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					                                                                   Sheriff’s Sales of Real Estate                                                                        Printed
                                                                 Clermont County Sheriff's Office                                                           01-25-2013    13:58:24

                                                             4470 State Route 222 Batavia, OH 45103
                           Important: This list is provided for informational purposes only. The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office assumes no liability for erroneous information.
                           For the properties listed here, an Order of Sale has been received, an exterior only appraisal has been performed and a sale date has been set. The
                           Sheriff’s Office has no information on foreclosures prior to the Court ordering the sale. A sale may be cancelled at any time before the actual sale.
                           NOTE: When arriving for sales, please park in the Municipal Court parking lot adjacent to the Sheriff's Office Visitor's lot and use the sidewalk to
                           access the Sheriff's Office

Case#                                                                                                                                    Exterior
Auction Date    Address / PPN               Plaintiff...           Vs.           Defendant...              Laywer / Phone #              Appraisal      Opening Bid
2009-CVE-0347   1138 Will O Ee Drive        U.S. Bank national Association as   Joey D. Campbell, et al.   Miranda S. Hamrick           $90,000.00        Cancelled
                Amelia, OH 45102            Trustee for Credit Suisse First                                513-241-3100
2/5/2013                                    Boston HEAT 2005-1

2010-CVE-2234   1161 Deblin Drive           Chase Home Fiance LLC               Martin S. Tynan, et al.    Douglas A. Haessig           $75,000.00        Cancelled
                Milford, Oh 45150                                                                          330-425-4201

2012-CVE-0889   442 Walker Street           Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B.        Michael B. Reuss, et al.   Pamela A. Fehring           $110,000.00        Cancelled
                Loveland, Oh 45140                                                                         513-241-3100
                200610.071, 200610.072.

2010-CVE-0800   1531 Woodville Pike         The Bank of New York Mellon         Dara Wall, et al.          Lori N. Wright               $40,000.00         $26,666.67
                Loveland, OH 45140          Trust Company, NA fk The Bank                                  513-241-3100
2/5/2013                                    of New York Trust Company, N.A.
                                            as successor to JPMorgan Chase
                                            Bank N.A. as Trustee

2010-CVE-0927   1281 Kilbrannen             Chase Home Finance, LLC.            Ammar N. Daoud, et al.     Douglas A. Haessig          $175,000.00        $116,666.67
                Court Batavia, OH                                                                          330-425-0339
2/5/2013        45103

2010-CVE-1524   6246 Branch Hill            BAC Home Loans Servicing , L.P.     Lisa Eccles aka Lisa e.    S. Scott Martin             $100,000.00         $66,666.67
                Guinea Pike                 fka Countrywide Home Loans          Eccles, et al.             513-241-3100
2/5/2013        Loveland, Oh 45140          Servicing, L.P.

2011-CVE-0117   5659 Bucktown Road          Bank of America, National           Gary W. Dalton, et al.     John R. Cummins              $75,000.00         $50,000.00
                Williamsburg, OH            Association                                                    614-222-4921
2/5/2013        45176

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Case#                                                                                                                           Exterior
Auction Date    Address / PPN           Plaintiff...            Vs.          Defendant...                 Laywer / Phone #      Appraisal    Opening Bid
2011-CVE-0807   5626 Dry Run Road       U.S. Bank National Association,     Ronald J. Meadows, Sr. aka    Erin M. Laurito      $190,000.00    $126,666.67
                Milford, Oh 45150       as Trustee for the Benefit of       Ronald James Meadows, Sr.      937-743-4878
2/5/2013                                Harborview 2005-10 Trust Fund       aka Ronald J. Meadows aka
                                                                            Ronald Meadows, et al.

2011-CVE-1761   1219 Obannon Creek      Third Federal Savings & Loan        Joel Vinsant, et al.          David W. Cliffe      $300,000.00    $200,000.00
                Lane Loveland, OH       Association of Cleveland                                          800-910-4249
2/5/2013        45140

2011-CVE-1883   5422 Hillside Terrace   JPMorgan Chase Bank, National       Hoyt B. Malsbary, et al.      Craig A. Thomas      $125,000.00     $83,333.34
                Milford, Oh 45150       Association                                                       513-241-3100

2011-CVE-1901   2041 Sheriton Court     Cameron Crossing Owners             Sarah A. Wiegman, et al.      Kevin L. Willaims    $90,000.00      $60,000.00
                Loveland, Oh 45140      Association, Inc.                                                 614-222-4921

2012-CVE-0120   3624 Bootjack Corner    JPMorgan Chase Bank, National       Robert E. Bailey, et al.      Tina R. Edmondson    $100,000.00     $66,666.67
                Road Williamsburg,      Association                                                       513-241-3100
2/5/2013        Oh 45176

2012-CVE-0223   6591 Rosewood Lane      Community Savings Bank              Ken Stringer, Inc., et al.    Brian W. Wais        $240,000.00    $160,000.00
                Goshen, Oh 45122                                                                          513-421-1313

2012-CVE-0232   3470 Behymer Road       The Bank of New York Mellon fka     Arlene Spears aka Arlene F.   John R. Cummins      $90,000.00      $60,000.00
                Cincinnati, Oh 45245    The Bank of New York as Trustee     Spears, et al.                614-222-4921
2/5/2013                                for the Certificateholders CWALT,
                                        Inc. Alternative Loan Trust 2005-
                                        85CB Mortgage Pass-Through
                                        Certificates, Series 2005-85CB

2012-CVE-0342   5984 Belfast Road       Federal Home Loan Mortgage          Robin G. Lewis, et al.        Jennifer N. Heller   $70,000.00      $46,666.67
                Goshen, Oh 45122        Corporation                                                       513-241-3100

2012-CVE-0491   6307 Roudebush          HSBC Bank USA N.A. as Trustee       David Bauer, et al.           Kriss D. Felty       $145,000.00     $96,666.67
                Road Goshen, Oh         for the Registered Holders of                                     216-588-1500
2/5/2013        45122                   Nomura Home Equity Loan, Inc.,
                                        Asset-Backed Certificates, Series

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Case#                                                                                                                                Exterior
Auction Date    Address / PPN              Plaintiff...             Vs.          Defendant...                Laywer / Phone #        Appraisal    Opening Bid
2012-CVE-0590   5731 East Tall Oaks        Residential Credit Solutions, Inc.   Bertie L. McGinnis and       Ryan F. Hemmerle       $105,000.00     $70,000.00
                Drive Milford, Oh                                               Thomas M. McGinnis, et al.    513-322-7000
2/5/2013        45150

2012-CVE-0594   1288 Carawill Drive        Fifth Third Mortgage Company         Allyn Meier aka Allyn K.     Maria Divita           $190,000.00    $126,666.67
                Loveland, Oh 45140                                              Meier, et al.                513-241-3100

2012-CVE-0724   2309 Woodville Pike        JPMorgan Chase Bank, National        Scott N. Greene, et al.      Michael E. Carleton    $70,000.00      $46,666.67
                Goshen, Oh 45122           Association                                                       614-222-4921

2012-CVE-0799   5643 Dry Run Road          Bank of America, N.A., successor     Maria M. Dellerman, et al.   Jeffrey R. Jinkens     $120,000.00     $80,000.00
                Milford, Oh 45150          by merger to BAC Home Loans                                       614-221-7663
2/5/2013                                   Servicing, LP fka Countrywide
                                           Home Loans Servicing, LP
                182406B077 & 182406B079

2012-CVE-0880   1190 Deblin Drive          Deutsche Bank National Trust         Edward L. Petrey, et al.     Pamela A. Fehring      $120,000.00     $80,000.00
                Milford, Oh 45150          Company, as Trustee for FFMLT                                     513-241-3100
2/5/2013                                   2006-FF13

2012-CVE-0971   5643 Miss Royal Pass       Bank of America, N. A. successor     Scott E. Sams, et al.        Bethany L. Suttinger   $230,000.00    $153,333.34
                Drive Loveland, Oh         by mergerto BAC Home Loans                                        513-241-3100
2/5/2013        45140                      Servicing, LP fka Countrywide
                                           Home Loans Servicing, LP

2012-CVE-1172   1112 Sophia Drive          Wells Fargo Bank, NA                 Stephanie Swingle, et al.    Michael E. Carleton    $210,000.00    $140,000.00
                Milford, Oh 45150
                182411E198, 182411E198T

2012-CVE-1228   1351 Norma Lane            The Huntington National Bank         Morris V. Collett, et al.    Nicholas J. Cardinal   $90,000.00      $60,000.00
                Loveland, Oh 45140                                                                           216-360-7200
                114310A020 & 114310B011B

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