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      The Designing Courses

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                                                  Fashion Designing

Glamorous Career

  Presently Indian       Indian sector accounts
fashion industry is to
                         for a mere 0.2% of the
 be worth Rs. 750          global designer wear
crores with a growth      market, which is worth
   rate of 9.5%          Rs 162,900 crore &
 annually" -TIMES OF       is growing at 9.5%
        INDIA                   annually.
                                                  Fashion Designing

Course Structure
• 1 Year advanced certificate course in fashion
  technology (ACCFT)
• 1 year diploma in fashion technology (DFT)
• 1 year pg diploma in fashion technology
• 2 years advanced certificate in fashion
  technology (ACFT)
• 3 years advanced certificate in fashion
  technology "with specialization" (ACFT)
• B.Sc(Fashion Technology)
• M.Sc(Fashion Technology)
                                                     Interior Designing

Decorative Career

                                It is a profession
Since the beginning of       concerned with walls,
  the 20th century,             windows, doors,
                            finishes, textures, light;
Interior design industry
                           furnishings and furniture
    has gone to be a
booming industry in its      etc aesthetically
       own right.           pleasing space for
                                 their clients.
                                                    Interior Designing

Course Structure
• 1 YEAR advanced Certificate course in interior
  designing (ACIT)
• 1 year diploma in interior designing (DID)
• 1 year pg diploma in interior designing
• 2 years advanced certificate course in interior
  designing (ACID)
• 3 years advanced certificate course in interior
  designing "with specialization" (ACID)
• B.Sc(interior Designing)
• M.Sc(interior Designing)
                                                       Web Designing

Aesthetic Career

                              With booming IT
  Web designing is an      industry, web designing
integral and significant
                             has a wide scope in
part of IT industry        India Web Designers and
where the demand for        graphic designers are of
 skilled manpower is          great demand in IT,
   growing rapidly.            software and web
                              hosting companies.
                                             Web Designing

Course Structure
• 12 Months Advanced Certificate course in
  Graphic & Web Designing(ACCGWD)
• 15 Months Certificate Course in Web UI
• 18 Months Certificate Course in Website
  Designing & Development (CWDD)
• BCA(in Web Design & Development)
                                                   Graphic Designing

Artistic Career

                             Our course includes
Your aim is to create           industry
  something that is         internship, which
 pleasing to the eye        helps students to keep
and get the attention of    abreast with the latest
      the viewer.             developments and
                           techniques in designing.
                                              Graphic Designing

Course Structure

• 7 ½ months advanced certificate course in
  advertising and print communication
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