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									Remodeling your Kitchen

                                                                    Due to the nature of
                                                                    the real estate market
                                                                    these days, many
                                                                    homeowners          are
                                                                    choosing to remodel
                                                                    their           current
                                                                    residences       rather
                                                                    than     moving      to
                                                                    another house, as
                                                                    one might have done
                                                                    when home loans
                                                                    were easier to obtain.
                                                                    When it comes to
                                                                    remodeling          the
                                                                    house, the first place
                                                                    that             many
                                                                    homeowners choose
                                                                    to begin with is the

The kitchen is long considered the heart of the house- having an inefficient kitchen area
tends to be detrimental to the look, feel, and flow of the house. It is where food is
lovingly prepared on the stove, oven, and counter tops, and is often a central place of
gathering for family, especially when the dining room is immediately adjacent to the

As many homeowners know, an upgrade to the appliances in and aesthetics of a
kitchen can drastically change the feel of the house. In fact, a modern upgrade to a
kitchen tends to have a high return of investment if the homeowner decides to sell the
house later. According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2005: the average
“upscale” remodel of a kitchen had about a 84.4% return on the cost of the investment,
the average “major” remodel of a kitchen had about a 91% return on the cost of the
investment, and the average “minor” remodel of a kitchen had about a 98.5% return on
the cost of the investment.

Even if you cannot afford a full kitchen remodel, a minor modification in the functionality
or aesthetics can not only bring about a more pleasing kitchen space, but it can also
end up paying for (most of) itself in the future. For example, there are many different
types of kitchen storage structures these days, with many modern twists on providing
homeowners the most optimal amount of storage space. A simple upgrade to the
kitchen storage spaces can both improve the functionality of the kitchen you need to
use every day and improve your chances at selling your house for a higher price in the
While the return on your investment in your kitchen is something you should keep in
mind while planning a kitchen remodel, that shouldn’t be the leading factor in your
decision on how to remodel your kitchen. Your foremost concern when it comes to
kitchen remodeling should be fulfilling your desires on what you want out of your
kitchen. If you’ve long wanted that fancy new refrigerator, then you should make
accommodations in your budget for it, and if you’ve always wanted your kitchen to have
fancy countertops, you should spring for those luxurious quartz kitchen countertops
you’ve had your eye on. Remember, YOU have to use the kitchen day in and day out
once it has been remodeled- make sure that you remodel it in a manner that pleases

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