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					                                                                                                               Hospice of Yuma
                                   VOLUME XXVIV, NUMBER 4

                        Hospice Matters    A PUBLICATION OF HOSPICE OF YUMA
                    Comfort & Compassion When It’s Needed Most

                                                                                                               SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

                                           Hospice Care and A Mother’s ‘Good Death’
This article was printed May 30, 2009 in the San Diego    of Parkinson’s disease. About 40 percent          In those days, 40 years before Title IX
Union Tribune. It was shared with us, and we would like   of Americans who die each year do so          guaranteed equality of funding for
to share it with you.                                     under hospice care, whose purpose is to       women’s sports, men’s teams traveled to
My mother died this month at age 95.                      keep a terminal patient comfortable, not      other schools for meets. Women swam
This column is a tribute to her example                   to fight death.                               in their own pools and telegraphed their
of living - and also a public-policy trib-                   As Congress considers health care          times to each other. My mother hated
ute to the manner of her death, in hos-                   reform, it should find ways to encourage      that inequality. She was economic Re-
pice care.                                                hospice use - “good death” - and save         publican but social Democrat - pro-
                                                          not only a lot of pain and fruitless (if      choice, pro-women’s advancement. She
    When Genevieve Kondracke was di-                                                                    was a loyal churchgoer, but she could
agnosed in April with probable ovarian                    heroic) effort, but a lot of money too.
                                                                                                        stand the religious right.
cancer, she decided against a biopsy,                        My mother wasn’t an expert on
risky major surgery and a long hospital                   health policy. She wasn’t very political          For 68 years, she cared for my
stay. She died peacefully, at home, vis-                  (she did run for a school board post          brother, Mike, who suffered brain dam-
ited often beforehand by her family, and                  once), but she had some strong views.         age from a high fever in infancy and is
in no pain.                                               She was a feminist long before anyone         somewhat mentally disabled. Early on,
                                                          discovered “The Feminine Mystique.”           she tried to get help and training for
   This is my second experience with                                                                    him, but few resources were available.
hospice, and it confirms all I appreciated                   She worked her way through the Uni-        Then he lived with her, alone after my
about the humane care that my wife,                       versity of Illinois in the depth of the De-   father died in 1976. She kept him out of
Milly, received as she died five years ago                pression. She was also a member of the        trouble, helped him get odd jobs and
from multisystem atrophy, a severe form                   women’s swimming team.                        trained him to be a good guy.
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Thrift Shop Volunteers Needed
Every year Hospice of Yuma provides                       are used specifically for this purpose.          To volunteer, you must be at least 18
                                                              The Hospice of Yuma Thrift Shop has       years old and able to commit at least four
hundreds of thousands of dollars in
                                                          volunteer opportunities open year round.      hours per week. For more information
charitable care for our patients. Our
                                                          If you enjoy being around people, want        please contact us at the Hospice of Yuma
Thrift Shop is one way to raise the reve-
                                                          to make new friends and help us raise         Thrift Store at 782-9593.
nue needed to provide the best care pos-
sible for all of our patients. All of the net             money to care for the terminally ill in
proceeds generated by the Thrift Shop                     our community, we welcome your help.
A Note From the Executive Director
                       John Williams         great stress. Other volunteers, who          have been tough we have cared for
                       Executive Director    help with the Hospice of Yuma events         many terminally ill patients who have
                                             or assist in our office, make it possible    no insurance coverage and who have
                                             for us to apply our resources more           no financial means of paying for hos-
                                             effectively for our patients. Donors         pice care. Becoming a sponsor of the
                                             who support our work with contribu-          Ocean to Ocean Gala is an excellent
    It is an unfortunate fact that our
                                             tions enable us to live up to our com-       way for area businesses and individu-
patients and their families face great
                                             mitment to always provide the best           als to highlight their commitment to
difficulty whenever we are called in to
                                             possible care even when the costs ex-        the community that supports them
help. Despite the sadness and fear
                                             ceed what Medicare and insurance             and to make a lasting difference in the
they face, our work does so much to
                                             reimburses us for. Donor support also        quality of life for terminally ill patients
enhance their comfort, dignity and
                                             allows us to provide care for patients       in our area.
grace that it is highly rewarding. It
                                             who cannot afford our care. The sup-             The spirit of generosity and giving
says a lot that there isn’t one member
                                             port of area businesses and individuals      within our community is heartwarm-
of our staff who is not humbled when
                                             strengthens our community and helps          ing and humbling. Not a day goes by
he or she thinks of the work we do
                                             ensure that more people understand           that I do not notice something we
everyday. So I can’t help thinking of
                                             the availability and benefits of hospice     have done for a patient or a family that
the many blessings we have because of
                                             care when they need it.                      would not be possible without your
your support of our mission to pro-
vide the best possible end-of-life care.         On October 17, 2009, we will host        help. It is truly a blessing to be a part
Your support takes many forms, all of        our annual Ocean to Ocean Gala fund-         of such a community.
which are instrumental in our success.       raising dinner and silent auction at the         For more information on sponsor-
Volunteers who work with our pa-             Historic Yuma Territorial Prison. The        ing our Ocean to Ocean Gala, or for
tients and families make an extraordi-       monies raised through the gala will go       tickets, please contact our Director of
nary commitment, going through               to support our charitable care program       Fund Development, Ashlie Davis at
many hours of training and then being        which has significantly grown in size        343-2222.
available to families who are under          from last year. As economic times

‘Good Death’
Continued from front                             Congress should pay attention: A         those who didn't. Moreover, the study
    My mother had great genes, was a         2007 Duke University study showed that       said, “higher costs were associated with a
good golfer and stayed active deep into      hospice use could reduce Medicare costs      worse quality of death,” as reported by
old age. But after several mini-strokes,     by as much as $7,000 per patient in the      caregivers.
my brother and I persuaded her two           last year of life, or $2,300 on average.         The hospice movement has grown
years ago to move from her house in          Thirty percent of Medicare’s current         dramatically since its importation from
Illinois to a retirement home near him in    $500 billion annual cost pays for the care   Britain in the 1970s, especially after
Ohio.                                        of the 5 percent of beneficiaries who die    Medicare decided to pay for hospice care
                                             each year, and about a third of that is      in 1983. Forty percent of terminal can-
    My mother was determined to avoid
                                             spent in the last month of life, or $50      cer patients now use hospice care, but
needles, anesthesia, surgeons, intensive
                                             billion.                                     the percentage is much lower for other
care units, tracheotomy, ventilators, re-
suscitation - all the heroic measures hos-      A study published this year by the        chronic diseases.
pitals take to keep a patient alive. In-     Dana-Farber Cancer Institute showed that        Government should find ways to
stead, Odyssey, the hospice service pro-     when terminal cancer patients just had a     spread the custom so that eventually eve-
vided visiting nurse, pain medicine when     conversation with their doctors about        ryone, like my mother, chooses to close
she needed it, a social worker and spiri-    end-of-life options, costs of care went      out a good life with a good death.
tual counseling.                             down by 35 percent, compared with

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Investing In Hospice
    We wish to thank Ron Martin and        the hard work you do, both inside and      Thank you to the following commu-
Family for their recent grant in the       outside Hospice of Yuma.               nity groups for their contributions:
amount of $8,750.00. This grant was            Thank you to Tawnee Miller of      Yuma Women’s Club: $200.00 and
set up years ago by Mr. Martin through     Serendipity Photography for donating Fraternal Order of Eagles: $311.00.
the Arizona Community Foundation.          her time and talent, taking photos of  Your continued support of our organi-
Thank you, Ron Martin and Family for       staff and patients. Tawnee has visited zation is truly appreciated!
showing your commitment to the com-        many families, providing beautiful         We have also received funds from
munity through your contribution to        photos of loved ones in end-of-life.   the State Employees Charitable Cam-
Hospice of Yuma.
                                               We wish to thank Hospice of Yuma paign in the amount of $1,347.29 and
   We also wish to thank Mr. and Mrs.      volunteer Carol Dodd for sewing very Combined Federal Campaign in the
John Osterman for their recent contri-     lovely scarves for the Wig Program. As amount of $2,148.16. These programs
bution of $250.00 through a grant          we reported in the last newsletter, we allow state and federal employees to
from the Arizona Community Founda-         had been running low on scarves, and make payroll deducted contributions to
tion.                                      Carol was more than willing to meet    their charities of choice. Thank you to
   A very, very special thank you to       the challenge of sewing more scarves.  those employees who choose to give to
Hospice of Yuma nurse Ann Farley, for                                             Hospice of Yuma!
                                               Thank you to for
once again putting on her annual Sil-      your recent contribution of $1,000.00.
pada Fundraiser to benefit Hospice of      Also received from St. John Neumann
Yuma. This year, the funds raised will     Parish was a $1,000.00 contribution.
go into the Wig and Prosthesis pro-        Thank you and St. John
gram, enabling us to purchase more         Neumann Parish for your support of
prostheses. Ann, we truly appreciate all   our organization.

                “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
                                        – Winston Churchill

                  Gold Canyon Candle Fundraiser for the Wig & Prosthesis Program
    Beginning September 1 through          like to help us further by selling can-   Any money we can raise for this pro-
September 30, we will be hosting a         dles, please call Ashlie Davis at 343-    gram is very much appreciated and
Gold Canyon Candle Fundraiser with         2222, and she will be happy to give       helps us reach our goal of helping as
monies raised to go directly toward        you a catalog.                            many women as we can feel better
the Wig & Prosthesis Program. We               Breast prosthesis are very expen-     about themselves while they’re going
are now in need of prostheses for this     sive; wholesale cost is $60 to $180 for   through one of the toughest times in
program, and have the ability to pur-      one prosthesis (not a pair) and cost      their lives.
chase them at cost through a distribu-     from a catalog can reach $300 each.
tor. If you would like to get a head
start on your Christmas list and pur-
chase some very well renowned Gold
Canyon Candles, all the while support-
ing a good cause, please stop by the
Hospice of Yuma office. If you would

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Saying “Goodbye”
                                               The word “goodbye” represents so         that, as we hugged in the parking lot, I
             Father Paul Gambling          much, in and of itself. The contracted       said “goodbye,” I pronounced a bless-
                                           form that we are familiar with came          ing and said “I love you.” It may have
                                           into use in the Seventeenth Century as       seemed to be small, but it was every-
                                           a contraction of “God be with you” or        thing that it needed to be.
I recently had cause to think again        possibly “God bye [redeem] you.”                 Saying “goodbye” to someone we
how to say “goodbye” to someone            Whichever form it was, the sense of          love is one of the most difficult things
that we love, especially since material    the parting is the same - “God hold          that we as human beings have to do,
things could not be an issue in this       you close as you go.” Our Spanish            but at least we know that they are
case; she is traveling by air to another   speaking friends have a very similar         resuming their journey carrying our
country and weight restrictions mean       form for leave taking, “viacondios”          love and a blessing.
that we could not “load her down”          literally “go with God.” Both of these
with a lot of “stuff.” Usually, tokens     expressions are the form of a blessing.              Pax, Paul
of affection and presents would be the         When our loved ones are leaving
way we would say, “We miss you and         and cannot take anything physical
we love you,” but this is not an option    with them, they can still carry our love
now.                                       and our blessings. It was with solace

                                Ways to Help Those Journeying Through Grief
              Gay Anderson                      away. Healing can only come as             us and with their death, the mir-
              Bereavement Services              the pain is felt, expressed and            ror is broken. Our mirror is bro-
                                                lived through. We do an injustice          ken - our image is now different.
                                                if we try to take the pain away.           Part of grieving is rebuilding our
                                           4)   Help bereaved understand that              self-image.
1) Connect to where the grieving                their feelings are normal and part      8) Each loss is a loss of self and, a
   person is - what they are feeling/           of loss.                                   loss of part of our meaning and
   saying. Walk with them holding          5)   Allow their story to be told over          reason for living - grieving is the
   their hand on this journey rather            and over. Ask questions about the          process of finding new meanings,
   than pulling them faster than they           person who died - about his/her            new reasons for living. You can
   are ready to go or holding them              life, illness and death; look at pho-      help this process through listen-
   back.                                        tos and mementos.                          ing, encouraging, supporting ,
2) Support bereaved persons in their       6)   Go on the journey with bereaved            being there, allowing pain, the
   grief - loneliness is incredible.            with no map - the map has been             tears, and the rebuilding.
   Being with them is more impor-               destroyed. Journey along side of
   tant than saying or doing any-               them rather than pushing or pull-
   thing.                                       ing them.
3) Allow the pain and hurt to be felt      7)   When someone we love dies, part
   and expressed - don’t try to smile           of ourselves dies as well. People
   it away, explain it away or pray it          we love reflect ourselves back to

 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009                                                                                                 PAGE 4
Busy Bees!!
             Dorothy Toney
             Thrift Shop Manager

            Bzzzzzzzzzz! Do you hear               tagged clothing and accessories          be posted on our website at
that? It’s the new BUZZ around the            •    Special Birthday Discount on your Just click
Thrift Shop. We have a new calendar                birthday                                 on the Thrift Shop button to view and
of daily sales promotions. Something          • Variety of 50% off sales on other           print the current calendar. Don’t wait
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                                                  Each month, the sales calendar will
• Full Moon Sale: 10% off purple

                           “Extraordinary things are accomplished by a healing heart.”
                                          – Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS

                                     The Lost Art of Writing Condolence Letters
We have all faced the awkwardness of          are specific to the grieving person will be   the following seven components you
                                              more treasured. These personal and            may want to include in your letter:
losing a friend or hearing that someone
                                              heartfelt words of condolence serve as a      1. Acknowledge the loss and refer to
we knew passed away and wondered
                                              tribute to the deceased and words of             the deceased by name.
what we should do. “What can I say?
                                              comfort to the bereaved.
How can I help support the surviving                                                        2. Express your sympathy.
family members and let them know that             A letter of sympathy, or condolence,
I share in their grief and that I am think-   should be written and sent promptly. A        3. Note any special qualities of the de-
ing of them?”                                 good guideline is within the first two           ceased that come to mind.
                                              weeks following the loss. Hand write          4. Include your favorite memory of the
    A sympathy or condolence note can
                                              the letter on stationery rather than typing      deceased.
be a great source of comfort to someone
                                              and printing from a computer. If you
who is grieving the loss of a loved one.                                                    5. Remind the bereaved of their per-
                                              want to use a store bought card, write a
It’s a sincere way of letting that person                                                      sonal strengths or special qualities.
                                              personal note on stationery and tuck it
know that they are in your thoughts as
                                              inside the card.                              6. Offer help, but make sure it is a spe-
they go through the difficult process of
                                                                                               cific offer. Instead of ‘Let me know
grief and mourning.                              Write the letter in your own voice,
                                                                                               if I can help with anything at all,’ try
                                              meaning the way you would normally
    Finding the right words to say isn’t                                                       something like, ‘I know that Phil
                                              speak to the person. There is no reason
always a simple task, but it’s one that is                                                     took you to church every Sunday.
                                              to get too fancy and try to come up with
worth your time and energy. Anyone                                                             Let me take over duty for a while.’
                                              a poem or verse unless that is how you
can pick up a mass-produced condolence
                                              normally speak or unless you’re a writer      7. End the letter with a thoughtful
card from their local card shop or drug
                                              by profession.                                   word, a hope, a wish, or expression
store. That’s a nice gesture, but writing
                                                                                               of sympathy.
words of sympathy from your heart that            Years ago I read an article that gave
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      CENTURIONS                     IN MEMORARIUM                   Klingenberg                  Howard Fornof
      June - July 2009                                              Mrs. Merline Lee                 Mr. & Mrs. Tom DeCesare
                                         June - July
                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph
                                            2009                     Livingston                       Fitzgerald
   Anonymous                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Don McCain            Flattum Family
   Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cole in        Marie Abshire                      Mr. & Mrs. Lynn                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fuss
    memory of Robert Englund        Desert Lakes Homeowners          McCullough                      Mrs. Margaret Graves
Gold Patron                          Association                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meiser         Mr. & Mrs. Bill Henry
   Mr. Harold Albon in              First Baptist Church            Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pancrazi          Ms. Sharon High
    memory of Gail Albon         Elmer Allig                        Mr. & Mrs. Perry Schuman         Mr. & Mrs. John Mahaney
   Mr. & Mrs. John Garcia in        Mr. & Mrs. Harold Harms         Schwark & Terhark, CPA’s         Mr. & Mrs. James Marko
    memory of John & Betty       David Altermott                    Mr. & Mrs. Keifer Shipp          Mr. & Mrs. Richard
    Fahey                           Mrs. Kay Altermott              Ms. Jo Ann Stevens                Marquez
   Ms. Joanne Harrington         Rose Andreas                       Mr. & Mrs. Selden Stone          Mr. Robert McNamara, Jr.
   Ms. Barbara M. Lee               Mrs. Barbara Jonson             Ms. Florence Taylor              Mr. & Mrs. Alan Miller
   Mr. & Mrs. Paul Muthart in    Dorothy Badger                     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Townsend        Mr. & Mrs. William Myers
    memory of Jacob Daily &         Mr. Edward Badger               Mr. & Mrs. Phillip               Mr. & Mrs. Harold Pershall,
    Waymon Sellers                  Funeraria del Angel              Townsend                         Sr.
   Mr. Steve Watkins in          Lloyd Belt                         Waymon Farms                     Mr. Mike Powell
    memory of Phoebe Watkins        Mr. John Belt                Robert L. Coutchie                  Mr. & Mrs. John Prather
Silver Partner                      Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Belt         Mrs. Luda Soldwedel              Mr. & Mrs. JB Ross
   Ms. Lena Ammons                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard           Henry J. Czajkowski                 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rushin
   JSA Company                       Burgeson                       EMG                              Sun Graphics
   Ms. Doris Hoffman in             Mr. & Mrs. Harold Fronk         Mr. Ray Karas                    Mr. L.P. Wadleigh, Jr.
    memory of Robert                Ms. Marlene Lenhardt            Schwark & Terhark, CPA’s         Ms. Joni Weerheim
    Hoffman                         Mr. & Mrs. Ed Morrison       George Dahlquist                    Mr. & Mrs. Craig Wilson
   Mr. John Osborn in memory        Ms. Karen Nesbitt               Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schuller      YRMC Case Management
    of Audrey Osborn                Ms. Maxine Reid              Jacob Daily                      Joan Gebhardt
Member                              Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Reid          Coronation Peak Ranches/         Mr. Wayne Warren
   Mr. Thadd Baker                  Mr. & Mrs. William Winters       Mr. & Mrs. Neil Bowman       Martha Gentry
   Mr. & Mrs. Harley             Glenn D. Bryant                 Patsy Daniel                        Ms. Norma Ferguson
    Berryman in memory of           Mrs. Monica Bryant              Mr. & Mrs. WJ Anderson           Ms. Maudella Kammann
    Joyce Consual & Waymon       Claude Cabanillas                  Colorado River Consulting     Mildern Gernon
    Sellers                         Mr. Dennis Holling              Mr. Jim Cuming                   Ms. Melveleah Yeager
   Mr. Gary Close in memory      John E. Carter                     Mr. & Mrs. Tom Edwards        John Grippando
    of Deane Close                  Mr. & Mrs. Donald Peerson       Mr. & Mrs. Michael               Mrs. Joyce Grippando
   Mr. James Coughlin in         Henry Casares                       Kalsman                      Edward Groff
    memory of Patricia              Mr. & Mrs. Hank Green           Ms. Suzanne Kirk                 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond
    Coughlin                        Mr. & Mrs. Norman Hill          Mrs. Marilyn Matheus              Cuckler
   Mr. & Mrs. Louie Kehl in      Diane Cease                        Mr. & Mrs. Don McCain         Joe Guerrero
    memory of Robert Wilbur         Ms. Joanne Hill                 Mr. & Mrs. Phillip               Mrs. Alice G. Lorona
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    Kottenbrook                     Mr. & Mrs. David Willinger   Samuel Dick, III                    Coronation Peak Ranches/
   Mr. Wayne Pea                 Sarah B. Coil                      Mrs. Betty DeBerry                Mr. & Mrs. Neil Bowman
   Dr. & Mrs. William Phillips      Mr. & Mrs. David Willinger   Steven Dick                      Wayne Handley
   Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Richards      Joyce Consaul                      Mr. & Mrs. Louie Kehl            Marcia Handley
   Mrs. Ramona Salcido              Mr. & Mrs. William Babb,        Mr. & Mrs. Don Strickland     Joan Havins
   Ms. Ruth Williams                 Jr.                         Dean Dixon                          Mr. Clyde Havins
                                    Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Bell           Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Morris      Honore Hedlund
      HONORARIUMS                   Mr. Jim Cuming                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard               Desert Lakes Homeowners
        June - July                 Ms. Maxine M. Dick               Swanson                          Association
           2009                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Erwin      Cone Dorris                         Mrs. Jackie Pekelder
                                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Figueroa      Mr. & Mrs. Ray Griffin        Richard L. Hefner
                                    Dr. & Mrs. Richard Geyer        Mrs. Sue Harlow                  Mrs. Sue Harlow
Paul Gambling                                                       Ms. Alta Mae Higgins             Ms. Christina Lefebvre
  Johnson Mortuary & Desert         Gray & Terkelsen, PLLC
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   Lawn Memorial                                                    Ms. Norma Welch                  Sun Graphics
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                                    Mrs. Ursula King                Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pancrazi          1st Bank Yuma
                                    Mr. & Mrs. John                 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Popernack       Ms. Robin Anderson

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   ATP & Associates, LLC            Ms. Bonny Rhodes                  Mr. & Mrs. James F. Platt       Ms. Gayle Wood
   Mr. Jerry Emrick              Clarence Ogden                       Mrs. Dottie Priest            Geraldine Woodman
   Ms. Gloria A. Green              Mrs. Lillian Ogden                Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ruth            Mr. & Mrs. David Willinger
   Mrs. Lorraine Grover             Mr. Walter Parsons                SMT Farms, LLC                Lance Wozniak
   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kalsman       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tamusaitis      Sprague’s Sports                Mr. & Mrs. David Willinger
   Mrs. Ruth Leal                Ray Perkins                          Mr. & Mrs. Larry Suciu        William L. Yancey
   Ms. Jean E. Rivers               Ms. Margaret Gundy                Mrs. Jo Thompson                Mr. & Mrs. Reggie Feller
   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Steffen        Ms. Iris Hay                      Ms. Dorothy Toney             Louise Yoast
   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Taylor         Mr. Jimmy Kindle                  Mr. & Mrs. Russell Tyndall      Ms. Elaine Potes
   Ms. Ellen O. Wheeler             Mrs. Phyllis J. Perkins           Mr. & Mrs. Tom Vanhassel      Charles Young
   Mr. Ralph Williams               Ms. Eunice Pickup                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Walters      Mr. & Mrs. E.W. Grover
   Mr. & Mrs. Ron Yowell            Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Sande           Waymon Farms
   Yuma International Airport       Mrs. G.M. Twete                   Ms. Mary Wilcox
Elsie Jensen                        Mr. & Mrs. Pat Wilhelm            YPG Directorate of
                                                                                                      GENERAL DONATIONS
   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kalsman    Irene Poels                           Contracting
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Rosemary Killam                     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bornt         Leroy Runyon                       Mrs. Madge Jones
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   Mrs. Dorothy Love                Ms. Sandra Keane                  Mrs. Betty Thede
   Mrs. Jean K. Marr                Mr. & Mrs. Ed Kerwin              Mr. & Mrs. James Van Sickle
   Mr. Brian McBride                Ms. Jill Labossiere               Mr. Donald Vopalensky
   Mr. & Mrs. Carl B. Molander      Mrs. Barbara M. Lee               Ms. Juanita Vopalensky
   Mr. & Mrs. Bob Ramsey            Mrs. Vera Morris               Wayne Thompson
   Ms. Helen Wratney                Mr. & Mrs. J. Glendon Moss        Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Nelson
Mary Loghry                         Mr. & Mrs. Bill Nicholson      Robert Vance
   Mr. & Mrs. David Willinger       Mrs. Florence Ostrander           Mr. & Mrs. Don Strickland
James B. McEntyre                   Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pancrazi        Evelyn Ward
   Mr. & Mrs. Ken Bredemeyer        Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Parker           Ms. Alison Caffey
Therole Miller                      Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pepper        Grace Weatherly
   Mrs. Beverly Miller              Pioneer Express Lube & Car        Ms. Sharon Remmy
Joan Murrell                         Wash                          Donald Wood

 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009                                                                                                  PAGE 7
Hospice of Yuma                                                                                        NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION
1824 S. 8th Avenue                                                                                      PRESORTED STANDARD
                                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Yuma, AZ 85364-5517                                                                                         YUMA, AZ 85364
                                                                                                               PERMIT 33

                   ~ Serving Yuma Communities since 1981 ~

                                       I wish to make a special gift to support care for the terminally ill.

                       CENTURION CLUB                                              MEMORIAL & SPECIAL OCCASION GIFTS
                         (yearly donation)
      □   Member ………………………….. $ 100.00                                     Memorial Gift             $____________________
      □   Silver Partner …………………..         $ 300.00
      □   Gold Patron …………………...           $ 500.00                        Special Occasion Gift     $____________________
      □   Platinum Benefactor ……………… $1,000.00
                                                                           My Gift is in memory/honor of:
      My Gift is in memory/honor of:
      _________________________________________                                       (Gifts are tax deductible)

  □     Please change my address/remove my address from your mailing.
  □     I am receiving multiple copies of this newsletter.
  □     I wish to volunteer.
  □     I have included Hospice of Yuma in my will.
  □     Please send me a complimentary Personal Estate Planning Notebook.
  □     I prefer to receive an e-newsletter
          My e-mail address is :

 Name ______________________________________ Address ____________________________________

 City ________________________________________State __________________Zip__________________

              Please mail this form to Hospice of Yuma, 1824 S. 8th Ave., Yuma, AZ 85364-5517, or call (928) 343-2222.

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