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1. WHAT IS THE CAVALIER GALA? The Cavalier Gala is a fundraiser held annually to raise money for La Purisima School. The theme of this year’s Gala is “The Cavalier Ball.” The Gala, a dinner-dance that features both live and silent auctions, will be held at the Marconi Automotive Museum in Tustin on Saturday, November 7th, from 6 p.m. to midnight. 2. WHO BENEFITS FROM FUNDS RAISED BY THE GALA? The students of La Purisima School. Proceeds from Gala 2008 were used to purchase and install an interactive Smart Board for the school’s technology lab, and also helped finance the school’s general operations as it successfully weathered extraordinary economic times. In the past, Gala proceeds have supported the school's endowment and reserve, as well as special school programs and needs, such as: building a cutting edge music classroom in Trinity Hall, installing central air-conditioning in the kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classrooms, equipping the school’s technology lab with 30 PCs, replacing the roof, improving the bathrooms and water fountains, and installing the play structure on the La Purisima campus. 3. HOW WILL FUNDS RAISED BY GALA 2009 BE USED? Again, Gala funds will help finance La Purisima School’s general operations for 2009-10. Also, this year's beneficiary of the Gala's Fund-A-Need program will be the school’s Accelerated Math Program for Kindergarten through 8th grade. 4. HOW MUCH DOES A TICKET TO THE GALA COST? That depends on when you buy them. Tickets are on sale now at a discount at $80/person. Beginning October 1st, tickets will cost $90/person, and beginning November 1st, tickets will cost $100/person. Save money and buy early! If you become a corporate or family sponsor, you may be entitled to some free tickets!

5. HOW DO I BECOME A SPONSOR FOR GALA 2009? Visit the Cavalier Gala link at the school web-site (www.lpcs.net) to learn about the various levels of giving for event sponsors, and the associated goodies that come with being a Gala sponsor, which may include free tickets to the event. 6. HOW DO I MAKE A CONTRIBUTION SPECIFICALLY FOR THE GALA’S FUND-ANEED PROGRAM? On the evening of the event, the auctioneer will seek donations at some time during the Live Auction. If you are unable to attend the event, then you may make a direct monetary contribution to the Fund-A-Need program by filling out the Fund-A-Need donation form under the Cavalier Gala link at the school web-site. Please include this form with your donation. 7. WHY ARE FAMILIES ASKED TO DONATE GIFTS FOR THE GALA? Actually, each family is asked to either donate OR procure a gift worth at least $50 to populate the auction block at the Gala. Families may combine resources to donate larger gifts as well. The monies raised by selling these items at auction are used to support the school. 8. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “DONATE” AND “PROCURE”? When you yourself give an item to the Gala for the auction, then you have made a donation. When you ask an area merchant or someone else to donate an item for the Gala, and you bring that item to the Gala volunteer team for the auction, then that means you have procured an item for the auction. 9. WHAT KIND OF GIFT SHOULD I DONATE or PROCURE? The gift may be a material good, or a service. A number of auction gift ideas are listed under the Cavalier Gala link at the school web site (www.lpcs.net), where last year’s final catalog of auction items also is available for review. You may even shop online from gift registries at either Macy’s or Target (instructions available at the web site). 10. HOW DOES A SCHOOL FAMILY SATISFY ITS FUNDRAISING OBLIGATION VIA THE GALA? If you become a Family Sponsor for the Gala, then a portion of your sponsor dollars will help satisfy your fundraising obligation, as described under the Cavalier Gala link at the school website (www.lpcs.net). If you are the winning bidder on items at auction, then the money you spend on the item will be used to help satisfy your fundraising obligation.

Any cash gifts in support of the Gala also will be used to help satisfy your fundraising obligation. 11. WILL THE VALUE OF THE ITEM I DONATE or PROCURE FOR AUCTION HELP SATISFY MY FAMILY FUNDRAISING OBLIGATION? No, because we allow the money spent by the “buyer” of the item at auction to help satisfy the buyer’s fundraising obligation. This helps stimulate bidding. However, the donor of the item may deduct the value of the item for tax purposes as allowed by law. 12. IF I AM UNABLE TO ATTEND THE GALA, MAY I STILL BID ON ITEMS AT AUCTION? Yes. You may bid by proxy for items at auction the evening of the event. In addition, the Gala typically receives gifts too late to make it to auction the night of the event; these items, and others, are reserved for a post-Gala silent auction held in the school atrium. If you are the winning bidder on items in the post-Gala auction, then the money you spend on the item will be used to help satisfy your fundraising obligation. 13. WILL THE MONEY I SPEND ON GALA TICKETS HELP SATISFY MY FAMILY FUNDRAISING OBLIGATION? No, because this money is exhausted to pay for the Gala dinner and venue. 14. IF I DONATE/PROCURE A $50 GIFT, DO I ALSO CONTRIBUTE TO MY CHILD’S CLASSROOM GIFT, AND VICE VERSA? Yes, please! The more desirable items we have for the auction phase of the fundraiser, the greater the monies raised for the school. Each classroom donates two gift items for the Gala: a personalized class project for the live auction and a class gift basket (also personalized in some way) for silent auction. Your child’s room parents will be in touch with you to let you know how you can help with the class project and/or class basket by donations of your time, treasure (no more than $5/child) and/or talent. They will need your help! 15. WHAT IF I CAN’T AFFORD TO MAKE ALL THESE DONATIONS? Remember, you do not have to make the donation yourself; you can procure a gift for the auctions. Also, if you have a special talent or service that you can provide (e.g., handyman, hairdresser, chef, photographer, personal trainer, you name it!), then consider offering this as your gift. Any assistance you can give – whether it is time, treasure, or talent – is greatly appreciated by the students of La Purisima School.

Consider this: Proceeds from recent Galas have allowed La Purisima School to spend approximately $400/pupil/year in educational goods and services that directly benefit the students. So, won't you please help continue the La Purisima School tradition of excellence? No gift is too small. 16. WHO IS IN CHARGE OF COORDINATING THIS YEAR’S GALA? Adriana Palumbo Smith is volunteering to be chair of this year’s Gala. Feel free to contact her with any questions that you may have at adrianapalumbo@aol.com or 949-395-9725. She is supported by a team of volunteers, some of whom have contact information on forms under the Cavalier Gala link at the school web site. They will field your questions, too! Just ask. 17. MAY I VOLUNTEER MY TIME AND TALENT TO HELP WITH THIS YEAR’S GALA? Yes! Contact Adriana Palumbo Smith at adrianapalumbo@aol.com or 949-395-9725 to learn how. At this time, the Gala team needs help finding corporate and merchant sponsors for the event. We would like each family to provide the name of one merchant or company willing to contribute to our school. Please e-mail your suggestion to Adriana Palumbo Smith at adrianapalumbo@aol.com or Sandra Even at sandra@kpnaa.org, or fill in the merchant referral form available under the Cavalier Gala link at the school web-site and submit to the school office. In addition, the Gala team is looking for volunteers to make follow-up telephone calls to merchants that have already received donation appeal letters from the school. We also will need help with data entry for the registration and auction items. The weekly school newsletter or web-site will be used to advertise other specific opportunities for volunteers as the needs arise. Please be sure to visit the LP web-site for more news! Also, remember to contact your child’s teacher or room parents to find out how to help with your child’s classroom project or gift basket. 18. WHAT IS LA PURISIMA SCHOOL’S TAX ID NUMBER? The School’s Tax ID number is: 33-046-9684. 19. WHAT IF I HAVE A QUESTION THAT IS NOT ANSWERED HERE? You may inquire at the school office (714-633-5411) or contact the Gala Chair, Adriana Palumbo Smith, at adrianapalumbo@aol.com or 949-395-9725.

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