                                                    student-athletes.” -Coach Ferrari
                                             2010 Women’s Varsity Tennis Team presenting a $2,381.50 check to the Women’s Center

                                                                                                                                                                  Mrs. Baker with donations
                                                                                                                    SM Students
                                                                                                                    Make CROP Drive a Success!
                                                                                                                    The generosity of the St. Mary’s Community was again displayed
                                                                                                                    in the annual CROP (Christian Relief Outreach Project) food drive
                                                                                                                    directed by Mrs. Loretta Baker and assisted by Mrs. Margo Kozina.
                                                                                                                    Students, faculty and staff collected enough food to re-stock Catholic
                                                                                                                    Charities food bank and to give many families all the necessities for
                                                                                                                    a Thanksgiving dinner.

                                                                                                                                                Changing the World
                                                                                                                                                One Card at a Time
                                                                                                                                                Emily Sarale, a junior, is changing the
                                                                                                                                                world, one card at a time. Emily was
                                                                                                                                                taught philanthropy early on. She would
                                                                                                                                                give away toys equal in number to her
                                                                                                                                                age on each of her birthdays. Now
                                                                                                                    that she is older, she has come up with a different way of giving.
                                                                                                                    Emily has started a S.H.A.R.E.S. (Supporting Humanities, Arts,
                                                                                                                    Recreation, Education and Sports) program. After a shopper swipes a
                                                                                                                    S.H.A.R.E.S. card at designated stores, three percent of the purchase
                    Blessing of the Flags                                                                           automatically goes to St. Mary’s Interfaith Community Services.
                    On November 11, 2011, SMHS held a "Blessing of the Flags" in honor of our                       Emily has been able to distribute nearly 3,000 cards and is excited
                    Veterans. Fr Fallon offered a special blessing as many came to the campus with                  knowing that she is making a difference in somebody’s life.
                    their flags to be blessed.

                    Congratulations to the St. Mary’s Drumline!
8                   The St. Mary’s Drumline won First Place in the School Bands and Marching Groups category at the Lodi Parade of Lights in December.
                                                                                                                              fine arts
Concert CD’s Available for Purchase
proceeds benefit St. Mary’s Choirs
 • CD’s for 2010 concert are available now!

                                                                                                                                                      around campus
 • CD’s for Dec. 15, 2011 concert will be available in January 2012.

Choir Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert was held at the Cathedral of the Annunciation with over 100 students participating. Compact discs of this performance are now
available for purchase. Each CD costs $10 and all proceeds benefit St. Mary’s Choirs.
If you are interested in purchasing a CD fill out the form below and send it to: St. Mary’s High School | Attention: Liz Hodgden | P.O.
Box 7247 | Stockton, CA 95267-0247

                                                                                                                          cD’s available
                                                                                                                           for purchase

Order a CD of Choir Christmas Concert
Please send me               cd’s (s) @ $10 each of the                      performance + $1 for postage TOTAL: $

Name                                                                  Address
City                                                            St.                                           ZIP
Payment Method                 MC                Visa              AmEx
Card Number                                                                Exp. Date                              Sec. Code
Checks payable to: St. Mary’s High School

Thank You to Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Erardi and Mr. & Mrs. William Wallace who helped to underwrite the expense of the Christmas CD.                                        9
Club 133 is a group of compassionate individuals who donate $10 or more each month to be pooled together and used
to provide additional funding for St. Mary’s High School’s scholarship assistance program.

                                                                                                                                                               Membership is
Mail to:                                                                                                                                                   represented by the
                                                                                                                                                        following states with
Club 133                                                                                                                                            our goal being
St. Mary’s High School - Development Office                                                                                                      to have each State
P.O. Box 7247                                                                                                                                         repreSented.
Stockton, CA 95267-0247                                                                                                               please consider joining
                                                                                                                                    this iMportant club!
Questions: please call diane Malcoun @ 209-957-3340, ext. 180
            or email

                                                                       Arizona • California • Hawaii • Montana • New York • Nevada • Pennsylvania • Texas • Washington • Wisconsin

Thank you to the following Club 133 members
Anonymous - from Class of 1956          Dawn Eaton                           Kim Mazzilli ‘80                                   Diane Stauffer
Anonymous - in memory of Father Foley   Father John P. Fallon                James McCarthy ‘57                                 Arnold Toso ‘48
Theresa Anne Aberle                     Nadine E. Farley ‘41                 Debbie McGuire-Peterson ‘80                        Steve & Su Towne
Rob Anderson ‘96                        Diane Simon Feneck ‘81               Jane McHugh Moriarty ‘57                           Jeanne Mills Towns ‘41
Fiona & Patrick ‘85 Artiaga             Marlene La Pertche Flynn ‘59         Jeanette Michaels ‘51                              Peggy Bosworth Traverso ‘56
Philip ’57 & Kathleen ’57 Asborno       Donald Gamboni ‘47                   Nola Moccafiche ‘60                                Mary Gibson ’82 & Dave Urman
Ed Barakatt ‘47                         Lana ‘72 & James Hess                Lupe Amesquita Morishige ‘63                       Wallace J. Weber ‘56
James Barakatt ’48                      Mary Lou Sheehan Hoffman ‘59         Trinh T. Pham ‘88                                  Cathy & Noel Weathers
Irene Bernadicou Pettit, PH.D. ’57      Debbie & Lynn Johnson                John B. Pinasco ‘72                                Jan Busalacchi Yturri ’59
Mary Jane Burke ’70                     Diane Kohn                           Amy Yribarren ’94 & Pete Poullos ‘90              Special Thanks to
                                                                                                                               Jan Busalacchi Yturri ‘59
Nancy & Miguel Cabral                   Ed Laufenberg ‘59                    Norma & Phil Rodoni ‘90                           Joan Costa Bottini ‘56
Benjamin Calderon ‘92                   Loretta Lechich ‘61                  Kara Lee Macey Ruckriegel ‘70                     Coraleta Feary Rogers ‘52
                                                                                                                               Suzan Flott Bolski ‘69
Mary & Richard ‘65 Calderon             Brenda Pedro Liles ’58               Martha Santiago ’56                               Toni Garduno Sarris ‘82
Joan Wagner ’52 & Arthur Carey          Debbie MeGuire-Petersen              Toni Garduno ’82 & Richard Sarris                 Dena Huiras Hernandez ‘80
                                                                                                                               Jeanne McGurk ‘70
Arthur & Bernadette Casillas            Mary Ann Mahoney                     Jo Ann Madrid Schmit ‘74                          Emily Roberts ‘99
Bob Chinchiolo ‘55                      Ann Marie Marchetti ‘72              Susan Schnell Iverson ’70                         Marc Sapien ‘02
                                                                                                                               Diane Stauffer & Bill Stewart ’72
Ron Delucchi ‘59                        Donna L. Matthews ‘60                Angelo Stagnaro ‘48                               for assisting the Development Office with
Kelly Marcella Doscher ‘87              Elrene Maus ‘50                      Kathleen C. Standart ‘72                          the membership of Club 133.

                                                                                                                                                                         office of development
                        young women
A presentation will be made on
Thursday February 9, 2012 - Empowering Young Women
This program will feature women from the local community who will encourage, inspire and empower our female students. The day will culminate in a
special dinner event open to women and young women throughout the community. The keynote speaker for the evening will be Dr. Pamela Eibeck, President,
University of the Pacific.
The male students will have a guest speaker on February 8th.
For information, please call the Development Office at 209-957-3340 ext 195

                                             Grandparents and students at Mass                                                     Grandparents enjoying the reception

Grandparents’ Day Mass and Reception
A Grandparents’ Day Mass and reception is celebrated each December 8th on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Bank of Stockton Calendar
St. Mary’s High School was honored to be recognized in the Bank of Stockton 2011 Calendar the month of September with a picture from St. Agnes Academy, circa 1919.
     office of development

                                                  May 6, 2012
                                                 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
                                            St. Mary’s High School
                                   Bring your family for an afternoon of fun!
                               Olive Oil Tasting, Delicious Food, Children’s Area,
                               Wine Tasting, a performance from Pasquale Esposito
                                                  and lots more!
                                 all proceeds benefit st. mary’s!

                               The President’s Club
                                                                  2010 President’s Club MeMbers
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Philip Asborno         Mr. & Mrs. Martin Murphy
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Augello        Dr. & Mrs. Robert Nejedly
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. George Badway          Oblates of St. Francis de Sales
                                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Barkett         Mr. Gregory O’Leary
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Greg Basso             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Passadore
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bernadicou       Mr. & Mrs. Max Paulsen
                                                                  Most Reverend Stephen E. Blaire   Mr. & Mrs. Walter Payne
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. John Butorac           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Perasso
                                 CoMMittee                        Mr. & Mrs. Michael Calosso        Mr. & Mrs. Frank Raspo
                                Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Barkett         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carlson         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Raspo
                                Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Basso          Mr. George Clark                  Mrs. Edmond Rishwain
                                 Mr. & Mrs. John Butorac          Mr. & Mrs. Lex Corrales           Mr. & Mrs. Joe Rishwain
                                Mr. & Mrs. C. Joseph Crane        Mr. & Mrs. C. Joseph Crane        Mr. & Mrs. William Rogan
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Dean Janssen          Dominican Sisters of San Rafael   Ms. Angela Rosenquist
                                Mr. & Mrs. Charles Patmon         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Driscoll, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Salady
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Raspo           Mr. & Mrs. Luigi Gherardi         Mr. & Mrs. Craig Schrader
                                 Mrs. Edmond Rishwain             Mr. & Mrs. George Gibson          Ms. Elyse Sciutti
                                Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Shipman         Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gibson           Ms. Sylvia Sciutti Dinelli
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Gini            Mr. & Mrs. Howard Seligman
                                in MeMoriaM                       Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Green           Mrs. Marie Shane
                                     Mr. Joseph Jacobs            Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Guasco         Mr. & Mrs. Henry Shea
                                    Mrs. Evelyn Lagorio           Mr. & Mrs. William Halvorson      Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Shipman
                                Mr. & Mrs. Ralph McClure          Mr. & Mrs. James Heffernan        Mr. & Mrs. Dan Silva
                                 Dr. & Mrs. John McNally          Mr. & Mrs. Michael Heffernan      Mr. Angelo Stagnaro
                                Mr. & Mrs. Peter Morelli, Sr.     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hoffman        Mrs. Thelma Stewart
                                  Mr. Edmond Rishwain             Mr. & Mrs. Dean Janssen           Mr. William Trezza/Bank of Agriculture & Commerce
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kavanaugh       Mr. & Mrs. George Visgilio
                             student Volunteers                   Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kucich         Mr. Charles Wagner
                                    Trevor Carlson ‘12            Mr. & Mrs. David Luchetti         Mrs. Joan Wainwright
                                     Madison Ellis ‘11            Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Maggio            Mr. & Mrs. Larry Watts
                                    Ashley Gotelli ‘12            Mr. & Mrs. Brian Martucci         Mr. & Mrs. Don Wiley
                                  Bridget Mulrooney ‘11           Mr. & Mrs. Chris McCaffrey        Mr. & Mrs. Doug Wilhoit
12                                    Paul Zeiter ‘11             Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Morelli       Dr. & Mrs. Henry Zeiter
                                                                                                                                                                                          office of development
                                                                                                                    Hall of Fame
                                                                                                                            April 10, 2011
                                                                                                                     Hall of Fame inductees:
                                                                                                                           Seldon & Jim Brusa
24th Annual Crab Feed
for Academic Scholarships                                                                                              George Farros (posthumous)
                                                                                                                      Mary Lou Sheehan Hoffman ‘59
                                                               Guests enjoying the Oyster Tent and Crab dinner

In the past 24 years over $253,000.00 has been raised for academic scholarships.                                           Gerald Shipman ‘60
On February 5, 2011, over 600 attendees enjoyed steamed pacific oysters, delicious                                                Joe Tei
marinated crab, pasta and salad. Thank you to the following:                                                                Carl Thompson ‘62
Committee                           Donors (ContinUeD)                     VolUnteers
Rebeca Acosta                       Courtyard by Marriott Hotel            Jim Acosta ‘76                           Hall of Fame Committee
Maribeth Armstrong                  Crossfit 209 – Gabe Subry              John Berdot
Gina Calder                         CR Porter                              Steve Bestolarides                                        Mike Calosso ‘60
                                                                           Josh Burdge ‘10
Becky Carlson                       Delta Bluegrass                                                                                  George Clark ‘62
                                                                           Bob Carlson
Luigi Gherardi                      Diamond Ice – Rob and Erica Parrino
                                                                           Steve Carrigan
Kevin Harkin                        Fina                                   Jim Christensen ‘86
                                                                                                                                 Fr. John Fallon, O.S.F.S.
Denise Jones ‘72                    Financial Center Credit Union
                                    Lincoln Center – Phil Johnson
                                                                           Father John P. Fallon, O.S.F.S.                            Diane Malcoun
Kevin Jones                                                                Eric Fosen
Lynnie Lechich                      Gary J. Long Jewelers                  David Gherardi ‘09                                        Peter Morelli ‘69
Diane Malcoun                       Madison Wine – Mark and Susie Ellis    Chris Guidi
                                    Michael David Winery                   Randy Guidi ‘65                                             Max Paulsen
Kim Mazzilli ‘80
                                                                           Paige Janes
Louise Northcutt ‘81                Heidi Moorehead
                                                                           Joey Kozina ‘06
                                                                                                                                     Erlene Raspo ‘56
Gregory O’Leary ‘77                 Rudy and Toni Mussi
                                    Richard and Louise Northcutt ‘81
                                                                           Lee Lokey                                                  Muffy Ratto ‘59
Lisa O’Leary ‘78                                                           Adam Lucatello
Martin O’Leary ‘78                  Oak Ridge Winery                       Ken Malcoun                                               Kathy Salady ‘59
Kathy Salady ‘59                    Gregory O’Leary ‘77                    Don Mazzilli ‘77
Kathy Smith                         Martin ‘78 and Lisa ‘78 O’Leary        John McDermott
Belinda Squires                     Mari Praus CMT                         Sean McGowan ‘09
Laura Torlai ‘79                    Prepeel                                Jayne McHugh
                                    O’Connor Woods                         Colleen Mulrooney
Donors                              Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro       Andy Mustin ‘01
Abundance Vineyards                                                        Tim Mustin ‘98
                                    Peltier Station – Schatz Family
                                                                           Lana O’Leary ‘13
Alpine Nursery                      Pepsi
                                                                           Leah O’Leary ‘15
American Martial Arts               Servco Foods                           Veronica Pezzi ‘57
Bank of Agriculture and Commerce    Sport Cuts                             Kathy Rishwain
Best Wishes                         Tony and Kimberly Stevens              Dave Ramona
Boggiano’s Sportswear               St. Mary’s High School                 Ben Rishwain ‘60
Joretta Burlington                  – Jean Aguilar ‘77 & Nancy Young       Frank Salady
Gina Calder                         St. Mary’s High School                 Kristi Sinnott
Canepa’s Car Wash                    – Theatre Department                  Christopher Smith ‘97
                                                                           Greg Smith
Carlson Family                      Stockton Golf and Country Club
                                                                           Steven Smith ‘00
Cavagnaro’s Shoe Repair             Stockton Ports
                                                                           Alex Toccoli, ‘77
Chase Chevrolet – Ernie Rodriguez   The AVE                                                                      Ken Green ‘82, Jon Gustorf, Don Mazzilli ‘77, Gregory O’Leary ‘77,
                                                                           Mark Wallace
Heide Cortopassi                    Van Ruiten Family Winery               Wes Widmer                                       Ed Sprague, Jr. ‘85, Debra Orth Goodrich ’77 (not pictured)
Tom and Maureen Cortopassi          Don and Linda Wiley                    Verlyn Wolfe

                                                                                                                    Hall of Fame
                                                                                                                    On October 27, 2010, St. Mary’s High School
                                                                                                                    celebrated the 5th Annual Athletic Hall of Fame.
                                                                                                                    The following individuals were recognized and
                                                                                                                    honored for their athletic achievements at St.
                                                                                                                    Mary’s and beyond. Ron Schenone ’48 served
                                                                                                                    as the emcee.
                                                                                                             Young Alumni Give Back
     office of development

                                                                                                             St. Mary’s is fortunate to have the opportunity to help develop young people and
                                                                                                             instill in them the importance of giving back. A few of our young graduates have
                                                                                                             been able to give something back to St. Mary’s. Melissa Macias ’00, Lance Menor
                                                                                                             ’10, Tim Mustin ’98, Joshua ’98 and Julie Gabrielli Stork ’99 are just a few alumni
                                                                                    Gemelos & Gray
                                                                                                             who have realized that no donation is too small! St. Mary’s appreciates its graduates.
                             College Rivals…                                                                 “When I was attending St. Mary’s I never felt that by graduating from St.
                             but still a couple of Rams at heart
                                                                                                             Mary’s I would change the world. But I do feel that by donating even a
                             On November 15, 2010 on a basketball court in Durham, N.C., USC’s
                             Jacki Gemelos ’06 and Duke’s Chelsea Gray ’10 shook hands prior to
                                                                                                             small amount to St. Mary’s, it might give someone else the opportunity to
                             the tip-off of a women’s basketball game that brought victory to the            attend and change their world.”
                             sixth-ranked Duke Blue Devils, 75-50. The girls’ memories go back to the                                                                     -Tim Mustin ‘98
                             time when Chelsea was in the fourth grade, Jacki was playing on an AAU
                             team. Gray said she looked up to Gemelos when she was younger. Jacki
                             remembered Chelsea as being a ‘little kid’ who isn’t a little kid anymore.      “While attending SM we not only received a great education but we also
                             Jacki said, “I think she’s done a great job (as a highly recruited freshman),
                                                                                                             met each other. We are happy to give back so that others may enjoy the
                             especially in tonight’s game, and I commend her on that.” Chelsea was           same experiences that we did.”
                             excited to see Jacki, but once the game started, it was all business!                                                        -Josh ’98 & Julie ’99 Stork

                             Camaro Car Raffle

                                    orDer forM                                   to benefit the Capital Campaign!

                                                                                      Raffle is May 6, 2012
                             Car Raffle - Ticket Order Form
                                                                                                                          Qty:       Item:                                        Price
                             Raffle is May 6, 2012
                                                                                                                          ____       Single Tickets ($5 each)                     $_________
                             Name: ________________________________________________                                       ____       Books of 5 Tickets ($20 each)                $_________
                             Address: _______________________________________________                                     ____       Books of 15 Tickets ($50 each)               $_________
                             City: __________________________________________________                                     ____       Books of 30 Tickets ($100 each)              $_________
                             State: _____________________ Zip: ________________________                                            Add $1 for Shipping & Handling                 $_________
                             Telephone: _____________________________________________                                                                                  TOTAL      $_________

                             Mail completed ticket order to: St. Mary’s High School Development Office, P.O. Box 7247, Stockton, CA 95267-0247
14                           Questions (209) 957-3340, Ext. 180
                                                                                                      Ron Moton graduated
                                                                                                      from SMHS in 1975.

                                                                                                                                                                                      office of development
                                                                                                      He went on to graduate from Stanford University as a pre-med major.
                                                                                                      For the last 14 years Ron has been touring with a funk-soul group called
                                                                                                      ConFunkShun as their saxophone player. “It has to do with what my
                                                                                                      passion is,” said Moton, who chose music over medicine and now records
                                                                                                      local gospel music in his by-appointment-only Stockton studio. “My
                                                                                                      passion is dealing with both frequencies and the spirits of people. Positive,
                                                                                                      good-feeling music and stuff. That’s my passion. I get to play all night with
                                                                                                      the best musicians in the United States. They’re really wonderful guys to
                                                                                                      work with.”
                                                                                                      Ron performed with ConFunkShun during a Masters of Funk tour stop
                                                                                                      at Weber Point Events in 2002 and a Bob Hope Theatre show in 2008.
                                                                                                      “Stockton’s a tough nut to crack,” said Moton. “But the thing about
                                                                                                      Stockton is, if the people love you, they’ll love you forever. If they love
                                                                                                      your music and feel it in their hearts, they’ll support you.”

                                                                             Ron Moton ‘75

              23rdtoAnnual Scholarship Golf Classic
              Thanks our Underwriters, Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers

UnDerwriters                                           Revolución 1910                                          Gary J. Long Jewelers                  VolUnteers
LONG PROPERTIES, LLC – Tournament Sponsor              Albert Risso & Vicky Kimball ‘69                         Great Clips                            Rima Barkett
Bank of Stockton – Steve Michaels                      San Diego Chargers                                       Habanero Hots                          Marianne Bernadicou ‘84
EMMI Physician Services, Inc. - Brian Seligman ‘86     Segale Travel - Ernie Segale                             Heritage Oak Winery                    Penny Burke ‘75
Golden Bear Insurance Co. - Rupert Hall                Brian Seligman ‘86                                       In-n-Out Burger                        Shannon DeJesus
Ruby Yogurt and Smoothie – Patrick Shwe                St. Mary’s High School Athletic Department               Jackson Rancheria                      Rene Donaldson
Segale Travel - Ernie Segale                           St. Mary’s High School Boys Basketball Team              Joe’s Pomodoro Pizza                   Susie Ellis ‘79
sponsors                                               St. Mary’s High School Girls Basketball Team             Le Bistro                              Mike Esau
Arnaiz Development Co, Inc. - Matt Arnaiz              St. Mary’s High School Volleyball Team                   Lodi Feed & Fuel                       Jenni Giannini ‘78
Berberian European Motors - Brian Martucci             Stanford Football - Ray Purpur                           Michael David Winery                   Julie Gikas
J.P. Butorac                                           Stockton Golf & Country Club                             Michael’s New York Style Pizza         Michelle Hart
Bob Carlson                                            Swiss Hotel                                              Micke Grove Golf                       Mary Geranio
Chase Chevrolet - John Chase ‘82                       Tap Plastics                                             Miguels                                Dena Hernandez ‘80
Logical Construction Concepts - Jim Cumming            The Reserve at Spanos Park                               Mimi’s Cafe                            Debbie Johnson
Pelton Shepherd Industries – Pat & Alicia Shepherd     Ryan Turner ‘04                                          Moo Moo’s                              Staci Light
Zeiter Eye Medical Group, Inc. – Dr. John Zeiter ‘80   Van Ruiten Family Winery                                 Olive Garden                           Suzanne Long
                                                       Wine and Roses                                           Outback Steakhouse                     Lynn Martucci
                                                       Woodbridge Golf & Country Club                           Pacific Car Wash                       Tricia Martucci
Alex G. Spanos Family
                                                                                                                Panera Bread                           Kriste Merin
Jean Aguilar ‘77                                       “lUCky Chips Game” Donors                                Papapavolos                            Kim Mulbarger
Angelina’s                                             Abundance Vineyards
                                                                                                                Parkwoods Yogurt                       Louise Northcutt ‘81
Apple Mountain Golf Resort                             Applebee’s
                                                                                                                Romano’s Macaroni Grill                Karen Perasso ‘69
Bank of Stockton                                       Avenue Grill
                                                                                                                Royce Farms BBQ                        Lori Rishwain
Anthony Barkett ‘82 & Family                           Beach Hut Deli
                                                                                                                Spaghetti Factory                      Linda Sanguinetti
Brookside Country Club                                 BJ’s Restaurant
                                                                                                                St. Jorge Winery                       Toni Sarris ‘82
Creative Printing                                      Bon Appetit
                                                                                                                Stockton Auto Center Car Wash          Kristi Seligman ‘88
Kirk DeJesus                                           Brannon Tire
                                                                                                                Straw Hat Pizza                        Kathy Vaz
Diamond Foods, Inc.                                    Cactus
                                                                                                                Strings Italian Café                   Paula Weihrouch ‘79
Elkhorn Country Club                                   Cancun Mexican Restaurant
                                                                                                                Van Ruiten Family Winery               Heather Wunsch
Mark & Susie ‘79 Ellis                                 Casa Flores
                                                                                                                Village Barber Shop                    Committee
Father John P. Fallon, O.S.F.S.                        Centrale
                                                                                                                Whirlow’s Tossed & Grilled             Dave Bevilaqua ’75
Fitness 360 - Pat Bennett                              Chase Chevrolet
                                                                                                                Woodbridge Winery                      Joe Curtis ’83
Food 4 Less                                            Chuck’s Hamburgers
Greenhorn Creek                                        Cocoro Japanese Bistro                                                                          Kirk DeJesus
                                                                                                                                                       Mark Ellis
Jason Kimball ‘93                                      David’s Pizza                              Congratulations to Andy Lenci!                       Diane Malcoun
Lincoln Center                                         Kirk DeJesus
Micke Grove Golf Links                                 Delicato Family Vineyards                                                                       Brian Martucci
Nakashima Golf                                         Devinci’s                                                                                       Steve Michaels
                                                                                                                       Andy was the lucky Raffle       Rick Paulsen ’77
Nestle - Don Mazzilli ‘77 & Jim Burke ‘74              Edible Arrangements
                                                                                                                       Winner and won a trip to        Ernie Segale
Rick ‘77 & Nancy Paulsen                               Elephant Bar
Payter’s Grill - Peter Pijl
                                                                                                                       Hawaii for two, courtesy of     Brian Seligman ’86
                                                       Eric’s Pizza
Pepsi                                                  Fuel Delivery Services                                          Segale Travel, and $1,000       Su Towne
Quail Lakes Dermatology                                Garlic Brothers                                                 in cash!                        LuWanna Zastrow
                             Hall of iNdividual or a family who has played a
                             NomiNate aN
                             sigNificaNt role for st.                                                mary’s high school.
     office of development

                             As the criteria for the Hall of Fame states, St. Mary’s wishes to honor those:
                             • Who by reason of their involvement and service have made a significant impact on their local communities.
                             • Who have contributed significantly to their church communities.
                             • Whose lives can serve as models of the standards which St. Mary’s wishes to impart to its own students.
                             • Who are supporters of St. Mary’s High School.
                             • Who have been instrumental in the development of St. Mary’s and its programs.

                             Planned Giving
                                                                                                                 Gifts of Life Insurance
                                                                                                                 A donor unable to make a large gift from currently available funds may wish
                                                                                                                 to make a pledge by purchasing a new whole life insurance policy naming
                                                                                                                 St. Mary’s as the recipient or by transferring ownership of an existing policy
                             In writing your will or living trust, you may specify that you would like a         to St. Mary’s.
                             portion of your estate to benefit St. Mary’s.
                                                                                                                 Charitable Remainder Trusts
                             Gifts of Real Estate                                                                You may transfer money, securities or other property in trust of St. Mary’s
                             Real property, either in its entirety or in part, can be deeded to St. Mary’s. It   and receive income for yourself (and another) for life. You receive immediate
                             is even possible to arrange a sizeable tax deduction by deeding a home or           tax benefit and a steady stream of income, and ultimately St. Mary’s
                             farm to the school now, while continuing to occupy the property for life.           receives the trust property.

                             Gifts of Securities                                                                 Charitable Lead Trusts
                             Gifts of stock or other appreciated property offer two-fold tax savings:            In a Remainder Lead Trust, you transfer your appreciated property or
                             Donors pay no capital gains on the increased value of the appreciated               securities to a trust, with St. Mary’s receiving the annual income interest for
                             security, and they receive an income tax deduction for the full market value        a period of time. At the end of this period, the remaining funds return to
                             at the time of the gift.                                                            you or your designated beneficiary.

                             Planned Giving Notification Form
                             I have remembered St. Mary’s High School in my will/trust.

                             Name: ______________________________________ Class Year: __________ Telephone: _____________________________
                             Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
                             City: _______________________________________ State: ___________________ Zip: ______________________________
                             Check one:
                             [ ] You may use my name to promote planned giving for the school.
                             [ ] I prefer to remain anonymous.

                             Return form to: St. Mary’s High School Development Office, P.O. Box 7247, Stockton, CA 95267-0247
16                           For more information, please contact the Development Office, (209) 957-3340, Ext. 180.
       Class Notes
1950   Bob & Donna Rienhart hosted a mini reunion December 1, 2010, in
       San Jose to celebrate the successful surgery of Father Paul Bernadicou, S.J.
       Classmates, Father Paul, Ivo Gardella and Larry Donnelly attended.

                                                                                                                                                                             alumni updates
1962   Congratulations to Lex Corrales who was named Engineer of the Year, San
       Joaquin County, and was honored at the 2011 Annual Engineer’s Banquet.

1969   Helena Fitch-Snyder was awarded the Sacramento State University
       Distinguished Service Award in recognition of professional achievements
       and community service. Nominees must have achieved prominence in                                                                                    Ashley Lee ‘02
       their chosen field and brought distinction to the university and/or their
       community through their accomplishments. Helena earned her degree in           2002   Ashley Lee recently finished a two-month road trip around the U.S. with
                                                                                             her dog Shiya. For the last two years she lived in Corte Madera, California,
       family and consumer sciences with a minor in biological sciences. Most of             where she worked for REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.). Ashley has been
       her career has been as a zoologist in the San Diego area.                             offered a promotion with REI as an Outreach Specialist. She now lives in
                                                                                             Stockton and works with local non-profits in the area to bring environmental
                                                                                             stewardship and teaches classes about travel and triathlons.
1981   Blair A. Hake and Mary C. Martin ’84 were married June 19, 2010, at
       St. Joachim’s Church in Lockeford, CA. After the wedding, they returned
       to Village West Yacht Club for a luau themed reception. Mary is a science
       teacher with Stockton Unified, and Blair is a Financial Advisor with           2003   Lisa Basalto graduated cum laude from Sonoma State University in
                                                                                             2007 with two bachelor degrees in history and anthropology. While at
       Ameriprise Financial in Stockton.                                                     SSU, she was a founding member of the Theta Gamma chapter of Alpha
                                                                                             Delta Pi sorority. Currently, Lisa is serving as president of the Sonoma
                                                                                             County Alumnae Association of Alpha Delta Pi and was recently elected
1984   Paul Canepa was recently elected to the Stockton City Council. Paul
       previously spent six years on the Lincoln Unified School District Board.              the President of the House Corporation for the Psi chapter at UC Berkeley.
                                                                                             She is working as a Web Designer and Maintainer for B’nai Israel Jewish
                                                                                             Center in Petaluma and is preparing to enter graduate school.
1985   Laura Moznett McIntosh has completed seven seasons of her
       syndicated food-and-travel TV series, the Emmy-nominated “Bringing It
                                                                                             Amy Burke is currently the Staff Development Specialist of Dameron
       Home with Laura McIntosh.” She attended the University of California,
                                                                                             Hospital in Stockton, California. She received her bachelor’s degree
       Santa Barbara, and graduated from the American Conservatory Theater,
                                                                                             in business management and a master’s degree in adult education
       S.F. She is married to Tim McIntosh, a baseball scout for the Yankees. They
                                                                                             and training.
       have two daughters, Lucianna and Julianna.

                                                                                             Rodrigo Cortes, a graduate of California State University, East Bay,
1994   Michelle Dubois and Toby Morelli ’96 were married September 18,
       2010, at Morris Chapel. They reside in Stockton.
                                                                                             appeared December 16, 2010, at The Haggin Museum where he sang a
                                                                                             range of material from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to medieval Christmas
                                                                                             carols. Rodrigo teaches at the Bay Area Academy of Music in Pleasanton and
                                                                                             plans to pursue a master’s degree at the University of Oregon.
1996   Brandy Peterson Lawson and her husband Brandon welcomed a
       daughter, Lucy Claire, on June 25, 2010. Lucy joins sister Grace age 6 and
       brother Cooper age 3.                                                          2006   Katharine and Sarah Beveridge graduated in May, 2010, with honors
                                                                                             from Bellarmine University, a Catholic university in Louisville, Kentucky.
                                                                                             Katharine received her B.S. in communication studies and hopes to
1998   Phillip Agdeppa is a paramedic in Stockton. He and his wife Gypsie
       have two children, Colton age 6 and Makenzie age 4. Phillip and his dad
                                                                                             pursue her M.S. Sarah graduated with a B.A. in art. Sarah hopes to pursue
                                                                                             her M.F. A. Both presently work for the State of California, Department of
       recently came out of baseball retirement to coach T-Ball at Hoover Tyler              Fish and Game.
       Little League.
                                                                                             Ty Kelly plays baseball for The Shorebirds, which is a minor-league affiliate
       LeAnne Galvan Murphy married Justin on September 25, 2010. They                       of the Baltimore Orioles. He received a Most Valuable Player award for the
       enjoyed their honeymoon to Jamaica and are looking forward to their first             second half of the South Atlantic League season. Ty was the Shorebirds’
       child due in June.                                                                    team leader with 126 base hits, 58 runs batted-in, 68 runs scored in 129
                                                                                             games played. He batted .259 for the season and was second on his team
       Matthew Westphal and his wife Sabrina welcomed their son Devin                        in doubles with 30.
       Matthew on August 23, 2010. Devin joins sisters Alyssa, seven years old
       and four year old Peyton.                                                             Joey Kozina graduated from San Jose State with a B.A. in psychology. He
                                                                                             will be joining the Jesuit Volunteers for a one year tour in 2011. He is also
                                                                                             a certified bartender.
1999   Willie Herrera III and his wife Melissa would like to introduce Maycie
       Laine Herrera who was born on August 28, 2010. She joins their two year
       old daughter Kinsley Anne.                                                            Ashlee Ostrom is working on her master’s degree in clinical psychology
                                                                                             with a marriage family therapy emphasis at Pepperdine University. She is
                                                                                             also working on two research projects at Pepperdine and UCLA’s clinical
2001   Alexis Agdeppa graduated magna cum laude from Fresno State University
       with a B.A. in liberal studies and a minor in deaf education. She remained            psychology departments, exploring literacy and at risk students in the Los
       after graduation to earn her multiple subject and special education                   Angeles area (Pepperdine) and intervention techniques with first time
       credentials. After accepting a position at River Bluff Elementary in Fresno,          parents (UCLA).
       teaching a Special Day class, she went on to earn her master’s degree with
       distinction in special education. She is now in her fourth year of teaching.
                                                                                      2007   Renae Lewis graduated from the University of San Diego in December,
                                                                                             2010, with a B.A. in psychology and a minor in sociology. During her 3 ½
       Adam Gabbert is with the Gabbert Construction Inc. in Tracy. He recently              years at USD, she was a member of the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. In the
       received his California State Contractors license. Adam has been with                 spring of 2010, Renae spent a “Semester at Sea” sailing around the world
       the company for 10 years and is the lead designer and draftsman. His                  for 109 days, visiting 10 countries and taking 15 units aboard the MV
       services include initial design and drafting, space planning and guidance             Explorer. Renae is currently working full-time at an Adult Mental Health
       through the permitting process. Projects include new home construction,               treatment facility in San Diego and will begin graduate school in the fall of
       remodeling and additions, commercial and AG structures.                               2011 to pursue a master’s degree in Forensic Social Work.
                        1950 Bill and Lorraine Rodgers Halvorson
                        1952 Coraleta Feary Rogers
     alumni updates

                        1955 Jim and Susan Bertrand
                        1956 Joan Costa Bottini
                        1957 Phil and Kathy Asborno                     Class of 1961
                               Dianne Gini                              The class of 1961 held their 50th class reunion on Saturday October 22, 2011 at the Stockton Golf &
                               Robert Raspo                             Country Club. With 63 alums in attendance, a very special evening was enjoyed by all. Chairperson
                               Janet Jones Tucker                       Loretta Lechich presented SMHS with checks totalling $ 4,225 as a Class Gift. The donations will be
                                                                        used for scholarships and financial assistance.
                        1958 Carole Kiefer
                        1960 Nola Moccafiche
                        1961 Loretta Lechich                            Class of 1970
                                                                        will be holding their 40th reunion on June 25, 2011. For information contact Jean McGurk at stknjean@
                        1964 Bonnie Cannon Phelps
                                                               or 209-981-0785.
                        1969 Suzan Flott Bolski
                        1970 Jean McGurk
                        1971 Deby Caporusso
                        1972 Bill Stewart
                        1973 Judy Flores Gabbard
                               Linda Halvorson Haley
                        1975 Ellen Scriven
                        1976 Debor Untal
                        1978 Margo McGillvray Castaneda
                        1979 Shelly Mulvihill Moreira
                        1980 Dena Huiras Hernandez                      Class of 1980
                        1989 Danielle Peirano Bo
                                                                        held their 30 year reunion on Saturday, November 13th, 2010, at Woodbridge Country Club. Classmate
                        1990 Lisa Basso Rossi                           Steve Meyer provided a special Class of 1980 wine label and wine from his Idaho Winery- Pend
                        1994 Natalie Mussi Keller                       d’Oreille. Classmate Jerilyn Blackmun-Strause provided a DVD of various photos from the days at SM.
                        1996 Robert Anderson                            Some members and or spouses of the Class of 80 participated in a golf tournament the day before the
                                                                        reunion. A happy hour followed that evening at Lozano’s Bar & Grill in Stockton. Smiles, memories and
                        1997 Corinne Copello                            laughs were shared by all and everyone had a great time!
                        1999 Brooke Bryant
                                                                        Thanks to the Class of 80, along with the proceeds from the DVD, wine sales from Steve and his wife
                               Emily Roberts                            Julie, and the underwriting from Dr. & Mrs. John Zeiter, the class contributed $1,000.00 to the St. Mary’s
                        2000 Nathan Mussi                               Scholarship Fund.
                               Liz Vernengo
                        2001 Jessica Romo Wylie
                        2002 Alexis Mussi
                        2003 Susan Ryan
                               Michael K. Fujinaka
                        2004 Jillian Wong
                               Ashley Hullen
                        2005 Kasey Malcoun
                               Meghan Sullivan
                        2007 Sarah Sullivan
                                                                        Class of 1990
                                                                        met for their first- ever reunion on October 9th, 2010, at Brookside Country Club. Over 100 people attended
                      Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy
                                                                        for a fun, blast to the past party. Old friends reunited, some not having seen each other in 20 years. There
                      of the information listed. We apologize for any   was even a showing from teachers Mr. Cardoza and Mr. Saunders. The evening started with cocktails and
                      inadvertent omissions or errors and ask you to    appetizers, followed by a sit-down dinner and some late night dancing. One classmate commented, “Not
                                                                        until we were reunited did I realize how lucky we were to attend a high school with so many smart, interesting
                         notify us of any corrections by contacting     and kind-hearted people. Life has taken us in different directions, but we will always be connected through
                        Diane Malcoun at or            this one common and special bond, St. Mary’s High School.” The class is already asking when the next
18                                                                      reunion will take place. Let’s not wait another 20 years. Who wants to take the helm?
                             209-957-3340, Ext. 180.
  Ways of Giving                                                                                     May they Rest in Peace
                                                                                                     Alumni of St. Mary ’s
  How $5.00 A Month Adds Up                                                                          October 1, 2010 - January 31, 2011
  If every one of SMHS’s 10,000 living alumni participated in a membership of $5 a month- roughly    Mary Casey Giuliani                           1935
  the cost of one modest lunch-this would add up to $ 600,000 in additional support each year. For   Warren Pulich                                 1938

                                                                                                                                                            alumni updates
  students who otherwise could not afford to attend SMHS, this amount would offer:                   Marguerite Marengo Spurlin                    1940
  • 85 students full tuition                                                                         Geno Joseph Covello                           1942
                                                                                                     Fred Gillis                                   1946
  • 170 students one-half of their tuition
                                                                                                     Patricia Grunsky Kuhl                         1947
  • 340 students a quarter of their tuition                                                          Shirley Rishwain Zanicky                      1949
                                                                                                     Duane G. Gibson                               1952
                                                                                                     Joseph Anthony Michaels                       1952
                                                                                                     Dennis McDonnell                              1956
                                                                                                     Roger Silva                                   1961
                                        Warren Pulich, PH.D                                          Ret. Cmdr. US Navy Melvin Lyons               1967
                                                                                                     Randy Baysinger                               1972
                               (December 1, 1919-November27, 2010)                                   Anthony Sadek                                 1984
  Warren Pulich ’38 successfully combined a teaching career in science with a love of ornithology.   Robert Ryder                                  2006
  When World War II interrupted his college years at UC Berkeley, Warren was stationed at Luke
  Field, Phoenix, AZ, as a technical aviation mechanics instructor. After completing his PH.D at     Friends of St. Mary ’s
  the University of Oklahoma, he worked for the Arizona Game Commission and the U.S. Fish            September 30, 2010 – January 31, 2011
  and Wildlife Service in Arizona and Nevada. He joined the newly established University of
                                                                                                     Firenzo Zancanella                (Sept. 30, 2010)
  Dallas in 1956 as a founding member of the Biology Department, teaching biology, pre-med
                                                                                                     Elaine Rosso                         (Oct. 3, 2010)
  and environmental courses. He taught environmental science courses before this discipline
  even had a name.                                                                                   Fred Picchi                          (Oct. 3, 2010)
                                                                                                     Virginia Pizzo Pagano                (Oct. 7, 2010)
   Warren was also primarily recognized for his expertise in avian ecology and ornithology. He       George John Krenecki                (Nov.19, 2010)
  conducted bird studies of the Texas area, resulting in the publication of two books: Birds of      Ernest Freitas                     (Nov. 19, 2010)
  Tarrant County, Texas (1991), and Birds of North-Central Texas (1988). These books were
                                                                                                     Daniel Barkett                     (Nov. 24, 2010)
  illustrated by his talented wife Anne. In addition, he published many articles on birds in
                                                                                                     Connie Lujan                         (Dec. 3, 2010)
  scientific journals and magazines. Warren donated thousands of valuable museum specimens
  of birds to the American Museum of Natural History in New York and other museums in Dallas         Deborah Ann Galindo                (Dec. 23, 2010)
  and California.                                                                                    Veronica Augello                      (Jan. 4, 2011)

  Warren was very interested in bringing natural science to students and the general public,
  mentoring many young people and sparking their love of science and the outdoors.

  Our own Sister Colette was a dear friend of Warren and his wife Anne, and they corresponded
                                                                                                       Interested in a
  frequently. In one of Warren’s last letters to Sister Colette he wrote:                                Class Gift?
  “I pray for three orders-Dominicans, Namurs and Notre Dame- all who have been
                                                                                                        Maybe a gift of tuition to a deserving
  a part of my life! God has been more than good to me. He even gave me a special
                                                                                                       student, a bench from your class for the
  priest who is like our family chaplain. He visits my ill wife and me frequently and he
                                                                                                           campus or a gift for a classroom.
  has gone on many bird trips with me.“
                                                                                                     If interested, please contact Diane Malcoun
                                                                                                               in the Development Office,
  Warren, rest in peace and do your bird watching in heaven.
                             Contributors: Sister Marie Molini & Rose Leonardini
                                                                                                             209-957-3340, Ext. 180.

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                                                                                                                  Carlo Michelotti
                                                                                       (February 24, 1939-September 22, 2010):
                                                                                                                        Renowned Pharmacist
     alumni updates

                      During his lifetime, Carlo Michelotti, class of 1956, received the great honor of being recognized by two California governors, one U.S. senator and one
                      Stockton mayor.

                      Carlo’s earliest recognition came in 1965 when Governor Pat Brown presented him with the “100 year plaque” for his Forty Nine Drug Store’s continuous
                      service to Stockton residents. Carlo was appointed in 1972 by Governor Ronald Reagan to California’s newly created Therapeutics and Drug Advisory
                      Committee. In 1998 U.S. Senator Pete Wilson nominated him for appointment to the Federal Prescription Drug Payment Review Commission. While
                      serving as the assistant chief of Medi-Cal benefits, Carlo advocated the value of generic pharmaceutical products, thus becoming a voice for consumer
                      interests. Mayor Gary Podesto presented Carlo the key to the city of Stockton in 2004.

                      Carlo also received special titles for his untiring work and dedication to the pharmaceutical profession. In 1994 he became the senior vice president for
                      professional affairs at the California Pharmacists Association. This appointment led to his being named CEO of the organization in 1997. He also served
                      for 22 years with the California Department of Health Services as a manager in the Medi-Cal Policy for Drugs, Dental and Hearing Services.

                      Awards for Carlo’s service included being named twice as UOP’s Alumnus of the Year in 2001 and 2004. Carlo also received the Bowl of Hygeia Award
                      for Community Services in 2004. In 2005 he received the American Pharmacists Association’s Hugo H. Schaefer Award, which is given to outstanding
                      volunteers who contribute to society and the profession of pharmacy. Before he retired, our alumnus saw his name posted on a building in Sacramento
                      dedicated to him, namely, the Carlo Michelotti California Pharmacist Association Headquarters.

                      All these accomplishments no doubt had their beginnings at St. Mary’s High School, as Carlo was selected in his senior year to speak to the Federation
                      of Catholic High Schools, a group of 5000 people, about the art of applying Christianity in daily living.

                      Carlo’s work as a pharmacist began in 1961 after receiving a pharmacy degree from the College of the Pacific. Carlo then worked for his parents who
                      owned the Forty- Nine Drug Company and later bought the business from his parents in 1965. He earned his master’s degree from UC Berkeley School
                      of Public Health in 1976. The Forty-Nine Drug Company still prospers to this day.

                      Carlo’s classmates spoke with St. Mary’s about their personal relationships with him.
                                            Their praise of his friendship and generosity was overwhelming.
                      “Any time I wanted to know anything about a drug prescription, I would call Carlo (my neighbor), and he always had the answer. He was
                      very knowledgeable about many subjects, which made for interesting conversations.” - Joylyn Filippi Novacek ‘56

                      “I was at St. Mary’s football practice at Oak Park. I had forgotten my football shoes. Carlo offered his car. At that time I had only known
                      Carlo for fifteen minutes. The car was an Oldsmobile 88, red and white. Wow! I cruised the End Zone (a popular eating place for COP
                      students) with this great car. This was a big act of generosity on Carlo’s part. He had a heart of gold. Carlo and I became great friends.
                      Carlo went way beyond ‘giving the shirt off your back’ for someone.” -Frank Orello ‘57

                      “When thinking of Carlo, the only word that described him properly was simply elegant with a capital “E.” Whether showing up for
                      a common down home quail hunt in a Porsche Coup, sporting British tweeds and shooting fine double guns or when being asked to
                      contribute to the outing’s meal with dessert, he would make bananas flambeau from scratch. No one would blink an eye or find that in
                      the least bit unusual. It was simply Carlo. When you would ask, he was always generous with answers and advice to your questions, be
                      they about medications, medicine or just about any subject I can think of, and his knowledge in all matters bordered on the profound. You
                      cannot put a value on a friendship like that. It is just too precious. Erlene and I miss him.” -Frank Raspo ’54 Erlene Raspo ‘56

                                     “In fact, we all miss him. God bless Carlo for his outstanding service.”
                                                                                 St. Mary’s High School (135 years)
20                              Information for this article taken from “Michelotti owned state’s oldest pharmacy” by Joe Goldeen, Record Staff Writer. Contributors: Sister Marie Molini and Rose Leonardini
                                                                                                                            annual report
                                          Saint Mary’s
                                             Annual Report

                                                                                                        Ye ar E n de d
St. Mary’s High School                  Compiled Financial Information                               J un e 3 0, 2010

Administration                                                                                    Expenses
President                                                                 Depreciation expense for fixed assets (5.80%)
Rev. John P. Fallon, O.S.F.S
                                                                                 Plant maintenance and utilities (5.9%)

Mr. Peter D. Morelli ‘69
                                                                     General, administrative and instructional (11.60%)
Vice Principal
Mrs. Karen Gherardi ‘71

Academic Dean                                                                                         Athletics (6.30%)
Mr. Paul Scheet
                                                                                Tuition assistance for students (4.20%)

Director of Athletics
Mr. Jim Brusa                                             Salaries, wages, payroll taxes and employee benefits (66.20%)

Director of Guidance
Mr. Joe Nomellini ‘81

Director of Institutional Advancement                                  Revenues/Transfers
Mr. Anthony Franks ‘76

                                                                            Transfers from general fund reserve (6.30%)
Director of Student Activities
Mr. Luigi Gherardi
                                                                                                Other revenues (2.60%)

Administrative Assistant                                                     Athletics (gate receipts, concessions, dona-
Mrs. Kathy Salady ‘59                                                             tions & fundraising activities) (5.80%)

                                                                              Designated donations and grants (2.10%)
Deans of Students
                                                                      General donations and fundraising events (2.70%)
Mrs. Kathy Smith
Mr. Greg Traverso ‘79
                                                                            Tuition, registration and class fees (80.50%)

                     St. Mary’s High                             Annual Fund
                     School Foundation                           The Annual Fund is the school’s unrestricted annual – giving program which provides operating
                                                                 support in order to keep tuition as low as possible.
                     St. Mary’s High School’s Foundation
                                                                 We thank the following 2009-2010 donors:
                     Board meets monthly to discuss and
                     advise regarding school issues. The board   Ms. Gina Abbas                      Mr. Paul Gotelli               Mr. Daniel Ortega
     annual report

                     consists of alumni as well as parents of    Ms. Theresa Aberle                  Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gough        Mr. & Mrs. Ray Owning
                     students and friends of St. Mary’s.         Mr. & Mrs. Jim Acosta               Ms. Kim Anh Gunter             Dr. James Penick
                                                                 Mr. Michael Addison                 Ms. Mary Hall                  Mrs. Irene Bernadicou Pettit, PH.D.
                                                                 Mr. Donald Allari                   Mr. Irving Handel              Ms. Antoinette Podesto
                     TRUSTEES                                    Mr. Gaspar Ambriz                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Happoldt    Mr. & Mrs. John Prioli
                                                                 Mr. Fiori Angoletta                 Ms. Margaret Harkness          Ms. Constance Quall
                     Rev. John P. Fallon, O.S.F.S., President    Mr. James Arbios                    Ms. Courtney Harrel            Mr. David Queirolo
                     St. Mary’s High School                      Mr. & Mrs. Tom Armstrong            Mrs. Elaine Harrigan           Ms. Frances Quinn
                                                                 Ms. Maureen Bagley                  Mr. Michael Hartford           Ms. T. Rettagliata
                     Mr. Peter D. Morelli ’69, Principal         Ms. Anita Bagley                    Mr. John Heinsius              Mr. & Mrs. Doug Rishwain
                     St. Mary’s High School                      Mr. James Barakatt                  Mr. & Mrs. Greg Heli           Ms. Jennifer Rivera
                                                                 Mr. Richard Barakatt                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hermosillo   Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Rogers
                     Mr. Jim Acosta ‘76, CPA                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hernandez       Ms. Hannelore Romero
                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Tim Barnes
                     Lacopi, Lenz & Company
                                                                 Rev. Paul Bernadicou                Mrs. Connie Holm               Mr. & Mrs. Shirley Rose
                                                                 Mr. Robert Bernardo                 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Hoornaert       Ms. Evangeline Roxas
                     DIRECTORS                                   Ms. Helen Bernardo                  Mr. Steve Hope                 Ms. Karen Ryder
                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Dave Bevilaqua           Mr. Brad Howard                Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Salady
                     Mr. Dave Bevilaqua ’75                      Mr. Jack Boggs                      Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Huiras     Mr. & Mrs. Roy Sanchez
                     Agent / Registered Representative           Mr. Frank Boyle                     Mrs. Phyllis Isoardi           Mrs. Janet Sanders
                     New York Life Insurance Company             Ms. Marie Boyle                     Mr. Hugh Isola                 Mr. & Mrs. Herb Sanguinetti
                                                                 Mr. George Briare                   Mr. & Mrs. Dean Janssen        Mrs. Nancy Sanguinetti Franzia
                     Mr. Jim Brusa
                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Ron Bruno                Mr. & Mrs. David Johnson       Ms. Kathy Schipper
                     Director of Athletics
                                                                 Ms. Donna Burke                     Mr. & Mrs. Roy Kaneshina       Mr. Frank Schirle
                     Mrs. Becky Carlson                          Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Butorac             Mr. James Kavanaugh            Ms. Virginia Schwall
                     Parent                                      Ms. Stephanie & Ms. Tricia Canton   The Hon. & Mrs. Frank Kim      Mr. Kevin Schwemley
                                                                 Mr. John Cardoza                    Mrs. Diane Klein               Ms. Ellen Scriven
                     Mr. Joseph Curtis ‘83                       Ms. Susan Caulfield                 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kozina        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Semaan
                     Business Owner                              Ms. Angie Cornwell                  Mr. Salvador Lagua             Ms. Laura Setness
                     Allstate Insurance Agency                   Mrs. Souad Courey                   Mr. & Mrs. John Little         Ms. Marie Shane
                                                                 Mr. Peter Craig                     Mr. & Mrs. Stan Little         Mr. Roger Silva
                     Mrs. Susan Ellis ’79                        Mr. & Mrs. C. Joseph Crane          Mr. & Mrs. George Lucas        Mrs. Betty Simmons
                     Madison Wine Company
                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. William Creedon          Mr. Joseph Loduca              Mrs. Isabelle Skidmore
                                                                 Mr. Jim Cumming                     Mr. Ray Lucchetti              Mr. Michael Smith
                     Mr. Anthony Franks ’76
                     Director of Institutional Advancement       Ms. Elaine Day Dubois               Ms. Kathryn Maher              Mr. Donald Stader
                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Delucchi          Mr. Tim Maher                  Ms. Kathy Standart
                     Mrs. Kathleen Lagorio Janssen ’64           Mr. Delbert Dilbeck                 Mr. Henry Maher                Mrs. Donna Steer
                     President - Ace Tomato Co., Inc.            Mr. & Mrs. Michael Doran            Mr. & Mrs. Nad Malcoun         Mrs. Frances Stone
                                                                 Mrs. Susie Ellis                    Mr. Tim Marling                Mrs. Margaret Stonecypher
                     Mrs. Diane Malcoun                          Mr. & Mrs. Steve Essoyan            Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Mayer        Ms. Eliana Torelli
                     SMHS Development Director                   Ms. Mary Even                       Msgr. Larry McGovern           Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Torlai
                                                                 Mrs. Diane Feneck                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McGuire      Mr. Gilbert Toso
                     Mr. Chris McCaffrey                         Mr. Thomas Ferrari                  Mr. & Mrs. Pat McGuire         Ms. Jeanne Towns
                     Financial Consultant
                                                                 Mr. Richard Fichtner                Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Medina        Ms. Debra Toy
                     Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
                                                                 Mr. Gerald Firpo                    Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mello       Dr. & Mrs. Jon Uota
                     Mrs. Annette Murdaca                        Mr. Robert Firpo                    Mr. & Mrs. Dick Mesa           Mr. Raoul Villalpando
                     The Vaccarezza-Murdaca Family Foundation    Ms. Elizabeth Fitzgerald            Sister Marie Molini, O.P.      Mr. & Mrs. Martin Vranicar
                                                                 Mr. Joseph Flores                   Ms. Dana Marie Monroe          Mr. David Wainwright
                     Mr. Robert Perasso ‘69                      Mr. Timothy Flynn                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter Morelli       Dr. Margaret Wang
                     Senior Vice-President                       Mr. Patrick Ford                    Mrs. Joanne Moresco            Ms. Joyce Weber
                     USI Insurance Services                      Ms. Margaret Garibaldi              Ms. Sharon Moy                 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Weiner
                                                                 Mr. Gerald Gini                     Ms. Denise Nelson              Mr. Donald Welliver
                     Mr. Gilbert Somera ‘90                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Giannecchini      Mr. Dante John Nomellini Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wernette
                     Attorney - Pacheco & Somera                 Mr. Gary Giovanetti                 Ms. Mary Odum                  Very Rev. David Whalen, O.S.F.S.
                                                                 Ms. Leslie Ann Gomes                Mr. & Mrs. John Olsen          Ms. Mary Jo Williams
                     Dr. John Zeiter ‘80
                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. William Goodman          Mr. John O’Meara               Ms. Roxy Woodard
22                   Zeiter Eye
Foundation Letter
As a Foundation Board Member and SMHS alumna, welcome to the latest issue          Mary’s past or present, consider also becoming part of its’ future by supporting
of Traditions, whose very title reminds us of all that is good about St. Mary’s    these necessary improvements for the next generation of students.
High School. While the traditions we know and love continue, today’s SMHS          While our facilities are undergoing these major upgrades and renovations,
is growing and changing.

                                                                                                                                                                      annual report
                                                                                   the tradition of a superior academic education grounded in Catholic faith
If you haven’t been back to campus lately, now is the time to come for a visit.    and values continues. Through the generations, dedicated teachers and staff
Thanks to the generosity of many of our alums and friends, recent changes          members continue to instill in us, our children and our grandchildren how to
include the Lagorio Administration Building housing modern classrooms,             live meaningful lives, following in Christ’s footsteps.
offices, the Van Ruiten Library and Eberhardt administration wing. The state-of-   Within this issue, you’ll read about opportunities to visit St. Mary’s. Come to
art Cortopassi Acquatics Complex is now a prominent feature on our grounds.        campus to feel and live the traditions, but also see and experience the exciting
This fall saw the completion of the renovation of the chapel and tennis courts.    changes as SMHS prepares itself for the future. Be a part of it!
The modernization of the campus will then continue with fund-raising for a
new sports/fitness facility and science center. If you have been a part of St.                                          -Kathly Lagorio Janssen ‘ 64

     Fine Arts Theatre Department Donors
     Jim and Rebeca Acosta                  Dr. and Mrs. Peter Gannon              Madeleine Lynch                       Phillip and Marjo Ruhl
     Bank of Agriculture and Commerce       Joseph and Maria Gayagoy               Doug and Chris Martin                 Carolyn and Lesley Sakai
     Brad and Sandi Alderson                The Gherardi Family                    Chris and Maria McCaffrey             Miya Sakai-Cheng
     Frank and Lori Arena                   Robert and Gemma Giannecchini          Barry and Barbara McCandless          Frank and Kathy Salady
     Martini’s Automotive, Inc.             Ms. Janet L. Giffen                    Nancy Medina                          Bill and Julie Sarale
     Greg and Noreen Basso                  Kent and Julie Gikas                   Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant           Mike and Julia Scriven
     Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Benninger           The Gleeson Family                     Peter and Cindy Morelli               Marie Shane
     Bob and Susan Bishofberger             Francis and Norma Goonan               Valley MRI Center                     Kent and Lisa Shubert
     Bill Bishofberger                      Tom and Missy Gotelli                  Joanne Nomellini Murphy               Greg and Kathy Smith
     Most Reverend Stephen E. Blaire        Charlie and Fiorella Green             Lesley Muscha                         Mary and Steve Spurgeon
     Eric Boyd & Claire Kilpatrick          Jon and Pat Gustorf                    Rudy and Toni Mussi                   Dave and Belinda Squires
     Bertha (Bert) Brown                    Robert and Martha Hanyak               The Lory Mussi Family                 Angelo Stagnaro
     Dr. and Mrs. Robert Browne             Kevin and Toni Harkin                  Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nejedly           Diane Stauffer
     Ron and Donna Bruno                    Liz Hodgdon & Jeff Olson               Joseph and Megan Nomellini            Kathleen Stephens
     Dan and Kathy Caminata                 Michael J. and Mary Lou Hoffman        George and Bernice Pagenkopf          Larry and Nina Thiel
     Joe and Helen Crane                    Hon. Carter & Mrs. Signe Holly         Dorothy Perry                         Lauren Thomasson
     Lawrence and Alma DeRicco              Phyllis R. Isoardi                     Payter and Lisa Pijl, Payter’s        Steve and Su Towne
     Michael and Renee DiSerio              Marian Jacobs                          Gary and Virginia Poggi               Teresi Trucking, LLC
     Midge Dobbins                          Craig and Susan James                  Dr. Judy Prima                        George and Stella Visgilio
     Jim and Carla Donaldson                Lynn & Debbie Johnson                  Annie Santos and Rex Reynolds         Joan Marie Wainwright
     Dennis and Patsy Erardi                George and Carolee Jones               Joe and Connie Rishwain               William and Virginia Wallace
     Fr. John Fallon, O.S.F.S.              The Hon. and Mrs. Frank Kim            Dr. Mark and Tammi Rizzolo            Larry and Debra Watts
     Ronald and Carolyn Filpi               Mikki Kindelberger                     The Robledo Family                    Don and Linda Wiley
     John and Marcia Fitzgerald             Casey and Annette Knowles              John P. and Coraleta M. Rogers        Doug Wilhoit
     The James Fontanilla Family            Clarence and Judy Knutsen              James Rosen                           Greg and Eileen Yeager
     Angelo Fornaciari                      The Kucich Family                      Sandy Ross
     Gary and Annie Forsythe                Ted and Stefanie Leland                The Rubio Family
     John and Kathy Freitas                 David Loomis                           Robert and Betty Ruffin

     Fine Arts Theatre Department Volunteers
     Bill Bestolarides                      Laura Dutra                            Michelle Hicks                        Lucy Rodriguez
     Bonnie Bloom                           Patsy Erardi                           Caroline Husting                      Sandy Ross
     Courtney Bowe                          Mark Farnsworth                        Valerie Islas                         Elizabeth Schroeder
     Tom Bowe                               Terry and Jeanette Fernandez           Bob and Chris Kilby                   Pete Smith
     Joan Bowe                              Caren Foley                            Mirko Kozina, Sr.                     Nick Smith
     Bill and Sandra Budesa                 Lani Fong-Livermore                    Traci LaDue                           Al Smith
     Mary Caruso                            Al and Anna Gacs                       Carleen Mansour                       Christina Soto
     Susy Chavez                            Chris Garcia                           Amber Martinez                        Larry Streeter
     Miguel Chicas, Jr.                     Kristie Garcia                         Louise Northcutt                      Cecil Thomasson
     Janet Clark                            Larry and Esther Gilliland             Theresa Orsi                          Christine Wejmar
     Elizabeth Costello                     Kelsie Haley                           Linda Raquel                          Joseph and Susana Wood
     Tim and Laurie Culligan                Lynsie Haley                           Heather Robinson                      Sharon Wortmann
     Jill Denton                            Linda Hashimoto                        Stephanie Rodriguez
                     Donors of Annual Scholarships
                     Without the generous support of our donors, many deserving students would be unable to benefit from a St. Mary’s education.

                      sponsors / Donor                scholarships                                  sponsors / Donor                   scholarships
                      Anonymous                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Vladimir Kozina         Kozina Family Scholarship
                      Mrs. Kathryn Abdallah-Griffin   Sam Abdallah Scholarship                      Mrs. Joanne Leach                  Morelli Family Scholarship
     annual report

                      Col. & Mrs. Don Alexander       Sam Alexander Scholarship                     Mrs. Susan Lenz                    Iacopi, Lenz and Company Scholarship
                      Ms. Louise Andermahr            Cause of Our Joy Scholarship                  Mr. Harold Linde                   Julie Linde Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. Nick Aninag                 Knights of Columbus Scholarship               Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lozano & Family   Lozano Family Scholarship
                      Mr. & Mrs. Vince Augello        Augello Family Scholarship                    Mr. Mark Luis                      Iacopi, Lenz and Company Scholarship
                      Mrs. Judy Ojeda Auwinger        Leora Stanfield Memorial Scholarship          Mrs. William Lynch                 Bernadicou Family Scholarship
                      Mr. & Mrs. Greg Basso           Noreen and Gregory Basso Family Scholarship   Mr. George Manassero               Pat Manassero Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bernadicou     Bernadicou Family Scholarship                 Mrs. Rosemarie McQuire             Morelli Family Scholarship
                      Ms. Julia Biscaia               Cindi Biscaia Memorial Scholarship            Mr. Dennis Minahen                 McCamley-Minahan Scholarship
                      Mr. & Mrs. Ernesto Biscaia      Cindi Biscaia Memorial Scholarship            Mr. & Mrs. Pat Morelli             Anthony Morelli Scholarship
                      Mr. Jack Boggs                  Tom and Joe Boggs Memorial Scholarship        Mr. & Mrs. Peter Morelli           Morelli Family Scholarship
                      Mrs. Barbara Boggs              Tom and Joe Boggs Memorial Scholarship        Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Morotti           Morotti Family Scholarship
                      Sister Patricia Boss, O.P.      Enaid Jones Dominican Scholarship             Mrs. Colleen Mulrooney             Anonymous Scholarship
                      Mrs. Joan Bottini               Class of 1957 Scholarship                     Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Mussi              Anonymous Scholarship
                      Mrs. Donna Burke                Ed and Lillian Burke Scholarship              Mr. Greg O’Leary                   Albina Rossi O’Leary Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. Jim Burke                   Ed and Lillian Burke Scholarship              Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Paolini          Class of ’78 Scholarship
                      Mr. & Mrs. Ed Burke             Ed and Lillian Burke Scholarship              Jeannette Pombo                    Damon Pombo Memorial Scholarship
                      Mrs. Becky Carlson              Scholarship Fundraising/Cooking Classes       Toni Pombo                         Damon Pombo Memorial Scholarship
                      Mrs. Margo Casteneda            Class of ’78 Scholarship                      Mrs. Ella Pombo                    Damon Pombo Memorial Scholarship
                      Debby Catanio                   Damon Pombo Memorial Scholarship              Mr. Ernie Pombo, Jr.               Damon Pombo Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. Joseph Cavanaugh, Sr.       Clare T. Cavanaugh Memorial Scholarship       Mr. & Mrs. Frank Raspo             Frank J. & Lenore Raspo Memorial Scholarship
                      Mrs. Diane Chincholo            Anthony Gotelli Scholarship                                                      Peirano Family Scholarship

                      Mr. Mark Cook & Family          Cook Family Scholarship                       Mr. Robert Raspo                   Frank J. and Lenore Raspo Memorial Scholarship

                      Mr. Steve Copello               Drive Thru Dinner                             Mrs. Kathy Rishwain                Anonymous Scholarship

                      Mrs. Heidi Cortopassi           Scholarship Fundraising/Cooking Classes       Mr. & Mrs. Don Rodgers             Donnie Rodgers Memorial Scholarship

                      Mr. Kevin Costello              Andrew Kilby Memorial Scholarship             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Salady            Reischman Family Scholarship

                      Mr. Michael Craig               Kevin Craig Memorial Scholarship              Mrs. Janet Sanders                 William H. Sanders III Scholarship

                      Mr. & Mrs. Joe Crane            Joe Crane Scholarship                         Mrs. Carol Sanguinetti             Damon Pombo Memorial Scholarship

                      Mr. & Mrs. Tim Culligan         Jones-Randolph Scholarship                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scatena          Nathaniel & Delia Scatena Memorial Scholarship

                      Mrs. Irma Demichelis            John A. Demichelis Memorial Scholarship       Mr. & Mrs. Ron Scatena             Nathaniel & Delia Scatena Memorial Scholarship

                      Mrs. William Dougherty          William Dougherty Memorial Scholarship        Mrs. Shirley Schene                Jim Schene Memorial /Giannini Family Scholarship

                      Mr. John Eagal                  Rhonda Eagal Memorial Scholarship             Mr. Ron Schenone                   Schenone/Davalle Scholarship

                      Mrs. Kathy Essoyan              Anonymous Scholarship                         Mrs. Lenore Setness                Anonymous Scholarship

                      Mrs. Kelly Gai                  Anonymous Scholarship                         Cheryl Pombo Soda                  Damon Pombo Memorial Scholarship

                      Mrs. William Gaines             David Gaines Memorial Scholarship             Mr. Bill Stewart                   Patty Stewart Memorial Scholarship

                      Mr. Larry Gaines                David Gaines Memorial Scholarship             Mr. & Mrs. Alex Toccoli            Anonymous Scholarship

                      Mr. & Mrs. Luigi Gherardi       Nancy Santos Scholarship                      Mr. Jack Traverso                  C.K. Bud DeYoung Memorial Scholarship
                                                                                                    Mr. Greg Traverso                  Mark Weber Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. & Mrs. Gary Giannini        Giannini Family Scholarship/
                                                      Jim Schene Scholarship                        Mr. Bill Trezza                    Trezza Family Scholarship
                      Mr. Edward Giannini             Giannini Family Scholarship                   Mrs. Frank Trucco                  Zolezzi Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. Mark Giannini               Pepsi Scholarship                             VanOver Family                     Jason Vanover Memorial Scholarship
                      Mrs. Ruby Gibson                Jeff Gibson Memorial Scholarship              Mrs. Kathy Vaz                     Anonymous Scholarship
                      Mary Pombo Gillen               Damon Pombo Memorial Scholarship              Mr. & Mrs. George Visgilio         George R. Visgilio, Sr. Scholarship/
                                                                                                                                       Thomas & Stella Montez Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. David Gilmer                Peter Robustelli Memorial Scholarship
                                                                                                    Mrs. Janet Wanner                  Alfred and Jeanne Sturla Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Gini          Lisa Dianne Gini Memorial Scholarship
                                                                                                    Mrs. Betty Williams                George Williams Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. Rick Gonzales               Class of ’78 Scholarship
                                                                                                    Mr. Michael Wright                 Wright Scholarship
                      Mr. John Gotelli                Gotelli Scholarship
                                                                                                    Eileen & Greg Yeager               Clare T. Cavanaugh Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. & Mrs. Steven Guasco        O’Brien Family Scholarship
                                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. John Zanoni             Class of ’78 Scholarship
                      Mr. Michael Gutterres           Pre-Sort Scholarship
                                                                                                    Dr. & Mrs. John Zeiter             Mark Weber Memorial Scholarship
                      Mr. Jose Hanagan & Family       Class of ’78 Scholarship
                                                                                                    Class of ’56                       Class of ’56 Scholarship
                      Mrs. Margaret Heinz             Jim Schene Scholarship
                      Mr. John Iacopi                 Iacopi, Lenz and Company Scholarship
                      Mr. John Morrison               Class of ’78 Scholarship
                                                                                                     Scholarship Office Volunteers
                      Mr. & Mrs. George Jones         Jones-Randolph Scholarship                     Becky Carlson
24                    Mr. Paul Kozina                 Kozina Family Scholarship                      Gary Giannini ‘78
Corporate Matching Gifts                                                In-Kind Donations
Many corporations provide resources to supplement the support           Big 5 – Lodi                      Charles ’61 & Fiorella Green
provided by their employees for charitable institutions. This is a      Heidi Cortopassi                  Tibon’s Martial Arts

simple way for donors to increase the value of their gift. The school

                                                                                                                                                annual report
gratefully acknowledges the support of the following corporations:      Development Office
Bank of America
Boeing Company
General Mills Foundation                                                Lori Arena                        Elaine Pombo
GlaxoSmithKline                                                         Keith Breakfield                  MaryAnn Maggio
IBM                                                                     Cheryl Cavagnaro                  Josie Revives
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.                                    Diane Chinchiolo                  Toni Sarris
Nokia                                                                   Tiffany Covarrubias               Joanne Scheiber
PG&E Corporation                                                        Kathy Essoyan                     Julie Tsutsumi
Quest Diagnostics                                                       Jeanette Fernandez                Karen Vossmer
Schwab Fund                                                             Andrea Hyman                      Cathy Westphal
Wells Fargo                                                             Mary Jemerigbe                    Robert Zavala
                                                                        Stephanie Kaehler
Donations Of Stock
Cindy Basso Eaton ‘85
                                                                        Choral Program
Ram Center Volunteers                                                   Donors and Volunteers
Brenda Fields
                                                                        Jessica Aaron                      Lincoln Center Stockton
Donald Mazzilli
                                                                        Kelly Aaron                        Suzanne Long
Brenda Rice
                                                                        Atsushi & Wendy Agari              MaryAnn Maggio
Gwen Segale
                                                                        Lori Arena                         Abelardo Mayo, M.D. & Wildora Mayo
Pam Segale
                                                                        Susan Bishofberger                 George & Lisa McHugh
                                                                        Ronald & Donna Bruno               Larry & Theresa Meyers

Alumni BBQ Volunteers                                                   Brenda Castellanos
                                                                        Miguel Chicas, Sr.
                                                                                                           Lesley Muscha
                                                                                                           Jeff Olson & Liz Hodgdon
Becky Carlson                          Brian & Kristi Seligman          Ramon Chicchon & Lita Rodriguez    Katina & Manuel Ortega
John Dentoni                           St. Anne’s Students              Janet Clark                        Corrinne Perry
Mark & Amy Martin & Megan              Roger & Tracy Williams           Gina Collaco                       Judy Peterson
Tori Verber Salazar                                                     John & Therese Connolly            Michael & Annemarie Platt
                                                                        Kevin & Elizabeth Costello         Lynn Poncini

Campus Improvements                                                     Julia Cunha
                                                                        Mike & Thelma Dougherty
                                                                                                           David Queirolo & Kristie Shipman
                                                                                                           Rex Reynolds & Dr. Annie Santos
Jeff Gamboni, Sim Risso
                                                                        Steve Eager                        Christine Roccucci
                                                                        Edwin Endow & Debbie Hatanaka      Marjo Ruhl
Band Donors & Volunteers                                                Dennis & Patsy Erardi              Marie Samson
                                                                        Jim Garrett                        Richard Skidmore
Terri Perrino                          Inez & Earl Brines
                                                                        JoAnn Garrett                      Wayne & Shelly Smith
Laura Levitt                           Chris Cunningham
                                                                        Mary Geranio                       Tom Spitaleri
Tina Linn                              Joan & John Walsh
Dennis & Georgia Zagaroli              Tal Weatherly                    Luigi & Karen Gherardi             Ed Sullivan
Elisa Moberly                          Richard & Toni Sarris            Frank & Suzanne Ghidoni            Lauren Thomasson
Daughters of Isabella Lodi Chapter                                      Bruce & Janet Gibson               Lydia Valentin
                                                                        Julie Gikas                        Nellen Van de Pol
                                                                        Esther Gilliland                   Gabriela Vicuna

Thank you                 to Anne Patmon Marsella ’64 who
                                                                        Missy Gotelli
                                                                        John & Linda Haley
                                                                                                           Virginia Wallace
                                                                                                           Lisa Ward
generously donated two additional benches which will be added           Valerie Islas                      Don & Linda Wiley
to the two present benches around the Mary Queen of Heaven              Norman & Angelique Johnson         Patricia Wilson
statue at the entrance of our campus.                                   Dana Kelly-Orellana                Marilyn Zetter

                     Athletic Department
                     July 2009 – June 2010 | Athletic Department Sports Association Members
                     Your membership in the Sports Association supports the Athletic Department in addition to the sport of your choice.
                     Thank you to the following members.
     annual report

                     Rene Abella                               Kevin Dougherty                           Casey & Annette Knowles           Muffy Ratto
                     Sylvester & Jean Aguilar                  Driscoll Family                           Diane Kohn                        Jim & Vanessa Rawlings
                     Myra Aguirre-Carlos                       Genny Drouin                              Jeremy & Tara Kosel               Jeff Renwick
                     Rita Allyn                                Mike Drouin                               Christine Kozina                  Alex Richer
                     Tony & Julie Arceo                        Michael Duffy                             Sheila Kozina                     Scott Rishwain
                     Denise Armolea                            Ed & Stephanie Brink                      Michael Kronenberg                Carolyn Rodgers
                     Matt & Kelly Arnaiz                       Arnaudo Edward                            Tim Kubil                         Ashley Rodriguez
                     Dominique Azpeitia                        Dennis & Patsy Erardi                     Scott Kyles                       Ernie Rodriguez
                     Ma Socoro Baguyo                          Father John Fallon                        Mike Lassas                       Rosemary Rodriguez
                     Gabriel Baguyos                           Boni Ferrer                               Debbie Lawson                     Yolanda Rodriguez
                     Peter & Kathleen Barth                    Van Fields                                Steve & Alicia Leonesio           Patrick & Coraleta Rogers
                     Gregory & Noreen Basso                    Grant Fletcher                            Greg & Shelly Liechty             Juan Romero
                     Kevin Basso                               Jaime Flores                              Greg & Staci Light                Manuel Romero
                     Gary Baughman                             Gregg Fontes                              Clay & Linda Long                 Susie Romero
                     Abbie Beran                               Heather Fontes                            Lyndon Low, DDS                   Evangeline Roxas
                     Diane Bernadi                             Karen Freeman                             Ferdie & Cymbe Lugo               Paul & Leslie Sackschewsky
                     Louie & Dianne Bernadicou                 Cindy Freitas                             Jean Lugo                         Michael & Tiffany Sailsberry
                     Peter & Marianne Bernadicou               John & Kathy Freitas                      Louis & Liz Lugo                  Raman & Lida Salida
                     Mark & Jennifer Berry                     Mark Gaff                                 Santiago & Michelle Maciel        Anne Sambado
                     Don & Donra Blom                          Kelly Gai                                 Louis & Lorene Magnasco           Lawrence Sambado
                     Bart Bona                                 Deanne Garibaldi                          Alice Magno                       Rich Sambado
                     Paul & Judy Booth                         Sharon Garibaldi                          Miklo Mangunlay                   Janet Sanders
                     Mark & Michelle Borges                    Mike & Trish Garrigan                     Hillary Marble                    Dr. Annie Santos
                     Craig & Terri Bottke                      Bill & Heidi George                       Don & Cathy Marcetti              Alice Scarletta
                     Maxine Bottley                            Bryan & Adrienne Giambrone                Mike Martini                      Rodney & Gayla Schatz
                     Jeffrey & Susan Boucher                   Bruce & Janet Gibson                      Laverne Mazzilli                  Joe & Joann Schmit
                     Vicki Boyd                                David Givens                              George & Gloria McCann            Nancy Schrader
                     Jerry & Judy Brannon                      Suzanne Glick                             Mike McCarthy                     Haley Seligman
                     Kevin Bras                                Fred Godinez                              William McCormack                 Robert Shapiro
                     Rick Breakfield                           Hazel Gomez-Weinert                       Rick & Dee McHugh                 Darin & Mari Shelton
                     Michael & Leslie Brennan                  Martin Gomez-Winert                       Michael & Marla McIntosh          Pat & Alicia Shepherd
                     Ed & Stephanie Brink                      Roy Gomez                                 Dick & Florence Mesa              Steven Shoneff
                     Ed & Tarika Brink                         Mike & Kathy Gordon                       Todd Mesa                         Patrick Shwe
                     Joe Brum                                  Randall Gordon                            Leesa Miner                       Kim Smith
                     Jim & Angela Brusa                        Tom & Missy Gotelli                       Sam & Eva Mireles                 Wayne Smith
                     Seldon Brusa                              Kenneth Graham                            Bernard Missouri                  Lurisminda Solanoy
                     Jim & Penny Burke                         Vonzell & Lupe Graham                     Jim & Stacey Moffatt              Greg & Sue Soto
                     Burlington Family                         Bill & MaryAnn Green                      Marylou Morales                   Bill Stewart
                     Charles Busalacchi                        Charlie & Florella Green                  Oscar Moreno                      Stockton Mavericks
                     David & Leslie Byrne                      Jeff Green                                Kenji & Cindy Morishige           Debra Sundahl
                     Pam Byrne                                 Grider Family                             Perry Morse                       Anthony Tesada
                     Robert & Kimberly Caffese                 Pia Gutierrez                             Tom Moseng                        Cecil Thomasson
                     Debra Caldeira                            Edgar Guzman                              Nick Munoz                        Lauren Thomasson
                     Gina Calder                               Jim & Ruth Haislip                        Jim & Annette Murdaca             Judee Tippett-Whyte
                     Brenda Calosso                            Dr. Harvey Hashimoto                      Dennis & Marcy Ness               Sam Toccolli
                     Mike & Gay Calosso                        Michael & Joan Hefferman                  Chris Neudeck                     Greg & Laura Torlai
                     Luis Carlos                               Marie Heitman                             Rick & Louise Norcutt             Martin & Debra Toy
                     Bob & Becky Carlson                       Elizabeth Held                            Gregory O’Leary                   William Trezza
                     Juliet Carrillo-Magalland                 Bob & Ann Herrington                      John & Connie Olagaray            Julie Tsutsumi
                     Dennis & Robin Carruesco                  Peter Hetzer                              Bobby Page                        Pantaleon Tudtud
                     Len & Cheryl Cavagnaro                    Brad Howard                               Gregory Page                      Jana Valdez
                     John Chase                                Joseph Huante                             Bernice Pagenkopf                 Juan & Kelly Valenzuela
                     Joe & Liz Christopherson                  Nick & Gena Huerta                        Mike & Cathy Palumbo              Minerva Valenzuela
                     Willie & Pat Clamitara                    John Hunnell                              Rick Parker                       Sarah Valle
                     Rusty & Stephanie Clever                  Mike & Belinda Hurst                      Barbara Pelate                    Julie Van Noate
                     Steve Copello                             Priscilla Ibestate                        Carlos Penafiel                   Tracy Vanderhoef
                     Valerie Cornwell                          Hortencia Iniguez                         Adam & Terri Perez                Paul & Kathy Vaz
                     Jeffrey Cortes                            Daisy Ison                                Julian & Liz Perez                Raymond Villapondo
                     Jose Cortes                               Tom Jackson                               Ortencia Perez                    Rene & Tess Vincente
                     Doris Cortopassi                          Craig & Susan James                       Dave & Wendy Perry                Craig & Nesha Ward
                     Patrick Costa                             Adrianne Johnson                          Jon & Kim Pitcock                 Larry & Debra Watts
                     Patrick Crow                              Phil Johnson                              Matthew & Marla Polanco           Francis Wernette
                     Monica Davenport                          Kevin Kelly                               Michael & Martha Porter           Denise & Joyce Willens
                     Bryan & Kelly Davis                       Patrick & Diane Kelly                     Fausto Prato                      Andrew Wilson
                     Debra Davis                               Emily Kelso                               Terry & Lisa Pruitt               Christopher Wineert
                     Dwayne Davis                              William Kenney                            Raquel Puentas-Griffith           Victor & Elena Zapien
                     Allison DeAnda                            George & Gayle Kenyon                     Ricky & Edith Purviance           Barbara Zaragoza
                     Kyle Denton                               Kent Kiefer                               David Queirolo                    Homer Zarzuela
                     Dan & Lisa Dentoni                        Dave & Monika King                        Ellen Quinn                       John Zeiter
26                   George & Greg Dohrman                     Kim Kissell                               Karen Rajkovich                   Audrey Zunino
                     Barbara Dondero                           Hank Klor                                 Mark & Patricia Ramorino
AthletiC DePARtMent             BASeBAll vOlunteeRS AnD DOnORS                       GiRlS’ BASketBAll SPOnSORS
DOnORS                          Tarika Brink                                         Vince Augello
                                Kim Caffesse
July 2009-June 2010             Mike Dougherty
                                                                                     Brookside Orthodontics
                                                                                     Chase Chevrolet
Angelina’s Spaghetti House      Brenda Rice
                                Lori Rishwain                                        George Clark
Macaroni Grill
                                                                                     Mike Clark
Rancho San Miguel

                                                                                                                                   annual report
                                                                                     Dr. Jim Darnall – Darnall Chiropractic
Presentation Filipino Club      BOyS vARSity GOlf teAM
Rubio’s                                                                              Delgado Dental Group
                                vOlunteeRS AnD DOnORS                                Delk Pest Control
Edible Arrangements
                                Brian Martucci – Berberian European Motors           Skip & Lorraine Halvorson
Waterloo Restaurant
                                Jay Allen & Pete Troger – Stonecreek                 Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant
Trader Joe’s
                                Dr. John & Lynette Zeiter
Los Panchos                                                                          Pacific Endodontics
Pepsi                                                                                Robert Perasso
Rodgers Construction            CROSS COuntRy                                        San Joaquin Lumber Co.
Phil Vaz                         Mike & Karen Borges                                 Speedee Oil Change
Pat Morelli                     Ara & Judy Tekerlek                                  Greg Tudor - Bekins Pacific Storage Co.
                                Steve Sonntag                                        Waterloo Gun & Bocci Club
AthletiC DePARtMent             Rudy Leal                                            Waterloo Inn
                                Dan & Deanna Leong
vOlunteeRS                      Manuel Ortega Sr.
                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Ken Yamashita
Vera Andujo                     Kari Burks                                           Randy Zaragoza
Anthony Artiaga                 Alyssa Pablo
Joe & Kathy Burdge              Mrs. Pablo                                           POinSettiA funDRAiSeR
Nancy Burruel                   Patty Herrera                                        Andrew Knowles
Leslie Byrne                    Mr. Barrameda                                        Natalia Toccoli
Pam Byrne                       Bill Budesa                                          Kathy Vaz
Mike Canote                     Jaime Flores                                         Connor Zanini
Dr. Michael Carl
Jeff & Anita Davis
Brian & Colleen Farnsworth
Mary Geranio
John Glick
                                                                             Thank you
Nick, Louise & Fayleen Golden
Linda Gonsalves
                                                             George and Stella Visgilio
Marcos Guerrero                   for providing the St. Mary’s High School Administration with memberships to the Haggin Museum.
Edgar & Marjorie Guzman
Roy Harada
Dr. Miguel & Cathy Hernandez
Willie Herrera
Katrina Holmes
Valerie Islas
Debbie Johnson
Jim Johnston
John Kaehler
Dallas & Penny Knapp
Mirko Kozina
Trish Lauer
Lori Long
Estella Lopez
Robin Mesa
Gina Ornales
Dr. Lay Lin Owyong
Kelly Pudwell
Marigene Regan
Brenda Rice
Susan Rocha
Don & Sylvia Rodgers
Diane Roza
Kathy Salady
Dr. Annie Santos
Paul Scheet
Bill & Rosa Service
Jeff Setness

                                                       s mh s w e B s it e
Patrick Shwe
Dr. Suzi Simoni
Kathy Smith
Dr. Patrick & Fil Snyder
Dr. Tony Soto
                                       Visit our website for information about reunions, alumni,
Kristen Sprague
Barbara Standfield
                                       up-coming events, current school activities and anything
Ed Sullivan
Don Tisher
                                               else you would like to know about SMHS!
Lui Tuitama
Dr. Roland Winter
Elena Zapien
Randy Zaragoza
                     Memorials – 4/1/10 – 1/31/11
                     Many donors choose to make a gift in memory of a loved one. If you are interested in doing the same, please see the back of this newsletter.
                      Deceased                              Donor                                                                    Memorial
                      Augello, Veronica                    Mari Jo Pezzi                                                             Memorial Fund
                      Basha, Esma                          Joe & Connie Rishwain & Family                                            Memorial Fund
     annual report

                      Bechara, Antoine                     Madelyn Zeiter                                                            Edmond Zeiter Scholarship
                      Beck, Jim                            Jim & Yvonne Pellegri                                                     Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                      Bevilaqua, Violet                    Don & Rose Leonardini                                                     Rose Leonardini Scholarship
                                                           Angelo Stagnaro                                                           William Sanders III Scholarship
                                                           Luigi & Karen Gherardi                                                    Nancy Santos Scholarship
                                                           Angie Mangili                                                             Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Lorna Floro                                                               Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           William Trezza                                                            Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Frank & Kimberly Arburua                                                  Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Jon & Norma Fetters                                                       Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Dale, Florence, Patrick, Christopher Drury and Catie & Marco Marchini     Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Craig Hisaka, John Fujii, Josephine Vo                                    Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Patti J. Wild                                                             Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Claire Anderson                                                           Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           La Verne Mazzilli                                                         Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Julio Cecchetti & Julianne O'Brien                                        Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Barbara Haire Calcagno                                                    Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Bob & Carolyn Deiro                                                       Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Earl Taylor                                                               Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Betty Dal Porto                                                           Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Mr. & Mrs. P. Malanca                                                     Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           James & Rebeca Acosta                                                     Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           New York Life Ins. Co./ Stockton Office                                   Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Harold & Aiko Aoyama                                                      Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Vernon & Marjorie Hellwig                                                 Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Mark & Jan Lucchesi                                                       Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Lex & Marilyn Corrales                                                    Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Mildred McElhany                                                          Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Eleanor Gonzales & Family                                                 Class of '78 Scholarship Fund
                                                           August & Marilyn Dentoni                                                  Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           George & Josephine Gerlomes                                               Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Dwayne & Mary Bacon                                                       Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Diane Kohn-Dias                                                           Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Steve & Su Towne                                                          Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Bank of Agriculture & Commerce                                            Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Jeannette Sanguinetti                                                     Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Stanley & Nancy Yamanaka                                                  Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Rudy & Stephene Croce                                                     Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Charles & Fiorella Green                                                  Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Seldon & Elizabeth Brusa                                                  Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Toni Ulrich                                                               Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Roland Ghazal                                                             Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           D.M. & Margaret Eberhardt                                                 Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Geraldine Moresco                                                         Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Don & Kim Mazzilli                                                        Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Bob & Greta Hermann                                                       Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           William & Lorraine Halvorson                                              Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Kevin & Janet Sharp                                                       Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Ana Anderson                                                              Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Max & Marion Paulsen                                                      SMHS Athletic Dept.
                                                           Dave & Holly Bevilaqua                                                    Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Jim & Denise Cash                                                         Vi Bevilaqua Scholarship Fund
                                                           Dale, Florence, Patrick, & Christopher Drury and Catie & Marco Marchini   Memorial Fund

                      Bisio, Helen                         Frank & Erlene Raspo                                                      Frank & Lenore Raspo Scholarship
                      Boitano, Elsie                       Peter & Cindy Morelli                                                     Morelli Family Scholarship
                      Bosworth, James                      Peter & Cindy Morelli                                                     Morelli Family Scholarship
                      Burke, Edward & Lillian              Ellen Cademartori/Nat, Rocco, & Jenna Cademartori                         Edward & Lillian Burke Scholarship
                                                           Ellen Cademartori/Megan, Katie & Amy Burke                                Edward & Lillian Burke Scholarship
                                                           Ellen Cademartori/Colin, Brendan & Claire Burke                           Edward & Lillian Burke Scholarship
                                                           Ellen Cademartori/Christopher & Julia Underwood                           Edward & Lillian Burke Scholarship
                                                           Ellen Cademartori/Quinn & Will Burke                                      Edward & Lillian Burke Scholarship
                                                           Peter & Cindy Morelli                                                     Morelli Family Scholarship
                      Burke, Jr., Leo                      Judi Ojeda Stanfield Auwinger                                             Leora Stanfield Scholarship
                                                           Angelo Stagnaro                                                           William Sanders III Scholarship
                      Cabral, Stanford                     Arnold & Georgette Toso                                                   Memorial Fund
                                                           Lori Pizzo & Carol Anderson                                               Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                      Calogero, Mary                       LaVerne Mazzilli                                                          Albina Rossi O'Leary Memorial Scholarship
                      Caporruso, Lena                      Robet & Gemma Giannecchini                                                Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
                      Carruesco, Richard                   Craig & Cathy Schrader                                                    SMHS Athletic Dept.
                                                           John & Roxann Fugazi & Family                                             Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
28                                                         Don & Kim Mazzilli                                                        Memorial Fund
                                                           Richard & Diane Chinchiolo                                                 Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship/ Golf Team
Deceased                 Donor                                          Memorial
Chinchiolo, Mary         Carol Anderson                                 Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
Coddington, Dr. Philip   Elizabeth Fitzgerald                           Memorial Fund
Conrady, Marjorie        Dennis, Patsy, Elizabeth Erardi                SMHS Drama Department
Costello, Nadine         Luigi & Karen Gherardi                         SMHS Drama Department
                         James & Joanne Schreiber & Family              SMHS Theatre Department
                         Aimee Chick                                    SMHS Baseball & Water Polo Programs
Cumming, Patricia        Matthew & Barbie Burke                         SMHS Baseball & Water Polo Programs

                                                                                                                  annual report
                         Frank & Kathy Salady                           Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
Devincenzi, Mary         Angelo Stagnaro                                William Sanders III Scholarship
DeWitt, Irene            Michael Bergman                                Memorial Fund
                         Donald & Cynthia Shiromizu                     Leora Stanfield Scholarship
Dill, Noreen             Judi Ojeda Stanfield Auwinger                  Leora Stanfield Scholarship
                         Luigi & Karen Gherardi                         Nancy Santos Scholarship
Ditz, Lorraine           Vivian Simon                                   Memorial Fund
Duhaime, Andrew          Joe & Connie Rishwain & Family                 Memorial Fund
Dunn, Philip             Chip Boggiano                                  Memorial Fund
Errecart, Dominic        Madelyn Zeiter                                 Edmond Zeiter Scholarship
Firpo, Robert            Angelo Stagnaro                                William Sanders III Scholarship
                         Joe and Connie Rishwain & Family               Memorial Fund
Fletcher, Willard        Don & Rose Leonardini                          Memorial Fund
Ford, Nicholas           Frank & Kathy Salady                           Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
Franzia, Antonette       Dante John Nomellini                           Ernie Freitas Scholarship
Freitas, Ernest          John Gallagher                                 Ernie Freitas Scholarship
                         Donald & Ellen Precissi                        Ernie Freitas Scholarship
                         Armando & Mary Vanni                           Ernie Freitas Scholarship
                         Gerald & Betty Escher                          Ernie Freitas Scholarship
                         David & Barbara Silva                          Ernie Freitas Scholarship
                         Joseph & Janet Precissi                        Ernie Freitas Scholarship
                         James & Angela Fisk                            Ernie Freitas Scholarship
                         Gary & Jennifer Giannini                       Giannini Family Scholarship
                         Mr. & Mrs. Edward Giannini                     Giannini Family Scholarship
                         Gary & June Milano                             Ernie Freitas Scholarship
                         Richard, Yvonne, Marisa & Silvio Dell'Aringa   Ernie Freitas Scholarship
                         Jack Mello, Jr.                                Ernie Freitas Scholarship
                         Dale & Florence Drury                          Memorial Fund
Friend, Grace            Frank & Kathy Salady                           Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
Froehlich, Robert        Luigi & Karen Gherardi                         Nancy Santos Scholarship
Fugazi, Ruby             Ralph & Gail Cesena                            SMHS Football Program
Galindo, Deborah         Rick Cesena & Family                           SMHS Football Program
                         Don & Rose Leonardini                          Rose Leonardini Scholarship
                         Joe & Connie Rishwain & Family                 Memorial Fund
                         Steve & Su Towne                               Rhonda Eagal Memorial Scholarship
                         Mari Jo Pezzi                                  Memorial Fund
                         Ada Gall                                       Memorial Fund
Gall, Floyd              Jim & Toni Seney & Family                      Memorial Fund
                         John & Joy Fernandez                           Memorial Fund
                         Patrick & Susan Casey                          Memorial Fund
                         Robert & Patricia Baglietto                    Memorial Fund
                         Gregory & Noreen Basso                         Memorial Fund
                         Mark & Lisa Cunningham                         Memorial Fund
                         Philip & Kathleen Asborno                      Memorial Fund
                         William & Mary Brierly                         Memorial Fund
                         Paula Monroe                                   Memorial Fund
                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sanguinetti                  Memorial Fund
                         Angelo Stagnaro                                William Sanders III Scholarship
                         Martin & Joanne Murphy                         Principal's Scholarship Fund

Garavano, Irene          Brian & Anne Kearney                           Memorial Fund
                         Joe & Connie Rishwain & Family                 Memorial Fund
                         Richard & Diane Chinchiolo                     Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship
                         Angelo Stagnaro                                William Sanders III Scholarship
                         Andrew & Louise Mangili                        Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                         Frank & Erlene Raspo                           Bernice Peirano Scholarship
                         Loretta Lechich                                Memorial Fund
                         Donald & Joleene Peirano                       Memorial Fund
                         Eugene & Dianne Gini                           Lisa Dianne Gini Memorial Scholarship
                         Judi Ojeda Stanfield Auwinger                  Leora Stanfield Scholarship
Garcino, Joe             Greg & Kathy Smith                             Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
George, Dan              Frank & Kathy Salady                           Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
Gherardi, Cesarina       Gary & Jennifer Giannini                       Class of 1978 Scholarship                                 29
                     Deceased                 Donor                                                                            Memorial
                     Gibson, Duane & Jessie   Joyce Weber                                                                      Memorial Fund
                                              Angelo Stagnaro                                                                  William Sanders III Scholarship
                                              George & Cherie Gibson                                                           Jeff Gibson Scholarship
                     Gibson, Jeff             Peter & Cynthia Morelli                                                          Morelli Family Scholarship
                     Girardi, Louis           Sister Marie Molini, O.P.                                                        Memorial Fund
                                              Angelo Stagnaro                                                                  William Sanders III Scholarship
                                              Lynda Bentz                                                                      SMHS Annual Fund
     annual report

                     Goonan, Frank            Lynda Bentz                                                                      SMHS Annual Fund
                     Goonan, Mary             Lynda Bentz                                                                      SMHS Annual Fund
                     Goonan, Michael          Frank & Kathy Salady                                                             Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
                     Grubb, Dorothy           Judi Ojeda Stanfield Auwinger                                                    Leora Stanfield Scholarship
                     Henderson, Viola         Dennis, Patsy & Elizabeth Erardi                                                 SMHS Music Department/Choir Program
                     Hodgdon, Ann             Angelo Stagnaro                                                                  William Sanders III Scholarship
                     Holdren, Denis           Frank & Kathy Salady                                                             Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
                     Kennard, Katherine       Dennis & Judy Green                                                              SMHS Tennis Program
                     Kern, Dian               Omega Nu Sorority, Rho Eta Chapter                                               SMHS Tennis Program
                                              Mary Hill                                                                        Memorial Fund
                     Keys, John               Henry & Carol Zeiter, John Zeiter                                                David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Dr. Michel & Nadia Khoury                                                        David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Elias & Nancy Jammal                                                             David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              George, Norena & Antonia Badway                                                  David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Jeremiah Glodoveza & Margret Paynor                                              David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Michel & Therese Jammal                                                          David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Nathan & Melissa Bennett                                                         David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Nina Blackwell,Terrell Karlsten, Amae Allman                                     David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Pete Krengel                                                                     David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Peter & Cindy Morelli                                                            Morelli Family Scholarship
                                              Roger & Jane Speed                                                               David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Gene & Linda Dahl                                                                David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Frederick W. Feilzer, Jr., & Family                                              David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Gail J. M. Brooks                                                                David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Jacquelynne Klo, Mr. & Mrs. James Klo, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. James Klo, Jr. & Family   David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Jonathan K. Loo                                                                  David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Luigi & Karen Gherardi                                                           David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Lynn & Debbie Johnson                                                            David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Michael & Julia Scriven                                                          David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Michael & Maryann Lair                                                           David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Robert & Susan Pirie                                                             David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Vladimir & Margaret Kozina                                                       David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Kasey Malcoun                                                                    David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Peter & Maria Jammal                                                             David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Shari Potter                                                                     David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              SMHS Sunshine Club                                                               David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Stephanie Feilzer                                                                David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Steve & Su Towne                                                                 David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Angie Mangili                                                                    David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Don & Rose Leonardini                                                            David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              The Ernie Biscaia Family                                                         David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Sister Marie Molini, O.P.                                                        David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Georgette Nahhas & Mona Mortola                                                  David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Martin and Melitta Heli & Family                                                 David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Frank & Kathy Salady                                                             Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
                                              Michael & Gay Calosso                                                            David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Frisbie-Warren & Carroll Mortuary                                                David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Gregory & Denise Heli                                                            David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Sumaya Fanous                                                                    David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Raymond & Catherine Bahou                                                        David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Yvonne Khouri & Bassam Salameh                                                   David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Kathleen Kucich                                                                  David G. Khoury Scholarship
                                              Joe & Connie Rishwain & Family                                                   Memorial Fund
                     Kim, Danny               Frank & Erlene Raspo                                                             Class of 1956 Scholarship
                     Kinser, Larry            Michael Bergman                                                                  Memorial Fund
                                              Patricia Przybycien                                                              SMHS Theater Fund
                     Krenecki, George         Matt & Rosemary Katicich                                                         SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Marie Mastroianni                                                                SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Mary Rajkovich                                                                   SMHS Theater Fund
                                              The Picchi Family                                                                SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Daniel & Shari De Angelis                                                        SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Andrew & Margaret Dasso                                                          SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Garrett Rajkovich                                                                SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Randy & Robyn Rajkovich                                                          SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Marc & Nikette Pujalet                                                           SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Donavan & Rose Allee                                                             SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Gary & Jennifer Giannini                                                         SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Wednesday Bunco Gals/Pat Kawada                                                  SMHS Theater Fund
                                              Andy & Louise Mangili                                                            Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                                              Frank & Kathy Salady                                                             Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
                     Lagorio, Camie           Judi Ojeda Stanfield Auwinger                                                    Leora Stanfield Scholarship
Deceased                  Donor                                            Memorial
Lepe, Francisco Filemon   Steve Lujan                                      Memorial Fund
Lujan, Connie             Joe & Connie Rishwain & Family                   Memorial Fund
Machado, Robert           Mari Jo Pezzi                                    Memorial Fund
Maguire, Karen            Angelo Stagnaro                                  William Sanders III Scholarship
                          Frank & Kathy Salady                             Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
                          Marilyn Shepherd                                 Memorial Fund
                          Luigi & Karen Gherardi                           Nancy Santos Scholarship

                                                                                                                     annual report
Manuel, Marianne          Luigi & Karen Gherardi                           Library Scholarship Fund
Marquez, Ray              Don & Rose Leonardini                            Rose Leonardini Scholarship
                          Mark & Mikki Kindelberger                        Library Scholarship Fund
                          Sister Marie Molini, O.P.                        SMHS Annual Fund
                          Dean & Kathleen Janssen                          Memorial Fund
Marrello, Leonara         Lori Pizzo & Carol Anderson                      Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                          Sister Marie Molini, O.P.                        Memorial Fund
Mc Donnell, Dennis        Frank & Kathy Salady                             Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
McGurk, Norman & Gladys   John Gotelli                                     Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship
McKeegan, Alyce           Angelo Stagnaro                                  William Sanders III Scholarship
Michelotti, Carlo         Philip & Kathleen Asborno                        Memorial Fund
                          Michael Bergman                                  Memorial Fund
                          Ron & Joylyn Novacek                             Class of 1956 Scholarship
                          Tom & Beverly Maragliano                         Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Arnold & Georgette Toso                          Memorial Fund
                          Frank & Erlene Raspo                             Class of 1956 Scholarship
                          Gene & Mary Even                                 Class of 1956 Scholarship
                          George & Cherie Gibson                           Memorial Fund
Misasi, Anne              Judi Ojeda Stanfield Auwinger                    Leora Stanfield Scholarship
                          Don & Rose Leonardini                            Rose Leonardini Scholarship
Montez, Stella            Sister Marie Molini, O.P.                        Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          Brad Hardesty                                    Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          William Trezza- Bank of Agriculture & Commerce   Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          Gene & Yvonne Tibon                              Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          Don & Karylene Mann                              Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          Thomas & Dena Hernandez                          Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          William Trezza                                   Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          Jackie Delaney                                   Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          Linda Dillon                                     Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          William Keller & Ray Louviere                    Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          Edward & Patricia Schroeder                      Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          Steve & Diane Malcoun                            Capital Campaign
                          Barbara Tankersley & Beverly Chapa               Thomas & Stella Montez Scholarship
                          Antoinette Pombo                                 Patricia Stewart Scholarship
Montgomery, Geraldine     Ole & Alice Christensen                          Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Fred & Jo Picchi                                 Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Roger & Mary Haack                               Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Tom & Beverly Maragliano                         Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Angie Mangili                                    Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Silvio & Nadine Vaccarezza                       Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Jim & Penny Burke                                SMHS Scholarship Fund
                          Andrew & Louise Mangili                          Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Frank & Erlene Raspo                             Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Daniel & Margaret Sirolly                        Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Betty Stewart                                    Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          Luigi & Karen Gherardi                           Nancy Santos Scholarship
Moore, Tim                Peter & Cindy Morelli                            Morelli Family Scholarship
Morelli, Pete & Marie     Kathy Fay                                        Morelli Family Scholarship
                          Andrew & Louise Mangili                          Patricia Stewart Scholarship
Moreno, Tony              George & Suzette Dohrman                         Memorial Fund
Murray, Adell             Joe & Connie Rishwain & Family                   Memorial Fund
                          Richard & Diane Chinchiolo                       Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship
Nave, Esther              Tom & Beverly Maragliano                         Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                          John Gotelli                                     Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship
                          Bert & Darlene Schenone                          Jimmy Cozad Scholarship
Ogden, Phil               Arthur & Joan Carey                              Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
Pagano, Virginia          Carmen Costa                                     Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                          Dennis & Judy Green                              Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                          Toinette & Valerie Rossi                         Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                          Emanuel & Lori D'Albora                          Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                          Marla & Katie Nahorn                             Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                          Christine Sanfilippo                             Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                          Kevin & Jennifer Green                           Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                          John & Renee Nickerson                           Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                          Jim & Yvonne Pellegri                            Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship
                          Philomena Pizzo                                  Anthony & Rita Morelli Scholarship                        31
                          Angelo Stagnaro                                  William Sanders III Scholarship
                     Deceased      Donor                                                                  Memorial
                     Pereira, Al   The Segal Co. & Sibson Consulting                                      SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   William Leavy                                                          SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Hochuli Crew: Chad, Tom, Mark, Craig, Don, Ron, Roger & Tom            SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Jeffrey & Susan Verne                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Jack & Kathy Wood                                                      SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   James & Carol Quirk                                                    SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Jeffrey A. Seeman                                                      SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   John & Maxine Ferraiolo                                                SMHS Baseball Fund
     annual report

                                   The Rizzi Family                                                       SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Scott & Cheryl Dawson                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Albert & June Hynes                                                    SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Bill, Marsha & Garrett Athan                                           SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Bob Beckham                                                            SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   C. Jeffery Triplette                                                   SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Darryl & Virginia Freed                                                SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   David & Barbara Silva                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Dr. James Jordan                                                       SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Dwayne & Alice McClendon                                               SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Edgar Camp, Jr.                                                        SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Gregory O'Leary                                                        SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Guy & Joan Gibbs                                                       SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Howard & Margaret Fluhr                                                SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   James & Mary Mello                                                     SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Joe & Linda Borgia                                                     SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Joseph & Mary Larrew                                                   SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Lisa Hatter                                                            SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Michael & Julia Scriven                                                SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Mike Port, Vice President of Umpiring at Major League Baseball         SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Nancy Behar                                                            SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   National Football League Referees Association                          SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Peter & Cindy Morelli                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Peter Schmitz                                                          SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Robert & Julie Vernatchi                                               SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Sidney & Dauna Semon                                                   SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Terrence & Aspen Miles & Family                                        SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Walter & Cynthia Coleman                                               SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   William & Marilyn McCabe                                               SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   William R. Trezza                                                      SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Donna J. Burke                                                         SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Alan & Sandra Giovannoni, Bob & Jolene Giovannoni, Lori & Bart Greim   SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Alford & Diann Dyer                                                    SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Ann Schmitz                                                            SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Bernie & Deborah Morganstern                                           SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Bill & Joan Simoni                                                     SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Bob & Carol Garibaldi                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Deborah De Ganna                                                       SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Dick & Karen Winger                                                    SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Donald & Ellen Precissi                                                SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   George & Irene Segale                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Greg & Debby Meyer                                                     SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Jesters Club                                                           SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Linda Lucaccini                                                        SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Lory & Victoria Mussi                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   National Assoc. of Sports Officials                                    SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Pat & Donna Montana                                                    SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Referee Enterprises, Inc.                                              SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Roberta Nichols                                                        SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Rod & Carlene Metzler and Trevor                                       SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Timothy & Kathy Podraza                                                SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Victor & Thelma De Ganna                                               SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Geraldine Nogare                                                       SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Ernie Segale                                                           SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Fred & Jo Picchi                                                       SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   George & Josephine Gerlomes                                            SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Margaret Williams                                                      SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   May Logan                                                              SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Richard & Barbara Hantak                                               SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Ronald & Marie Baynes                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Sylvia Jean Licciardi                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Virginia Kranz                                                         SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Albert & Teresa Garibaldi                                              SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Angelo Stagnaro                                                        SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Anthony Corrente                                                       SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Mary, Valerie & Pamela Fong                                            SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Michael & Kathleen Spanier                                             SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   David & Patricia Parry                                                 SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Don & Patricia Lancaster                                               SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Robert & Dana Nicholson                                                SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   James & Janet Sweeney                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Mark & Linda Ragno                                                     SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Jerry & Marilyn Seeman                                                 SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Vern Sparling, WACFOA                                                  SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Anonymous                                                              SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Roy & Charlotte Snyder                                                 SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Thomas Stabile                                                         SMHS Baseball Fund
                                   Richard & Diane Chinchiolo                                             Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship
Deceased                       Donor                                           Memorial
Picchi, Fred                   John Gotelli                                    Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship
                               Tom & Beverly Maragliano                        Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                               Jim & Penny Burke                               Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                               Silvio & Nadine Vaccarezza                      Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                               Andy & Louise Mangili                           Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                               Arnold & Georgette Toso                         Memorial Fund
                               James Lagorio                                   Patricia Stewart Scholarship

                                                                                                                         annual report
                               Frank & Erlene Raspo                            Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                               James & Angela Fisk                             Giannini Family Scholarship
                               Gary & Jennifer Giannini                        Giannini Family Scholarship
                               Mr. & Mrs. Edward Giannini                      Giannini Family Scholarship
                               Jose Hanagan & Family                           Principal's Scholarship Fund

Pombo, Damon                   Jose Hanagan & Family                           Principal's Scholarship Fund
Praegitzer, Tom                John Gotelli                                    Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship
Prato, Frances                 Richard & Diane Chinchiolo                      Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship
Prestigiovanni, Theresa        Joe & Connie Rishwain & Family                  Memorial Fund
Ratto, Minnie                  John & Chris Gotelli                            Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship
                               Eileen Schene                                   Jim Schene Scholarship

Reed, Ernest                   Angelo Stagnaro                                 William Sanders III Scholarship
                               Frank & Kathy Salady                            Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
Reischman, Joseph & Virginia   Greg & Kathy Smith                              Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
                               Luigi & Karen Gherardi                          Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
                               Mildred McElhany                                Memorial Fund
Rinker, Glen                   Judi Ojeda Stanfield Auwinger                   Leora Stanfield Scholarship
Rishwain, Eddie                Robert & Karen Rishwain                         Memorial Fund
Rishwain, Rose Romley          Frank & Kathy Salady                            Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship
                               John E. Moran & Carolyn Mc Dougall              Memorial Fund
                               Dean & Kathleen Janssen                         Chapel Building Project
                               Dr. & Mrs. Leonid Kamenetsky                    Memorial Fund
                               Frank & Irene Garavano                          Memorial Fund
                               Frank & Patricia Kim                            Memorial Scholarship Fund
                               Gerald & Patty Shipman                          Memorial Fund
                               Henry & Cathy Eilers                            Memorial Fund
                               Henry & Octavia Barkett                         Memorial Fund
                               James and Denise Dudum & Family                 Memorial Fund
                               John & Julie Rule                               Memorial Fund
                               Lex & Joyce Corrales                            Memorial Fund
                               Nad & Renee Malcoun                             Edmond Zeiter Scholarship
                               Pete & Joanne Murphy                            SMHS Scholarship Fund
                               Robert & Barbara Foy                            Memorial Fund
                               Robert & Jacqueline Young                       Memorial Fund
                               Rod & Kathy Fuller                              Sam Abdallah Scholarship
                               William Trezza/Bank of Agriculture & Commerce   Memorial Fund
                               Adam & Ashley Kim-Stump                         Memorial Fund
                               Conrad & Shu-Ping Lee Mar                       Memorial Fund
                               Dennis & Judy Green                             Memorial Fund
                               Gregory & Noreen Basso                          Memorial Fund
                               Jack & Suzanne Darley                           Memorial Fund
                               Phil & Sue Courey                               Edmond Zeiter Scholarship
                               Robert J. Clark                                 Memorial Fund
                               Peter & Cindy Morelli                           Morelli Family Scholarship
                               Madelyn Zeiter                                  Edmond Zeiter Scholarship
                               Barbara Haire Calcagno                          Sister David Barry, O.P. Scholarship
                               Frank & Erlene Raspo                            SMHS Class of 1956 Scholarship
                               Bill & Gayle Maduros                            Memorial Fund
                               Jeffrey, Forrest & Debbie Greenberg             Memorial Fund
                               Philip & Kathleen Asborno                       Memorial Fund
                               Richard & Yvonne Dell'Aringa & Family           Memorial Fund
                               Roger & Gertie Newman                           SMHS Scholarship Fund
                               Tony & Renee Abdallah                           Memorial Fund
                               Albert & Teresa Garibaldi                       Memorial Fund
                               Kathryne Abdallah Griffin                       Sam Abdallah Scholarship
                               Angelo Stagnaro                                 William Sanders III Scholarship
                               Grace Bueno                                     Memorial Fund
                               Ilse Antonelli                                  Memorial Fund
                               Joyce Weber                                     Memorial Fund

Roeser, Dr. Erwin              Diane Stauffer                                  Memorial Fund
Rojas, Dennis                  Max & Marion Paulsen                            SMHS Athletic Dept.
                     Deceased                        Donor                                                 Memorial
                     Rosso, Elaine                   Sister Marie Molini, O.P.                             SMHS Scholarship Fund
                     Rotert, Lola                    Tony & Rene Abdallah                                  Morelli Family Scholarship
                     Ruffin, Betty                   LaVerne Mazzilli                                      Burke & O'Leary Scholarships
                     Ruscigno, Joseph                Lynda Bentz                                           SMHS Annual Fund
                     Ryder, Mary                     Judi Slayton                                          Anthony Sadek Scholarship
     annual report

                     Sadek, Anthony                  Donald & Charmaine Behler                             Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Jim & Carole Kiefer                                   Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     James Bryon                                           Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Russ & Mitzi Shepherd                                 Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Raymond & Beth Goodwin                                Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Kelley Jennings                            Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Mary Nelson                                           Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Dennis & Judy Green                                   Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Frank & Erlene Raspo                                  Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Russ & Gail Sturdyvin                                 Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Jim & Carla Donaldson                                 Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Fred & Nancy Lee                                      Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     James & Judith Dages                                  Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Raymond & Joan Lederman                               Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     James DeLorme & Sharon McKeone                        Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Robert & Kathleen Chinchiolo                          Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Joe Gotelli & Sons                                    Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Joan Gacek & Jeanine Gacek-Marcheschi                 Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Robert & Lisa Lucchesi                                Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Robert & Barbara Schroeder                            Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Shirley Kuehn                                         Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Charles & Diane O'Brien                               Anthony Sadek Scholarship
                                                     Diane & Anne Stauffer                                 Memorial Fund

                     Santiago, Abel                  Don & Rose leonardini                                 Rose Leonardini Scholarship
                     Slatter, John                   Jim & Debra Leonardini                                Rose Leonardini Scholarship
                                                     Frank & Kathy Salady                                  Joseph & Virginia Reischman Scholarship

                     Standart, O.P.,Sister Colette   Donald & Cynthia Shiromizu                            Leora Stanfield Scholarship
                     Stanfield, Leora                Andy & Louise Mangili                                 Patricia Stewart Scholarship
                     Stiers, Anita                   Roger & Gertie Newman                                 Mary Devincenzi Scholarship
                     Stories, Elsie                  Andrew & Rosemary Vartanian                           Memorial Fund
                     Tekerlek, Zaven                 Bank of Agriculture & Commerce                        Memorial Fund
                     Thompson, Noreen                Gregory & Noreen Basso                                Memorial Fund
                                                     Lex & Joyce Corrales                                  Memorial Fund

                     Tohlen, Shirley                 Siegfried Engineering                                 Memorial Fund
                                                     Victoria Corrales                                     Memorial Fund
                                                     Arnold & Georgette Toso                               Memorial Fund
                     Toso, Harold                    Sara Lee Madden                                       Memorial Fund
                                                     Don & Joleene Peirano                                 Memorial Fund
                                                     Don & Rose Leonardini                                 Memorial Fund
                     Towne, Bill                     Bert & Darlene Schenone                               Jimmy Cozad Scholarship
                     Vignolo, Gina                   James & Angela Fisk                                   Giannini Family Scholarship
                     Waters, Joann                   Kare Bears at Summerset Orchard                       Memorial Fund
                     Weliver, Donald                 Janice Bianchini                                      SMHS Educational Fund
                                                     Mary Jo Williams                                      George Williams Memorial Scholarship
                     Williams, George                Angelo & Grace Petrini                                Principal's Scholarship Fund
                     Yagi, Peter                     Shirley Castiglione Benson                            Memorial Scholarship Fund
                     Ybarra, Lloyd

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                                                                                 alumni, up-coming events, current school activities and
                                                                                 anything else you would like to know about SMHS!

Special Occasions – 3/3/09 – 4/1/10
Many donors choose to make a gift in memory of a loved one. If you are interested in doing the same, please see the back of this newsletter.
 Deceased                              Donor                                                             Memorial
 Greg & Noreen Basso              Pamala Segale                                   Basso Scholarship Fund
 Ernie & Alice Biscaia            Ernie & Paula Biscaia                           Christmas Gift/57th Wedding Anniversary Gift/ Cindi Biscaia Scholarship

                                                                                                                                                            annual report
 Marian Canepa                    Richard & Diane Chinchiolo                      Birthday Gift/Tony Gotelli Scholarship
 Marian Canepa                    William Trezza                                  Birthday Gift
 Debby Catanio                    Ella Pombo                                      Christmas Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Mary Jean Enderle                Ella Pombo                                      Christmas Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Father John Fallon, O.S.F.S.     Louise & Audrey Shoneff                         Greetings
 Tony Gotelli                     Richard & Diane Chinchiolo                      Father's Day Remembrance/Tony Gotelli Sports Scholarship
 Rose Leonardini                  Frank & Kathy Salady                            50 years of teaching/Rose Leonardini Scholarship
 Rose Leonardini                  Luigi & Karen Gherardi                          50 years of teaching/Rose Leonardini Scholarship
 Rose Leonardini                  Gary & Jennifer Giannini                        50 years of teaching/Rose Leonardini Scholarship
 Rose Leonardini                  Casey & Annette Knowles                         50 years of teaching/Rose Leonardini Scholarship
 Dick & Pat Mancebo               Frank & Lisa Passadore                          Chapel Renovation Fund
 Jeanette Marcucci                Ella Pombo                                      Christmas Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Ernest Medina                    George & Elizabeth Vezaldenos                   Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Ivo & Nelda Pesetti                             Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Sally Contreras                                 Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Louis Rivera Trucking Co.                       Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Francine Leonis                                 Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Josie Gonzales                                  Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    E.H. & L.M. Haskin                              Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Robert & Diana Morgan                           Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Rosario & Stella Herrera                        Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Carmen Fernandez                                Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Lisa Herzick-Pronechen                          Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Christopher & Irene Silva                       Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Ricardo & Mary Macias                           Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Louis Rivera                                    Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Gregorio & Ruth Reyes                           Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    John & Charlene Grijalva                        Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    John & Dolores Herzick                          Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    John & Andrea Catanzaro                         Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Elisa Ruiz                                      Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Dante & Susan Ruiz                              Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Linda Castro                                    Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Henry & Angie Long                              Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Ruth Lukschu                                    Birthday Gift
 Ernest Medina                    Carlos & Diana Espinoza                         Birthday Gift
 Mrs. Jerry Mettler               Richard & Diane Chinchiolo                      Birthday Gift/Tony Gotelli Scholarship
 Peter Morelli                    Kathy Fay                                       Birthday Gift
 Ella Pombo                       James & Carol Sanguinetti                       Birthday Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Ella Pombo                       Jeanette Pombo Marcucci                         Christmas Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Ella Pombo                       Antoinette Pombo                                Mother's Day Gift/Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Ella Pombo                       Ernie, Elaine & Ernie,Jr. Pombo                 Mother's Day & Birthday Gift/Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Ella Pombo                       Antoinette Pombo                                Birthday Gift/Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Ella Pombo                       Antoinette Pombo                                Christmas Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Ella Pombo                       Mary Pombo Enderle                              Christmas Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Ella Pombo                       Cheryl Soda & Family                            Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Ella Pombo                       Frank Enderle                                   Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Ernie Pombo                      Ella Pombo                                      Christmas Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Toni Pombo                       Ella Pombo                                      Birthday Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Toni Pombo                       Ella Pombo                                      Christmas Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 Carol Sanguinetti                Ella Pombo                                      Christmas Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 SMHS Boys' Tennis                Craig James                                     Charitable Donation
 SMHS Chapel Fund                 Mary Ann Mahoney                                Charitable Donation
 SMHS Chapel Fund                 Class of 1950                                   Charitable Donation
 SMHS General Fund                Paul Gotelli, O-G Packing                       Charitable Donation
 SMHS Scholarship Fund            Mary Ann Mahoney                                Charitable Donation
 Cheri Soda                       Ella Pombo                                      Christmas Gift/ Damon Pombo Scholarship
 St. Mary's High School           Ernest & Helen Medina                           Charitable Donation                                                                       35
          traditions                                                                                                      Non-Profit
                                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
          St. Mary’s High School
                                                                                                                          St. Mary’s
          Development Office                                                                                             High School
          PO Box 7247
          Stockton, CA 95267-0247
          aDDress serViCe reQUesteD

         Parents, if you are receiving your SMHS
         graduate’s Traditions, although he/she is no
         longer at this mailing address, please let us know
         so we can change our records. We will be glad to
         send a copy to the graduate’s new address. If you
         enjoy reading this publication but do not receive
         a copy of your own, let us know that, too. We
         will also send a copy to you. Thank you.

Memorial Gifts                                            In the Name of:
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A tribute gift is a special way to honor or
remember a loved one. Upon receipt of your                Address:
contribution, an acknowledgement card will
be sent to the person designated, stating that a          City:                                   State:         Zip:

donation has been received.                               Donor’s Name:
When you honor the memory of a deceased
person, you help a student who has lost a parent.
St. Mary’s living benefactors are remembered at           City:                                   State:         Zip:
Mass on the First Friday of each month.
                                                          How do you wish the card signed?
The names of the deceased are inscribed in our
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special Mass on the third Wednesday of each
month in the St. Mary’s chapel.
                                                              In Memory of          Scholarship               Birthday      Anniversary
please mail form to:
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PO Box 7247
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