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     Answer to the AER call
 for Regional Best Practices on
        Climate Change
                                                 !AMPS!IRE COUNTY COUNCI0


       NAME O2 T!E PRO5ECT                ESPACE 6 European Spatial Planning Adapting to Climate EDents

          2IE0F O2 ACTIGITY               NWE Interreg IIIB Pro.ect

            STARTING FATE                 September 2003

            C0OSURE FATE                  August 2007 - main pro.ect
                                          August 2008 - e?tension
                1E40INH                   www.espace-pro.ect.org

            T!E PRO5ECT        Hampshire County Council (Head)
    Project carried on only by
    your region?               KL: West Susse?N SurreyN SEERAN SECCPN Environment Agency

                                          Netherlands: Ministry van RROMN Waterschapp Rivierenland
    With other regions?
                                          Belgium: Regional Handschapp Tenne, Tuun en Tonien
    With other local
    stakeholders?                         Germany: Bavaria Environment Agency

          MAIN FESCRIPTION                A 4 year pro.ect looking at how spatial planning systems need to change to
                                          enable adaptation to climate change.
                                          Harge E?tended Partnership (200Y) so great deal of input and dissemination
                                          outside core partners.
                                          Results of interest to many, including European Environment Agency and DG

          HEY 1ORFS
      C!ARACTERIIING YOUR                 Climate change adaptationN water managementN change managementN spatial
           PRO5ECT                        planning

! rue &berlin + ,+!-... S01AS3&41G
0el6 788 9.:8 ;; << .- .- + ,a>6 788 9.:8 ;; -? !- @A
B+mail6 secretariatGaerHeu + Iebsite6 JJJHaerHeu

!AM$ &' (H$ *+&,$C(    Climate C4ange C7mmi88i7n

  '9$:D &' AC(9<9(=    "esearch/po,ic.

   >(A+(9!G DA($       Apri, 0112

   C:&>@+$ DA($        3cto5er 0112

      A$B:9!C          http6//77789hants9;o<9uk/c,imatechan;e/c,imate@chan;e@commission9htm

*A+(!$+> A>>&C9A($D    Commission set up 5. Bampshire Count. Counci,9
   (& (H$ *+&,$C(      Commissioners inc,uCeC po,iticiansD scientistsD ;o<ernment anC meCia9

  MA9! D$>C+9*(9&!     Ehe aim oF the Commission 7as to consiCer the main areas oF c,imate
                       chan;e impactD anC to iCentiF. anC prioritise action to 5ui,C more ,oca,
                       resi,ience to these impacts9


    C$= A&+D>          Itakeho,CersJ researchJ po,ic.J aCaptation
CHA+AC($+9D9!G =&@+

  &(H$+ C&MM$!(>       Bampshire Count. Counci, is <er. acti<e in the c,imate chan;e area9
                       3ur 7ork on c,imate chan;e is 7ithin the conteKt oF the Count. Counci,Ls
                       approach to sustaina5i,it.9 BCC has si;neC up to the Aa,5or;
                       Commitments anC has set its <ision as MNithin a CecaCeD Bampshire 7i,,
                       prosper 7ithout riskin; the en<ironmentL9 C,imate chan;e is seen as the
                       5i;;est threat to achie<in; this <ision9

 C&!(AC( D$(A9:>E

 !AM$ F '@!C(9&!      Or.an Oou,t
                      BeaC oF Pn<ironment Qutures anC Iustaina5i,it.

 +$G9&! F C&@!(+=     Bampshire Count. Counci,

 $MA9:                Or.an95ou,tThants9;o<9uk

 ($: !7               11UU VWX0 YUX220

 'AG !7               11UU VWX0 Y121ZZ

                                                                                      www"aer"eu   !
                           CA## %&R RE)I&+A# BE-T PRACTICE- &+ C#IMATE C1A+)E

             +AME &% T1E PR&2ECT               "ampshire + Isle of 0ight 3ustainable 7usiness Partnership

                %IE#D &% ACTI4IT5              7usiness 3upport

                 -TARTI+) DATE                 2005

                  C#&-6RE DATE                 Ongoing

                      7EB#I+8                  www.the-sbp.co.uA

            PART+ER- A--&CIATED                "ampshire Bounty BouncilD 7usiness EinAD "ampshire Economic
               T& T1E PR&2ECT                  PartnershipD EnGironment AgencyD 3EEIAD the EnGironment
              ! !"#$%&' &)""*%+ #,             BentreD Eocal businesses
                 #,-. /. .#0" "%1*#,2
                                               One of seGeral 37Ps across 3outh East region – some regional
              ! 3*'4 #'4%" "%1*#,52
                                               partnership worAing
              ! 3*'4 #'4%" -#&)-
               MAI+ DE-CRIPTI&+                ProGiding free business supportD adGiceD training and information
                                               to 3MEs across "ampshire and the Isle of 0ight. Boordination of
                                               partner actiGity to help businesses manage and reduce their
                                               enGironmental impacts

                8E5 7&RD-                      3ustainabilityD Mesource     EfficiencyD  7usinessD    3upportD
            C1ARACTERI9I+) 5&6R                EnGironmentD PartnershipD EnergyD 0asteD 0aterD Mecycling
              &T1ER C&MME+T-                   Ongoing support offered to member businesses through
                                               3ustainable 7usiness NetworA. "ampshire Bounty Bouncil and
                                               3EEIA are funding partners

          C&+TACT DETAI#-:

          +AME / %6+CTI&+              3tephen Iuncan
                                       3ustainable 7usiness Partnership Manager

          RE)I&+ / C&6+TR5             "ampshireD OP

          EMAI#                        3tephen.duncanQhants.goG.uA

          TE# +o                       00RR 1T62 VR52R3

! #$% &'%#()* + ,+!-... /012/3&415
0%(6 788 9.:8 ;; << .- .- + ,=>6 788 9.:8 ;; -? !- @A
B+C=)(6 D%E#%F=#)=FG=%#H%$ + I%'D)F%6 JJJH=%#H%$
                                                                              !"" $e& 'essa*es +o- ".imate "han*e

89*     :&0*'%*12'#"/)*1&".6)*".*'#$,(/"./*'%%-)*7,(*!"#$%&'()*".;*!"#$%&'()*+,-./0*+,-.1'2*
!am6shi-e "ount& "ounci. an9 the communit& o+ !am6shi-e a-e a.-ea9& e:6e-iencin* c.imate chan*e
an9 these e++ects ;i.. un9ou<te9.& inc-ease o=e- time>

!am6shi-e is cu--ent.& 6.annin* +o- an inc-ease in 9e=e.o6ment an9 9ue to a st-on* .oca. econom& is
su66o-tin* a th-i=in* communit&> ?he "ount& has man& a-eas ;hich a-e o+ nationa. an9 inte-nationa.
im6o-tance +o- <io9i=e-sit& an9 cu.tu-a. he-ita*e> ".imate chan*e 6-esents a99itiona. cha..en*es +o-
!am6shi-e@ 6a-ticu.a-.& on the coast@ ;he-e sea .e=e. -ise an9 e-osion ;i.. <ecome an inc-easin* th-eat to
.an9 an9 communities>

Ao- !am6shi-e to th-i=e un9e- these con9itions@ ;e nee9 to take action to a9a6t to the im6acts o+ c.imate
chan*e an9 <ui.9 -esi.ience ;ithin ou- communities> Ce nee9 to consi9e- +utu-e cha..en*esD an9 t-& to
-e9uce the im6acts as ;e.. as <ein* ;e.. 6.ace9 to take a9=anta*e o+ an& 6otentia. o66o-tunities>

En -es6onse to these cha..en*es@ the "ount& "ounci. aims to 6-e6a-e its o;n o-*anisation an9 the
se-=ices it 9e.i=e-s +o- the im6acts o+ c.imate chan*e@ an9 to c-eate communities that a-e <oth -esi.ient to
c.imate chan*e an9 a<.e to a9a6t as nee9e9>

<9*     !"#$%&'()*+,-./0*+,-.1'2*/"=)%*"*2)";'.6*(,2)*'.*12'#"/)*1&".6)*"1/',.*

!am6shi-e "ount& "ounci. -eco*nises that it has an im6o-tant -es6onsi<i.it& to .ook ahea9 an9 ensu-e
that a.. 9ecisions it makes no; take c.imate chan*e into consi9e-ation to ensu-e a <ene+icia. e++ect o=e-
the .on*4te-m> ?he "ount& "ounci. is committe9 to -e9ucin* the causes o+ c.imate chan*e@ <ut acce6ts
that im6acts a-e a.-ea9& e=i9ent an9 ;i.. continue in to the +utu-e> ?he-e+o-e the-e is a nee9 +o- miti*ation
an9 a9a6tation -es6onses to *o han9 in han9>

!am6shi-e "ount& "ounci. is ;e..46.ace9 at the inte-+ace <et;een the communit& an9 -e*iona. an9
nationa. Fo=e-nment@ to .ea9 a -es6onse to c.imate chan*e@ ;o-kin* in 6a-tne-shi6 an9 <ui.9in*
-e.ationshi6s <et;een the 6u<.ic@ 6-i=ate an9 =o.unta-& secto-s> ?he o-*anisation has a num<e- o+
9i++e-ent -o.es an9 9e.i=e-s a ;i9e =a-iet& o+ .oca. se-=ices that touch the .i=es o+ a.. o+ the communities o+
!am6shi-e@ inc.u9in* its o;n GH@III mem<e-s o+ sta++>

>9*     !"#$%&'()*+,-./0*+,-.1'23%*()%$,.%)*/,*12'#"/)*1&".6)*
!am6shi-e "ount& "ounci. has <een en*a*e9 ;ith c.imate chan*e issues since the .ate 5JJIs@
9e=e.o6in* its -o.e as a communit& .ea9e- on c.imate chan*e> Ka-.& commitments ;e-e ma9e to -e9uce
c.imate chan*e@ such as si*nin* the Lottin*ham Dec.a-ation in NII5@ <ein* a 6i.ot in "ounci.s +o- ".imate
O-otection an9 the "a-<on 'ana*ement O-o*-amme> Et ;as a +oun9e- mem<e- o+ the Pouth Kast ".imate
"han*e Oa-tne-shi6@ .ea9s the KPOA"K Ku-o6ean 6-oRect an9 has <een 6a-t o+ the A9=iso-& F-ou6 to the
Ku-o6ean "ommission on a9a6tation to c.imate chan*e>

!am6shi-e "ount& "ounci. is a to6 6e-+o-min* S+ou- sta-T autho-it& that has consistent.& taken an
inno=ati=e a66-oach to 9e.i=e-in* se-=ices> ?he c.imate chan*e ;o-k is 9e.i=e-e9 th-ou*h ;o-kin* in
6a-tne-shi6s an9 net;o-ks an9 .ea9in* an9 ;o-kin* on 6-oRects att-actin* +un9in*>

?he "ount& "ounci. sees itUs -o.e as to en*a*e an9 in+.uence 6o.ic& an9 action at the Ku-o6ean@ nationa.@
-e*iona. an9 .oca. .e=e.s an9 t-ans.ate that into 9e.i=e-& on the *-oun9 ;he-e it ;i.. +u-the- the inte-ests o+
!am6shi-eUs communities>

En NIIV@ the "ount& "ounci. si*ne9 the Aa.<o-* "ommitments +o- Pustaina<i.it&@ ;hich 6-o=i9e a
+-ame;o-k +o- the "ounci. to ensu-e the en=i-onmenta.@ socia. an9 economic ;e..4<ein* o+ !am6shi-e>
?his then .e9 to a*-eement o+ the "ounci.Us .on*4te-m *oa.W

                 XCithin a 9eca9e !am6shi-e ;i.. 6-os6e- ;ithout -iskin* ou- en=i-onmentY

?he "ounci. -eco*nises that c.imate chan*e is one o+ the <i**est th-eats to achie=in* the *oa.> ?he-e is
no; c-oss46a-t& a*-eement that c.imate chan*e is a 6-io-it& issue +o- !am6shi-e an9 the "ount& "ounci.>

                                                                             HCC $ey Me((age( +,r Climate C2ange

!"      $am's)ire-s .limate .)an2e .ommission o4 5nquir8

6n 7,8ember 5::; t2e <eader ,+ Hamp(2ire C,unty C,un@il e(tabli(2ed a C,mmi((i,n ,+ 6nAuiry t,
in8e(tigate t2e impa@t( ,+ @limate @2ange in Hamp(2ireB and t, identi+y and pri,riti(e a@ti,n t, build l,@al
re(ilien@e t, t2e(e impa@t(C

D2e C,mmi((i,nB E2i@2 ran +r,m April t, G@t,ber 5::HB Ea( made up ,+ @,mmi((i,ner( draEn +r,m
a@ademiaB bu(ine((B media and @,un@ill,r( repre(enting all t2e p,liti@al partie( +r,m t2e C,unty C,un@ilC
I,ur t2emed 2earing( Eere 2eld E2ere e8iden@e Ea( pre(ented by eJternal eJpert(B and Key +inding(
Eere agreed by t2e @,mmi((i,ner(C D2e 2earing( +,@u(ed ,n t2e L2y(i@al Mn8ir,nmentB 6n+ra(tru@tureB
Nellbeing and O,@ietyB and M@,n,myC A +ull @,un@il meeting at t2e end ,+ 7,8ember 5::H @,n(idered
t2e +inding( ,+ t2e C,mmi((i,n and identi+ied pri,ritie( +,r a@ti,n +,r Hamp(2ire and identi+ied E2at
Hamp(2ire C,unty C,un@ilP( r,le i( in deli8ering t2e(eC D2e C,mmi((i,n Eill @,ntinue t, meet peri,di@ally
t, m,nit,r pr,gre((C

9"      .reatin2 a climate resilient $am's)ire

D2e pri,ritie( +,r a@ti,n t2at Eere agreed by t2e +ull @,un@il in 7,8ember 5::H pr,8ide a +,@u(ed Eay
+,rEard +,r t2e +ir(t (tage ,+ t2e @limate @2ange E,rK pr,grammeC H,Ee8erB t2e C,unty C,un@il i( aEare
t2at it @ann,t d, t2e E,rK in i(,lati,n and (, need( t, build and de8el,p (tr,ng partner(2ip( t, meet t2eir
re(p,n(ibilitie(C Hamp(2ire C,unty C,un@il 2a( a (trategi@ r,le in @,n8ening ,t2er publi@B pri8ate and
8,luntary (e@t,r partner( t, meet t2e(e ta(K(C Lart ,+ t2i( r,le Eill be t, enable ,t2er( t, build @apa@ity t,
deli8er t2eir ,En pri,ritie( +,r @limate @2angeC

DaKing t2i( appr,a@2 pr,8ide( a (2ared p,,l ,+ re(,ur@e( and Kn,Eledge readily a8ailable t, deli8er
+uture pri,ritie( (u@2 a( t2,(e identi+ied by t2e C,mmi((i,n ,+ 6nAuiryB (, t2at all (e@t,r( ,+ t2e @,mmunity
@an bene+itC D2e C,unty C,un@ilB E,rKing in partner(2ip Eit2 ,t2er(B Eill be able t, @reate e++e@ti8e l,@al
p,li@ie(B pr,@edure( and netE,rK( t2at Eill enable e++e@ti8e implementati,n ,n t2e gr,undC

Hamp(2ire C,unty C,un@il n,E intend( t, build ,n it( eJperien@e t, date and E,rK t,Eard( t2e +,ll,Eing
,ut@,me( +,r a @limate4re(ilient Hamp(2ireQ

!    To prepare the organisation and the services it delivers for climate change

Ry pla@ing @limate @2ange @,n(iderati,n( at t2e 2eart ,+ t2e C,unty C,un@ilP( de@i(i,n4maKing pr,@e((e(B
p,li@y de8el,pment and ,perati,nal a@ti8itie( en(uring @,ntinued deli8ery ,+ 2ig24Auality (er8i@e(C
Hamp(2ire C,unty C,un@il Eill be@,me an eJemplar ,rgani(ati,n and ,ne t2at i( Eell4pla@ed t, be
pr,a@ti8e ,r re(p,nd t, @2angeC A( a re(ult ,+ building t2i( @apa@ity int, t2e ,rgani(ati,nB it Eill be able t,
manage t2e a((,@iated ri(K( and taKe ad8antage ,+ (,me ,+ t2e @2ange( t2at @limate @2ange Eill bringC

!    To develop climate-resilient communities

Ry E,rKing Eit2 @,mmunitie( and ,t2er ,rgani(ati,n( in Hamp(2ire t, in@rea(e t2eir ,En @apa@ity t,
adapt by pr,8iding t2em Eit2 t2e Kn,Eledge and (Kill( t2at t2ey needC A( a re(ultB t2ey Eill be better
prepared t, maKe t2e di++i@ult de@i(i,n( t2at Eill be ne@e((ary t, b,t2 minimi(e t2e impa@t( ,+ @limate
@2ange and t, taKe ad8antage ,+ t2e ,pp,rtunitie(C


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