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E Cigarette Side Effects 2013


E cigarette side effects are natural and for betterment of that smoker who is quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes and starting to puff on an electronic cigarette instead. Let us discuss the main side effects pertaining to e cigs after quitting tobacco cigs.

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									E Cigarette Side Effects 2013 on Regular Smokers

In case you happen to smoke traditional cigarettes that are laden with tobacco content, then it is highly
possible that you may experience certain unpleasant experiences while making a switch to an electronic
cigarette. This is also termed as e cigarette side effects 2013. One of the main reasons why you may
experience discomfort while making a switch over is because your body is trying to adapt to the lack of
chemicals as well as tobacco that regular cigarettes earlier provided. The human body apparently gets
used to the chemicals present in regular cigarettes, which is why it faces trouble when you try and
switch over to the best cheap e cigs. It needs to be noted that these symptoms are short lived and they
generally disappear in a week’s duration.

So, what all can you expect to face during such a scenario?

Congestion, Throat Irritation and Sputum

The first and foremost symptom that smokers switching from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes face is
irritation in the throat region. You may experience throat congestion and your body may produce extra
amounts of phlegm as well. This happens basically owing to the fact that your body is used to tobacco
and as you are not supplying regular amounts of tobacco, you shall experience some trouble in your
throat region. You usually start coughing when you switch to e cigs as the cilia layering in your throat
struggles to clear the tar as well as mucus that has been accumulating on your throat lining and lungs.
The junk accumulated onto your delicate tissues is slowly but steadily being cleaned via the mechanism
of sputum.

As per clinical research specialists, you may experience morning cough a few days after you have
stopped smoking regular cigarettes and opted for electric cigarettes instead. This shall continue for a
few days and it is recommended that you consume lots of water and if you suffer from sinus, then you
aught to seek medical advice and get yourself some effective over the counter medications.

Common Cold and Hoarseness
As your throat lining is adversely affected when you quit smoking regular cigarettes, you shall also
experience a slight issue with your speech and your voice may sound hoarse. Your speech may sound a
bit foggy, which in turn may require you to suck throat lozenges. You may also drink lots of warm water
to soothe your throat. It has also been noticed and clinically proven that when you make a switch from
tobacco cigarettes to the best cheap electric cigarettes, you tend to suffer from common cold. This is
owing to the very simple fact that your body is trying to rid itself of the harmful toxins, which have been
accumulated in your body owing to smoking regular cigarettes.

Mouth Ulcers, Acne and Hiccups

When you quit smoking tobacco, you are bound to suffer (exceptions are there) from ulcers that may
infect the roof as well as the sides of your mouth or even the inside portions of your cheeks. This
happens owing to your body trying to remove the damaged tissues and replacing them with fresh and
healthy tissues. You may rinse your mouth a couple of times with a medicated mouth wash to aid the
healing process. You may also experience acne, which is a result of your body releasing toxins after you
have stopped smoking regular cigarettes.

Acne is also common to those smokers who have had acne on their skin when they were young. You just
need to wait for these to pass, which they do with time. You may also suffer from hiccups, which
apparently are quite irritating. Hiccups are generally infecting people who use gum and have swallowed
the same in haste. Even e cig smokers experience hiccups when they tend to hold the vapor within their
mouth for a longer than usual duration, which in turn forces the saliva to drizzle down your throat. Stop
trying to hold vapor in your mouth and instead simply inhale it in a bid to avoid suffering from hiccups
while puffing your favorite electric cigarette.

Headache, Heartburn and Insomnia

The quit smoking reflux symptom is heartburn and the main reason behind this symptom is excessive
nicotine consumption and the influx of cigarette chemicals in your body. It is best to lower your nicotine
strength, which you can do when you start puffing the best electric cigarettes. In fact, you may also
consult your doctor if this problem persists even a week after you have quit smoking tobacco.
Headaches too are quit common when you make a switch to e cigarettes, as this device has less nicotine
content. To avoid nausea and shaking of head, simply try various nicotine strengths until you are
comfortable with a smokeless cigarette that you got after reading the best electronic cigarette review
2013. Your body may take a while to adjust to this situation but it will recover eventually. You may also
suffer from psychological symptoms when you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes permanently. Many
smokers have reported to have developed excessive sensitivity to caffeine during this phase, which in
turn may cause insomnia. It is recommended that you avoid consuming tea or coffee till the time your
dreams vanish and you are able to sleep properly.

Change of Taste and Itching Sensations

You may also experience tickling sensation in your body, which is simply owing to the increased blood
circulation. This takes place when you quit smoking regular cigarettes and it is known to pass in a short
time span (in a few weeks). Another benefit of quitting cigarettes is the ability to taste and smell better,
which is owing to the cleansing of your toxins from your body. You may now like eating those food items
that you earlier found bland and tasteless.

It has also been noticed that you may find a few e cig flavors that you earlier liked to puff, not appealing
any longer. This may hold true with the menthol flavor. Simply avoid puffing this flavor for a while and
allow your taste buds to adjust to its new environment. Some people have also been known to make use
of cough drops to allow their taste buds to function normally again.


When you quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and opt for electronic cigarettes, it is very
important that you understand the basic symptoms that you may be subjected to undergo during this
transition phase. The above mentioned symptoms are some of the main issues faced by the human body
when a smoker decides to rid himself/herself from tobacco cigarettes and opt for e cigs instead. You
should not get scared if you suffer from the same but allow your body to adapt to its new environment,
which undoubtedly is a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes.

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