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					        Capture the Serene of Goa Temple
Goa is universaly well-known for its 15th century old churches but Goa also
famous for its 12th century Lord Shiva Temple. Goa state has many well-known
temples which are constructed in 17th and 18th centuries. Temples are used to
cultural and social activities in every village. Mostly famous south Indian
temples are constructed on hill place.

Goa state famous temples are following:

Shri Chandreshwar temple is dedicated to the God of Moon. This temple was
constructed in 17th Century in the Bhoj Kings kingdom duration. And this
temple is 45 kilometer from Panaji city at Paroda town on Chadreshwar hill.
Tourism buses are available from capital Panaji city to Shri Chandreshwar

Sri Mangeshi Mandir is devoted to Gods Mangueshi. This temple was
constructed in the year 1764 by Shri Ramchandra Malhar. But the real temple
was ruined by Portuguese rulers in 1543. This temple is in Mangeshim village
which is area of Ponda Taluka; 26 kilo meters from Margao city.

Mahadev Mandir is one of the oldest temple in Goa. It was constructed on the
12th century. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Mahadev Mandir was
constructed in the year 1271 by Ramachandra king. And the temple llocated in
the Bolcornem village which is region of the Mahaveer Sanctuary; 65 kilo
meters from state capital.

Shanta Durga Mandir is dedicated to Shantadurga Goddess. Shantadurga
Goddess is the mediater in between Shiva and Vishnu. This Mandhir was
constructed in 1738 by Chatrapati Shahu Raje because original temple was
destroyed by the Portuguese rulers in 1564. This temple is 33 far away from
Panaji city in Ponda Taluka at Kavalem village.

Shri Bhagavati Mandir is dedicated to Bhagavati Goddess. And this temple is
situated in Pernem taluka north Goa which is 28 kilo meters from Panaji city.

Shantadurga and Mahadev Temples are the most well-known temple for the
Hindu peoples. Here in Goa, People celebrate pilgrimage festivals every year.
Goa temples are spotted for peace and devotion to God. People come from not
only India but also from all over the world to watch this beautiful pilgrimages
of Goa.

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