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									                                The Canadian SOLAS Network
                                Atlantic cruise News

Daily Updates from C-SOLAS Atlantic cruise
                   by Michael Scarratt, Chief Scientist,
                          CCGS Martha L. Black

 Tuesday October 14

 The plane, Boss, the plane!!

 This morning began with a final sampling at the SOLAS mooring station. We
 successfully recovered the drifting sediment traps and performed a rosette sample, in
 spite of a 35 knot breeze and steep seas. An early call from Richard Leaitch confirmed
 that the NRC plane was in the air and headed our way, so we delayed the ship's
 departure by a couple of hours to allow the plane time to reach us and conduct
 sampling in our area. Luckily, the morning overcast quickly broke up to reveal sunny
 skies. The aircraft arrived just after 13:00 (UTC) and stayed on station about 40
 minutes, flying a pattern at low altitude just upwind of the ship. We kept the ship's bow
 into the wind to allow the atmospheric chemistry group on the ship to run their
 samplers simultaneously with those aboard the aircraft. Simultaneous DMS water
 samples were also taken using the ship's pumping system. After the plane climbed
 away and the excitement had subsided, we turned south and began our transit to the

 Stream station (ETA Wednesday

 Wednesday October 15

 We had a smooth transit to the Gulf Stream station (39deg N 57deg 30min W). A few
 equipment problems slowed the work at first but all sampling was completed by 1300
 and we continued our transit toward the Sargasso Sea station (ETA tomorrow morning
 0600). Tomorrow will be a special day for many groups. Since this station is the most
 southerly, and warmest, of the transect, most labs will be conducting extra experiments
 to help describe this semi-tropical ecosystem that we won't encounter anywhere else
 during the voyage. It promises to be a long day! Some small birds have hitched a ride
on the ship, and are being fed water and cereal to fuel them up so they can continue
their migration. In other news, André, the logistics officer, is organizing a major darts-
and-cribbage tournament. The draw was announced in the crew lounge this evening.
Play will commence on the weekend with a winner to be decided by

Sunday night. Stay tuned for results!

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