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									We Place Staff Worldwide.
We are genuine, proven specialists in placing the best household staff wherever they are needed.
Whilst we have excellent coverage throughout the UK, this also means that we can place staff
worldwide as required.

The benefits of having one reliable point of contact for staff across the globe are significant. When
clients have homes overseas, whether a main residence or a second home, they can be assured that
they will receive the same high standard of service from us. Rather than having to take their
chances by instigating a local recruitment process themselves, we can provide a far easier, more
secure and entirely stress-free way to take on new staff.

When placing staff in other countries, we always ensure that all parties take into account any
important factors regarding language and culture. As always, we will hire to your specifications, so if
you require a bilingual nanny, a personal Chef who specialises in the cuisine of a certain country, or a
chauffeur who is familiar with the local area, we will source them for you.

Our high standards with regard to checking references, employment history and identity are
naturally maintained when we are working in different territories. We liaise with the relevant
authorities where necessary and will ensure that all candidates are in possession of the necessary
visas, permits or other documentation required to work in that country.

By having one point of contact for staff worldwide, you are assured of a service whereby your
personal preferences, tastes and requests can be taken into account, in every household, wherever
they may be located. This can save on time, inconvenience and expense and smoothly streamline
the staffing process for you.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for household staff, whether in the UK or overseas,
please do not hesitate to contact us on (0) 207 960 6292.

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