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									                        Discount Air Fares

First of all there are many types of discounts, so one has to figure out your profile
or status as an individual in airlines kind of definitions or parameters. If you are a
student and have genuine student ID, you are most likely to get up to 20 to 30%
off addition to already low airfares. International Student ID is even better if
traveling overseas or staying in youth hostel. If you are under 26 some airlines
may consider giving rebate.

If you have infant under 2 years old, you only pay 10% of the adult fare but no
seat on the plane, only the bulkhead infant basket. For child between 2 to 11
years gets 25% off the adult fares. Many airlines do not give and while searching
online you also not get it but buying from consolidators you have better chances.
But you have to buy both adult and child airline tickets together from the
aggregators in order you to get discount air fares.

If you are a senior citizen or military personnel most airlines offer discounts on
their air tickets both on domestic and on international routes but that may not
always be applicable on flights or all routes. Checking with airlines for such
discounts is recommended.

Nonetheless, despite all these kind of special discounts to special category of
people airlines still keep offering discount airfares to all for the very reason that
they are in competition with others and means real business.

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