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									                                            How To Beat A Ticket

Nothing ruins your day like getting a speeding ticket. See those police lights in your rear view mirror as
you’re driving along is enough to make your heart sink. You try to be polite to the police officer, but this
particular officer is on a mission to give you a ticket. Now what? You can pay for the ticket; however,
times are tough and you don’t have the extra cash. Besides, you’re not even sure you were speeding in
the first place. How to beat a speeding ticket?

One option is to argue the ticket in court. Depending on whether your ticket was given based on the
reading off of a radar detector, may change the way you present your case to the judge. Since most
judges will find that radars are extremely accurate in detecting speeding vehicles, your main course of
action is to prove the radar machine inaccurate. This could happen if the radar detector wasn’t
calibrated correctly, or if there was a user error of some type. You can obtain the records for the radar
that was used by writing a motion of discovery with the clerk of the court. There are templates online
for writing these notions correctly. The motion of discovery will provide you with radar documents,
officer’s certification, calibration log sheets, protocols for operating the machine, as well as the officer’s

If the court fails to provide you with the documents, your case will be dropped and you won’t be
responsible for paying your ticket; however, if you are provided with the documents, you may want to
schedule a court date. Research and review the evidence, looking for inconsistencies in the calibration
logs, or officer notes. Online websites can be a great resource, helping your to research the documents

As you are going through the documents, make a list of questions to ask the officer about the radar
speeding ticket. If you believe that the officer was not operating his radar detector correctly, be
prepared with questions regarding the proper use and operation of the gun. Asking him these questions
in court may prove his insufficient knowledge on the subject. If you happen to find any inconsistencies
in the evidence, be sure to bring that up in the courtroom. If the officer fails to show up at the court
trial, then your case is also dropped.

Some states will offer additional options in getting your speeding ticket removed from your driving
record. By attending driving school, you can have the ticket dropped from your record. This will ensure
that your insurance premiums will not rise due to the additional ticket on your record. Although the
driving course will have a fee, the money you will save over time from your insurance premiums may
make it worth your time and money.

Getting out of a parking ticket can also be beneficial, depending on the details of your case. When you
receive the ticket, read it immediately and check for accuracy. If there are any mistakes on the ticket, it
may be thrown out altogether.

Let’s face it, tickets can ruin your day. If you do get one, however, stay calm. It isn’t the end of the

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